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  • 10 Masculine ‘Alpha Male’ Traits that Radical Feminists Hate (How Many Do You Have?)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Radical Feminists Love to Emasculate Men, and Blame Us for Everything Bad (and Supposedly Bad) that Happens to Women… However, The Truth is That Good Women Love The 10 Very Masculine, ‘Alpha’ Traits I’m About to Share With You…

    By Adam Armstrong

    There was one very famous Radical Feminist, who said something along the lines of:

    “Any time a man has sex with a woman - and he has an erection - he is committing an act of RAPE”

    Clearly, this is very CONFUSED thinking.

    I mean, if she truly believes that, then presumably she’s either saying she wants the Human Race to die out within a hundred years…

    …or, she wants all future children to be created in the following way:

    A man ‘whacks off’ into a jar… then the woman uses a Turkey Baster to get herself pregnant!

    I’m not sure which option is WORSE.

    But, I am sure of one thing…

    These ridiculous statements show just how much Radical Feminists (who make up about 1% of the US Female Population - but carry way more influence than any 1% of the population should) HATE men. Which, to me, is...

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  • Here’s Something Even Worse Than a Radical Feminist - Can You Guess What It Is?

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “Happy Families - Something Radical Feminists DO NOT Help to Create!”

    Radical Feminists Have Ruined The Lives of Millions of Men AND Women - Here’s How… Plus, Something That’s Even Worse Than ‘a Radical Feminist’…

    By Adam Armstrong

    Lemme start by saying that I think one particular version of Feminism is GREAT. The version where men and women are treated as equals, with equal rights (while also keeping in mind that men are women are not the same. They are, in fact, very different - and not just because of the ‘cock’ and ‘pussy’ thing… though that is a BIG difference!)

    Trouble is…

    I don’t see many Feminists these days talking about THAT kind of feminism…

    And, so far as I can tell - in Western, Democratic Societies (the societies Radical Feminists keep telling us are so WRONG and EVIL - because they are run by men) - women already pretty much have those things!

    As an example:

    Here in England - if a man and a woman do the same job, they’ll get the same hourly rate of pay. In nearly all cases. Period.

    So, what exactly are today’s Radical...

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  • Did Social Justice Warriors and ‘The Radical Left’ Cause The Death of Porn Star August Ames?

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “‘Sir Jaxton Wheeler’ - and Many Other Social Justice Warriors - Have Blood On Their Hands. Let’s Hope His Dick Stops Working”

    Adult Movie Star August Ames Was Recently On The Receiving End of Some Pretty Intense Bullying - and, In The Middle of It… She Took Her Own Life. Question Is: Who Is To Blame?

    By Adam Armstrong

    Sad News: On December 5th 2017, Porn Star August Ames took her own life. She hung herself.

    Ames had starred in nearly 300 Adult Movies, was considered very successful in her chosen line of work. And, left behind her husband, Evil Angel producer - Kevin Moore.

    The circumstances surrounding Ames’s untimely death - she was just 23 - are interesting to say the least…

    Because they highlight the very negative effects ‘Social Justice Warriors’ and the Radical Left can have on our society…

    Relating not only to FREEDOM of SPEECH. But, worse still

    To Freedom of what you can and cannot actually do (in this case, who you can and cannot have SEX with).

    Read on and I’ll break this story down for you…

    FACT: Men Who Sleep with Men Have Higher Disease Rates…

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  • Quiz: Which Major US Company Has Tampons In The Male Restroom - Because, They Claim: “Some Men Menstruate”

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “If You Thought Tampons Were Just Supposed to Go In Your Woman’s Pussy - Think Again!”

    Read On to Discover One of Those Rare Stories that Both Hilarious, and Incredibly Scary, All At Once…

    By Adam Armstrong

    You might think I’m tricking you with the headline of this blog post, about FEMALE Hygiene Products. You might be thinking:

    “Don’t be ridiculous Adam. No company in their right mind would have TAMPONS in the MEN’s restroom!”

    Now, if you are thinking that - or something similar - I don’t blame you…

    Because, if I hadn’t read the story with my own eyes - I’d be doubting it too.

    And, yet, the truth is…

    It happened. It’s reality.

    One of the biggest Company’s in the USA - heck, one of the biggest in the World… a company many people use the services of every single day (including me)…

    …does indeed have TAMPONS in it’s men’s restroom.

    Question is:

    “Which company?”

    Place your bets…

    Drum roll please…

    And, the name of the company - who has TAMPONS in their MALE restroom, is:


    Yup. You read that correctly.

    Google has...

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  • Why a Female ‘James Bond’ is a Pathetic Idea (and A Sorry Sign of The Times)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Recently A Ton of People Are Supporting The Idea of a Female James Bond - Including The British Prime Minister Teresa May! Here’s Why The Idea SUCKS!

    By Adam Armstrong

    Like many men, I’ve been a HUGE fan of the James Bond Movies over the years…

    I liked Sean Connery, I liked Roger Moore. Pierce Brosnan was good too. And, Daniel Craig has grown on me.

    Why do I like the James Bond Movies?

    Same reason most men do:

    • There’s a ton of action (including fist fights, gun fights, explosions, car chases, and more)
    • There’s an Evil Bad Guy trying to ruin the world
    • There’s a good guy (James Bond), mostly single-handedly kicking-ass, ruining the bad guys plans… and, saving the world
    • Bond always beds at least one hot woman - and usually two - in every James Bond Movie

    What’s not to like?

    It’s a WINNING Movie Formula that’s been entertaining audiences for DECADES.

    In fact, based on how many Bond Movies they’ve done, and how popular they are - it may be, in some ways, THE most successful ‘Movie Franchise’ of all time.


    Times are changing....

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