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How Many of These Essential Every Days Skills Do You Have? If You’re Lacking Any of Them - I’d Suggest You Address That, and Fast

By Adam Armstrong

There are certain things a real man - an ‘Alpha Male’ - should be able to do. Certain ‘Skills’ he should possess.

In this blog post, in no particular order, I’ll list 20 of the most important of those skills for you!

Leave your comments/feedback/questions at the end, and I WILL get back to you :)

Here goes…

Everyday Alpha Male Skill #1: 
Basic Self-Defense

“Every Man Should Be Able to Throw a HARD Punch”

Women are programmed to seek out a man who can PROTECT them.

One of the most basic ways you can protect your woman, your family and your friends, is against the threat of PHYSICAL HARM.

At the very least, your self-defense skill-set should include:

    • Awareness of your surroundings
    • The ability to diffuse a potentially violent situation with words or acts of ‘posturing’
    • The ability to throw a very HARD punch (or palm strike)

      Why a very hard PUNCH?

      Because most violent confrontations begin with 2 people squaring off, about 18 inches away from each other. Perfect punching distance.

      A knee or elbow would fall short from that distance.

      And, Kicking to the head can take YEARS to master.

      A punch, preferably to the chin, causes the BRAIN to ROCK.

      At the least, this will disrupt your attacker's equilibrium long enough for you to escape. At ‘best,’ it’ll render him unconscious.

      More on Self-Defense in future blog posts.

      For now, just remember this:

      It’s better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6” (a famous quote from one of the world’s best Martial Artists and Self-Defense Instructors - Geoff Thompson).

      Everyday Alpha Male Skill #2: The Ability to Act Calmly Under Pressure

      “Can You Stay CALM Under Pressure?”

      An Alpha Male can act CALMLY, even when under extreme pressure.

      Beta Males, and ‘Nice Guys?’

      Well, they tend to fall apart when the going gets tough.

      Women don’t tend to deal with extreme pressure as well as Alpha Males either - probably because they are more EMOTIONAL.

      In fact, when things get tough - women want a man to be there, to support them through it.

      Tip: Controlling your BREATHING is the big key to acting calmly under pressure. Once you lose control of your breath, and it gets quick and shallow - you’re fucked.

      Everyday Alpha Male Skill #3: 
Prioritize Health

      “Women Are Attracted to HEALTHY Men”

      All Alpha Males prioritize their HEALTH.

      Because they realize that being healthy is the key to achieving anything else they desire.

      Prioritizing health takes work and dedication. Yet, it’s also fairly simple, in it’s most basic form. It includes:

        • Eating well
        • Drinking plenty of water
        • Exercising
        • Sleeping well
        • De-stressing on a daily basis

        Not exactly Rocket Science, and yet - 99% of adults neglect this stuff! And, they pay a big price for it… ‘dis-ease’ being the BIGGEST price of all!

        Everyday Alpha Male Skill #4: Engages In Strength Training

        “Strength Training = The Fountain of Youth!”

        As you get older, your strength - and muscle mass - decrease. As do your Testosterone Levels.

        And, there’s NOTHING good about this.

        It weakens you.

        It makes you less of a MAN.

        Of course, the way Alpha Males hold onto their strength, muscle and testosterone - is with some kind of Strength Training.

        Could be with Barbells.

        Could be with Dumbbells, Kettlebells, or even your own Bodyweight.

        Just know that running 10 miles at a steady pace won’t do it.

        Nor will walking for hours every day.


        To get stronger, and build muscle - you must do some RESISTANCE TRAINING. And, I’d suggest you do it at least twice a week.

        When done alongside good nutrition, hydration, and sleep, Resistance Training is ‘The Fountain of Youth.’ It’ll keep you youthful throughout your life!

        Tip: Train your LEGS just as hard - if not HARDER - than your upper body. Cuz it looks STUPID when men train their upper body’s, and then have ‘Chicken Legs’ (and women don’t like that look either).

        Everyday Alpha Male Skill #5: He Lives Within His Means

        “An Alpha Male Know How to Manage His Money…”

        These days, it’s all too easy to BUY whatever you want. Even if you can’t really afford it.

        Many people fall into this trap - committing themselves to mortgages they default on. Car payments they can’t keep up with. And credit bills that take YEARS to pay off.

        The Alpha Male lives within his means.

        Meaning, he buys what he can afford. And, he doesn’t make purchases that give him ‘sleepless nights.’

        Many people ‘max out their lifestyles’ - living up to every Goddamn penny. Then, when hard times come - they lose everything! The house gets repossessed. The cars have to go back. Unfriendly men come knocking at the door.

        That’s a dumb way to play the game.

        Here’s a better option:

        • When you get paid each month, immediately put aside your ‘Tax Money.’ Transfer it to a separate account! (That way you don’t get any nasty surprises from the Tax Man at the end of the year)
        • Save 10% of your income. Minimum (and refuse to spend it on anything other than an investment - meaning, something that makes you money)
        • Budget yourself. So you don’t spend all your money at the start of the month (and then have to live like a pauper for the last week of the month!)

