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“High Testosterone + Good Posture. 2 Vital Traits of a Masculine Alpha Male”

Testosterone and Posture Are 2 Vital Parts of ‘Masculinity’ - Here’s a Simple Exercise You Can use to Improve Both (In Just a Few Seconds a Day)!

By Adam Armstrong

High Testosterone Levels - and Great Posture - are desirable traits for any Alpha Male.

In fact, if you have Low Testosterone, and shitty posture (like so many men do these days) - you cannot really be an Alpha Male.

With that simple thought in mind, I’ve spent a little time recently, trying to come up with the simplest, quickest and easiest way for any MAN to instantly become more ‘ALPHA’…

…by improving those 2 vital things:

  • Testosterone


  • Posture

Now, here’s ‘The Game Changer’… a secret that changes everything:

  • Having GOOD POSTURE actually improves your Testosterone Levels! That’s been PROVEN by Science

Take a second to really think about what that means…

Because it basically means that if you walk with good posture, and you sit with good posture - you’ll be doing something that boosts your testosterone levels all day long!

Powerful stuff, eh?

And, the opposite is equally disempowering - it’s equally masculinity DESTROYING…

The opposite being to walk round all day with lousy posture, and sit with lousy posture. Do THAT, and you’re actually doing something that’ll DECREASE your Testosterone Levels. And you’re doing it all day long!


Now, before I show you the incredible exercise that will improve your posture - and therefore help you increase your testosterone - let’s briefly talk about:

Good Posture.

I mean, just what is ‘good posture?’

Simply put:

  • Your head looks forwards, and is directly over your shoulders (no head protruding forwards like a Chicken!)
  • Your chest is out, and your shoulders are back and down
  • Your stomach is ‘in’

Basically, you’re standing TALL, like a MAN!

And yet, as simple as ‘having good posture’ sounds - when it’s written down - it’s actually something most men DO NOT have these days (predominately because we sit down too much - which tightens the hamstrings, stomach muscles, chest and biceps… flattens and ‘deactivates’ the gluts (your ass)… and overly lengthens other muscles, including your lats

The end result?

The head goes forwards…

The chest caves in…

The shoulders are rounded forwards…

The stomach sticks out.

You look like a Neanderthal…

You are less ATTRACTIVE to women…

Joint dysfunction and PAIN rear their Ugly Heads sooner or later.

Yup, it’s a pretty BIG DEAL this whole ‘Posture thing!’

Here’s how to correct it - and boost your Testosterone Levels too!…

The One Simple Exercise that Improves Your Posture, Bullet-Proofs Your Body, and Increases Your Testosterone (in just a few seconds a day!)

“FACT: Bad Posture = Lower Testosterone”

The exercise I want to share with you today is POWERFUL.

It can be done anywhere, anytime, and even as few as 10 reps a day will be beneficial (because that’s 300 reps a month, and 3650 reps a year! :)

This ‘exercise’ is actually a basic Human Movement Pattern. Babies naturally do it after they learn to roll, and before they learn to SQUAT and CRAWL!

In fact, this particular movement gives us Humans our ‘Squatting Pattern.’

The exercise is called:


And, in the rest of this blog post - I’ll show you how to do it…

I’ll tell you about the benefits (there’s more to it than just Posture and Testosterone!)

And, then I’ll give you some suggestions as to how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle - so you can start to instantly reap the many rewards!

How To ‘Rock:’

The more Rocking you do - the more your Posture will IMPROVE. And, the more you’ll be able to walk and sit with great posture without having to think about it!

And, as I said earlier - the more time you spend ‘in good posture’ - the better your Testosterone Levels will be. And the higher your masculinity will be!

Note: constantly reminding yourself to ‘stand tall with your chest out’ is better than doing nothing. But, it’s a very unsophisticated solution to the ‘posture problem.’ Consider ‘Rocking’ to be the exact opposite - because it’ll give you good posture NATURALLY (so you don’t have to think about it!)

Here’s how you do the Rocking exercise:

“Rocking: Start/End Position”
  • Get on all fours (preferably on a Yoga Mat, or carpeted floor, to protect your knees)
  • Have your hands about Shoulder Width apart
  • Have your knees a little wider than Hip Width apart
  • Maintain the slight natural curve in your Lower Back (do not ROUND your Lower Back)
  • Look straight ahead, or even slightly UP (do not look down! Looking down promotes bad posture!)

OK. That’s the START Position.

So far so good, right?


Let’s begin the exercise:

“Rocking: Mid-Way Position”
  • Keep Looking Forwards at all times
  • Rock Forwards until about 80% of your weight is on your hands
  • Now go back to the start position (descending only as deeply as your current hip mobility will allow! You’ll know if you go too far - because your Lower Back will round!)

