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  • How to Take Your Woman On ‘The Perfect Date Night’ (and Guarantee It Ends with Red-Hot Sex)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “Date Nights Transform The Quality of Your Intimate Relationship!”

    Follow These 6 Simple Pointers - and Prepare to Enjoy Exciting ‘Date Nights’ with Your Woman… including Truly Great S.E.X!

    By Adam Armstrong

    When you first met your woman, you likely took her on lots of ‘dates.’ You may have gone out for dinner, watched a movie at the cinema, taken a random drive out into the countryside - and generally had A BLAST getting to know each other.

    Of course, at some point in time (most likely after a few dates)…

    You probably went to BED. And had GREAT SEX.

    That’s how many relationships start.

    Good Dates + Lots of Sex = Happy Couples :)

    Question is:

    “Why do so many guys stop taking their women on dates?”

    It’s a BIG MISTAKE.

    Think about it…

    If ‘Dates’ and ‘Date Nights’ formed the very foundation of the relationship you share with your woman, when you were first getting to know her…

    …and, if those ‘Dates’ and ‘Date Nights’ were always HAPPY times, that ended with GREAT SEX…

    …why would you ever STOP doing the whole ‘Date Night’ thing?


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