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“Happy Families - Something Radical Feminists DO NOT Help to Create!”

Radical Feminists Have Ruined The Lives of Millions of Men AND Women - Here’s How… Plus, Something That’s Even Worse Than ‘a Radical Feminist’…

By Adam Armstrong

Lemme start by saying that I think one particular version of Feminism is GREAT. The version where men and women are treated as equals, with equal rights (while also keeping in mind that men are women are not the same. They are, in fact, very different - and not just because of the ‘cock’ and ‘pussy’ thing… though that is a BIG difference!)

Trouble is…

I don’t see many Feminists these days talking about THAT kind of feminism…

And, so far as I can tell - in Western, Democratic Societies (the societies Radical Feminists keep telling us are so WRONG and EVIL - because they are run by men) - women already pretty much have those things!

As an example:

Here in England - if a man and a woman do the same job, they’ll get the same hourly rate of pay. In nearly all cases. Period.

So, what exactly are today’s Radical Feminists fighting for?

Well, aside from the fact that they nearly all of them appear to be FAT, UGLY and in possession of a completely irrational HATRED of men (think about it… if men disappeared today, the Human Race would die out in about 100 years!), here is what Radical Feminists seem to be pushing:

  • For young women to stop thinking about the major thing Evolution and Genetics have programmed them to think about - meaning: having FAMILY and CHILDREN


  • To push their way into ‘the man’s world’ - pursuing careers, and stating businesses

Now hear me out…

If a woman wants to pursue a career - or start a business - I think that’s great. However, she, and the Radical Feminists, must keep in mind…

How Women, Men and Families are Being Ruined by This Confused Thinking…

“Do Women Who Sacrifice Having a Family, for Work, End Up Happy?”

Here’s what happens to many women who buy into the idea that they should pursue a career, or start a business, after they finish education (at the expense of having children)…

They hit 30 and they go NUTS.

In many cases they have what you might describe as a ‘Mental Breakdown’…

Or, ‘A Premature Mid-Life Crisis’…

You see, when a man hits 30 and he has no stable relationship with a woman - and no kids - most of the time it isn’t a big deal.


Because a man can settle down later in life, and father kids well into his 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

However, that’s simply not the case for most women!

Modern Western Medicine has all the statistics to show that when most women conceive in their late 30’s, the chances of having a SUCCESSFUL pregnancy, with a totally HEALTHY child at the end of it…

…are dramatically REDUCED!

The case is clear, scientifically

It’s better for women to do all their ‘child-bearing’ by about their mid-30’s. After that, the likelihood of COMPLICATIONS goes up A LOT.

So you have this woman - whose been encouraged to live more like a MAN (being freer with her sexual exploits, not settling down in a relationship, in ownership of a business or career)…

However, there are 2 big problems:

Firstly, the lack of MAN in her life… the fact that she doesn’t know when, or with whom, she’s going to have kids - starts to make her PANIC. It causes her STRESS, ANXIETY and MISERY (and, as I said earlier… this happens for many women around 30 years of age, if not sooner).

Secondly, the career or business that the woman has pursued so vigorously - and SACRIFICED so much for - often doesn’t live up to what she hoped it would be. It’s not as fulfilling as she wanted. She’s not as ‘high up the ladder’ as she desired to be (or, her business isn’t making as much MONEY, and reaching as many people, as she’d have liked).

Who has pushed MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of young women into this kind of lifestyle?

Radical Feminists.

It’s a false-dream, being endured by many.

And, it’s not just WOMEN who the Radical Feminists have done a dis-service to. It’s MEN too.

How so?

By taking ‘off the Dating Market’ - millions of young women who would have otherwise gladly have settled down with a good man, much earlier in life!

A part of me genuinely believes that Radical Feminists push these sort of Family-Destroying ideas because they themselves are so UGLY - both on the inside and the outside - that they know no decent man would ever want to have sex, and procreate, with them!

So, if they can’t have that most basic primal desire…

Fuck it!

No other woman shall have it either!