        This sounds like really basic financial stuff.

        Yet only a small percent of men actually MASTER it!

        Everyday Alpha Male Skill #6: 
He Works On His Sexual Skills

        “The Female Orgasm Isn’t a Mystery to Alpha Males!”

        You knew this had to be on the list, right? ;)

        An Alpha Male is committed to being the best LOVER he can be. Because he knows that SEX - done well - provides the highest level of physical pleasure possible (and it’s incredibly healing).

        He also knows that owning Dynamite Sexual Skills elevates his Status with women. Allowing him to have any woman he wants.

        And, perhaps most importantly of all…

        Having amazing sexual skills really SUPERCHARGES your confidence…

        And that confidence spills over into all the other areas of your life. Allowing you to dominate, win and conquer - in whatever field you desire.

        As an example:

        If you go to bed with a Super Model and give her the best sex she’s ever had… and she’s showering you with PRAISE and adulation…

        …do you really think that job interview the next day will phase you?

        …do you really think any CHALLENGE you have to face will make you feel small and weak?

        The correct answer is:


        When you MASTER WOMEN - something much less than 1% of men ever do - you feel STRONG, powerful and confident virtually all the time! ;)

        Everyday Alpha Male Skill #7: 
He Adds Value Whenever He Can

        “No Amount of Money is Worth This Level of Stress”

        I like MONEY.

        There, I said it.

        Money gives you options. It’s certainly no guarantee of happiness! But it does give you options.

        Yet, here’s the thing…

        I like to make money by CREATING VALUE in the World.

        I understand that if I help lots of people to improve the quality of their lives - I won’t have to worry about money.

        That’s the ‘Alpha Mentality’ as far as money goes.

        Create REAL VALUE in the World. Help other people. And then ‘money worries’ become something for somebody else to worry about!

        I know many men do well-paid jobs ‘just for the money.’ But that’s soulless. It’s not fulfilling. It’s not something that makes them happy.


        Well paid jobs you HATE - make you STRESSED. No matter how much you’re earning!

        In contrast:

        When you add value to the world. You get paid. And you enjoy the process.

        To me, that’s the ‘smart play.’

        Everyday Alpha Male Skill #8: Spending At Least 1 Hour a Day On Your Passion

        “Whatever Your Passion, Find a Way to Spend An Hour a Day On It - Or IN IT! ;)”

        This just makes life so much more FUN.

        And, Alpha Males know it.

        Find your PASSION.

        Then spend at least an hour a day on it. And, if you can - spend HOURS a day on it.

        What’s the alternative?

        Well, for many guys, it’s THIS:

        • Get married
        • Have kids
        • Do a job you hate (or, at best - aren’t passionate about), to pay the bills
        • Hand over your calendar to your woman, and let her control all your time
        • Give up any hobbies/interests you previously had
        • Commit to a life of quiet desperation, frustration, and misery


        Doesn’t have to be that way.

        I have 2 kids.

        I make money helping other people.

        I still do my strength training.

        I still play golf.

        My point?

        You have to have a PASSION (or passions) in your life that goes beyond family!

        “YES” - family is #1.

        Yet, for a man, there has to be something more. Otherwise you just become a shell of a human being.

        Everyday Alpha Male Skill #9: Basic Cookery Skills!

        “An Alpha Male Can Prepare Healthy, Great Tasting Food. Period.”

        YES! I agree that the kitchen should be the woman’s domain first and foremost!

        But, many women these days - especially the ones who’ve been brainwashed by Feminists - can’t even boil a fucking egg!

        So, I think it’s wise for an Alpha Male to know how to prepare - for himself and his family (particularly his kids) - healthy, delicious food.

        Because nothing will have a bigger impact on your health and performance than what you put in your mouth on a consistent daily basis!

        Suggestion: if you really want to experience a high level of Health and Performance - drink THIS daily 

        Everyday Alpha Male Skill #10: The Ability to Take Responsibility When He Screws Up

        “Only a Coward Blames Others for Their Own Mistakes”

        You know, recently I’ve talked a lot about Personal Responsibility and how important it is. And, how, in contrast - having a sense of ‘Entitlement’ is a road to HELL.

        Yet, if we’re being honest…

        It’s more about taking Personal Responsibility for your screw ups

        …when things DON’T go well… that counts!

        I mean, even the biggest ‘Victim’ ever - doesn’t mind taking responsibility when things are going GREAT, do they?

        An Alpha Male has a very rare quality…

        The ability to say:

        “I screwed up. How can I learn from this?”

        “I fucked up. It’s my fault. Now, how can I make sure this never happens again?”

        “This is a mess. And it’s me who created this mess. How can I fix it?”

        Get the point?

        Sure you do ;)


        What else do you think should be on the list of ‘Everyday Skills’ an Alpha Male should posses? Let me know in the comments section below…

        And, I’ll talk to you soon…

        Your friend,

        Adam Armstrong

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