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As a Man Who Wants to Be The Best He Can Be - and Live Up to Your True Potential - It’s Essential that You Have Excellent ‘Time Management and Productivity.’ Here Are 9 Ways You Can Improve In This Area - and Get More Done (with Less Stress Along The Way)

By Adam Armstrong

You might find this a unusual combination, but - there are 3 things I love to teach:

The first is obvious… I love to teach men how to be better in the bedroom. I love to teach men how to give their women mind-blowing sexual pleasure.

The second is how to make your body stronger. Strength Training has been a passion of mine for over 16 years, and I love to teach men how to be their strongest selves.

Finally, and this is the unusual one…

I love to teach the strategies I’ve discovered to improve TIME MANAGEMENT and PRODUCTIVITY.

Now, there’s a very good reason why I want to share my Time Management and Productivity Strategies with you. Here it is:

If you want to be the best man you can be. And, if you want to live up to your true potential - and do all that you can while you’re here on this Planet - you gotta make every SECOND count.

I cannot give you more hours in the day. There will always be 24.

Yet, the truth is - some people do way more with those 24 hours than others. And, a lot of that difference is to do with Time Management and Productivity.

So, without further ‘introduction’ - let’s get into the good stuff:

9 Unusual, Yet Highly Effective Time Management and Productivity Strategies…

#1: Hydrate Yourself

Drinking More Water Could Be The Most Powerful Productivity Secret of All Time. No Joke.

Science has shown that a 2% drop in your HYDRATION Levels, can lead to a whopping 20% drop in your Physical and Mental Performance!


If you want to be as PRODUCTIVE and effective as you can be - ensure you are always hydrated.

Drinking 2 litres of clean water a day is a good rule of thumb, as far as hydration goes…

Adding some quality salt - like Pink Himalayan Salt - can further improve hydration levels. I like 1/3 of a tsp, in 500ml of water, sometime in the middle of the afternoon.

Do not underestimate how IMPORTANT this is…

You can do all the fancy ‘Time Management and Productivity Strategies’ that you like - but if you’re always DEHYDRATED (like many people are), you’ll never be at your best!

#2: Eat Optimally

If You Think What You Eat Won’t Affect Your Productivity - Think Again!

If Hydration is #1 when it comes to Productivity - eating optimally is definitely #2.

I mean, think about it…

Do you really think you’ll perform at the same level, and be equally effective, if you eat fast food 3 times a day OR unprocessed, natural foods?

Of course you won’t!

In the long-run, fast foods and processed foods, will make you SICK and TIRED. And, once you get really sick - you might not be able to do anything at all!

So, eat well. Eat optimally.

Eat natural, unprocessed foods. Including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Trust me on this…

When you EAT WELL and HYDRATE yourself every single day, you are laying the groundwork for becoming your most Productive, and successful self!

#3: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Remember This. It’s Important.

As a teenager, I was always interested in business.

And, I thought, like many business-minded people do, that earning more money, and being more successful, was simply a matter of working HARDER.

Then I went to a Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Seminar and he spoke about working SMARTER, not HARDER.

This really resonated with me.

It made total sense.

Over the years I’ve watched entrepreneurial friends, and famous entrepreneurs alike - work HARDER and HARDER and HARDER. More and more hours. Causing less and less balance in their lives…

…achieving financial success at the expense of their health.

What’s the point in that?

I don’t know the full story of Steve Jobs - but he was tremendously successful (helping Apple become the incredible success story it is today), but…

…he died of Cancer before his 60th birthday.

Great innovator and fantastic business man. But, not a long life.

Now, there could have been many factors that led to his dis-ease - but, I’m willing to bet he, at least partly, worked himself into the ground.

So, in the long-run, if you want to be your most Productive self - you need to be here, and you need to be HEALTHY! And, you’ll only be here and be healthy, if you work SMART, not just harder and harder and harder. (Note: see #8 on this list for an example of how to work smarter).

