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At Least 90% of Men Believe The 5 Common and Destructive ‘Sex Myths’ You’re About to Discover In This Blog Post… Question is: How Many Do YOU Believe, and What Should You Be Thinking about ‘Women, Sex, and The Bedroom’ Instead?

I’ll cut straight to the point… any man who believes the 5 Sex Myths in this blog post to be TRUE, is never going to be a GREAT LOVER. And, he’s never going to even get close to fully SATISFYING his woman in bed!


Because these Sex Myths - that AT LEAST 90% of men believe to be true - are highly DESTRUCTIVE…

…significantly reducing a man’s sexual confidence, and ability to get his woman to ORGASM.

And, you know what women do when they are consistently disappointed in bed, don’t you?

That’s right…

They get FRUSTRATED (and moody and bitchy and snappy outside of the bedroom).

They stop wanting SEX (causing you to be frustrated).

When they do agree to have sex, they aren’t interested in fulfilling your wants and desires (making the sex very BORING and PREDICTABLE).

And, in many cases…

They start fantasizing about sleeping with other men. Men who could fulfil their sexual needs.

Of course…

Some women actually follow through on those fantasies and end up CHEATING.

Don’t worry though…

You see, the truth is…

Most men - think 90%, if not 95% of men - set the bar so low in the bedroom, that it’s not really very difficult to ‘stand out from the crowd’ and impress ANY woman in the bedroom… especially if you read my blog posts, study my programs and courses, and watch my videos. Which is, of course, what you're doing right now!

Read on carefully…

5 Common Sex Myths Most Men Believe…

#1: Penis Size Matters

Worried About Your ‘Size?’ Don’t Be…

This is the one that gives A LOT of men sleepless nights, torturing themselves with questions like:

“How do I measure up to her previous lovers?”

“Am I BIG enough to satisfy her?”

“Will she dump me for a ‘bigger guy’?”

I write this and CRINGE. For 2 reasons:

Firstly, because it’s total bullshit. Size doesn’t really count for shit in the bedroom (I’ll explain more in a second).

Secondly, because I used to believe this nonsense myself (a long time before I figured out this whole ‘women and sex’ thing and made a career out of teaching guys how to go from DUDS to STUDS in the bedroom!).

Now, I explained in great detail, in my first ever book - Better In Bed - why Penis Size is irrelevant in the bedroom.

Right now, I’ll give you the quick version:

  • Women aren’t interested in SIZE in the bedroom
  • They are interested in PLEASURE
  • Many men and women confuse the two… thinking that more SIZE equals more PLEASURE

Did you know that the first 2-3 inches of a woman’s vagina are the most sensitive?

So, unless you have a 1 inch erection - you’re fine!


I’ve been told I have a BIG dick… I’ve been told I have a BEAUTIFUL dick… I’ve been told I have a MAGIC dick… I’ve been told I have the best cock in the world…

And, I’ve been given these compliments - and way more besides - over and over again. By A LOT of women.

Do I receive these compliments because I have a gigantic 12 inch penis?


I receive these compliments because I give women a level of pleasure most don’t even realize is possible!

Anal orgasms. Squirting orgasms. Nipple Orgasms. Countdown Orgasms. Mindgasms. And dozens more.

It’s not the size of my manhood that’s enabled me to make these orgasms possible for dozens of women. Nor is it because I’m ridiculously good looking, or even crazy intelligent. Because, I am none of those things.

But, what I am is all the things women REALLY want in the bedroom


Good with my mouth - as in… I’m a ‘pro’ at DIRTY TALK.

Creative. You wouldn’t believe the ways I’ve made women cum over the years (but, you can learn all about them in Bedroom Boss).

Naughty. Dirty. Taboo. Yup, I’m not afraid of any of that stuff. In fact, I rather enjoy it. And, women LOVE it.


I turned myself into an Orgasm Giving Machine. And, it had nothing to do with the size of my cock.

Size is irrelevant. As you’ll discover when you read Better In Bed and Bedroom Boss. (Thank me later).

#2: Women Aren’t as Sexual as Men

It’s a Man’s Job to Bring Out His Woman’s Inner ‘Bad Girl’

You know who Joe Rogan is, right?

Great guy.

I really enjoy his podcasts.

But, recently he had a woman on, and they were both talking about how MEN are so much more SEXUAL than women. And, they were debating the reasons why.

Oh dear Joe Rogan.

I love you man, but on this occasion you really missed the point!

Women are WAY MORE SEXUAL than men!

Read that last sentence again!!!

How so?

Consider the following FACTS:

  • 99% of men cum once, and they then need at least 15-20 minutes before they can get hard again. Heck, some men need 24 hours or more between ‘sessions'
  • Women can cum over and over again in one session. SCREAMING their heads off in the process, some orgasms lasting MINUTES (in contrasts to SECONDS for a man)
  • When most men ejaculate, they ‘let go’ of enough semen to fill a teaspoon. I’ve made women squirt so hard they completely soaked the bed. I had a friend who got to the point where his woman was filling MASON JARS every time she ejaculated
  • Men can cum in basically one way… genital stimulation. Women can be made to cum in DOZENS of ways… including via their MINDS alone (using expert dirty talk)

Here’s what you need to know (that other so-called ‘Sex Experts’ almost certainly won’t tell you)…

It’s your JOB, as a MAN, to bring this wild sexuality of your woman. She cannot do it on her own.

