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“Nothing Less Than Great Sex Will Do This Valentine’s Day!”

Forget About Calorific Chocolates, Flowers that Wilt and Drop Dead within 24 Hours of You Buying Them… and Fancy ‘Dinner Dates’ that Cost A Small Fortune. What Your Woman Really Wants This Valentine’s Day, is: INCREDIBLE SEX! Here’s How it’s Done…

By Adam Armstrong

Look. There’s nothing wrong with Chocolates, Flowers and a good old ‘Dinner Date.’ In fact, I’ll probably indulge my fiancée with those exact same things (plus some appropriately skimpy underwear) this Valentine’s Day!


What I want you to understand is this:

Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for ROMANCE.

And, Romance is kinda like a ‘socially acceptable’ way to be SEXUAL in public.

No, I’m not suggesting you bang your woman in front of an audience (though, that’d likely be a HUGE ‘Turn On’ for way more women than most men realize!).

But, what I am saying is…

If you take your woman out on a date. And you hold hands, kiss, cuddle and generally be intimate together…

And then you BANG HER BRAINS OUT at the end of the night… leaving her lying - shaking uncontrollably - in a pile of her own Pussy Juices…

THAT’s what she really wants!

And, in this blog post - I’m going to talk to you about exactly HOW you make that kinda mind-blowing, toe-curling sex a reality for your woman!

Read on carefully…

How To Be ‘The Man’ In The Bedroom…

“She Can Only Worship You In The Bedroom if You Are Dominant!”

Forget what the Radical Feminists want you to believe. That “men and women are equal.”


They are NOT!

And, nowhere are men and women less equal than in the bedroom.

In simple terms:

  • The POWER is all in the man’s hands (and, if it’s not - the sex is LAME)
  • The PLEASURE is stacked massively in the woman’s favor (sure, you - as a man - can experience multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms, and plaster your woman with a HUGE LOAD at the end… but, women can experience virtually UNLIMITED pleasure - when they’re in the hands of a skilled lover!)

    Oh how feminists will HATE my every word! ;)

    But. Make no mistake…

    What I’m saying is the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth! (Naturally, Radical Feminists wouldn’t know this to be the truth, because they’ve never been to bed with a GREAT LOVER! Why would a great lover want anything to do with a Radical Feminist?)

    Now, what I need you to ‘get’ first, is this:

    The POWER is all in your hands in the bedroom - because you, as a man, are designed to be SEXUALLY DOMINANT.

    Good women want their men to be sexually dominant. Because they are SEXUALLY SUBMISSIVE.

    This means:

    • The man’s job is to Take Control and Lead his woman
    • The woman’s job is to follow her man’s lead (which she will GLADLY do, so long as the man is dominant)


      • The more dominant you are, the more submissive your woman can be
      • The more submissive your woman is, the more she’ll ‘give in’ to your dominant masculine power - and the more ORGASMS she’ll experience!
      • The more orgasms she experiences, because of your words and actions, the more addicted she’ll become to you

      Simple, yet very powerful stuff, eh?

      And yet… 

      Most men are CLUELESS to how this works! And, as a result - most women have never experienced it (explaining why so many women are sexually frustrated. FACT: 30% of women have never had a single orgasm. And, that’s not because they can’t. No, it’s because so many men are USELESS in bed!)


      “How Do You ‘Take Control’ and Lead Your Woman In The Bedroom?”

      “When You Take Control and Lead In The Bedroom - Your Woman Will Gladly Follow!”

      For starters…

      You DO NOT ask for sex.

      You instigate it!

      You take her by the hand and lead her to bedroom.

      You put her over your shoulder and carry her to the bedroom!

      You ORDER her to get on her hands and needs, stick her arse in the air (for your viewing PLEASURE), and then make her CRAWL to the bedroom!!!


      However you choose to do it - you instigate the sex. You are 100% IN CONTROL.

      Once the sex begins, you DO NOT ask lame questions like:

      “Are you enjoying this baby?” (if you have to ask… she isn’t)


      “Did I make you cum?” (if you have to ask… she didn’t)

      You act like a MAN!

      Want her to take her knickers off and show you her arsehole?


      “Baby, take your fucking knickers off. Then get on all fours and show me your fucking arsehole.”

      Want her to get on her knees and suck your cock?


      “Baby, get on your knees, where you belong. Now open your slutty mouth and worship my cock”

      Want her to CUM very hard?

      Just tell her!

      When she’s very wet, and very horny - and right on the edge of ORGASM, say:

      “Baby, cum now. Cum very hard for me. Do as you’re told and cum right fucking now!”

