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I’ve Recently Been Experimenting with Taking Certain Superherbs BEFORE My Strength Training Sessions - and Certain Superherbs AFTER My Strength Training Sessions - Here Are The Results…

By Adam Armstrong

I’ve recently been running a little experiment. On myself. Using my Body as a ‘Research Lab.’

And, the results have been very good. I’ve gotten stronger, and added about 3lbs of muscle.

Here’s what I did…

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been into Strength Training for knocking on for 20 years. And, I competed in the sport of Powerlifting for 5 years.

So, I’m pretty ‘seasoned’ when it comes to lifting weights, getting STRONGER and adding MUSCLE.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of stuff that worked great, and some stuff that didn’t work out so well. Both ‘training wise,’ and ‘diet wise.’

It’s been my experience that the MAGIC really happens - meaning: the RESULTS come really fast - when you get a Training Program that really works for you, and you also ‘dial in’ your nutrition.

And, I can tell you this:

NOTHING will have a greater effect on the quality of your training sessions, and how you recover from your training sessions, than your NUTRITION.

Of course, the best possible training sessions AND the best possible recovery, will lead to:

The Fastest Possible Gains.

And, this is as true for me - as a guy who is mostly interested in STRENGTH, as it is for a Bodybuilder who is mostly interested in MUSCLE, and even for a Marathon Runner who is only interested in running very long distances!

It doesn’t matter why you ‘workout’ - be it to gain strength, build muscle, lose fat, or hit a specific physical goal (like running a specific distance) - the better your training sessions, and the better you recover, the more IMPRESSIVE your results will be!

And, nothing will affect the quality of your training sessions, and way you recover, more than your NUTRITION.

Next Question:

“To Get Strong, Build Muscle and Lose Body-Fat - Which 2 Meals Are The Most Important of The Day?”

“FACT: What You Drink BEFORE and AFTER Your Workouts Will Massively Affect Your Gains”

The simple answer is:

The one BEFORE you ‘workout.’


The one AFTER you ‘workout.’

Sports Science has proven this over and over again.

And, I can tell you…

When I first started competing in Powerfliitng - about 12 years ago - I did not always eat healthily. However, I ALWAYS made sure I ‘nailed’ my ‘Pre-Workout Meal’ and my ‘Post-Workout Meal.’ And, I always followed a proven training program…

All of which probably explains how I pulled a drug-free 500lbs deadlift, within just 8 months of starting powerlifting, weighing only 82.5kg…

It’s like I said:

Productive Training Sessions + Solid Recovery = Massive Gains from your Workouts (no matter what your goal).

And, NUTRITION is the foundation for Productive Training Sessions and Solid Recovery - because Nutrition Fuels your body.

Now, let me show you what I’ve been doing recently:

How I’ve Used Superherbs to Increase My Strength and Boost My Recovery:

“In My Garage, Pressing Some Kettlebells”

For about the past 6 weeks, I’ve been drinking the following as my ‘Pre-Workout Smoothie’ (the reason for it being a smoothie, as opposed to a solid meal, before training, is because it digests much faster. You don’t want a belly full of food when you’re going to ‘get physical’ - and YES, that applies to the bedroom as well as the gym!)

Pay attention:

About 45 minutes before training, my ‘Pre-Workout Smoothie’ looks like this:

  • 30grams Protein Powder
  • 4 tsp Raw, Organic Honey
  • 1 tsp Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula (remember, this formula boosts Testosterone, and makes you very strong. It’s not just ‘a sex thing’)
  • 1 tsp Energy Kick (this does exactly what it says. It gives you a boost in Energy. Much like Caffeine does, yet without the stimulants and without the ‘come down’/crash afterwards!)
  • Water, or my current preference: Almond Milk (really, you can use whatever you want here. Just make sure it’s High Quality. Raw Organic Milk would work too for instance)

That’s BEFORE my workout.

You can put it in a blender. Or, even just chuck it all in a shaker and give it a good shake!

And, so long as you choose a quality protein powder, it tastes GREAT. The Honey helps with the taste too, as well as giving you lots of carbs (which give you energy when you work out).

Within 30 minutes of finishing my workout, my ‘Post-Workout Smoothie’ looks like this:

  • 30grams Protein Powder
  • 4 tsp Raw, Organic Honey
  • 2 tsp Man Tea: Go All Night Formula (Because Go All Night is a great Superherb Formula for ENERGY and, even more importantly: RECOVERY)
  • 1/3 tsp Himalayan Salt
  • Water, or my current preference: Almond Milk (really, you can use whatever you want here. Just make sure it’s High Quality. Raw Organic Milk would work too for instance)

Can you see how that works?

We’re taking in High Quality Protein and Carbs Pre AND Post Workout. That’s exactly what you want. Save the ‘Healthy Fats’ (Nuts, Seeds, Avocados, Eggs, Oily Fish, Grass Fed Beef and so on) for a different time of day.

We’re doing a little High Quality Salt Post Workout. To replenish the SALT you lost (in sweat) when you exercised.

And, we’re taking SuperHerbs to FIRE YOU UP before you work out (Rock Hard Formula and Energy Kick).

And, we’re taking SuperHerbs to HELP YOU RECOVER after you work out (Go All Night).

Very simple. Very Powerful. Highly effective.

I speak from experience when I tell you that:

Dialing in your Pre and Post Workout Nutrition will MASSIVELY IMPROVE your RESULTS from your workouts (no matter what your goal… strength, muscle, fat loss, running a marathon. Whatever).

And, Here’s The Great News:

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So, I know that if I give you a packet for free, there’s a strong chance you’ll buy more of it in the future! (How’s that for honesty?)

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And, if you’re wondering where you can get ‘Energy Kick’ - here’s the link for that

Enjoy, and I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

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