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If You Consider Yourself A ‘Real Man’ - You Better Get Your Sick Bucket Ready - Because You’re About To Feast Your Eyes On: ‘The Genderbread Person!’

By Adam Armstrong

Friendly WARNING: this is easily the most controversial blog post I’ve ever written. And, easily the most important.

Read Carefully:

I was recently listening to a fantastic podcast with Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson - all about the leftie/socialist movement that is sweeping not only across America (but, here in The United Kingdom and Mainland Europe too).

I’m here to suggest to you, that if you want to achieve your POTENTIAL as a MAN…

If you want to be the kind of man that women WANT

If you want to be INCREDIBLE in the bedroom…

You simply CANNOT be Brainwashed by the ideas these Social Justice Warriors are spreading. Because, at best - many of the ideas are weird (and at worst - they could completely SCREW UP our society… and, many people would argue they already have).

On the podcast I referred to above - Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson talked about something called:

‘The Genderbread Person’

Now, before you look at the image of ‘The Genderbread Person’ (which I’ve included just below) - I advise you to have your SICK BUCKET ready…

Cuz, if you’re a Red-Blooded Male (or, a woman who likes REAL MEN) - it’s gonna make you wanna PUKE!…

Here it is:

Before I talk about ‘The Genderbread Person’ - lemme remind you of some of the most basic TRUTHS I teach about ‘Men and Women’…

First off, if you have a COCK - you’re a MAN!

Secondly, if you have a PUSSY - you’re a WOMAN!

Now, you might say I’m wasting your time by reminding you of such OBVIOUS FACTS.


There are Socialist University Professors out there, pushing to make it ILLEGAL - Yes, really… illegal - to say that there is a biological difference between men and women…

These guys (and gals) argue that gender is simply a choice.

Meaning that if you decide to call yourself a WOMAN - even though you have a penis - society must also call you a woman. And vice versa.

Crazy, huh?


Let’s remind ourselves how the World works when REAL MEN interact with GOOD WOMEN:

  • The most dominant men in society - the ones with the most STATUS - are the men who are most ATTRACTIVE to women. These guys have the most ‘Mating Potential.’ They have the most women interested in having their babies!
  • Dominant men (note I said DOMINANT - not DOMINEERING or BULLING… there is a HUGE difference) understand, and relish the fact, that it is the male role to Take Control and Lead women
  • Good Women - often the most intelligent, confident women, with the most responsibility in their ‘day-to-day’ lives - welcome the leadership of a Dominant Man. Women want to follow the lead of a dominant man. In fact, they need it (more on this ‘need’ in a couple minutes)
  • Today, there is a huge group of women who are struggling to find a Dominant Man (often having to choose between a ‘Bad Boy’ who treats her like shit, but is fun, and good in bed… or a ‘Nice Guy’ who treats her like a ‘Princess,’ but it also a boring ‘suck up’ who agrees with everything she says and bores her to death).

This whole Genderbread Person nonsense - that’s making gender a very GREY, wishy-washy area, could lead to a whole generation who are completely confused about the true role of men and women.

I mean, just look at ‘The Genderbread Man.’ (see image above)

From the way it’s drawn - I’d have to say it’s being aimed at young kids. Kids of, say, 10 and under.

Now, I don’t know about you - but I don’t fancy my kids having this BULLSHIT rammed down their throats at school!

I want my boy to be taught how to be a GOOD MAN.

And, I want my daughter to taught how to be a GOOD WOMAN.

Simple as that.

I do not want them confused, and brainwashed by this kind of crap.

Because, that’s what it is…

Complete and utter crap.

How Men Can Completely Transform Women, In An Empowering Way (and Why It Doesn’t Work The Other Way Round!)

What I’m about to talk about next is extremely controversial. And yet, if you really think about it - you’ll know what I’m saying is the truth, the whole truth…

…and nothing but the freakin’ truth.

