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Radical Feminists Love to Emasculate Men, and Blame Us for Everything Bad (and Supposedly Bad) that Happens to Women… However, The Truth is That Good Women Love The 10 Very Masculine, ‘Alpha’ Traits I’m About to Share With You…

By Adam Armstrong

There was one very famous Radical Feminist, who said something along the lines of:

“Any time a man has sex with a woman - and he has an erection - he is committing an act of RAPE”

Clearly, this is very CONFUSED thinking.

I mean, if she truly believes that, then presumably she’s either saying she wants the Human Race to die out within a hundred years…

…or, she wants all future children to be created in the following way:

A man ‘whacks off’ into a jar… then the woman uses a Turkey Baster to get herself pregnant!

I’m not sure which option is WORSE.

But, I am sure of one thing…

These ridiculous statements show just how much Radical Feminists (who make up about 1% of the US Female Population - but carry way more influence than any 1% of the population should) HATE men. Which, to me, is as DUMB as people who HATE children.

I hope as many Radical Feminists as possible read this blog post, and (metaphorically) choke on their STUPID ideas, while reading about 10 of the most POWERFUL and MASCULINE traits that good women actually LOVE a man to have.

Consider this blog post my response to the way men are being emasculated.

My simple advice to you is to read it with an open-mind…

Ask yourself how many of these ‘Alpha Traits’ you already possess - and give yourself a pat on the back for those.

Then, be honest about the traits you DO NOT yet possess - and work on them.


The path of the Alpha Male isn’t one of ‘taking the blame’ every time a Radical Feminist - or other minority - feels offended. Nor is it one of Political Correctness or ‘Virtue Signaling.’

No, no, no.

The Path of The Alpha Male is one of Mastery. One of continuous and never ending improvements. A path that leads to you becoming the very best MAN you can be.

Because really, that is the best way for you, me, and the next guy, to live our lives! (And good women love us for it).

Intro over.

Let’s get into it…

How Many of These Masculine Alpha Traits Do You OWN?

Masculine Alpha Male Trait #1: Sexual Dominance

“If You Have Low Testosterone - it’s Impossible to be Sexually Dominant!”

The Radical Feminists will HATE this one more than anything else on this list.

Yet, to me, SEXUAL DOMINANCE is the ultimate expression of masculine, alpha behavior.

No good woman wants a weak, pathetic ‘Nice Guy’ who expects her to TAKE CONTROL in the bedroom!


Good women adore Sexually Dominant men who are prepared to push-the-limits and lead them through wildly exciting Sexual Adventures. Including all the stuff ‘good girls’ aren’t supposed to enjoy, including - though absolutely not limited to:

  • Anal Play
  • Spanking
  • Hair Grabbing
  • Taking Photos and Making Videos
  • Threesomes, 4somes and moresomes!
  • Being tied up
  • Being ‘Owned’

I could go on but you can read find out more ways to dominate a woman in bed.

Those are just a few of the things that Good Women want nothing more than to experience. With a strong, masculine Alpha Male.

Question is:

“Have you got the balls to make those things a reality for your woman?”

Masculine Alpha Male Trait #2: The Mastery Mindset

“Mastery is Not a Destination!”

Mastery is not a DESTINATION.

If it were, as an example, Elite Athletes would hit ‘Elite Level’ - and then they’d stop trying to improve. Yet, the do the opposite!

If they have any sense - they keep trying to IMPROVE.


Because Mastery is a journey.

It’s a process.

A process that states that:

There is always more to learn. Always ways in which you can improve.

The Alpha Male realizes this - and constantly tries to improve. He constantly tries to become a better version of himself:






And so on.


“Are you committed to Mastery - meaning continuous and never-ending improvement - in all the key areas of your life?”

Masculine Alpha Male Trait #3: Taking Personal Responsibility

“Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Life Gives You POWER!”

The Alpha Male never assumes the role of ‘The Victim.’

He never blames ‘outside forces’ and things he cannot control, for the way his life is.

That’s WEAK.


It is the mind-set that guarantees bitterness, resentment, hatred, and regret. The ‘Victim Mentality’ guarantees a life of MISERY!

The masculine Alpha Male takes personal responsibility for everything he can truly control in his life - including his thoughts, feelings, actions, and responses.

And, by taking personal responsibility he gives himself as much CONTROL over the way his life is as possible! That’s POWER.

The way I see it…

“I bend the World to suit my will”

And, since I do that by empowering other men to be better men - I see it as nothing but a good thing (though I realize many people will see it as horribly egotistical).


“Are you truly taking personal responsibility for everything you can control in your life?”

Masculine Alpha Male Trait #4: Leader of Men

“Try Not to Live Your Life Like One of These!”

The Masculine Alpha Male is, at least in some area(s) of his life - a leader of other men.

He is willing to ‘step up’ - to realize where he can help other men - and guide them to a better place. I guess you could say that’s exactly what I’m doing by writing this blog post!

The opposite of being a Leader of Men - is to always be ‘the sheep.’

But, what self-respecting MAN wants to be a Sheep?

Sheep are stupid.

Sheep are dumb.

Sheep live lives of quiet desperation - awaiting their slaughter!

Sheep just follow the lead of others - never making any powerful decisions for themselves.


“Are you leading other men - meaning, adding value to the lives of other men (or women), on a regular basis?”

Masculine Alpha Male Trait #5: Rule Breaker!

“Women Dig Men Who Break The Rules”

The Alpha Male is a RULE-BREAKER!

He cannot just ‘toe the line’ and do whatever society tells him he should do.

