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FACT: The Only True Fulfillment In This Life Comes from Getting Better… From Becoming a Better Man, Day-In-Day-Out. Here are 5 Proven Ways to Become a Better Man, Pretty Much Instantly

By Adam Armstrong

I recently wrote a blog post about the idea of taking Personal Responsibility. And, how it’s important that every man who wants to live with Purpose, and feel Fulfilled, do this.

Now, you could be forgiven for thinking that a blog post about ‘Taking Personal Responsibility’ would be just about the most UNPOPULAR thing ever, in today’s 21st Century World…

…because, let’s face it:

A LOT of people are behaving very badly right now - and very stupidly - by choosing to blame everything that they don’t like in their lives on:

  • Other groups of people (for instance, in America today, many groups - such as Radical Feminists, Post-Modernists, and Social Justice Warriors (SJW) - seem to find a way to blame WHITE MEN for pretty much everything they dislike!)
  • Other individuals (the same groups I just mentioned above - and plenty more besides - seem to find a way to blame Donald Trump for everything they dislike!)
  • ‘Outside Forces’ they cannot control (this is the ultimate ‘cop out’ - because it’s just a person with a ‘Victim Mentality’ telling themselves that their life is shitty and miserably, and there’s nothing they can do to hep themselves. Their message is often something like: “Please help me, for FREE, even though I’ll give neither you, nor society, any VALUE IN RETURN… I deserve it, you rich (white) piece of sh*t bastard!!!)

Pretty senseless, huh?

And yet…

The truth is that the blog post on ‘Personal Responsibility’ proved extremely popular - with a great many men reading it, then emailing me, or leaving comments, to tell me how much VALUE they gained from it!

Which is great - because it means that there are actually some intelligent, sensible men left in this World - thank God! - who realize that:

  • You get out of this life pretty much in equal measure to what you put into it! (At least in the long-run. Meditate on that point for a few seconds and let it really sink in to your Brain)
  • Blaming other people - be it another group of people, or another individual - or blaming ‘Outside Forces’ because something in your life SUCKS, or isn’t quite the way you want it to be… is a really POOR idea (because it will change nothing. Leading to negative emotions such as resentment, anger, jealously, and, quite possibly - HATRED)

Now, there was one problem some men found with my blog post on Personal Responsibility vs ‘The Death Sentence’ of Entitlement. And that was the sheer LENGTH of the post!

At around 10,000 words - it wasn’t your typical blog post that you could read in 3 minutes. That said, I still recommend you read it, if you haven’t already, because it really could TRANSFORM the quality of your life!

The purpose of today’s blog post is to build upon that Personal Responsibility blog post - by giving you:

5 Simple Ways to Instantly Improve Your Life!

“Success takes Effort - but The REWARDS make The Effort Worthwhile!”

These 5 simple ideas I’m about to share with you - can totally transform your life (helping you live with purpose, and fulfil your true potential as a Human Being) - assuming you implement them on a consistent (pretty much daily) basis into your life.


The path of a Real Man - the Path of an ‘Alpha Male’ - is one of MASTERY.

Now, being on a Path of Mastery doesn’t necessarily mean ‘being the best in the World’ (because only ONE person can be that, at any given thing).

Being on a Path of Mastery actually means consistent and never ending improvement.

Because Mastery is a JOURNEY, not a destination. Which is why even the best in the World try to carry on improving (and, when they get complacent, and stop trying to get better - someone else ALWAYS replaces them at the top, very quickly indeed).

My firm belief is that there is nothing more FULFILLING… there’s nothing more REWARDING, and oftentimes EXCITING…

…than getting better at stuff that matters! Be it being a Father, a Lover, a Business Owner, an Athlete, a Musician…


Just commit to constantly getting better (preferably in The ‘Big 3’ Areas of your life… Health, Finances and Relationships) and you’ll start to live like a King among Men…

…gaining RESPECT from other Men…

…and being incredibly attractive and desirable to women!

So, without further ado - lemme show you 5 simple ways to instantly improve yourself.