And, you’ll know it applies to ALL emotionally healthy women (even if their energies are currently a little ‘out of balance’ - and even if they’ve gotten all sucked into being a ‘Feminist’)

So, here’s how it works…

Let’s start with the easy bit:

In The Bedroom

“If Your Woman Ever Has YOU Tied Up Like This In The Bedroom - Something Is WRONG!”

This is real straightforward (yet, 99% of men fail to do it).

You - the MAN - take the lead.

You assume CONTROL of the situation.

You’re ‘in charge.’

Why do you take the lead, assume control of the situation - and why are you ‘in charge?’

Because you are The Fucking MAN.

And, men are supposed to be Sexually Dominant.

Of course, the reason why men need to be sexually dominant is because women are naturally - by nature - Sexually Submissive.

If you wait for a woman to INSTIGATE sex - most of the time she will not do it. Because instigating is a DOMINANT action. It’s the man’s role.

If you expect a woman to fuck you in the bedroom - most of the time she will not do it. Because ‘fucking someone’ is a DOMINANT action. Meaning - she wants YOU to fuck her. Not the other way round!

If you wait for your woman to have an ORGASM - you’ll likely wait a long time!


Because a woman needs a man to guide her to orgasm. To LEAD HER there.

Sure, she might be able to ‘get off’ by rubbing her clit. Or, by grinding her clit against you during intercourse.

But, that’s LAME sex.

If you want to have wild, SCREAMING. multi-orgasmic sex with your woman - where you give her vaginal orgasms, squirting orgasms, anal orgasms, nipple orgasms, and orgasms in 25 other ways…

You had better MAN UP and LEAD HER.

Cuz she can’t make any of that happen on her own!

You getting this?

A man’s role is to be DOMINANT in the bedroom.

When you ‘Man Up’ and lead your woman - she WILL follow. It’s what she’s designed to do.

And, when you lead her in the bedroom - giving her PLEASURE becomes so EASY. Here’s how it works:

  • The more dominant you are, the more submissive your woman has to be
  • The more sexually submissive she is - the more she will ORGASM

Of course:

  • The more she orgasms, the higher her sex-drive will be
  • The more she orgasms, the more she’ll want to be adventurous, experimental and naughty for you


The more she orgasms, the better your sex-life will be. Period.

It DOESN’T work the other way round!

I repeat:

It DOESN”T work the other way round!

One more time:

It really doesn’t fucking work the other way round!

If you expect your woman to lead you in the bedroom - it’ll be awkward. You’ll feel like a loser. (And, dare I say it… she’ll see you as a loser. Sexually at least).

She won’t enjoy it. And, she won’t cum very much.

Is that what you want?

Of course not.

But, it might just be what whoever came up with ‘The Genderbread Person’ wants!!!

To re-cap:

In the bedroom the man leads. His woman gladly follows.

The more he leads (the more dominant he is), the more pleasure she has.

And, the more pleasure she has - the more she wants to please her man, and the more SEX the couple will have.

Sounds PERFECT, right?

And, it is.

It’s what NATURE intended. It’s how it programmed men and women…

>> Men = physically strong and powerful. Designed to take control and lead. Sexually dominant.

>> Women = Designed to ‘be taken.’ Sexually Submissive. Want to follow the lead of a dominant man.

Which is better - man or woman?


Trick question.

The answer to “Which is better - man or woman?” - is, of course:


They’re just different.

And, we must respect these differences if we want to have GREAT SEX, happy and fulfilling relationships, and - on a broader scale - a world that actually works!!!

Let’s move on and talk about how things work:

Outside of the Bedroom:

“Women a Man Acts Like a Pussy - His Woman Will Likely Be Moody, Bitchy, Argumentative and Worse… ”

My observations of most people’s relationships these days are NOT particularly good.

I see a lot of WEAK guys who don’t stand up to their women. Guys who allow their women to ‘call all the shots.’

As an example - I personally know of 2 men whose women ‘control their diaries.’