Ugly creatures aren’t they, these Radical Feminists?

And, to prove I’m right - consider this:

The amount of women identifying not only as ‘Radical Feminists’ - but ‘Feminists’ in general - is DECLINING RAPIDLY. At one point in time around 30% of US Women were believed to call themselves ‘Feminists.’

Now it’s 18%.

With only 1% (thank God) calling themselves a ‘Radical.’

And yet…

If You Thought Radical Feminists Were Ugly - There’s Something Much Worse…

“Is This How Radical Feminists Think Women Should Treat Men?”

Can you guess what it is?

You can’t?

In that case, I shall have to tell you…

The creature that is worse than the Radical Feminist, is the:

Male Feminist!

What a confused individual this is (or, a very sinister one - as I’ll explain shortly).

As you read on:

Keep in mind that, at Feminism’s Root - it’s most extreme individuals, the ‘Radicals’ - really do appear to HATE MEN.

Given that’s the case…

How could any self-respecting MAN side with such a group!

The answer is, of course:

“He couldn’t.”

These Male Feminists - who are becoming more and more prevalent - have no SELF-RESPECT. Zero.

They go round talking about ‘Masculine Toxicity’ - buying into the idea that men are to blame for everything (even though, in the West, we’ve never - in our entire History - had it so GOOD. Think about that for a second!)…

What self-respecting MAN would do that?

Not a single one.

The Male Feminists are the exact opposite of ‘Alpha Males.’

They are the exact opposite of what Elwin and I are teaching men to be, here on (and good women - who are attractive, slim, intelligent, confident and in possession of high self-esteem - LOVE what Elwin and I have to say. Because they realize that the more good men there are in this World, the happier they (women) will be!)

Male Feminists are weak.

They are confused.

They are in support of some very TOXIC individuals (Radical Feminists).

However, there is a certain number of Male Feminists who are even worse than simply being weak, confused men…

Here’s what I’m talking about…

All ATTRACTION, between men and women is based on STATUS.

A man’s Status is acquired in many ways - including everything from his height to his looks… his physique to his dick size… his income and wealth… his social skills… his integrity and character, and more.

The more of these attributes a man has - the more Status he has. And, the more DOMINANT a man he is.

As a result…

The more MATING OPTIONS he has. Translation: the more women he has who want to suck his dick, have him fuck them senseless, and have his babies!

The Alpha Male has Status. He is dominant.

Male Feminists have no Status with good women. They know they cannot compete with Alpha Males!

So, what do they do?

Well, this’ll make you LAUGH - and want to VOMIT into your shoe, in equal measure…

They side with the Feminists. Hoping to pick up enough ‘Brownie Points’ - and do enough brown-nosing - to get to the point where one of the Feminists will ‘Pity Fuck’ them into the middle of next week.

There’s so much WRONG with these guys, these Male Feminists, I don’t know where to start!

So I’ll just make 2 key points:

Firstly, some of these guys deserve some sympathy. I mean, don’t they get it? Many of these women HATE men. So, the women will gladly accept the ‘support’ in the WAR against MEN! But they ain’t ever going to bounce up and down on there weak, flaccid dicks.

Secondly, some of these so-called Male Feminists actually HATE women! How so? Well, in recent months quite a few high-profile Male Feminists have been accused of ABUSING women.

“YES” - that’s right…

Male Feminists have been accused of groping, molesting, and RAPING women.

I guess they’re living life in-line with the old saying:

“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”

Pretty sick eh?

Personally, I think the Western World would be a better place right now, if Radical Feminists and Male Feminists strongly reconsidered their views…

And embraced the differences between men and women, while acknowledging that, for most women - children and family are #1.

What do you think?

Leave your comments/questions below - and I’ll get back to you…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. I’d bet big bucks that most Male Feminists have REALLY LOW TESTOSTERONE. Because low testosterone is one of the things that stops a man from behaving like a man (making him more emotional, less confident, less assertive, and less decisive).

To avoid a similar fate… you can boost your testosterone using THIS.

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