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  • How to Naturally Boost Testosterone Without Taking Steroids

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    For Many Men - Taking Steroids Seems Like a Good Idea When ‘Higher Testosterone Levels’ are Desired. Here’s Why That’s NOT a Good Idea (and What To Do Instead)….

    Note from Adam Adam Armstrong: This is a special guest post from my friend Joe LoGalbo, author of ‘Anabolic Running.’ Enjoy…

    Men. We’re always looking for ways to boost our testosterone levels.

    It’s no secret.

    Just take a look in your local drug store and you’ll find brand upon brand-upon-brand of “testosterone boosters.” Almost all of which have sketchy side-effects that could end with you looking more like a lady than a man!

    ‘Over the counter’ and ‘black market’ remedies for low T are always a risk, not only to your overall health, but to your testosterone levels as well. Testosterone boosters and steroids can cause sleep apnea (which is a ‘testosterone killer’ by the way), acne, high blood pressure, and an increased production of the female hormone, estrogen (that’s right: the female hormone).

    Supplements that promise to fix your low T are about as slippery a slope as your favorite sledding hill. When you try to walk up the hill all you find...

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