These guys basically go to work, bust their asses, and earn the money…

And then, the rest of the time - they get their TIME planned for them, by their women. They don’t really have a say in what they do.



So, you have these weak men, who are mostly all ‘pushovers’ - being told what to do by their women.

Then, you have the women.

Holy shit.

I LOVE women.

But. And, there is a huge ‘but’…

These days, a lot of women are just bloody AWFUL!!!

They’re moody, they’re bitchy, they’re bossy, they’re controlling, they’re argumentative.

And yet, for the most part…

I don’t blame ‘em for being this way!

They are acting this way, in my opinion, because we men are not - for the most part - acting like MEN!

You see, when the men lead, the women follow (not only in the bedroom, but outside the bedroom too).

In contrast, when the men FAIL to take the lead - the women have to take over. And, it’s not pretty when they do - because they aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do (which is, of course - to follow the lead of a dominant male).

So, instead of labeling women in NEGATIVE ways because of the kinds of behavior we are currently seeing in huge portions of the female population (wild mood swings, bitchiness, bossiness, being argumentative and so on)…

All we have to do is MAN UP - and our women’s behavior will be all we want it to be! :)

Lemme get vulnerable for a second and show you what I mean:

The Time I ‘Forgot’ to Act Like a Man - and How My Relationship Went to Shit!

“Yup, No One Is Perfect - Including Me. Read On to Discover How I ‘Fucked’ My Relationship Up, and Then Fixed It… ”

I have had ‘my act together’ in the bedroom for YEARS.

I’ve been dominant…

I’ve led women…

I’ve talked dirty…

I’ve figured out countless ways to make women CUM… I’ve personally given women THOUSANDS of ORGASMS…

And, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching other men how to enjoy similar results!

And yet…

A couple years back I forgot how to be a MAN outside of the bedroom.

Here’s what happened:

My fiancee and I had our first child. And that was amazing. Changed my life forever - and taught me the meaning of true, unconditional love.

Also made me realize that I would happily KILL - or DIE - for another human being (my daughter, and now also, my son).

However, bringing a new life into the world wasn’t without challenges - because, all of a sudden, you have a whole new layer of responsibility in your life. Essentially, taking care of a child who cannot do a single thing for itself.

And, all of a sudden - I found myself facing some problems, trying to juggle all the things I did BEFORE our daughter was born, while also trying to be the best father, and partner I could be.

I’ll give you examples of how my behavior wasn’t DOMINANT outside of the bedroom once my daughter was born:

  • When I wanted to go practice my golf swing at the range, I’d sheepishly say to my fiancee: “Do you mind if I go out tonight to the range?”
  • When I wanted to go to the gym, I’d say: “Is it ok if I go to the gym at [xyz time]. I promise I’ll only be gone an hour?”
  • When I wanted to see a friend, I was similarly non-dominant, and very apologetic about it

I was acting as if me still having a life was something to ‘say sorry’ for!

And, honestly…

This behavior temporarily RUINED my relationship with my fiancee.

Luckily, the only thing that probably saved us was the fact that we carried on having GREAT SEX - and I remained DOMINANT in the bedroom.

Outside of the bedroom, I felt like I was treading on eggshells…

I felt like she might explode at any given moment.

I kept wondering why she’d changed.

I couldn’t see my own behavior was largely to BLAME!!!

I couldn’t see that me - Adam fucking Armstrong - had momentarily become a PUSSY outside of the bedroom!


Eventually, I came to my senses.

I began to see how I was behaving outside of the bedroom. I started to realize that I was expecting my fiancee to ‘call the shots.’ I was expecting her to be ‘in control.’


My actions were throwing her feminine energy all out of whack - while reducing me to a shadow of my former dominant self.

Here’s How I Fixed The Situation…

“When STRONG Men Lead, Good Women Follow - it’s Just The Way It Works!”

One day I was in a business meeting.

I’d originally told my fiancee I’d be home for 5pm.

However, the meeting was running late.