#4: Find Your True Passion and Figure Out How to Make It Pay You!

When You Can Honestly Say This About How You ‘Pay The Bills’ - You Productivity Will Be Much MUCH Higher!

When I look at all the really productive and successful people I know - almost all of them are PASSIONATE about what they do.

They do something they love - and it pays them.

This is in stark contrast to how most people view work… simply as a means to pay the bills.

Here’s the insight I’ve made…

When you truly LOVE what you do - it pulls a level of Productivity out of you, automatically, that you could not hope to achieve doing something you HATE, or merely feel is ‘okay.’

When I was 20 years old I was painting walls Magnolia for a living. I HATED it. Literally hated it.

As a result - I constantly tried to find ways to start work LATE, and finish work EARLY. I wasn’t stimulated, there was no passion.

As a result - I wasn’t very productive. And I was only using a tiny proportion of my potential.

However, when I quit my job in the property industry - and stopped spending all day with a paint-brush or screwdriver in my hand - and I started teaching men how to be better in bed

…my productivity sky-rocketed. Because I was now doing something I LOVED. Something I was passionate about.

As an example - I wrote Better In Bed (my first ever book on ‘Women and Sex’) - in about 4 days.

At the time I’d never written a book in my life!

And, many first time authors spend 2 or 3 years on a book and then still never get it finished!

Yet, I wrote Better In Bed in 4 days!!! (And still sell copies of it, all over the world, every single day).



I wasn’t faking it.

I wasn’t doing it to make money.

I was doing it because it felt like the right thing to do. It felt like “I had this knowledge about women and sex, and men wanted to know it. So I had to write about it”

Simple as that.

Find your PASSION. It’s the first step to being highly productive, and living up to your truest and fullest potential!

#5: Set Challenging, Highly Motivating and Very Specific Goals

Very Important. But They Must Be Challenging, Motivating and Very Specific.

Goals are incredibly important.

And, if you set them wisely, they’ll help you become highly productive.

For a goal to make you highly productive, it must be:

  • Challenging
  • Motivating
  • Very specific

    >> Challenging enough to keep you interested.

    >> Motivating enough to make you want it (Hint: if you find your true passion, thinking up motivating goals isn’t difficult!)

    >> Specific enough to know whether or not you’ve actually achieved it.

    Here’s are some examples:

    “Get your golf handicap down from 18 to 10, in the next 6 months”

    Lose 15 pounds of body-fat and gain 7 pounds of muscle, in the next 90 days”

    “Increase the turnover of your business from $250,000/year to $500,000/year in the next year”

    Those are challenging, motivating, highly specific goals. And those are the kind of goals that’ll force you to be more and more productive.

    #6: Do What’s Most Important First In The Day

    When Work Starts - Do What’s Most Important

    This is one of my favorite Productivity and Time Management Secrets…

    Do what’s most important first thing in the day.

    Instead of going to work and answering emails and checking social media first - do what’s most IMPORTANT instead.

    This way:

    • You’re working on what’s most important when your at your FRESHEST
    • Even if the rest of the day goes to shit, you’ve still done what’s most important first!

      This sounds really simple. And it is.

      But, don’t underestimate it’s POWER.

      This is how I took my business from having NOT A SINGLE READER, and NO CUSTOMERS on day 1 - to now having millions of readers in over 100 countries worldwide, and tens of thousands of customers.

      I got up every day, and I started my working day with the most important task. Some days the day really did go to shit after that first task. Other days I snuck off and played golf in the afternoons.

      But, you can bet your bottom dollar on this:

      Every single working day, I get up and do what’s most important first. I get it done early. I get it ‘out of the way’ - and this makes me feel good.

      If I did what most people do - answering emails, updating social media, and reading ‘fake news,’ first thing in the working day, I’d have given up on running a business a long time ago.

      #7: Whenever Possible, Pay Someone Else to Do It!