NOTE: these are 5 of the most POWERFUL ways ANY man can, and should, improve himself on a  daily basis!

How to Instantly Become a Better Man - Strategy #1: Prioritize Sleep!

“Quality Sleep can Transform The Quality of Your Life. Period.”

Why is SLEEP 1st on this list of PROVEN ways to become a better man?

Because when you sleep well - you do great things for your Health and Energy Levels.

And, when your Health and Energy Levels are HIGH - you can be your best in all the other areas of your life!

Also, consider the FACT that you cannot ‘make up for a lack of sleep’ in other ways. If you miss it - it WILL catch up with you over time.

For instance, lets say that for you, 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night is OPTIMAL.

If you miss just one hour, on average, every night - getting in 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep - you may think that’s ‘okay.’

And, I guess it is okay.

But, it ain’t OPTIMAL.

1 hours of missed sleep a night, every night, is 365 hours of missed sleep a YEAR!


3,650 hours of missed sleep every 10 years!

Think that might NEGATIVELY effect you?

Think that might prevent you from becoming all that you can be?

Think that might mean your Health and Energy Levels are less than optimal?

The correct answer to ALL those questions is:


I know sleep isn’t ‘sexy.’

But, I also know that about 85% of American Men describe their sleep as ‘less than satisfying.’ And many describe their sleep as TERRIBLE. Which is NOT good.

So, make getting an adequate number of hours of sleep a night a ‘daily practice.’ For most men - it’s 7-8 hours, but you’ll have to experiment to see what makes you feel the best!

If you have trouble sleeping, what’s the solution?

Well, I’d never, ever, recommend ‘sleeping pills.’ Because the side-effects and addictive nature make them a LOUSY choice (especially for a man who is committed to TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for everything that happens in his life!)

What I would recommend, for every man who wants to sleep better, are the following proven strategies:

  • Get a very high quality mattress (the best you can afford - it’s an investment in your Health, and Success. Plus, it’s always nice to fuck your woman on a quality mattress - as opposed to some piece of shit where you can feel every spring! ;)
  • Ensure your room is Pitch Black and Cool (because light, and too much warmth, totally RUIN sleep quality)
  • Try sleeping ON YOUR OWN at least 3-4 nights a week (the benefit to both you and your partner - in terms of quality of sleep - can be AMAZING. You just have to get your head round the fact that it’s not considered ‘normal’ for a man and woman to sleep apart)

How to Instantly Become a Better Man - Strategy #2: Exercise Daily

“Lifting Heavy Weights makes A Man Look Like a MAN”

Once you’re sleeping OPTIMALLY - you should have much better ENERGY LEVELS.

And, once you Energy Levels improve - you’ll naturally want to use that Energy in some constructive ways!

One way being:


Our society is becoming more and more SEDENTARY. We don’t freakin’ move - unless it’s to pick up a TV Control, or Donut!

The result is plain to see…

A weak and pathetic Army of people who are out-of-shape, overweight, flaccid and lacking muscle tone or strength. With many muscular imbalances and postural deficiencies thrown in just to make the situation worse!

The result of all that being:

Pain. Bad Backs. Arthritis. Joint Problems. Neck Issues. And, of course… Pharmaceutical Companies rubbing their hands with glee because it’s yet another category of ‘health issues’ they can make DRUGS and devise SURGICAL PROCEDURES to ‘cure.’

A REAL MAN - an Alpha Male - doesn’t allow his body to slowly rot in this way.

He moves.

He exercises.

He doesn’t make up bullshit excuses about NOT having time to do so!

Make the freakin’ time - otherwise you’ll pay a HUGE price down the road!

What are my exercise recommendations?