Repeat for reps.

Doesn’t get any simpler!

Yet, trust me when I tell you - NOTHING will improve your posture faster. Not stretching. Not Yoga. Not Pilates. Nothing.

Rocking is ‘The Daddy.’

And I give thanks to my buddy Geoff Nuepert for sharing this exercise with me. It’s changed my life. (Hint: good things tend to happen when you find ‘Golden Exercises’ and do them every single day for 5 years. Yup, no joke - I’ve ‘Rocked’ every single day for 5 years - and I will do for the rest of my life)

The Big Benefits:

“Having Good Posture Makes You More Attractive to Women”

You already know that Rocking will improve your Posture, and therefore - your Testosterone Levels.

And, you know that better Posture and INCREASED Testosterone Levels will make you a more Masculine Man. More of an Alpha Male.

Yet, if you thought those were the only benefits you’re going to get from ‘Rocking’ - you’d be mistaken!

You see, Rocking will also:

  • Improve your Balance and Co-ordination
  • Make you more Athletic
  • Make you more Injury-Proof, and Resilient. It’ll make you more ‘Bulletproof’ if you will (though please do not try and actually take a bullet. Because it will still fuck you up!)
  • Help to keep your Joints, Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons Healthy
  • Make you stronger
  • Help you squat better (hint: If you do squats at the gym, try doing 5 reps of Rocking between each set of squats. You will SQUAT better, and, over time - that’ll increase your strength, while constantly decreasing your injury-risk! :)

Wanna know something else that’s really interesting?


Here you go…

The body is made up of Joints that alternate between favoring STABILITY and MOBILITY.

Want proof?

Look at your arm…

Your WRIST is supposed to be a very MOBILE joint.

Now look at your Elbow.

Is your elbow designed for mobility?

NO! It’s designed to be STABLE. It’s a HINGE.

Now look at your shoulder…

That’s designed for Mobility. In fact, it’s the most mobile joint in the human body (when it’s working correctly).

Now, when you have the correct balance of joints being MOBILE and STABLE - pain and injury are not words that enter your life very often (if ever).

For instance - you don’t really get elbow pain when your wrists and shoulders are nicely mobile!

Same goes for the lower body…

KNEES are designed to be STABLE. As is the LOWER BACK.

Ankles and Hips are supposed to be MOBILE.

Now, what happens when the ankles and hips become immobile?


That’s right…


How many Surgeons tell people this before cutting into their pain-ridden knees or lower backs?

Few, if any.

The correct approach to most knee or lower back pain, would include mobilizing the ankles and hips! Because that, for many people, would ease the pain. If not eliminate it completely!

Now, what do you think Rocking actually does?

That’s right!

It mobilizes the wrists, shoulders, ankles and hips!

Which promotes stable, healthy, pain-free knees, lower back, and elbows.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea!

This ‘Rocking’ is worth doing.

Question is:


Lemme show you…

How To Incorporate Rocking Into Your Daily Life:

“Want to Change Your Life? Try Starting Your Day with Water and Rocking”

You can do as few, or as many of these as you can. Obviously, the more the better:

  • When you’re at work, get up from your desk at least once every hour, and do at least 10 reps of Rocking
  • First thing in the morning, do at least 10 reps
  • Sometime in the evening, do at least 10 reps
  • If you lift weights, do 5 reps in-between sets of your resistance exercises
  • Do at least 10 reps as part of your ‘Warm Up’ and ‘Cool Down’ before and after exercise

Easy, right?

Just remember to use the technique I talked you through above.

And, do as many reps as you can, in any of the ways I suggested.

Oh, and if you wanna feel like a million dollars within an hour of waking up, every single day, try this:

First thing in the morning (after taking a leak and brushing your teeth):

  • Sip at least 500ml of clean water
  • Do at least 30 reps of Rocking (and, if you’re a really STUD - make it 100. Which will still only take a few minutes)

Water plus Rocking.

That’s a great start to any ALPHA MALE’s day - because it’ll give you those 2 things most emasculated men these days are lacking:


  • Great Posture

Ah, and one last thing…

When you Rock - you ‘open up’ the hips, which improves Blood Flow ‘down there.’ Combine that FACT with your increased testosterone levels…

And that’s a recipe for much HARDER erections!

Got questions about Rocking… or anything related? Leave ‘em below and I will get back to you asap…

Talk to you soon…

Adam Armstrong

P.S. If Rocking is the quickest and easiest ‘Exercise Based Solution’ to Low Testosterone and Poor Posture - my Explode Your Testosterone SuperHerb Formula is the quickest and easiest ‘Nutritionally Based Solution’ to Low Testosterone. Combine the 2 to experience MASSIVE RESULTS! :)

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