It was 4.45pm, we still weren’t finished, and I knew that in rush-hour traffic - I’d be lucky to be home for 6pm, let alone 5pm.

I started feeling STRESSED.

I started worrying about how she’d react. I couldn’t face another argument, more shouting, and another 3 days of ‘Silent Treatment.’

I began writing some BULLSHIT text message. Apologizing for being LATE, telling her how I’d make it up to her and so on.

And, then I stopped.

I just fucking STOPPED.

Because, a moment of total clarity had hit me.

I reminded myself of who I was - and how THOUSANDS of men rely on me for advice on how to be a better MAN!

I asked myself:

“Why are you not acting like a MAN?”

And, then it hit me. Like a fucking Japanese Bullet TRAIN doing 200mph.

All I needed to do was start acting like a MAN outside of the bedroom - and my fiancee would go back to being able to act like a WOMAN outside of the bedroom.

I wasn’t being dominant - therefore she was having to be dominant… and THAT was the PROBLEM! That was what was screwing up our relationship.

I deleted the apologetic, non-dominant crap I had been writing in the text message, and instead, I simply wrote this:

“Babe, I’m running late. I’ll be back between 6 and 6.30pm x”

Honestly, I wasn’t 100% sure how she’d react. Because, I hadn’t be that BLUNT and to the point (outside of the bedroom), for quite some time.

Thankfully, her response proved I was right. You see, she replied, almost instantly, with:

“Thanks for letting me know. See you then babe x”

See how that works?

I acted like a MAN.

I sent her a text that told her the FACTS - and didn’t make any apologies for it. I was polite and courteous.

And, because I acted like a MAN - that allowed her - it gave her permission - to respond like a WOMAN.

She was understanding. She was ‘nice’ about it all.


I hope this is all making sense.

Cuz it’s really important…

Especially when millions-upon-millions of Social Justice Warriors are pushing this gender neutral bullshit - including stuff like ‘The Genderbread Person.’

Can you see how DESTRUCTIVE it’s going to be (and already is) to our society if we take away the natural role, and natural traits, of the sexes?

When men aren’t encouraged, and when they aren’t even allowed!, to be MEN - women cannot be women.

The result is a mess.

The Result Is Literally The Breakdown of Society:

“When More Men ‘Man Up,’ Lead Their Women - and Give ‘em Great Sex - The World Will Work So Much Better!”

Men feel downtrodden. They feel ashamed of their masculinity. They don’t know how to act around women.

Women feel ‘all at sea’ - because they are without strong, masculine guidance and leadership.

What can you do about this?

  • Get your own shit together first. And start acting like a man (key things to do: take control of your health, find a passion/mission in life, be honest and truthful)
  • Then, figure out how to act like a man around your woman

Do those 3 things and your self-esteem will be massive - and your relationship with your woman will be a source of pure joy.

Next, start sharing this stuff with other people.

Remind men that:

- It’s good to be proud of your cock…

- It’s good to take control and be a leader (as the great Pick-Up Artist ‘Mystery’ always says: women are attracted to ‘the leaders of other men’)…

The more men we empower to keep hold of their masculine identity - the better. The more strong, masculine, dominant men we have - the more amazing women we’ll have in the world too.

Because, as I said earlier…

When dominant men lead, good women follow.

It don’t work the other way round! And, anyone who tries to tell you otherwise just doesn’t get it.

Hope this got you thinking.

Leave your comments/questions below, share this article with as many people as you can… and, let’s get a conversation started…

Thanks for reading, and have a great New Year…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. One more suggestion…

If you send your kid to a school where they are Brainwashing them with this ‘Gender Neutral’ bullshit - and using pretty little images like ‘The Genderbread Person’ to make them think it’s a ‘nice little idea’ and they way things are supposed to be…

Please, for the love of God, find another school for your kids.

We do not want to support a generation of innocent children growing up to be completely confused about what it is to be a MAN and what it is to be a WOMAN. It’s fucking child abuse - and we must not encourage it!

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