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  • How to Naturally Boost Testosterone Without Taking Steroids

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    For Many Men - Taking Steroids Seems Like a Good Idea When ‘Higher Testosterone Levels’ are Desired. Here’s Why That’s NOT a Good Idea (and What To Do Instead)….

    Note from Adam Adam Armstrong: This is a special guest post from my friend Joe LoGalbo, author of ‘Anabolic Running.’ Enjoy…

    Men. We’re always looking for ways to boost our testosterone levels.

    It’s no secret.

    Just take a look in your local drug store and you’ll find brand upon brand-upon-brand of “testosterone boosters.” Almost all of which have sketchy side-effects that could end with you looking more like a lady than a man!

    ‘Over the counter’ and ‘black market’ remedies for low T are always a risk, not only to your overall health, but to your testosterone levels as well. Testosterone boosters and steroids can cause sleep apnea (which is a ‘testosterone killer’ by the way), acne, high blood pressure, and an increased production of the female hormone, estrogen (that’s right: the female hormone).

    Supplements that promise to fix your low T are about as slippery a slope as your favorite sledding hill. When you try to walk up the hill all you find...

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  • Why Physical Strength is Not Just for ‘Meatheads’

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Ancient Cultures Used to Worship Strength. In Contrast, Today’s Average Man is Weak and Physically Incapable (and Nobody Seems to Care!). Here’s Why Strength Should be Valued by Every Man - Especially ‘New Alphas’…

    By Adam Armstrong

    It’s true… in Ancient Times, many successful cultures (including the Romans and Spartans), used to Worship Strength.

    To them, if you were not STRONG, you were not a MAN.

    Today, times have changed. At least here in the West.

    Today, sadly, men are mostly WEAK. They are lacking STRENGTH. In fact, most men are lacking any degree of physical capability whatsoever!

    Most men are, I think it’s fair to say:

    Physically PATHETIC.

    In this blog post, I want to make a case for ‘Strength.’

    I want to show you why strength is not just for ‘Meatheads.’

    I want to show you why strength is important for Alpha Males.

    And, of course - I want to talk to you a little about how to build strength.

    (Note: I’ve been strength training for nearly 20 years. I competed in the sport of Powerlifting for 5 years. My highest Deadlift was 572lbs. And I’ve co-authored/ghost-written best selling books on...

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