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“Bad Sleep Kills Your Energy Levels and Isn’t Good for Your Health”

If You’re Frustrated Because You Don’t Sleep As Well As You’d Like - and You’ve Had Enough of Getting Up In The Mornings Still Feeling Tired Because You Slept Like Crap The Night Before - Here’s The Reason Why (and, What To Do About it)…

By Elliot Newman

Bad Sleep is no joke. And, if it goes on for long enough - night after night, week after week, and month after month - it can really decrease the quality of your life…

Because, poor sleep leads to LOW ENERGY LEVELS, ‘Brain Fog,’ and decreased Productivity.

Of course, it’s also bad for your Hormone Levels…

For instance, to feel great and be healthy - generally speaking you want low Cortisol Levels (that’s the STRESS HORMONE), and Higher Growth Hormone and Testosterone Levels.

Note: In Hollywood they call Growth Hormone ‘The Fountain of Youth’ - because it keeps you looking young. And, Testosterone is important for many things, including, but not limited to… your Strength and Muscle Mass Levels, your Confidence, your Sex-Drive, your Motivation and Enthusiasm, and much more.

So, hopefully you can clearly see that ‘sleeping badly’ isn’t simply a ‘minor inconvenience.’ It’s actually something that can ‘make or break’ the quality of your Health, and your Life, in general!

Question is:

“What’s Causing You to Sleep Less Than Optimally?”

Ideally, your sleep should look like this:

  • You go to bed at a similar time each night - preferably BEFORE midnight
  • You fall asleep quickly and easily
  • You sleep throughout the night, without interruption
  • You wake up at the same time each day - ideally before 6am

The more often you can achieve this quality of this - the more ENERGY you’ll have, and the better your Health, Vitality and overall Well-Being will be.

To achieve this kind of sleep, the following things can all help:

  • Not eating within 3-4 hours of going to bed
  • Taking a warm shower/bath within 30-60 minutes of going to bed
  • Ensuring your bedroom is both Pitch Black, and Cool
  • Buying the best quality Mattress and Sheets you can get hold of
  • Turning off all electrical devices in your Bedroom

Those are all great Sleep Tips.

And, you should give ‘em a try (if you’re not doing so already).

However, right now, I want to show you…

An Even Bigger ‘Sleep Mistake’ that Makes Getting Quality Sleep Virtually Impossible…

“Waking Up Still Feeling Tired - Because You Slept Badly - Isn’t Much Fun"

Sleeping on a crappy mattress, in a hot, humid bedroom - with a belly full of undigested food - will do no good for your sleep! That’s for sure.

However, there’s a bigger ‘Sleep Mistake’ that even many ‘Sleep Experts’ are over-looking. And, it can have a MASSIVE effect on how you sleep.


If you want to get into the habit of falling asleep quickly and easily, and staying asleep all night long - without interruption - so you wake up feeling REFRESHED and ENERGISED every morning…

…then you need to pay very close attention to what follows…

Here goes…

Read Carefully:

In today’s modern world, most people are dealing with more STRESS than they can handle.

They’re stressed about everything…



The Kids…


A lack of Time…

You name it, people are STRESSED about it.

Most people also have no way to dealing with this stress (and anxiety), and they still hold onto it at ‘Bed Time.’

What happens next is something almost everybody - including ME, at times - can relate to:

  • You get into bed, tired and wanting to go to sleep


  • Instead of sleeping, your MIND is overly-active… you’re Stressed and Anxious… you’re thinking about Work, Money, The Kids, Bills, how you get everything done tomorrow, that meeting you have with your Boss/Bank Manager/Co-Worker first thing in the morning - and so on.

And, these thoughts KEEP YOU UP, and STOP you from falling asleep.

Worse still, those same thoughts will sometimes wake you up in the middle of the night, even once you’ve fallen asleep.

And, the Icing on the cake?

Well, oftentimes you’ll wake up in the morning, and you’ll STILL be thinking about Work, Money, The Kids, Bills, how you get everything done today, that meeting you have with your Boss in 3 hours time, and so on.

That, my friend, is the BIG ‘Sleep Problem.’

It’s the BIG ‘Sleep Mistake’…

Going to bed Stressed and Anxious, with an overly active MIND.

But, let’s not dwell on the problem.

Instead, let’s divert our Focus to the Solution! ;)

What to Do 20 Minutes Before Bed, to ‘Quieten Your Mind’ - and Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep…

To get out of the cycle of going to bed Stressed and Anxious, and struggling to fall asleep… and then having a BROKEN Night’s Sleep… try the following 3-Part Strategy:

Part 1: Write Down Anything That’s Bugging You and Stressing You Out

Maybe it’s a job you have to do tomorrow.

Or a call you have to make.

Whatever it is - WRITE IT DOWN. In your Diary.

Then you can forget out it, without neglecting it.

I do this every night, whenever ‘work stuff’ for the next day is on my mind. I just write it down, in my diary…

…Lowering my Stress Levels because I know I’m not ignoring the issue. While also acknowledging the fact that at 10pm at night I can do nothing about it!

Part 2: Write Down 3 Things That Went Great During The Day You’ve Just Had

Think over the day you’ve just had, and write down 3 things that were GREAT that happened to you that day.

Could be something as small as having a great laugh with a friend at lunch time.

Could be something  big like a promotion, or your kid making the Football Team.

Just think of THREE things that were GREAT, during the day you’ve just had.

This really makes you GRATEFUL. And stops you focusing on bad (stressful) stuff!

Part 3: Spend 5-10 Minutes Meditating

“5-10 Minutes of THIS Can Do Wonders for Your Sleep Quality!”

I like to do some kind of Breath Meditation.

It can be as simple as sitting (or lying) in a comfortable position, closing your mouth, and simply witnessing your breath for a few minutes.

This really ‘quietens the mind,’ RELAXES you, and causes all your Stress and Anxiousness to melt away. Which is exactly what you want before you ‘hit the sack’ and go to sleep.

I’ve been doing this sleep practice for YEARS - and, it really helps. I suggest you give it a try too - and also check out ‘The Superior Sleep System’ if you really want to take the Quality of your Sleep to a whole new level!

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Wishing you Great Sleep - and even Better DREAMS ;)

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Elliot Newman

P.S. To really feel amazing, and have super-high energy levels, you need to Sleep well every night, ensure you’re properly hydrated, eat a Natural, Unprocessed Diet, and take regular exercise.

Do those 4 things on a consistent daily basis, and it becomes kinda difficult to feel anything other than REALLY GOOD! :)

P.P.S. Got questions/comments?

Leave ‘em in the comments section below…

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