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  • Why Chasing Perfection will Probably Make You Unhealthy (and The 90% Rule)

    Posted on by Elliot Newman

     “Perfection is a Dangerous Goal…”

    If You Want to be Truly Healthy - so You Can Fully Enjoy Your Life, without Having to Deal with ‘Health Challenges’ - Read On Carefully…

    By Elliot Newman

    If you want to be HEALTHY - ‘Perfection’ is a dangerous goal.

    I see it all the time…

    A person decides they want to lose weight, in an effort to improve their health, gain more energy, increase their confidence and so on.

    With this in mind, they devise a Nutrition Plan, and a Workout Program, to help them achieve their goals.

    So far, so good.

    The problem arises, when PERFECTION is expected.

    Anytime you expect yourself to be perfect - you are setting yourself up for pain and failure. Because there isn’t a single person on this planet who is perfect (and there never has been, and never will be).

    Sure, you can perfect for a day - or maybe even a few weeks.

    And, yes, you can probably follow a workout program EXACTLY as it’s written for a few workouts, or maybe even 4 or 6...

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