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“Struggling with Digestive Issues? Read On Carefully to Find Help…”

If You’re Suffering From Gas, Bloating, Indigestion, Heartburn, Acid Reflux - and Other Common ‘Digestive Issues’ - Here’s a Very Simple Strategy that Can Help…

By Elliot Newman

In today’s society, ‘Poor Digestion’ is pretty much a way of life for MOST people. And, when most people suffer from less than optimal digestion - they usually either:

  • Ignore it, and ‘suffer in silence’


  • They take laxatives, and other ‘over the counter’ drugs to deal with things like gas, bloating, heartburn and acid reflux

However, if you’d like to fix your Digestive Problems the NATURAL way - then I’d like to share a simple strategy with you in this blog post.

I’ve used this strategy myself - and it’s significantly improved my digestion (helping me avoid feeling bloated after meals. As well as helping me to avoid acid reflux - without taking any ‘Ant-Acid Drugs’).

And, this strategy has NOTHING to do with eating certain foods (though obviously, for optimal Health and Digestion, I do recommend eating a Natural, Unprocessed Diet).


Here it is:

If You Want to Experience Better Digestion - and Fewer ‘Digestive Issues’ Such as Gas, Bloating, Heartburn and Acid Reflux - Try THIS…

The strategy I want to share with you - to help you improve your digestion - has 2 parts to it:

i. Chew Every Mouthful of Food Thoroughly


ii. Avoid Over-Eating

Now, here’s the thing…

If you don’t CHEW your food thoroughly - you are very likely to over-eat.


Because, once you start eating, it takes your Brain about 20 minutes to register that you are no longer hungry. So, you ideally need to make a meal last 20 minutes, or more, before your brain actually sends you a signal saying:

“I’m no longer hungry”

Chewing your food thoroughly - turning it to LIQUID in your mouth, before you swallow it - not only takes an immense burden off your Digestive System…

It also makes it A LOT more likely that you’ll extend a meal to 20 minutes plus… and actually start to understand when you are no longer hungry vs when you are simply eat for the fun of it!

In theory, it’s still possible to over-eat at meal time, even if you chew every mouthful of food slowly, and turn it to liquid in your mouth before swallowing (but it’s way way less likely).

2 Potential Pitfalls to Be Aware of:

1. Smoothies

“If You Want Great Digestion - You Gotta CHEW Your Smoothies!”

I’m a HUGE fan of smoothies, in part because they are EASY on the digestive system.

However, the mistake I made, for years, was drinking them too FAST!

That’s the one downside to smoothies - that it’s possible to consume 500-1000 calories in about a minute (if you ‘down ‘em’ like I used to!)

The solution?

Chew ‘em!

I’m not joking.

I learned this from Dr Cesar (look up his YouTube Channel. Interesting dude).

He explained how you need to CHEW Juices and Smoothies, as well as ‘solid foods.’

So, I (somewhat reluctantly) gave it a try…

Chewing each mouthful of smoothie for 20 seconds, before swallowing.

The result?

All of a sudden I was making a smoothie last 20-30 minutes, and I wasn’t feeling BLOATED afterwards :)

And, I was actually ENJOYING them more (because I was making the experiencing last, as opposed to rushing it. Think of it like Sex - if it’s over in 60 seconds… you likely did something wrong! ;)

So, I still think smoothies are awesome - because they can be jam-packed with NUTRITION, and because they are easy on the digestive system (but: only if you chew ‘em slowly).

2. Convenience Food

“As Good As It May Taste - This Kind of Food Will Likely Do Nothing Good for Your Digestion!”

I forget where I read it - but in one article written by Pavel Tsatsouline (the guy responsible for introducing Kettlebells to the West), he talks about how, in general, REAL FOOD takes some CHEWING!…

…Whereas, ‘fast food’ does not. Making it very easy to over-eat if you eat A LOT of fast food.

I thought about this for a while - and then realized that he’s pretty much spot on.

Consider ‘Real Food’ for a second…

Fruits and Veggies…

Nuts and Seeds…

Meat, Poultry and Fish…

Eggs, Avocados…

They do mostly all require some proper CHEWING.

Now think about the Crappy ‘Convenience Food’ or ‘Fast Food’ most people eat…

White breads…


Ice Cream…





It’s the kind of food that is very easy to chew - and therefore, very easy to ‘over-consume.’

All of which leads us to back to a point I made earlier in the article… the point being that if you want OPTIMAL DIGESTION it’s best to eat Natural, Unprocessed Foods…

And, chew ‘em slowly… so you don’t over-eat in any one sitting.

Make sense?

Good ;)

Now you gotta do, is DO IT!

>>Important Note:

Our ‘Digest Tea’ can also really help to improve your Digestion. Simply by drinking a cup of it after your meals. Click here to learn more

Talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Elliot Newman

P.S. Got comments, or questions?

Leave ‘em below…

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