You can probably see the ‘Rule Breaker’ trait in every email, blog, report, book and video I produce!

Little of what I say is ‘normal’…

Little of what I say ‘sticks to the rules’…

Little of what I say is ‘Politically Correct’…

And yet…

I wouldn’t have it any other way. And nor would 99.9% of my readers!


Because what I say is helping MILLIONS of men to better themselves. And, I truly believe that the world can only pull itself out of the hole it is heading into - IF more MEN better themselves, think for themselves, and be the LEADERS good women want us to be.


“Are you always true to yourself - even if it means breaking the rules?”

Masculine Alpha Male Trait #6: Trouble-Maker!

“An Alpha Male isn't Afraid to Cause a Little Trouble When Necessary!”

If you’re gonna break the rules (see previous point) - you’re almost certainly gonna be a Trouble Maker too!

I’ll be straight with you…

I love it when I write a blog post and 50 men email me afterwards to tell me how it’s helped them in various different ways. Because that makes me feel good - it shows I’m delivering value to my audience.


The devious side of me, also loves it when some Male Feminist, Radical Female Feminist, or Religious Extremist (I’ve had Death Threats from these nutters), emails me to tell me how everything I’m saying is ‘wrong’ or ‘bad.’

I never cave in and engage with them on their ridiculous level. I just keep sending them back polite emails, that they can’t argue with, until they give up.


“Do you have the courage to be a bit of a Trouble Maker - if the results mean you bring benefit to yourself and others (without harming anybody else)?”

Masculine Alpha Male Trait #7: Very High Standards

“An Alpha Never Settles - He Holds Himself to The Highest Standards, Especially with Women”

More Radical Honesty:

Most people BORE me to TEARS.


Because they have nothing going on in their lives of any meaning…

They talk about nothing but meaningless gossip…

They fill their heads - and are brainwashed by - mainstream media (who paint Hillary Clinton out to be some kind of Wonder Woman, while simultaneously making white men feel bad for being alive)…

They don’t ‘get’ anything I’m about (mastery, continuous improvement, health, financial security, sexual power). They don’t ‘get it’ - and aren’t even a little bit interested in it - at all!

And, for that reason…

I can’t talk to most people.

It’s just too BORING.

It’s too inane.

I won’t do it.

I hold myself to a higher standard - and choose carefully who I spend time with.

Of course, having high standards isn't just about who you spend time with - but that is a big part of it. Because, you cannot help but become a lot like the handful of people you spend the most time with!


“Are you holding yourself to the highest standards you possibly can, in all the areas of your life that really matter?”

Masculine Alpha Male Trait #8: Honesty and Integrity

“Most People Lie to Themselves and to Others On a Very Regular Basis”

Very few people are honest - with themselves or with others.

Yet, the true masculine alpha male is.

And, he has integrity too.

I think integrity comes from things like:

  • Understanding what you want to do, and doing it
  • Doing what you say you’ll do, for others

Being honest is easy - at least when it’s written down on paper:

It’s about telling the truth, and not lying.

Unfortunately, most people find it very hard to be HONEST. And they resort to kidding themselves, and others, a lot of the time!

The worst examples of this, of course, come from Communist Countries - like Russia in the early 1900’s and North Korea today - where the Government sets their countries up in a way where it FORCES people to lie (because the truth could literally lead to them being killed).

What a DISGUSTING way to live.


“Are you being as honest as possible, with yourself and others?”

Key Point: the more HONEST you are, and the more INTEGRITY you have - the STRONGER you feel, and the less STRESSED you become! (And we know that too much stress raises cortisol, lowers testosterone, and therefore STOPS you from being the Masculine Alpha Male you were designed to be!)

Masculine Alpha Male Trait #9: Lives with Purpose, Has a Mission

“Sound advice.”

Doing a job to pay the bills.

I did that in my late teens and early 20’s.

And, while it certainly did pay the bills…

It also COST me a BLEEDING  Stomach Ulcer (a nasty story I’ll share another time).

My point?

Living your life without a true purpose - or ‘mission’ - is miserable. And, as I found out - it can really EAT YOU UP inside!

The Alpha Male doesn’t live like that.

Instead, he figures out what he enjoys. He works out where he can add value to the World.

Then he spends as much time as possible to that thing!

A simple way to live.

Yet a powerful one too.


“Have you found something you are truly passionate about - and are you spending at least 1 hour a day doing it?”

Masculine Alpha Male Trait #10: Open-Mindedness

“Being Open-Minded is Essential If You Want to Enjoy a Great Sex-Life!”

This is something I’ve really had to work on.

It’s NOT a ‘Alpha Trait’ that’s come naturally to me!

In the past, I tended to see things in a very ‘Black and White’ way. And, once I thought I knew ‘the truth’ about something…

Anyone who didn’t agree with me, became:

“A fucking idiot”

Now, don’t get me wrong…

I’m not suggesting that you should be wishy-washy, and I’m not suggesting that you should listen to everything everyone has to say (even if you know what they’re saying is drivel).

What I am saying is not to be too RIGID.

Be open to new ideas.

Take the approach Bruce Lee suggested - where you ‘flow like water.’

Because, if you CLOSE your MIND, and think you know everything - you’ll never see the great nuggets of wisdom when they come your way!


“Are you allowing new ideas to penetrate your mind on a regular basis?”

Having read all this, you probably have a few comments or questions!

Leave them below, in the comments section, and I’ll get back to you asap.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your day…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. To become the best Alpha Male you can be - you must have High Testosterone Levels. If you are struggling with LOW Testosterone - or simply want to RAISE your levels - ‘EYT’ can help. Click here to learn more

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