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“You Likely Have a Lot More of This Than You Think!”

Most Men Are Not Living Up to Anything Like Their True Potential - and That SUCKS. Here’s How to Fix It - and Be Successful In Any Way You Like

By Adam Armstrong

It’s a sad fact. But, a FACT nonetheless…

Most men are not living up to anything like their true potential, in any area of their lives!

Depending on how you look at that situation- it’s either ‘a crying shame’… or, an opportunity for the Human Race to ‘step up it’s game’ and become way more than it has ever been before!

Or, perhaps it’s both.

However you choose to look at it - the Good News is, that in this blog post, I’m going to show you the basics that are necessary for you to:

  • Live up to more of your potential!
  • Be successful in any way you like!

    I’m going to try and keep this as short and to the point as I can. While not leaving anything vital out!

    Here goes:

    The 5 Basic Steps to Being Very VERY Good at Anything You Want to be Very VERY Good At!

    Then, let’s get straight into it…

    Step #1: Decide What You Really Want

    “Want Do You REALLY Want? It’s an Important Question”

    What do you want?

    Only you can answer that.

    If you’ve never done it before - and you want to feel inspired, motivated and empowered… take 10 minutes, right now, to write down what you REALLY want.

    Don’t put limitations on yourself.

    Just allow yourself to write down, with total freedom - WHAT YOU REALLY WANT.

    It might be to create a successful business.

    It might be to become so good at a sport you can compete in National, or International, Level Competition.

    You might want to be a successful stand up comedian.

    You might want to be an incredible lover (heck, you should want to be this. But, that’s a story for another day! ;)

    I don’t know what you want.

    But, what I do know is THIS:

    You sure as hell aren’t gonna get it if you don’t first identify what it is!

    Most men have the stuffing knocked out of them. And, by the time they’re 30, or 40, they’ve given up on all their DREAMS and AMBITIONS.

    And, they’re stuck in a rut, doing some shitty job they HATE - just to pay the bills.

    They do what ‘the Mrs’ tells them to do.

    And, they have very little PASSION left in their lives.

    Fuck that!!!

    Decide what you really want.

    And write it down.

    That’s an ORDER! ;)

    Step #2: Find The Best Coach/Mentor/Teacher that You Can

    “A Good Coach Can Supercharge Your Progress…”

    Now that you know what you want to achieve - the next step is to let go of your EGO.

    Your EGO will very often tell you that you can achieve what you want, ON YOUR OWN.

    Your EGO is almost certainly WRONG!

    And, even if you can achieve what you want on your own - it’ll be way easier, and way less frustrating, and quicker, if you find a great:

    Coach, Mentor or Teacher.

    Your Coach should have great experience in the field you want to succeed at. If he (or she) has already personally achieved the goals you’d like to experience for yourself…

    That’s good.

    But, what you really want to know is:

    Has your prospective Coach already helped OTHER PEOPLE SIMILAR TO YOU to achieve the results you’d like to experience?

    For instance:

    If you want to be a professional golfer - you’d be wise to find a Coach who has coached other professional golfers.

    If you want to build an 8 figure business - you need a Coach who has experience with that. Meaning, don’t choose a coach whose best success has been helping somebody build a 6 figure business!

    Choose someone with a PROVEN track record of producing the results you desire for yourself!

    Step #3: Come Up with a Very Specific and Measurable Short-Term Goal

    “Your Goals Should Be Specific and Measurable”

    Once you’ve found your Coach - if he (or she) is any good, they’ll insist that you come up with some GOALS.

    A ‘Big Picture’ Goal - of where you’d like to be in 3-5 years is GREAT.

    And, maybe even where you’d like to be in 20 years! (Some Japanese Companies are famous for having 50-100 year goals!)

    But, do you know what the most useful goal of all often is?

    It’s the 3 month goal.

    Because, you can make a helluva lot of progress in 3 months. But, it’s not so far away that it feels unattainable.

    So, with your Coach, devise a 3 Month Goal.

    And, make it very specific and measurable - so you can be sure as to whether or not you have achieved your goal at the end of 3 months.

