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  • The Myth of Multi-Tasking - and What to Do Instead (for Improved Productivity)

    Posted on by Elliot Newman

    “Is Multi-Tasking Really The Best Strategy for High Productivity?”

    Here’s Why Multi-Tasking Is a ‘Productivity Destroyer’ - Plus… a Better Approach to Getting Stuff Done (Quickly and With Minimal Stress and Anxiety)

    By Elliot Newman

    Many people think ‘Multi-Tasking’ is an efficient way to get tasks done, and be Productive. The same people also often seem to think that Multi-Tasking is a technique worthy of a Medal!

    Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

    You see, the reality is that Multi-Tasking doesn’t work. Sure, you can get things done if you Multi-Task - however, your Productivity will SUCK.

    In other words…

    If you STOP Multi-Tasking, you could get way more done.

    Read on to find out how...

    Question: Do You Know How Long It Takes To ‘Recover’ From a Distraction?

    A while back, I read a Scientific Study, that PROVED that it takes the average person 20 minutes to ‘recover’ from a DISTRACTION.

    Let’s say you were working on a task.

    And, let’s say that task was writing a book.

    Now, let’s imagine you were in ‘full flow’ - writing like a PRO - and it felt like NOTHING could stop you.

    However, the phone then rings. And, that...

    Read more

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