Until you bring it out of her - you may well appear more sexual than her. But, it’s an illusion. Because, once you bring out her ‘wild side’ - she’ll become an ANIMAL. Your very own dirty little fuck cum slut.

And, she’ll love every second of it.

The first step to unleashing a woman’s ‘wild side’ is to start giving her ORGASMS without rubbing her clit!

Read Bedroom Boss to find out how to do that. I explain it all for you in there.

#3: Men Need to Buy Gifts and ‘Kiss Ass’ in Exchange for Sex

If You Think Throwing Money and Gifts at a Woman Is The Way to Make Her WANT Sex - Think Again!

Oh God.

What a joke.

This myth is based on the myths that ‘women aren’t as sexual as men’ (see previous point), and ‘women don’t even like sex’ (see number 5).

Suffice to say…

You DO NOT need to buy gifts in exchange for sex. And, you certainly don’t need to ‘kiss ass’, ‘suck up’, and ‘be a good boy’ to get sex.

In fact, behaving in those ways will TURN OFF good women.

Good women want to go to bed with MEN. Men who act like MEN. Not men who act like boys.

Funny story:

One day I was playing golf with this guy called Brian. I hated him. He was just such a smug bastard (and, I wasn’t sure he really had anything to be smug about).

Anyhow, half way into the round, we got talking about WOMEN and SEX.

And, I told him how I keep my fiancees sex-drive HIGH - by giving her really good sex.

He laughed at me, and said:

“I just buy my wife a new Range Rover every year, and that keeps her horny”

I laughed. At him, of course. Naturally, being the smug git he was, he thought I was impressed.

Anyhow, a couple weeks later, I hear his ‘Trophy Wife’ is CHEATING on him. With one of his supposedly ‘good friends.’

You see, I like money. I won’t lie to you about that. It gives you options and security.

But, you can’t make up for BAD SEX by throwing MONEY at women. It just doesn’t work that way.

#4: The Only Way to Make a Woman Orgasm is to Give Her Oral Sex or Rub Her Clitoris

See? She’s More Interested in Having Your FINGERS Inside Her, Than She Is Your Tongue On Her Clit…

This is a very VERY destructive sexual myth about women.

The idea that you must lick or rub her clitoris to ‘get her off.’

All this has led to is millions of men giving oral sex - and ONE orgasm if the woman is lucky - prior to intercourse. Then the guy rides her for a few minutes, she doesn’t cum, and she’s very frustrated.

Listen carefully…

I rarely, if ever, touch my woman’s clitoris!

Yet, she ORGASMS countless times, every time I fuck her.


Because the clitoris is just one way to ‘get a woman off’ - and it’s an inferior way. You see, after a clitoral orgasm, the clitoris becomes too SENSITIVE to touch (for most women). Explaining why you can only give most women ONE clitoral orgasm per ‘session.’

However, women can take endless G-Spot stimulation…

They never tire of DOMINANCE…

They can’t get enough DIRTY TALK…

And, it’s those things that make women cum so HARD they SCREAM loud enough to wake the neighbors. It’s those things that make women addicted to you in bed.


I’m not saying oral sex is BAD. Far from it…

But, most men are LAME at it. ‘Going down on her’ like they’re taking a walk on Death Row - from their cell to ‘the chair.’

So, by all means - ‘eat her out.’

Just know it’s only ONE way to bring her to climax. And, she’ll only truly enjoy it, if she believes YOU are truly enjoying it.

Oh, and do yourself a favor and get really good at dominance, and dirty talk. Because, in all honestly, it’s those 2 things that cause women to see you as a Sex-God.

My Bedroom Boss program will help you get good at both.

#5: Women Don’t Even Like Sex

Forget Any Old Fashioned Ideas about Women NOT Like SEX - They Fucking LOVE it! (When it’s GOOD)

This is a more extreme, and even more DESTRUCTIVE version of this myth: “Women aren’t as sexual as men”

Yup, it’s true…

Many men believe that women don’t even like SEX.

The only women who don’t like sex are feminists and women with ‘mental issues.’ Both need help.

The only Good women (by which I mean ‘emotionally healthy women’) who don’t like sex are those who are in a relationship with a man who is a LOUSY LOVER…

And, honestly, even those women still like SEX (think about it - many of them CHEAT to get better SEX) they’re just sick of having sex with their husbands who wouldn’t know the difference between good sex and bad sex even if it slapped them in the face!


Read Better In Bed.

Read Dirty Talk Phrases.

Read Bedroom Boss.

Do that, and you’ll be better than 99% of men in bed. Able to FULLY SATISFY any woman you desire. And, your Sexual Confidence will be rock-solid, off-the-charts

If you have questions - leave ‘em below. And, I’ll get back to you soon.

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

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Sure, many orgasms don’t require the use of your dick - nipple orgasms, lip orgasms and mindgasms are 3 examples - but, how will your sexual confidence be if you have erection problems?

How attracted can a woman be to a man who can’t ‘perform?’

You know what I’m getting at.

Here’s what you need to know…

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