    For instance - let’s say you want to lose weight.

    And, you find a Nutritionist to help you (that’s your ‘Coach’).

    Then you write down your 3 month goal. And it’s:

    “To lose weight”

    No kidding!

    That’s a crappy goal. You could lose 1 measly pound in 3 months, and you’d have hit your goal. But, would that really be a ‘win?’

    I don’t think so.

    Instead, write down a specific and measurable goal. Here’s how it might look:

    “In 3 months time, by March 31st 2018, I want to have lost at least 7lbs of body-fat. And, I’d like to have gained at least 4lbs of Muscle.”

    That’s a specific, measurable goal.

    You either lose the 7lbs of body-fat or you don’t.

    You either add the 4lbs of muscle, or you don’t.

    You can’t KID YOURSELF.

    And, you can’t kid your coach.

    Step #4: Devise a Strategy and a ‘Testing Timeframe’

    “A Good Strategy Helps You Make Your Goal a Reality!”

    Once you have your 3 month - very specific and measurable - goal…

    The next step is to devise a STRATEGY to help you achieve that goal!

    Obviously, your Coach should help you to do that.

    (Hint: if for some reason you cannot find a Coach - at least go through some books/audio courses/video programs on the ‘thing’ you are going to try and become successful at).

    Your strategy must be doable.

    It must be something you can stick to. Something that works for your lifestyle.

    And, it must get your juices flowing!!!

    There is always a variety of ways to reach your goals. Pick a strategy that gets you excited.

    For instance, in the past I’ve written Strength Training Programs that I never liked the look of. The result? Within 2 weeks I’d give up and start over.

    In contrast, I’ve written myself strength training programs that I damn near fell in love with! The kind of strategy that had me going to bed thinking about it and waking up still thinking about it! The result of this kind of strategy is always the same…



    Devise your strategy, with your coach.

    And, figure out how long you need to stick to your strategy to see if it works, or not.

    For instance:

    If your 3-Month Goal is to lose 15lbs of body-fat, and you devise a Diet and Exercise Strategy, and after 5 weeks you haven’t lost a single pound

    There’d be no point carrying on with the same Strategy (Diet and Exercise Plan). Clearly, something needs to CHANGE!

    Again, a good Coach can help you realize when a Strategy needs to change. And, conversely, when you have to just be committed and stick to the strategy!

    Step #5: Evaluate Your Progress, and Act Accordingly!

    “Progress Feels Good!”

    Let’s say you followed the first 4 steps…

    Deciding what you want…

    Finding a Coach…

    Coming up with a 3 Month Goal that’s Specific an Measurable…

    Devising a Strategy (and sticking to it)…

    Now 3 months are up, what’s next?

    Well, you sit down, preferably with your Coach - and you figure out what worked well, and what progress you made. And, you give yourself a pat on the back for that!

    It’s important to recognize all the stuff you did well!

    Then, you talk about what - if anything - didn’t work so well. And, you don’t BEAT YOURSELF UP about it. You just acknowledge it as a good thing - because you’re identifying somewhere where you can IMPROVE!

    What’s next?

    Well, now you’ve evaluated your progress…

    You go back to Step 3.

    Come up with another 3 month goal. Make it specific and measurable.

    Then devise a strategy and stick to it.

    Then evaluate.

    Here’s The Kicker…

    “Discipline Is Remembering What You Want!”

    If you have the determination, discipline, dedication, and persistence to stick to this plan - it can help you achieve MASSIVE SUCCESS in multiple areas of your life…

    And, it can help you to continuously IMPROVE.

    (Hint: imagine ‘rinsing and repeating’ that plan for 10 years. That’s when you end up being World Class and something!)

    Remember this:

    The only thing in this life that is truly fulfilling, on a consistent basis… is when you are IMPROVING.

    Staying the same, or going backwards, is like living in HELL.

    Got questions or comments?

    Leave ‘em below - and I will get back to you asap…

    Thanks, for reading… have a great day…

    And, I’ll talk to you soon…

    Adam Armstrong

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