      Of course, so long as she RESPECTS you, she’ll do exactly as she’s told. And she’ll love every second of it! (Especially if you have the balls to be as crude and in-your-face with your dirty talk as I was in the examples above!)

      More examples of what to do and say in the bedroom:

      “Baby, your pussy is so fucking wet for me. I’m gonna stretch you wide open with my big cock”

      “Baby, you love it when I fuck you nice and deep”

      “Baby, open your fucking legs for me, and show me your dripping wet hole”

      Got it?


      Be DOMINANT.

      Use A LOT of dirty talk.

      Women love this!

      Be Creative and Make It Naughty…

      “Women Love Naughty Sex: So Don’t Forget to Grab Her Hair and Spank Her While You Do Her from Behind!”

      Most men are about as creative as a brick wall!

      That’s why they do the same old boring crap in the bedroom, every time. And, that’s why the women get BORED sooner or later.

      Cuz they know what’s gonna happen before it happens!

      He’s gonna lick her clit for 20 minutes - crossing his fingers that he ‘gets her off.’ Then he’s gonna apologetically fuck her, like a Rabbit, for 5 minutes if he really ‘puts in a performance’ that day…

      …before spunking his little load, farting, rolling over and falling asleep. Snoring his head off for the next 8 hours.

      And guys wonder why women lose interest in sex!!!


      Do the opposite of this stuff that average men do!

      Fuck your woman like an Alpha!

      Be CREATIVE.

      And, make it NAUGHTY.

      Here Are 10 Ways to Be Sexually Creative:

      • Fuck her in rooms other than the bedroom!
      • Fuck her outside
      • Fuck her in a hotel
      • Fuck her somewhere you might get caught!
      • Use Role Play
      • Use new sex positions
      • Use new dirty talk phrases
      • Photograph yourselves
      • Film yourselves
      • Get other people involved!

      With a little thought and imagination you can make the sex different every time. And, that’ll keep it interesting forever. Even if you fuck your woman 10,000 times or more!

      Here Are 10 Ways to Make The Sex Naughty:

      • Use dirty talk. A LOT of dirty talk
      • Tie her up (Zip Ties are my personal preference for doing this!)
      • Blindfold her
      • Play with her ass
      • Lick her ass
      • Fuck her ass!
      • Fuck her with the lights on! (so you can see everything)
      • Make her WORSHIP your cock
      • Spunk all over her face/tits/ass/pussy
      • Spunk in her mouth 
        OK.  I could keep going with that list all day. But, I don’t wanna do all the work for you! ;)

          You get the point…

          Women LOVE naughty sex (they just generally don’t go round shouting about it, or asking for it(!) - because they don’t want to get labelled as ‘sluts.’ However, they’ll only too eagerly go along with it, and enjoy every second of it, when we men make it happen!)

          Finally. And, most importantly…

          Give Her Multiple Orgasms During Intercourse…

          “The More You Make Her Orgasm - The More Addicted She’ll Be To You!”

          This is what separates the men from the boys.

          Sure, giving your woman multiple orgasms with your fingers is GREAT.

          And, you can give your woman orgasms in countless ‘advanced ways’ - such as via nipple, lip or ear stimulation, via anal penetration, by spanking her, or even my TALKING her into orgasm…

          However, the ‘bear minimum’ you must do, to make your woman 100% addicted to you in the bedroom (and to ‘cheat-proof’ your relationship) - is to give her MULTIPLE ORGASMS DURING INTERCOURSE.

          Do that and all questions about your looks, physical appearance, and ‘size’ go out the window!

          They become irrelevant!

          Women don’t want to have to rub their clitoris to ‘get off’ when you have your cock inside them.

          They want you to OWN their pussy’s and make them CUM over and over again. And, they want you to make them CUM by fucking them HARD and DEEP…

          …with A TON of dirty talk thrown in as you’re doing it.

          In fact, that right there is the secret my friend…

          Get her Hot, Wet and Horny…

          Get your dick hard…


          That’s the magic.

          That is what’s required to give your woman Multiple Orgasms During Intercourse every single time. And, this Valentine’s Day (and every other day from this day forwards) that’s precisely what she wants!

          To learn more about giving women Multiple Orgasms - including a step-by-step ‘can’t-fail’ strategy - grab a copy of my Sex Position Mastery Program. Click here to learn more

          Got Questions or Comments?

          Leave ‘em below, and I’ll get back to you asap!

          Have a great day,

          Adam Armstrong

          P.S. Want to MASTER the art of giving your woman Multiple Orgasm During Intercourse?

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