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  • 9 Unusual, Yet Highly Effective Time Management and Productivity Strategies

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    As a Man Who Wants to Be The Best He Can Be - and Live Up to Your True Potential - It’s Essential that You Have Excellent ‘Time Management and Productivity.’ Here Are 9 Ways You Can Improve In This Area - and Get More Done (with Less Stress Along The Way)

    By Adam Armstrong

    You might find this a unusual combination, but - there are 3 things I love to teach:

    The first is obvious… I love to teach men how to be better in the bedroom. I love to teach men how to give their women mind-blowing sexual pleasure.

    The second is how to make your body stronger. Strength Training has been a passion of mine for over 16 years, and I love to teach men how to be their strongest selves.

    Finally, and this is the unusual one…

    I love to teach the strategies I’ve discovered to improve TIME MANAGEMENT and PRODUCTIVITY.

    Now, there’s a very good reason why I want to share my Time Management and Productivity Strategies with you. Here it is:

    If you want to be the best man...

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  • A Productivity Secret that Can Easily Triple Your Productivity in The Next 30 Days

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    If You Constantly Feel Like ‘There’s Never Enough Hours In The Day’ - and You’d Like to Get More Done (with Less Effort), Read On Carefully…

    By Adam Armstrong

    Many men have this horrible feeling that ‘they’re not living up to their potential.’

    I felt that way for years (in my early 20’s).

    And, if I’m being totally honest - the thought sometimes still enters my head now (even though I’ve found my true Mission in life, and I’m living it every day).

    Now, here’s the thing…

    For many men, this feeling of ‘not living up to your potential’ - often seems to go hand-in-hand with feeling like:

    There’s not enough hours in the day.

    And so, a dis-empowering circle of events starts to take shape where:

    • You do what you think you HAVE TO do in order to live (including a job/career that you may not love)
    • You tell yourself that you would live up to your potential (and do what you actually WANTED to do with your life) - if only there were enough hours in the day!!!

    What I’m going to do in this blog post is to show you...

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  • The Myth of Multi-Tasking - and What to Do Instead (for Improved Productivity)

    Posted on by Elliot Newman

    “Is Multi-Tasking Really The Best Strategy for High Productivity?”

    Here’s Why Multi-Tasking Is a ‘Productivity Destroyer’ - Plus… a Better Approach to Getting Stuff Done (Quickly and With Minimal Stress and Anxiety)

    By Elliot Newman

    Many people think ‘Multi-Tasking’ is an efficient way to get tasks done, and be Productive. The same people also often seem to think that Multi-Tasking is a technique worthy of a Medal!

    Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

    You see, the reality is that Multi-Tasking doesn’t work. Sure, you can get things done if you Multi-Task - however, your Productivity will SUCK.

    In other words…

    If you STOP Multi-Tasking, you could get way more done.

    Read on to find out how...

    Question: Do You Know How Long It Takes To ‘Recover’ From a Distraction?

    A while back, I read a Scientific Study, that PROVED that it takes the average person 20 minutes to ‘recover’ from a DISTRACTION.

    Let’s say you were working on a task.

    And, let’s say that task was writing a book.

    Now, let’s imagine you were in ‘full flow’ - writing like a PRO - and it felt like NOTHING could stop you.

    However, the phone then rings. And, that...

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