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Here Are 10 Simple ‘Daily Habits’ that You Can Use to Quickly and Easily Improve Your Health and Performance…

By Adam Armstrong

In today’s blog post I’d like to share some ‘Health and Performance Habits’ with you. These are things I believe EVERY MAN should be doing on a regular, if not daily, basis.

However, because we live in a world where many men are emasculated, refuse to take personal responsibility - or simply HATE to be UNCOMFORTABLE in any way - most men don’t do the kinds of things I’m about to share with you…

Even though they’re extremely SIMPLE…

And, even though the results are incredibly powerful (if you do them consistently).

What all this means is that if YOU choose to use one, or all, of the Daily ‘Health and Performance Habits’ I’m about to share with you…

…you’ll likely stand out like a King among men!

In no particular order, here are:

10 ‘Health and Performance Habits’ for Every Man

#1: Harness The Power of Cold Water

Cold Water Can Do Amazing Things For Your Health & Performance

There’s no question that a warm shower can be a lovely thing - especially if you’re in there with your woman!


Cold Water can take your Health and Performance to a whole new level - in many different ways.

For instance:

  • Cold Water improves your circulation. Which is good for your Cardiovascular System, and your Sexual Performance (because rock-hard erections require excellent blood flow)
  • Cold Water can boost your Immune System (helping you to stay well and avoid illness)
  • Cold Water makes you TOUGH (and, since the Western World is lacking many men with any toughness these days, that has to be a good thing!)

The simplest way to start exposing yourself to COLD water is to take Cold Shower each day. Or, take a Contrast Shower - where you alternate Hot and Cold Water.

In Autumn and Winter I like Contrast Showers after exercise.

In Spring and Summer - I tend to just like Cold Showers.

Truth is…

Cold Water can absolutely SUCK at first. But, you soon get used to it, and your tolerance builds (in terms of both how cold you can handle the water, and for how long).

To learn more about how cold water - and the cold in general - can help you improve your Health and Performance, look up a guy called Wim Hoff…

He’s climbed Mount Everest wearing just a pair of shorts - and he teaches people how to use the cold to their advantage.

#2: Drink a Liter of Water Before Breakfast

People drink A LOT these days.

A LOT of alcohol, Coffee, Tea and Wine. As well as ‘Sports Drinks,’ ‘Energy Drinks’ and God knows what else!

Trouble is…

Most people forget to drink the one thing the body needs above all else (aside from AIR)…


Drinking more Water can change your life.

It’ll make your Healthier from head-to-toe- mentally and physically.

And, it’ll totally blow up your PERFORMANCE.

Here’s a funny little story to show you the power of water:

For the past 3 or 4 months I’d been struggling with some DRY SKIN on my feet. Nothing major - but it would not go away, not matter what I moisturized it with (I tried Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera - basically, anything NATURAL I could. Nothing worked).

Then I started to question my water intake - and I realized it hadn’t been as high as it normally was.

So I drank more.

And, within 72 hours the dry skin on my feet had gone! Just like that.

I also felt clearer and sharper mentally, and my athletic performance improved as well.

WATER is a POWERFUL thing.

Try drinking more of it. And, try starting your day with 1 liter of water BEFORE you have breakfast.

#3: Do Some Heavy Strength Training

Strength Training Increases Your Testosterone Levels and Helps to Keep You Young


Not ‘Bodybuilding.’

And not just ‘going to the gym.’

Strength is one of the finest things a man can possess. Other men RESPECT you for it. Women WANT YOU for it. And, it makes day to day tasks much easier. Plus… it makes you a better Athlete (if you happen to compete in sports).

Sadly, these days Strength Training is a largely forgotten art.

Sure, many guys have Gym Memberships. But, lots of people have a car - doesn’t make them a Race Driver, does it? ;)

Strength Training is about making your body STRONG. As a by-product, you’ll build muscle too, and have ‘abs’ - so long as you eat enough CLEAN, REAL FOOD.

So, what exactly does Strength Training involve?

Things like Squats, Presses, Deadlifts, Pull Ups, and Farmers Walk.

Exercises that challenge every muscle in your body - and require SERIOUS EFFORT.

Of course, this is the exact opposite of what most guys do in most gyms these days. Instead, they prefer to spend their time doing Machine Based Training (because it’s easier), and looking in the mirror.


Do some REAL strength training - HARD and HEAVY - at least twice a week. You’ll be a better man for it.

#4: Walk More

We’ve become a very stationary, very lazy society.

My Mum went to a wedding the other day, and said that many of the people there looked like they were 300lbs.

And that was just the WOMEN!


Lazy and fat. Fat and lazy.

That’s how the Western World has become. Particularly in America (though we’re not much better here in my home country - England).

Walking is a simple solution to the OBESITY EPIDEMIC (or at least part of the solution).

My advice?

Whenever possible - WALK.

It’s an easy way to MOVE MORE.

