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  • A Simple Tip for Better Sleep and Higher Energy Levels

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “Personally, I always sleep really well, after Great Sex!”

    To Live a Purposeful, Meaningful and Fulfilling Life - You HAVE TO Have High Energy Levels… and To Have ‘High Energy Levels’ - Sleeping Well is Essential. Here’s a Powerful Strategy That Can Really Help Your Sleep Quality

    By Adam Armstrong

    Alpha Males have to have Healthy, High Energy Levels.


    Because a huge part of being an Alpha Male is living a purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling life.

    Other important parts of being an Alpha Male include:


    Is it really possible to do ALL THAT, and more, if your Energy Levels SUCK?

    Of course not!

    It’s impossible.

    I mean, think about it

    Most people never really get good at any one thing. Not ONE THING in their entire lives!

    And, I think a big reason why most people never really get good at anything, is because they’re Energy Levels are so LOW.

    Is ‘High Energy’ a guarantee that you’ll be supremely healthy, financially abundant,...

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  • Is This Common Mistake Ruining Your Sleep? (Read Now If You Want to Enjoy Better Sleep and Increased Energy)…

    Posted on by Elliot Newman

    “Bad Sleep Kills Your Energy Levels and Isn’t Good for Your Health”

    If You’re Frustrated Because You Don’t Sleep As Well As You’d Like - and You’ve Had Enough of Getting Up In The Mornings Still Feeling Tired Because You Slept Like Crap The Night Before - Here’s The Reason Why (and, What To Do About it)…

    By Elliot Newman

    Bad Sleep is no joke. And, if it goes on for long enough - night after night, week after week, and month after month - it can really decrease the quality of your life…

    Because, poor sleep leads to LOW ENERGY LEVELS, ‘Brain Fog,’ and decreased Productivity.

    Of course, it’s also bad for your Hormone Levels…

    For instance, to feel great and be healthy - generally speaking you want low Cortisol Levels (that’s the STRESS HORMONE), and Higher Growth Hormone and Testosterone Levels.

    Note: In Hollywood they call Growth Hormone ‘The Fountain of Youth’ - because it keeps you looking young. And, Testosterone is important for many things, including, but not limited to… your Strength and Muscle Mass Levels, your Confidence, your Sex-Drive, your Motivation and Enthusiasm, and much more.

    So, hopefully you can clearly see that ‘sleeping badly’ isn’t simply a ‘minor...

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