Well, I have enough exercise recommendations to fill 25 books, and hundreds of hours of video (this is a HUGE PASSION of mine, and something I’ve ‘lived and breathed’ for nearly 20 years). For now though, I’ll just give you 3 really simple, really practical suggestions:

  • Take 10 minute walks throughout the day… I’ve been experimenting with this recently, and the effects are exceptional (including better digestion, better posture, and regular exposure to fresh air and sunlight). I take one walk after my morning workout, one after lunch and one after dinner. Pretty simple. Figure out where to put them into your routine (and don’t say: “I don’t have time.” Because, you do! So long as you’re in ‘Taking Personal Responsibility Mode’ and not VICTIM MODE - ‘You just don’t know how hard my life is Adam!’)
  • Do some Strength Training… Heavy Weights, Low Reps, Big Compound Exercises (like Squats, Deadlifts, Presses and Chin Ups). This type of exercise makes the body STRONGER, stimulates MUSCLE GROWTH, makes you look like a MAN (and makes women WET and horny when they see you naked!)
  • Avoid anything that causes you ‘Bad Pain’ (I’m  mostly referring to joint pain, and physical exhaustion. Both of which will do you in, and render you unable to exercise at all, if you ignore their WARNING SIGNS for too long. That said - if you do any exercise to a high level - some MUSCULAR PAIN, caused by a build of Lactic Acid, and great exertion, is unavoidable, and perfectly acceptable… you might call this: ‘Good Pain’ :)

How to Instantly Become a Better Man - Strategy #3: Eat Natural, Unprocessed Foods

“Choose What You Put in Your Mouth Carefully”

OK. So you’re sleeping well every night…

…and your exercising daily.


That truly puts you ahead of 99% of the other guys.

What’s next?

Well, now it’s time to take your MIND and BODY to a whole new level. By fueling them for excellence (as opposed to slowly poisoning yourself with poor food choices like most people do).

How do you ‘fuel yourself or excellence?’

  • You eat natural, unprocessed (or minimally processed) foods
  • You go Organic wherever you can (to maximize ‘Nutrition Per Calorie’ and minimize your exposure to harmful chemicals)
  • You eat a diet made up of REAL FOODS - like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, rice, oats, raw dairy and the best quality meat, poultry and fish you can get your hands on
  • You drink mostly water
  • You avoid things like junk food, fast food, microwave meals, soda, candy, cake, cheap eggs and meat (because they’re full of antibiotics, steroids and growth hormone)

Most men know this MAKES SENSE - but very few do it.

When you commit to eating like this day-in-day-out - everything improves:

Higher Energy Levels? YES

Better Digestion? YES

More Brain Power? YES

Better Sexual Function? YES

This list goes on.

You get the idea.

Eating badly won’t kill you today - but, make no mistake… eating badly leads to Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity and more ‘dis-ease,’ over time.

Eating badly is SLOW POISON.

An Alpha Male does not Poison himself on a daily basis!

Okay, he may still have a beer now and then. Or an ice cream when he takes his woman to the movies (though, the real fun of the movies is seeing how many times you can make your woman CUM without getting arrested! ;)

Just remember:

It’s what you do 90% of the time that counts. What you do 90% of the time is the difference between SUCCESS and FAILURE.

Meaning, if you want to be an exceptional MAN - if you want to fulfill your potential and live a meaningful and purposeful life - you must fuel your body and mind for excellence. And that means making smart food choices the vast majority of the time.

One final point on food:

The effects build up over time. Meaning you kinda feel better and better the more you eat well. Yet also meaning that it simply isn’t enough to eat well for a day, then eat badly for a week!

How to Instantly Become a Better Man - Strategy #4: Do Good Things for Other People, without Expecting Anything In Return!

“This is True! So Long As We’re Not Naive About Who We’re ‘Helping’ and Why We’re Doing It!”

The first 3 strategies I’ve shared with you today have been very much focused on Personal Mastery. They’ve been all about YOU…

Sleep, Exercise, Good Nutrition.

Let’s change our focus now, and talk more about your IMPACT on the World - on the people you come into contact with.

Here’s a suggestion for you…

Whenever you can - hopefully every day - do at least one GOOD THING for somebody else. Without expecting anything in return!