      You’ll Always Achieve More When You Have People to Help You Out

      Here’s a great example of working SMARTER, not just HARDER. And, it’s especially useful for business owners, but it can be used by anyone, with a little thought and imagination.

      This Time Management and Productivity Strategy is all about ‘getting someone else to do it for you.’

NOT out of LAZINESS - but rather because you understand that:

      • Some people are better than you at certain things. So, it’d be egotistical to not have them do those certain things for you!
      • If you pay people to do the things they’re better at than you, or simply the things you don’t need to do, it frees up your time to do the things you SHINE at!
      • You can only do so much. No matter how much of a stud you are - a TEAM will always beat you. Therefore, it makes sense to build great team - where each person plays to their strengths

        You can apply this strategy at home, and at the workplace.

        For instance, at home, we have a cleaner. Now, several years back, we couldn’t afford a cleaner. Now we can, so we have one.


        So we can do what we’re better at. It means I can work, without having to worry about doing the dishes. It means my fiancee can cook our kids healthy home-made food, without having to worry about cleaning the bathrooms.

        How about at work?

        Well, I don’t do my own tax return. I let my accountant do it (sure, he charges me… but he’s probably 100X quicker at doing it than me, and 1000X better. So, he saves me time and stress).

        I write all of the emails you see in our newsletters, and all of the blog posts. But, I don’t make the blog posts and I don’t send the emails. I have my assistant, Jessica, do this (because it’s ‘techy’ work and she’s better at that stuff than me).

        See how this works?

        Try it wherever you can… let other people do the things they’re better at than you. It’s an amazing productivity strategy!

        #8: Give Yourself Time to Chill Out and Relax

        You Can’t Be ‘On It’ All The Time - Give Yourself Time to Relax

        This ties in with the idea of ‘working smarter’ and not running yourself into the ground.

        Some days I’ll do a really important task, first thing in the working day. Maybe it takes me till 1PM in the afternoon.

        After that, some days I’ll POWER through the working day and be highly productive till 5, 6, 7 or 8 pm.


        Occasionally I’m spent. I’m like: “I just don’t feel like doing more work today”

        So I’ll head off to the golf course. Or I’ll go out for a drive. Or I’ll meet a friend for a bite to eat.

        You might think I sound like a spoiled brat!!!

        Yet, the idea of working 9am-5pm every day is just a bullshit framework society has imposed on us. Life isn’t linear like that. It flows up and down. It peaks and troughs.

        You think all my strength training workouts are equally hard?

        They are not!

        I have easy training days. I have moderate training days. I have days that are HARD-as-HELL.

        Now, I understand that if you have a job, you possibly can’t just ‘take the afternoon off’ - but, if you’re a business owner, maybe, once-in-a-while, you can. And, maybe, you should!

        #9: Meditate Every Single Day, Without Fail

        Meditation: Even 5 Minutes a Day Can Be Highly Beneficial

        These days hardly anybody has peace-of-mind.

        Hardly anybody is RELAXED and CALM.

        Instead, most people are living in a constant state of low-level anxiety and stress. And, a good number of people are actually experiencing serious mental illness, oftentimes related to the stresses of the modern world.

        A good way to counteract this kind of thing - and be relaxed and calm - is to mediate daily. For 5-10 minutes.

        A boxer must be RELAXED before he throws a knockout punch. If he’s always tense and stiff, he’ll have no speed, and no power. He won’t crack an egg with his punch, and his opponent will see it coming a mile off.

        Same with productivity - if you’re always anxious, stressed, tense and uneasy, you won’t be your most productive self.

        Before times of incredible productivity, must come times of incredible relaxation

        A 2 week vacation, chilling out on the beach, before an intense 3 month project at work.

        A massage, followed by a great night’s sleep, before an important business meeting the next day at work.

        Get it?

        Good ;)

        Leave your questions and questions below, and I’ll get back to you asap.

        ====>> To learn more about Time Management and Productivity - click here now

        Talk to you soon…

        Your friend,


        Adam Armstrong


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