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“If You Thought Tampons Were Just Supposed to Go In Your Woman’s Pussy - Think Again!”

Read On to Discover One of Those Rare Stories that Both Hilarious, and Incredibly Scary, All At Once…

By Adam Armstrong

You might think I’m tricking you with the headline of this blog post, about FEMALE Hygiene Products. You might be thinking:

“Don’t be ridiculous Adam. No company in their right mind would have TAMPONS in the MEN’s restroom!”

Now, if you are thinking that - or something similar - I don’t blame you…

Because, if I hadn’t read the story with my own eyes - I’d be doubting it too.

And, yet, the truth is…

It happened. It’s reality.

One of the biggest Company’s in the USA - heck, one of the biggest in the World… a company many people use the services of every single day (including me)…

…does indeed have TAMPONS in it’s men’s restroom.

Question is:

“Which company?”

Place your bets…

Drum roll please…

And, the name of the company - who has TAMPONS in their MALE restroom, is:


Yup. You read that correctly.

Google has Tampons in it’s Male Restroom. Because, it claims that ‘some men menstruate.’

Pretty funny, huh?

While also being pretty damn SCARY at the same time.

What’s The Hidden Agenda Here?

“SCARY FACT: Our ‘Freedom of Speech’ is Slowly Being Reduced - All In The Name of Political Correctness”

If you or I take the story at Face Value - we might just read it, have a good laugh, and then go back to doing whatever we were doing before.


I think it deserves a little thought - because this isn’t an accident. Google didn’t put Tampons in it’s men’s restroom by mistake.

There’s an agenda going on here.

And, it’s potentially a very SCARY one.

You see, if you do a little digging, you start to realize that many of the World’s Biggest Corporations - whose websites huge numbers of the population use every single day (including Google and Facebook) - are big into:

‘Political Correctness.’

Again, at Face Value you might not think that’s a BAD thing. You might even think it’s a GOOD thing.

Yet, it’s’ not.

Here’s why:

‘Political Correctness’ is a way for these organizations to SILENCE people who DISAGREE with them. It’s a way for them to take away FREEDOM of speech.

You don’t need me to tell you that Freedom of Speech is fundamental to our Western, Capitalistic way of life. And, even if you don’t think it’s perfect - most sane people would agree that, to date, it’s the best thing mankind has come up with (as proven by the disastrous alternatives).

At Google - a company big into ‘Political Correctness’ - an employee called James Damore wrote about how at Google:

  • Swiftly Punishes anyone who disagree’s with their ‘leftist dogma’ (for PROOF: consider the fact that James Damore was FIRED for speaking out against some of what was going on at Google)
  • Fist Fights were had over Political Disagreements (this one kinda makes me laugh - cuz a part of me would LOVE to see a bunch of Tech Nerds and Geeks throwing their Handbags at each other)
  • Interviews for Feminists and Minorities were conducted differently - in a ‘softer way’ - than for other members of society
  • TAMPONS were kept in the Male Restroom because, they claim: “some men menstruate”
Note: men DO NOT menstruate. The only man I ever heard of wearing a Tampon was this guy who’d abused STEROIDS so badly he was bleeding from his ass (but, that aside - men do not menstruate!)

All of this is SCARY because:

  • As I said previously: it is taking away Freedom of Speech
  • It really is taking away the power of men to STAND UP and act like MEN (by favoring Radical Feminists and Social Justice Warriors… By telling people that some men menstruate… And by strongly, and in some cases VIOLENTLY, opposing people who simply have different political beliefs)

Is this really the kind of society we want to live in?

Is this really the kind of bullshit we want our young people to grow up being Brainwashed with?

I wonder what these idiots would say about me?

After all - I’m taking my daughter to Dance Class on Saturday, and my boy to Soccer Training on Sunday. In their ridiculous ‘Politically Correct’ World - that probably makes me Sexist (and much, much worse).

Radical Feminists, Social Justice Warriors, Champions of ‘Political Correctness’… they all have A LOT in common…

They want you to think they’re great people - that they’re standing up for disadvantaged, ‘oppressed’ people…

They want you to think that they’re standing up to the ‘oppressors’ - the bullies, in society.

And yet…

The truth is - they’re everything they claim not to be. The Google story above being just one example of how Radical Feminists, Social Justice Warriors, Champions of Political Correctness and the like, are:

  • Unopen to sensible and intelligent debate
  • At times violent
  • HATERS of anything that isn’t what they believe

And, I think:

  • HATERS of men who want to act like MEN in the 21st Century

What Can We Do To Stop This Madness?

