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  • Why Excess Body-Fat is The Enemy of Your Sex-Life

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Here Are 3 Ways Carrying Excess Body-Fat Hurts Your Sex-Life - and Exactly What To Do About It…

    By Adam Armstrong

    These days most people are OVERWEIGHT. There are states in America where official statistics show that nearly 70% of the population are overweight.


    How the heck have we got to a point where 70% of people in certain places in one of the richest countries in the world are overweight?

    It’s blows my mind.

    Especially when, in theory at least, we have the best nutrition ever, the best medication and medical interventions ever, the best exercise programs ever, and so on.

    I’m hear to tell you that being OVERWEIGHT is a KILLER for your sex-life.

    And, believe me…

    I know this to be true for personal experience!

    You see, back when I competed in Power lifting (a strength sport where you lift heavy weights in the Squat, Bench Press and Dead lift) I made a foolish mistake when I was 25. The foolish mistake was ignoring quality nutrition…

    …and eating myself up to a heavier weight class. All in the name of lifting the most weight I could.

    It was the only time in all...

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  • A Powerful Sexual Technique that Women Love (Yet Most Men Know Nothing About It)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Try THIS With Your Woman and You’ll ‘Get Her Off’ Quicker and Easier Than Ever Before…

    By Adam Armstrong

    In this blog post, I’m going to show you one of the most POWERFUL Sexual Techniques I know. A Sexual Technique that women LOVE, yet most men know nothing about.

    First though, I need you to cast your mind back to when you were a kid. At Christmas time.

    If you were anything like me, the anticipation started building as soon as the Christmas Tree went up, and the PRESENTS were put underneath it.

    I remember wondering what the presents were…

    Asking my parents if I could open them before Christmas (and the answer always being “NO”)…

    The anticipation and excitement building…

    And, I remember that when the 25th of December finally rolled around, and I finally got to open my presents…

    I was as happy as a kid could be.

    Most of us have been there and experienced that kind of thing. I see the same build up, anticipation and excitement in my own kids now.


    “What do you think would happen if you applied a similar idea to the bedroom, with...

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  • How To Give Your Woman The Best Sex Ever This Valentine’s Day (Explicit)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “Nothing Less Than Great Sex Will Do This Valentine’s Day!”

    Forget About Calorific Chocolates, Flowers that Wilt and Drop Dead within 24 Hours of You Buying Them… and Fancy ‘Dinner Dates’ that Cost A Small Fortune. What Your Woman Really Wants This Valentine’s Day, is: INCREDIBLE SEX! Here’s How it’s Done…

    By Adam Armstrong

    Look. There’s nothing wrong with Chocolates, Flowers and a good old ‘Dinner Date.’ In fact, I’ll probably indulge my fiancée with those exact same things (plus some appropriately skimpy underwear) this Valentine’s Day!


    What I want you to understand is this:

    Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for ROMANCE.

    And, Romance is kinda like a ‘socially acceptable’ way to be SEXUAL in public.

    No, I’m not suggesting you bang your woman in front of an audience (though, that’d likely be a HUGE ‘Turn On’ for way more women than most men realize!).

    But, what I am saying is…

    If you take your woman out on a date. And you hold hands, kiss, cuddle and generally be intimate together…

    And then you BANG HER BRAINS OUT at the end of the night… leaving her lying - shaking uncontrollably - in a pile of...

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  • What Nobody Is Telling You About The Jordan Peterson: Cathy Newman Interview (Feminists Will HATE This)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Dr Jordan Peterson - a Clinical Psychologist from The University of Toronto - Was Recently Interviewed by Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News, Here In England… She Tried to Make Him Out To Be All Kind of NASTY Things - He Effortlessly Made Her Look Like a Fool!

    Since Then, Many Experts Have Shared Their Comments On What Happened - Yet Here’s What NONE of Them Realize (Nor Have The BALLS to Say)!

    By Adam Armstrong

    IMPORTANT: This blog post, about Dr Jordan Peterson, and Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News, won’t mean a thing to you, unless you’ve watched the Interview!

    In case you missed it, here it is:

    Watched it?


    Now let me break it down for you…

    The way I see it, Dr Jordan Peterson is a truly GREAT GUY.

    He’s shares what he believes to be the truth. No matter how controversial it is.

    He encourages people to tell the truth, and take personal responsibility for their lives.

    He tells people, albeit in a far more polite way than this:

    “To get their own shit together, before they go preaching...

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  • 7 Things ‘Good Girls’ Love In Bed, that They Aren’t Supposed to (#5 is Shocking)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “If You Think a Huge Percentage of Women Haven’t Had a Lesbian Fantasy - You’d Be WRONG!”

    There Are Many Things That Society Has Conditioned Us to Believe Women Don’t Want In Bed - Yet, In Fact… Most Women Secretly CRAVE These Things In Bed! Here Are 7 of The Most Interesting…

    By Adam Armstrong

    There’s a whole bunch of Naughty, Dirty, ‘Taboo’ stuff you don’t expect ‘Good Girls’ to like, or do, in the bedroom. Yet, they secretly LOVE it.

    And, very often - the more of a ‘Good Girl’ the woman is… the more confident, intelligent, and respectable she is…

    The more ‘self-esteem’ she has…

    The more she’ll love doing the stuff in the bedroom that SOCIETY says she shouldn’t!

    In this blog post, I’ll give you 7 examples of what I’m talking about. Try ‘em out with your woman - and prepare to have AMAZING sex.

    Let’s get into it…

    7 Outrageous Things Women Love In Bed…

    1. Being Called a ‘Slut’

    “Your Woman Doesn’t Want to be A Slut… But, She Does Want to...

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  • Female Orgasms and The Power of Belief (Sexual Secrets No One Else Will Tell You)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “If She’s Not Enjoying Multiple Orgasms Every Time - the Sex Ain’t ‘All That!’”

    If You’re a Man Who Wants to Know The #1 Secret to Giving Women Toe-Curling Orgasms, and Mind-Bending Pleasure In The Bedroom - Here It Is…

    By Adam Armstrong

    Pretty much every heterosexual man wants to please his woman in the bedroom - and give her Orgasms that’ll blow her mind - yet, very few men know how to ‘get the job done.’

    In this blog post I’m going to show you a HUGE ‘Female Orgasm Secret.’

    A secret they don’t teach you in the popular Men’s magazines…

    A secret most ‘Sex Experts’ know nothing about…

    A secret even most women could not tell you. Even if their lives depended on it!

    Your ready to hear it?


    I need to begin by asking you a question:

    “How do extraordinary people do things that have NEVER been done before - things regular people have often said were impossible?”

    For instance, how did Roger Bannister run a 4 minute mile? Something most ‘experts’ thought was impossible - until he did it.


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