And, if you walk with good posture, with your head looking straight ahead, and  your arms swinging freely by your sides - walking actually ‘re-sets’ your body. (But, more on that another day).

For now, just commit to walking more.

If you’re not taking at least one walk, that lasts at least 10 minutes a day, every day, something is wrong.

#5: Sit Less

Sitting Is Literally a Dis-ease

Our society is obsessed with sitting down.

Some of us spend all day sat down - traveling, working, eating. Being entertained.

Sitting is BAD.

It ruins your posture, leading to all kinds of joint and organ problems.

Make it your mission to SIT LESS.

When watching TV - lie on the floor.

When working at your computer - get a desk that allows you to stand up and work.

Whenever possible - get up off your ass and STAND.

The less you SIT, the better a MAN you’ll be (all other things being equal).

#6: Do Something Good for Somebody Else without Expecting Anything In Return

The ability to GIVE, without expecting anything in the return, is rare.

Most people GIVE, in order to GET.

What they fail to realize is that when you selflessly give - good things tend to come back to you 10X over.

No joke.

Some people might say this is God, or ‘The Universe’ rewarding your generosity.

I call it Karma.

Be good to other people, and people end up being good to you. It’s not a difficult concept, yet few people live this way.

I recommended doing something good for somebody else, without expecting anything in return, on a very regular basis. Get into that habit and it’ll change your life.

A simple example might be giving your woman the best oral sex ever. Do that, and she’ll likely ‘Return the Favor’ by dropping to her knees and blowing you into the middle of next week! ;)

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a sexual thing…

It could be helping an old lady across the road…

Offering support to a friend or family member who needs it…

Buying a homeless person a hot drink and something to eat.

Doesn’t matter.

Just do good for other people, without expecting anything in return - safe in the knowledge that ‘The Universe/Karma/God/Whatever you want to call it’ WILL repay you!

#7: Only Buy What You Can Truly Afford

It's Tempting To Buy Everything On Credit - But It Can Send Your Stress Levels Through-The-Roof

The message here is simple:

Avoid living on CREDIT like most people do these days.

Most people want something, and instead of figuring out how to earn the money to be able to buy that thing - they just use a Credit Card.

The end result of this mind-set?

Bills they can hardly pay each month.


And, of course - stress is BAD for your HEALTH. And what’s bad for your health WILL hurt your Performance.

My recommendation here is simple:

  •  Have a mortgage to buy a house
  • Have a lease/rental payment on your car

But, everything else…

Buy with funds you have.

And, if you can’t afford it yet, wait. (After all - there are MUCH worse things in life than not being able to have every material possession, exactly when you desire it!)

This is a very powerful way for many people to REDUCE their STRESS levels.

And, it’s a great way for any man to live. Especially if he has children who need to be taught the value of money, and how to manage their finances!

#8: Spend At Least an Hour a Day on Your True Passion

This is one of my buddy Don Tolman’s 7 Key Principles to a Healthy, Happy Life…

Spending 1 hour per day on your passion.

I remember years ago, when I worked in the property industry, and HATED every second of it. If that’s all I had going on in my life back then, I’d have probably ended up BROKEN.

But, I was actually pretty happy - even though I hated my job.

How so?

Because I had a passion.

Back then I was competing in Powerlifting, and I’d be in the gym every morning, for about an hour each day, training hard for my next competition.

So although my work-life was a mess back then - I had a PASSION (which is more than most people can say unfortunately).

They keys here are:

  • Find your true passion (something most people never do)
  • Spend at least an hour a day on it

#9: Stop Consuming So Much Caffeine and Refined Sugar

Caffeine and Refined Sugar - A Tasty, But LETHAL Combination

We’re a DRUGGED UP society.

Many people rely on endless cups of coffee, and cans of Energy Drinks (caffeine) to get them through the day…

…along with High Carb Snacks (full of refined Sugar).

Caffeine and Refined Sugar will both burn you out in the long run (explaining why you need to take more and more of them over time, to get the same effect).

And, both substances will have a myriad of dire consequences for your health.

For instance, every time you eat refined sugar, your testosterone level drops!

To be the best man you can be - remove these things from your life. Or at least cut back on them.

How about 1 cup of Organic Coffee in the Morning?

How about replacing Refined Sugar with Healthy Alternatives like: Raw Honey, Organic Maple Syrup, Fruit and so on.

That’s not so bad, huh?

And, it’ll do wonders for your Health and Performance!

#10: Take High Quality, High Potency SuperHerbs

In the East, they’ve used SuperHerbs to build extraordinary health and performance, for THOUSANDS of years.

When you take the highest quality, highest potency super herbs - just like those we put in Rock Hard Formula and Go All Night Formula - you can really work miracles as far as your health and performance goes.

I like Rock Hard Formula before I do my strength training (because it boosts testosterone).

And, I like Go All Night Formula after my strength training (because it seriously helps recovery).

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it useful.

If you have questions - leave ‘em below and I’ll get back to you asap.

Have a great day,

Adam Armstrong

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