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  • Confession Time: I’ve Lied to You, for YEARS, About ‘Women, Sex and Relationships’

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Here’s Why (Please Read Carefully)…

    By Adam Armstrong

    You thought I was a man of integrity, a man of my word. Yet, I’m afraid it’s true

    I really have been lying to you, for YEARS. About the subject I care most about: “Women, Sex and Relationships.’

    In this blog post, I’d like to explain why I’ve been lying for so long. And, I’d like to ‘come clean’ about the truth.

    Read on carefully…

    Ok. So, here’s the deal…

    For years I’ve been saying that 98-99% of men are USELESS in the bedroom.

    I’ve been telling you that it’s only 1 or 2 men out of every 100 who understands what I teach. The core principles I teach being:

    • That men should be Sexually Dominant (because women are Sexually Submissive)
    • That men should Talk Dirty in the bedroom (because women need ‘Mental Stimulation’ - not just Physical Stimulation)
    • That men should be Creative (because doing the same things over and over again during sex, WILL get BORING, sooner or later)
    • That men should make the Sex ‘Naughty, Dirty, and Taboo’ (because this is the kind of sex women...

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  • 10 Masculine ‘Alpha Male’ Traits that Radical Feminists Hate (How Many Do You Have?)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Radical Feminists Love to Emasculate Men, and Blame Us for Everything Bad (and Supposedly Bad) that Happens to Women… However, The Truth is That Good Women Love The 10 Very Masculine, ‘Alpha’ Traits I’m About to Share With You…

    By Adam Armstrong

    There was one very famous Radical Feminist, who said something along the lines of:

    “Any time a man has sex with a woman - and he has an erection - he is committing an act of RAPE”

    Clearly, this is very CONFUSED thinking.

    I mean, if she truly believes that, then presumably she’s either saying she wants the Human Race to die out within a hundred years…

    …or, she wants all future children to be created in the following way:

    A man ‘whacks off’ into a jar… then the woman uses a Turkey Baster to get herself pregnant!

    I’m not sure which option is WORSE.

    But, I am sure of one thing…

    These ridiculous statements show just how much Radical Feminists (who make up about 1% of the US Female Population - but carry way more influence than any 1% of the population should) HATE men. Which, to me, is...

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