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“Science is Showing a Direct Link Between Oral Health and Erection Problems such as ‘Erectile Dysfunction’”

By Adam Armstrong

It might sound strange, but the latest Scientific Research appears to be showing a DIRECT LINK between Poor Oral Health, and Erectile Dysfunction.

This means that if you already have problems ‘Getting It Up’ - your Oral Health could be to blame. Or, at least partly to blame.


If you currently don’t have any ‘Erection Problems’ - but you know your Oral Health isn’t as good as it could be…

You might wanna do something about that! And do it fast (before you’re in the awkward, embarrassing and downright humiliating position of being in bed with a HOT woman - unable to summon a boner).

Let’s check out some proof of what I’m saying…

Over on, I found an article that begins by saying:

“Erectile Dysfunction is more common in men with gum disease, according to a new review of existing studies.”

The article goes on to state that…

“…clinicians should be aware of the potential role played by Periodontitis Disease (Gum Disease) in the development of Erectile Dysfunction.”

In another article, on, it states that:

“…researchers from Turkey investigated the relationship between Periodontitis (Gum Disease) and Erectile Dysfunction for men in their 30’s. In their study, 53% of the who had ED, also had Chronic Periodontitis.”


“In the comparison group of men who didn’t have ED, only 21% had gum disease.”

Now, I could go on, and on, and on - quoting snippets from Scientific Research.

However, I think you get the point - there definitely appears to be a relationship between Gum Disease and ED.

And, if your cock - and being able to GET HARD - isn’t enough to make you TAKE ACTION and keep your Gums Healthy, consider this

If Gum Disease gets BAD enough - you’ll likely start LOSING TEETH.

At that point, even if you were born blessed with a face like George Clooney - ‘Getting Laid’ might start to prove tricky. Cuz this doesn’t sound, to me at least, like a ‘Chat Up Line’ any woman is gonna go for:

“Fancy dinner tonight? I’ve only got half my teeth left, my gums bleed all the time, and my dick is as limp as a Noodle. That aside - I’m quite a catch my Dear”

All joking aside, let’s get into the Good Stuff:

How To Keep Your Gums Healthy - and Avoid a Common Cause of Erectile Dysfunction:

Hopefully, by now, you’ve ‘got’ the main point of this article:

That there appears to be a direct link between lousy Oral Health (particularly Gum Health) - and problems ‘Getting a HARD-ON.’

That thought in mind, here are:

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy:

1. Ensure Adequate Intake of Vitamin C

“Vitamin C is Essential for Gum Health”

Vitamin C is the most important Nutrient for the health of your Gums.

You can get plenty of Vitamin C from whole foods - including Citrus Fruits.

I like to add Camu Camu Berry to my smoothies to boost my Vitamin C intake. Camu Camu Berry is a powerful SuperFood - loaded with Nutrients…

Particularly Vitamin C.

I usually do 1/2 to 1 teaspoon in a smoothie.

Tastes fine too.

You’ll actually notice Vitamin C is a key ingredient in my Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition Smoothie.

2. Rinse Your Mouth After Every Meal

“Could High Quality Salt be One of The Keys to a Healthy Mouth, and Quality Erections?”

I really feel like this is one the most important parts of keeping your mouth healthy. After every meal - violently swish WATER round your mouth for 30 seconds.

You’ll be amazed at what comes out when you spit the water out - and how CLEAN your mouth feels afterwards.

Better still - swish after every meal. AND, swish first thing in the morning too (before you clean your teeth). AND, do it again, last thing at night.

Even better still…

Swish your mouth out with WARM SALTWATER. You see, it’s been proven that warm saltwater kills many harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Just be sure to use a high quality, unprocessed salt - as opposed to cheap, refined Table Salt. For the record - I like Pink Himalayan Salt, or our Premium Portuguese Sea Salt.

3. Do Some Oil Pulling

“Another Little-Known, Yet Highly Effective ‘Oral Health Trick’ Involves Coconut Oil…”

Oil Pulling is an awesome way to not only help keep your gums pink and healthy - but also to pull TOXINS out of your body.

To do it, take 1 teaspoon of unrefined, preferably ORGANIC, Coconut Oil or Olive Oil.

Put it in your mouth, and swish it round.

Try and do 3-4 minutes as a minimum.

Though, you can do 15-20 minutes if you like. And, if your Gum Health is questionable - I’d recommend doing 15-20 minutes, every day.

Afterwards, swish with warm saltwater, scrape your tongue, clean your teeth, and prepare for mouth to feel very clean, and very fresh!

Of course, the other thing you need to do to keep your Gums - and Teeth - healthy (while also improving your Erection Quality), is to eat a Natural, Unprocessed Diet.

If you eat processed food all day long, with loads of added Sugar, Trans Fats, Artificial Sweeteners and Flavorings, and God knows what else…

Your Gum Health will suffer.

Your Teeth will suffer.

Your Cock will suffer.

Heck, your entire Health, Vitality and Well-Being will suffer.

I’m not saying the odd beer, slice of Pizza, bowl of ice cream, or bar of chocolate is a Health Disaster. But, those things need to be ‘the exception,’ not the norm.

90% of the time - eat a natural, unprocessed diet. Do that, and good Oral Health, and a strong, hard cock, should be yours!

Of course, if you really want to MAXIMIZE your ‘Erection Power’ - you should be drinking my Huge Load Formula Smoothie, and Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula, on a regular (daily) basis.

Got questions?

Wanna leave a comment?

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Thanks for reading, and I’ll take to you soon.

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

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