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“Personally, I always sleep really well, after Great Sex!”

To Live a Purposeful, Meaningful and Fulfilling Life - You HAVE TO Have High Energy Levels… and To Have ‘High Energy Levels’ - Sleeping Well is Essential. Here’s a Powerful Strategy That Can Really Help Your Sleep Quality

By Adam Armstrong

Alpha Males have to have Healthy, High Energy Levels.


Because a huge part of being an Alpha Male is living a purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling life.

Other important parts of being an Alpha Male include:


Is it really possible to do ALL THAT, and more, if your Energy Levels SUCK?

Of course not!

It’s impossible.

I mean, think about it

Most people never really get good at any one thing. Not ONE THING in their entire lives!

And, I think a big reason why most people never really get good at anything, is because they’re Energy Levels are so LOW.

Is ‘High Energy’ a guarantee that you’ll be supremely healthy, financially abundant, and in possession of a sex-life that’d make a Porn Star’s Sex-Life look BORING?

Absolutely NOT.


Having LOW ENERGY is absolutely a guarantee that you won’t achieve great things with your health, finances and sex-life.


If you wanna be an Alpha Male - ENERGY is key.

Here’s The Bad News:

“FACT: Poor Quality Sleep = Low Energy”

Depending on what Study you read, somewhere in the region of 80-90% of Men in America describe their Sleep Quality as being somewhere between ‘OKAY’ and ‘TERRIBLE.'

Why’s that important?


Because sleeping well, every night, is essential if you want to have the kind of High Energy Levels an Alpha Male must have!

Bad Sleep = Bad Energy. Period. Full Stop. The End.


Good Sleep = Much Better Energy Levels :)

At this point, I should point out that many people who sleep BADLY choose to ‘Fake’ their Energy Levels with stimulants. In fact, most people do this!…

…constantly ‘spiking’ their Energy Levels throughout the day, using STIMULANTS like Caffeine, Coffee, Carbs and Sugar.

None of which is good.

Because all stimulants do is ‘Spike’ your Energy. Then you CRASH. Leaving you craving even more stimulants (and, before you know it - you’re doing 10 cups of coffee a day, and constantly eating high-carb, sugar-rich food).

Worse still.…

In the long-run, stimulants can completely burn you out. Leaving you with no REAL ENERGY whatsoever!

Now, read this next bit carefully - cuz it can revolutionize your Sleep Quality and Energy Levels

A Major Reason Why Your Sleep Likely Isn’t As Good As You Want It To Be…

“Too Much Stress is a Sleep Killer”

In today’s Modern World, people are STRESSED and ANXIOUS. Often times without even realizing it!

Now, Stress and Anxiety can have REALLY BAD effects on your health. They can Kill your Sex-Drive, render you Impotent…

And, severely disrupt your Sleep Quality…

…which, in turn, will leave you with LOUSY Energy Levels (the exact opposite of what an Alpha Male needs).


Many people go to bed feeling STRESSED, and that stress then makes it very difficult for them to FALL ASLEEP, and STAY ASLEEP.


Most men need roughly 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.

If you spend 8 hours in bed, but take an hour to fall asleep - that’s already down to 7 hours. If you then also wake once or more during the night, your ‘Quality Sleep’ is falling off a cliff.

And, that’s how it is for man guys…

They can’t GET TO SLEEP easily…

And, they don't STAY SLEEP throughout the night…

…leaving them with not enough sleep, broken sleep, and LOW ENERGY.

Burn this into your memory:

Going to bed feeling STRESSED is a recipe for POOR SLEEP and LOW ENERGY.

So, what I want to do right now, is show you how to:

Quickly De-Stress Before Bed, Sleep Much Better, and Enjoy Much Higher ‘Alpha Male’ Energy Levels…

“Could a Little Writing Before Bed Transform Your Sleep Quality?”

If you want to sleep better - and enjoy Higher Energy - here’s my recommendation:

First, commit to NOT going to bed when you’re feeling STRESSED. Make that a Habit.

Second, an hour to two before bed, get out a journal, diary, or even a ‘Note’ on your Smart Phone, and write down the following:

  • Anything that is on your mind that you have to do tomorrow
  • Anything that is one your mind that you have to do in the next 3-5 days
  • Anything that is really bothering you, that would massively relieve you of stress if you ‘handled it’ (simply make a note of WHEN you are going to handle it)

Here’s an example of what I wrote down one day last week:

  • Tomorrow I need to write 2 blog posts, finish the special report I’ve been working on, and do my emails
  • Sometime in the next 5 days I have to call my Accountant, and go to the Bank
  • This week, before Sunday is over, I have to do my post

Now, you might wonder why this is powerful.

Lemme explain:

  • If you don't’ write this stuff down, you’ll likely forget it, and you know that - and that’s why you feel STRESSED about it! Writing it down means you won’t forget it, and you can stop thinking about it, now that it’s time to sleep
  • Sometimes we leave stuff, and we build it up to be a bigger deal than it really is, in our minds. I did this with my post recently. Don’t ask me why - but I kept putting off opening it (probably because it’s such a boring job). Anyhow, there was this stress and anxiety building inside me, because I kept ignoring the post. So I wrote down - ‘open it before Sunday’ - then I could stop worrying about it.

    Honestly, this is one of those techniques that sounds ‘too simple to be of value.’ But I’m telling you…

    It can radically transform the QUALITY of your SLEEP - by allowing you to go to bed feeling less stressed. With a ‘quieter mind.’

    Which, in turn, will help you get to sleep faster, and stay asleep all night long.

    Which, of course, will greatly INCREASE your Energy Levels.

    In a Nutshell…

    • Every night, before bed, write down what is stressing you out. Once it’s written down, you’ll find it much easier to STOP thinking about it. And, as a result - you’ll get to sleep, and stay asleep, much easier!

    Got Questions/Comments?

    Leave them below and I will get back to you.

    Talk soon,


    P.S. If you’re serious about improving your energy levels - click here now. And, if you want more help with your sleep - click this link

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