To do something good for somebody else, because you WANT something back in return, is not really a noble thing to do. It’s SELFISH. And very immature.

Yet, the truth is…

When you help others, without expecting anything in the return, the Universe/the Cosmos/God/Karma (however you want to look at it) - has a way of paying you back 10 or 100 or even 1000X over!

Put simply:

When you do GOOD in the World. Good comes back to you. is a perfect example in my own life. For instance, I write these blog posts to help men become better men - and I make an effort to respond to EVERYONE who leaves a comment after reading.

That’s me adding value to other men’s lives.

What do I get in return?

An income. A living.

And, a much better income than I’d get if I just did what most men did - and did a job I had no real interest in - or even HATED (something like 10-20% of men admit to HATING their job) - just to ‘pay the bills!’

Of course, running is much more complex, and mentally taxing, than many ‘jobs’ I could do if I didn’t want to exert myself. However, the rewards I get in return (in the form of feedback from the men I help, and financially, make it worth the effort!)

I think you get the idea…

Do GOOD. And it comes back to you. Period.

How to Instantly Become a Better Man - Strategy #5: Improve Your Sexual Skills

“Mastery of The Female Body and Mind is One Thing That Separates Alpha Males from ‘Nice Guys’”

Being AMAZING in the bedroom is perhaps the ULTIMATE expression of being an ‘Alpha Male.’

It’s certainly the thing that makes women most attracted to Alpha Males - as well as being the thing that ‘glues together’ a long-term relationship.

FACT: when the sex stops happening, or isn’t very good… resentment, frustration, anger and emotional upset will creep into the relationship. Slowly but surely.

Like anything else - it’s not good enough to give a woman great sex, and then think “you’re the Daddy”

You must keep working on your sexual skills - because there is no such thing as ‘maintenance.’ You’re either going FORWARDS or going BACKWARDS.

Question is:

“How can you constantly improve your Sexual Skills?”

Here are 3 ways:

  1. SHAMELESS SALES PITCH!… read and listen to everything I’ve ever written and recorded about the ‘women and sex.’ Highlights include: my blog posts, and my Special Reports, Ebooks and Audio Courses
  2. Read Romance Novels and Erotic Fiction (because these texts really tell you what women want in bed - because they are written for women! The 50 Shades of Grey book series is the fastest selling Trilogy of all time! And, women MASTURBATED over it, in their MILLIONS, because they couldn’t get it, for real, at home!)
  3. Pay close attention to your woman… to what she says, to her body language and to her facial expressions. It’ll tell you A LOT about what she wants (sadly, most men aren’t ‘TUNED IN’ to this at all - but an Alpha Male is. The benefit being that when you really pay attention to your woman - you start to know exactly what she wants IN THE BEDROOM, at any given moment… and that makes her feel incredibly connected to you, and very much willing to do WHATEVER you want!)

In Summary:

“Good Women Like Men Who Take Personal Responsibility. They Don’t Like Men Who Bitch, Moan and Act Like Victims!”
  • Taking Personal Responsibility and constantly trying to improve your life is very ALPHA behavior. It brings purpose and fulfillment to your life! :)
  • Blaming Others and Acting like a ‘Victim’ is the behavior of a LOSER
  • Optimize your Sleep, Exercise Daily, Eat Naturally, Help Others, and Constantly improve your Sexual Skills. Do those 5 simple things day-in-day-out, and 3-5 years from now you’ll be UNRECOGNIZABLE… a totally new man (and, you might even feel like a New Man in as little as 5-10 days, cuz those tiny daily improvements start to ‘add up’ fast! ;)

I hope you enjoyed the read!

Leave your comments and questions below.

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. If you’re struggling to be assertive and decisive… if you’re lacking the energy and motivation to take your life to the next level - chances are you could be suffering from Low Testosterone. If that’s the case, I recommend you read/listen to ‘Fix Your Low Testosterone’ - and take ‘Explode Your Testosterone.’

P.P.S. Leave your comments/questions below, and I’ll get back to you asap…

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