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  • Sexy Bras, for… Men (All You Need to Do is Choose Your Size!)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “If You Thought Bras Were Just for Women - Think Again!”

    If You Thought Bras Were Just for WOMEN - You’re Probably a ‘Sexiest Pig’ (According to Radically Left-Wing Thinking)…Read On and Prepare to Be Amazed…

    By Adam Armstrong

    I remember in my late teenage years, mastering the trick of undoing a woman’s bra with one hand - and feeling pretty good (and, possibly quite SMUG) about ‘owning’ that skill.

    I mean, it’s not exactly difficult… yet I remember girls always seemed so impressed when I did it. (Which, probably says A LOT about how useless most guys are with women. But, that’s another blog post for another day).

    Since that time, I’ve seen - and fondled, and played with, and sucked on, and bitten, and licked - many pairs of tits!

    And YES - and I’ve ‘Shot My Load’ on more sexy tits than I can remember, too.

    Big tits…

    Small tits…

    Black, white, latino and asian.

    I make no apology. I’ve enjoyed them all!

    I’ve also seen all kinds of BRAS - and marveled at just how Goddam SEXY the right woman can look, in the right...

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