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“Feeling Low on Energy? Struggling to Be Productive? Read On to Fix a Fix…”

If You’d Like Better Energy Levels and Increased Productivity - plus… Lower Stress and Anxiety Levels - Here’s a Little-Known, Yet Highly Effective Way to Do It…

By Elliot Newman

There are many things that make it difficult to have HIGH ENERGY, and great productivity, in the 21st Century.

For instance, processed food, fast food, and ‘convenience food’ is everywhere. Cleverly marketed by Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations - making it hard for most people to resist.

Yet, the truth is…

If this toxic crap makes up 50% or more of your daily calories (like it does for many people) - your ENERGY LEVELS are gonna SUCK…

And, if you have LOW energy - you’re going to have LOW productivity. Period.

Of course, eating lousy food doesn’t just cause your energy levels to suffer. It creates many Health Issues in your body too. Ultimately, we can call ALL these health issues - whether it’s blood sugar problems, excess body-fat, poor sleep patterns, or a million and one other things - STRESS.

What’s my point?

Simply this:

In today’s world - 99% of people are suffering from:

Here’s the Good News:

In this blog post your about to discover an unusual - yet very effective - way to Lower your Stress and Anxiety Levels…

And, INCREASE your Energy and Productivity.


“Have You Ever Put Something Off Because You Couldn’t Face Doing It - Only To Find That When You Actually Did It… It Was Nowhere Near As Bad As You Thought It Was Going to Be?”

“Putting Off Important Tasks Always Causes You More Stress and Anxiety In The Long-Run!”

Most of us have done it.

Some of us do it regularly.

We have a task to do that we see as STRESSFUL. And we put it off, because we’ve built it up in our MINDS to be so bad… we can’t face doing it.

Could be ending a relationship that isn’t working.

Could be firing an employee who isn’t doing their job correctly.

Could be telling a close friend or loved one that they need to ‘buck their ideas up’ and work on their health.


You get what I’m saying, right?

You have to do something that’s UNCOMFORTABLE. Something that is STRESSFUL. And, because it’s uncomfortable and stressful - you avoid doing it.

Here’s the crazy thing…

Just because you avoid ‘Taking Action’ and doing the thing that you think is going to be stressful and uncomfortable - doesn’t mean you aren’t thinking about it.

In fact, the longer we put these things off - the more we tend to think about them (because, we know that we should be dealing with them ASAP, as opposed to avoiding them and hoping they’ll go away).

The result?

We feel STRESSED and ANXIOUS because we are putting it off!

So now, we have stress and anxiety - caused by NOT doing the task. And yet, we still have the stress and anxiety of having to do it at some point in time.

We humans are a little weird, huh? :)

And, it gets worse…

You see, all that stress and anxiety causes our Health to suffer. It causes our Energy to suffer. And that, of course - causes us to not be our most productive selves.

What’s the take home message here?

Firstly, that these things are almost NEVER as bad as they seem. And, oftentimes, when we finally ‘grow a pair’ and get the job done, we chuckle to ourselves and acknowledge the fact that:

“That wasn’t even HALF as bad as I thought it would be”


“I wish I’d have dealt with it way sooner”

Secondly, that if you routinely get into the habit of dealing with these stressful, uncomfortable situations AS SOON AS YOU CAN - your mind will be in a better place…

You’ll have more Energy

And, you’ll be more Productive.

Of course, your Stress and Anxiety will be much LOWER too.

Right now, to show you that I’m HUMAN too - and that I’ve made this mistake myself, many times:

I Was Sick Over 30 Times In a Year - and Suffered A TON of Digestive Issues - Yet a 20 Minute Phone Call Could Have Helped Me Avoid It All!

“Not Taking My Own Advice Cost Me a Year of Stress Related Digestive Issues and Sickness!”

Several years back, I found myself in a Business Deal that wasn’t working for me.

Essentially, I was in partnership with somebody who was doing about 5% of the work, on a good day, (if I’m being generous), yet taking 50% of the PROFITS.

It took me a full YEAR to deal with this situation. And, in that time I suffered serious Digestive Issues - and was physically sick over 30 times! - despite eating a very healthy diet.

My digestive issues and sickness were a result of the STRESS this business/financial situation was causing me.

For a while - quite some months - I told myself that he wasn’t trying to rip me off, or take advantage of me…

I told myself he was trying to contribute as best he could…

I reminded myself like a genuinely LIKED the guy - and that our friendship might be worth more than PROFITS.

But, ultimately - I knew I was kidding myself.

The truth was that he was doing almost no work - and contributing almost NOTHING to my business - yet he was being rewarded with 50% of the profits.

And, that wasn’t right.

Long story short?

I eventually summoned the courage to pick up the phone and talk it over with him. I pulled no punches, and told him straight:

“I’ve given you enough chances to pull your weight - yet, you’ve not followed through. And, you’ve had a year to do it”

Now, I won’t bore you with the details of how we settled our financial differences. But, I will tell you this:

  • He wasn’t happy about the situation, but he also didn’t try to tell me that anything I was saying was WRONG. In fact, he agreed with what I was saying
  • I got pretty much everything I wanted out of that phone call (namely, him out of business, and it didn’t cost me very much to do it - because he knew what I was saying was the truth. He knew I was right)

Moral of the story?

I wish I’d have taken the advice I gave you at the start of this blog post!!!

Meaning that although this was a stressful, uncomfortable situation - it WAS NOT even 5% as bad as I had built it up to be in my mind!

By not dealing with it at the first available opportunity, I cost myself a year of digestive health issues, and stress beyond belief.

Re-read that last paragraph if you’re not yet ‘sold’ on the idea that what I’m sharing with you in this blog post is DAMN IMPORTANT.


All it took to sort this issue was a 20 minute phone call.


I advise you to do what I now do - and deal with stressful, uncomfortable situations as soon as they can. Because, the downside is never as bad as the ‘pay off!’

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And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Elliot Newman

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