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Want Success? It’s Probably Gonna Cost You Some ‘Hard Work’

According to The Law - There’s a New ‘Hate Crime’… You Better Be Careful You Don’t Accidentally Violate It…

By Adam Armstrong

>> IMPORTANT NOTE: If you believe in the importance of ‘Freedom of Speech’ - I encourage you to read this blog post carefully… leave your thoughts/comments/questions at the end - and share it with anyone you think might benefit.

Let’s get into it…

I always had it in my head that a Hate Crime was basically when somebody - or a group of people - did something NASTY to another individual, or group of persons, because that individual or group of persons was a particular Nationality/Race/Religion/Type of person etc.

For instance - Hitler killed Jewish People, Disabled People, Gypsies and so on. And, he did it BECAUSE they were Jewish/Disabled/Gypsies etc. That, to me, seems like what a ‘HATE Crime’ is (and, obviously - the ‘Hitler Example’ is just about as despicable a Hate Crime as you could imagine).

You get my point, right?

Pretty obvious stuff.

However, it would appear I’m WRONG. Or, at least partially wrong.

Because, while no one is disagreeing that HURTING people based on their Nationality, Race or Religion is indeed a Hate Crime…

…it turns out that it is being written into Law that many other things now constitute to being a Hate Crime too.

For instance, Jordan Peterson - a Canadian University Professor who has recently been kicking up quite a storm taking about gender issues and political correctness - recently pointed out that, in Canada, it is now a HATE CRIME to say that:

Financially Successful People have earned their Money through Hard Work.’

Let me repeat that:

It is now a Hate Crime, under Canadian Law, to say that: Financially Successful People have earned their Money through Hard Work.

This is not good.

It’s really not good at all.

Here’s why:

They’re Censoring Your Right to Free Speech - and That Can End Up Taking Society to Some Very Bad Places Indeed…

Is Our Freedom of Speech Slowly Being Taken From Us?

If somebody asked me how I went from earning little more than MINIMUM WAGE in my early 20’s - to running a Multi-Million Dollar Business in my early 30’s…

…and I only had 30 seconds to explain how I made this Financial change in my life - I would not hesitate to say:

  • I found my true mission/purpose in life (helping men to become better men)
  • I worked very hard
  • I worked smarter than I did before

Obviously there is way more to it than that - but, like I said… that’s what I’d say if I only had 30 seconds to say it.


Those 3 things are essential if you want to achieve ANYTHING in this life - financial success or otherwise.

Want a better body?

It’s gonna cost you HARD WORK at the gym - and hard work in the form of discipline and structure with your Eating Habits.

Want a University Degree?

It’s gonna cost you HARD WORK in the form of Study.

Want to be very good at a sport, playing a musical instrument, or driving a car quickly round a race track?

It’s gonna cost you HARD WORK.

There’s no escaping that FACT.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the most important one of all:

Want to be a Master of Your Woman’s Sexual Pleasure?

It’s gonna cost you some HARD - and enjoyable - ‘work’ (couldn’t resist that one!)

And, Thank God - I’m well within my rights to legally say all that, here in England. But, not so in Canada - where it’s now a ‘Hate Crime.’

What’s SCARY is that the USA could very well adopt a similar law in the near future, as could my own country.

And, it’s scary because it’s taking away your FREEDOM of SPEECH - one of the very things that makes our Western, relatively Civilized Societies such good, and SAFE, places to live.

Let’s Get Clear on A Few Very Key Points…

Wanna make her MOAN and SCREAM your name? It’ll cost you some HARD ‘work’ ;)

First of all…

I am NOT saying that every Financially Successful Person works hard. Some people inherit money, or are simply born into it. And others do, unfortunately, get it through crime, extortion, and exploiting people.

I’ve met the kinda people who have money simply through inheritance or being born into it - and, if they just spend their days SPENDING the money they’ve inherited or been born into… they usually aren’t great people. They have no sense of the value of money, and are often extremely arrogant.

Second of all…

I’m well aware that many people work very HARD, and are good, honest, decent people - yet they aren’t rewarded with much money in return for their efforts.

Heck, I can think of many jobs that certainly require HARD WORK - that are also very POORLY PAID.

However, that doesn’t change the FACT that ‘Hard Work’ is certainly an essential part of Financial Success (unless you happen to simply inherit money, or are born into it. But, then I’m not sure that should be called ‘Financial Success’ - it’s more like ‘Financial Good Fortune’)

And really, this explains why I think it’s Hard Work + Smart Work that is necessary for Financial Success. Hard Work alone isn’t often enough. You gotta be really SMART about it too.

Third of all - and most important of all…

Let’s take a minute to try and figure out WHY Canada would make it a ‘Hate Crime’ to say that Financially Successful People got their through ‘HARD WORK’…

Well, it’s another example of Political Correctness gone mad.

“Oh no! You can’t say ‘Hard Work’ is what made Successful people that way, because you’ll OFFEND too many people.”

And, as a result of this Political Correctness gone mad - it’s another way the system will take away our Freedom of Speech…

…which is a really BAD thing for MEN.

Because, part of being a man is standing up and telling the truth… speaking your mind about what’s important to you… and not being afraid of what you believe in.

And, make no mistake…

These radically left, politically correct ideas are really taking hold in our society. For instance:

Most university professors think like this (and our Brainwashing our young people with the same radically left thoughts)…

Many Politicians think like this too…

As do many of the World’s largest companies - whose websites people use daily: Facebook and YouTube being prime examples (Facebook don’t like anything that’s not ‘Politically Correct’ - and YouTube are slowly but surely no longer allowing ads to be placed on videos that aren’t ‘Politically Correct’)

Ask yourself where this is going?

Ask yourself what this could end up like in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years from now?

Ask yourself if this is the kind of World we want to live in - and want our kids, grandkids and great grand kids to live in?

We need to make a stand against this bullshit, before it becomes so widespread that it cannot be stopped.

Action Steps:

  • Leave your feedback/comments/questions below
  • Share this blog post with any intelligent, sane person who you think might benefit from it

Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. I’m writing this blog post at 5 minutes past mid-night - and I’ve been up since 5:50 am. I think that falls under the bracket of ‘Hard Work.’

And, I’m pretty sure it’s only the HARD WORK most people aren’t willing to do - that leads to Success (financial or otherwise)

P.P.S. If you have doubts about what creates SUCCESS - consider this: it’s been PROVEN that the 2 best indicators of Success are your IQ and your Industriousness (‘Industriousness’ being a fancy way of saying: how productive you are). And, while your IQ is largely a genetic thing… you have total control over how productive you choose to be!

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