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  • 5 Common and Destructive Sex Myths (How Many Do YOU Believe?)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    At Least 90% of Men Believe The 5 Common and Destructive ‘Sex Myths’ You’re About to Discover In This Blog Post… Question is: How Many Do YOU Believe, and What Should You Be Thinking about ‘Women, Sex, and The Bedroom’ Instead?

    I’ll cut straight to the point… any man who believes the 5 Sex Myths in this blog post to be TRUE, is never going to be a GREAT LOVER. And, he’s never going to even get close to fully SATISFYING his woman in bed!


    Because these Sex Myths - that AT LEAST 90% of men believe to be true - are highly DESTRUCTIVE…

    …significantly reducing a man’s sexual confidence, and ability to get his woman to ORGASM.

    And, you know what women do when they are consistently disappointed in bed, don’t you?

    That’s right…

    They get FRUSTRATED (and moody and bitchy and snappy outside of the bedroom).

    They stop wanting SEX (causing you to be frustrated).

    When they do agree to have sex, they aren’t interested in fulfilling your wants and desires (making the sex very BORING and PREDICTABLE).

    And, in many cases…

    They start fantasizing about sleeping with...

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