“Don’t Let Radical Feminists, Social Justice Warriors - and this Era of Political Correctness - Steal Your Masculinity!”

Mahatma Gandi once said:

“Be the change you want to see in the World”

And, I truly believe that is a BIG part of the answer to this problem. Meaning that, the way to make these Radical Feminists, Social Justice Warriors, and overly ‘Politically Correct’ types SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP, is THIS:

First, get your own act together.

Be the very best MAN you can be.

Do that, and you’ll start to positively influence people without even having to try…

You’ll influence all the people you come into contact with on a regular basis. Meaning, your woman, your kids, your parents, your siblings, your friends, your colleagues and co-workers, your customers and so on.

That’s a GREAT start.

Because, the world needs more men who are actually acting like MEN. It needs more LEADERS - and that’s what great men are…


Secondly, if you’re up for it… you can proactively start to help and influence others (kinda like I do with my email newsletters, blog posts, ebooks, audio courses, SuperHerb blends and so on).

You can help other men in a 1-on-1 situation, or you can help many men at once (as an example: tens of thousands of men read, and benefit from, each and every Email Newsletter I send).

Now, consider the bigger picture…

We don’t actually need that many REAL MEN to STAND UP and start spreading positive ideas (as opposed to the bullshit the Radical Feminists, Social Justice Warriors and Politically Correct Types are spreading) to have a massive, and very positive effect on society. And, have a massive effect very quickly indeed.

You up for the challenge?

My 30 Day Challenge to You:

“30 Days from Now You’ll be An Even Better Man - and that’ll Make Women WANT YOU. Be Ready!”

Read Carefully:

I’ve shared this challenge in the past, with many of my 1-on-1 Coaching Clients.

The challenge will change your life, if you are man enough to accept it.

Here it is…

For the next 30 Days:

  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day (to feel what it’s like to be truly HYDRATED. The effect on your mental and physical performance will be immense)
  • Eat at least 80% ‘clean’ (meaning real, whole foods that are unprocessed, or at least minimally processed)
  • Exercise every single day (Yes, you can do this. If you’re really pushed for time - a 10 minute walk counts! Everyone has 10 minutes)
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, without fail (the effect this will have on your ENERGY LEVELS will be great. And, the effects of having more Energy can completely revolutionize the quality of your life, and how much Success you enjoy!)
  • Spend at least 1 hour a day doing something you are truly PASSIONATE about (because, this is what makes a man feel truly ALIVE… Note: women tend to feel truly alive when you’re giving them Multiple Orgasms every night!)
  • Do at least 1 ‘good deed’ each day (it could be anything from helping an old lady cross to road, to donating to a worthy cause, to listening to a friend who needs someone to talk to)
  • Do something NEW. Something different. Something you’ve never done before (it could be starting a new sport, reading a genre of book you’ve never read before, living out new ‘sexual adventures’ with your woman, whatever. Just do something new each day, for 30 days)

Have you any idea what following these 7 steps will do for you?

They’ll revolutionize you…

You’ll be healthier.

You’ll be fitter.

You’ll look and feel better.

You’ll be more enthusiastic and fired up.

Your sexual performance will almost certainly improve! :)

Men will give you more respect.

Women will be more ATTRACTED to you.

And, you’ll start to positively INFLUENCE others who start to want to be more like you!

“Don’t Forget the 3 Important Points Below:"
  1. Leave your comments/questions below…
  2. Share this blog post with anyone - man or woman - who you think might benefit.
  3. Leave your feedback on the 30 Day Challenge below

Thanks for reading. Have a great day. And…

I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. The Real Secret to the 30 Day Challenge is that once you do those 7 steps for 30 days - they become HABITS you want to carry on with for the rest of your life. And, that’s a POWERFUL thing. Because, no matter how much progress you make in 30 days - the progress you make in 365 days can be 1,000X as much!

And, the progress you make in 10 years, can be 100,000X as much as you make in 1 year. No joke.


One of the hallmarks of a REAL MAN is being on the path of MASTERY. Essentially, the Path of Continuous and Never Ending Improvement. The 30 Day Challenge above is simply a way to get on that path!

Got questions/comments?

Leave ‘em below and I WILL get back to you asap…

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