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  • 5 Common and Destructive Sex Myths (How Many Do YOU Believe?)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    At Least 90% of Men Believe The 5 Common and Destructive ‘Sex Myths’ You’re About to Discover In This Blog Post… Question is: How Many Do YOU Believe, and What Should You Be Thinking about ‘Women, Sex, and The Bedroom’ Instead?

    I’ll cut straight to the point… any man who believes the 5 Sex Myths in this blog post to be TRUE, is never going to be a GREAT LOVER. And, he’s never going to even get close to fully SATISFYING his woman in bed!


    Because these Sex Myths - that AT LEAST 90% of men believe to be true - are highly DESTRUCTIVE…

    …significantly reducing a man’s sexual confidence, and ability to get his woman to ORGASM.

    And, you know what women do when they are consistently disappointed in bed, don’t you?

    That’s right…

    They get FRUSTRATED (and moody and bitchy and snappy outside of the bedroom).

    They stop wanting SEX (causing you to be frustrated).

    When they do agree to have sex, they aren’t interested in fulfilling your wants and desires (making the sex very BORING and PREDICTABLE).

    And, in many cases…

    They start fantasizing about sleeping with...

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  • 3 Common ‘Sex Habits’ that Can Lead to HUGE Sexual Problems (avoid)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    NIGHTMARE: Your Woman Cheating on You, Unwanted Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Even Cancer… They Can ALL Become a Reality if You Use Any of The 3 Common ‘Sex Habits’ I’m About To Share with You! (Hint: Avoid Them, and Use My Suggested Alternatives Instead!)

    By Adam Armstrong

    In this blog post I want to draw your attention to 3 common, every-day ‘Sexual Habits’ most couples engage in. If not every time they have sex, then at least on a fairly regular basis.

    These habits might appear INNOCENT enough - but, the truth is… they can cause havoc and destruction. Both to your intimate relationship, and your health.

    My advice?

    Read this short, yet POWERFUL blog post carefully…

    Avoid the 3 ‘Sexual Habits’ I’m going tell you about…

    And, instead, use the proven, healthy alternatives I’ll present you with.

    Here goes:

    Sexual Habit to Avoid #1: Using Most Brands of Condoms

    Important Note: I am not saying to stop using Condoms altogether.

    You just need to be picky about which Condoms you use.


    Because most Condoms - basically, all Condoms that are NOT made of ‘Premium Latex’ are Carcinogenic (meaning, they contain ingredients...

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  • What Nobody Is Telling You About The Jordan Peterson: Cathy Newman Interview (Feminists Will HATE This)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Dr Jordan Peterson - a Clinical Psychologist from The University of Toronto - Was Recently Interviewed by Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News, Here In England… She Tried to Make Him Out To Be All Kind of NASTY Things - He Effortlessly Made Her Look Like a Fool!

    Since Then, Many Experts Have Shared Their Comments On What Happened - Yet Here’s What NONE of Them Realize (Nor Have The BALLS to Say)!

    By Adam Armstrong

    IMPORTANT: This blog post, about Dr Jordan Peterson, and Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News, won’t mean a thing to you, unless you’ve watched the Interview!

    In case you missed it, here it is:

    Watched it?


    Now let me break it down for you…

    The way I see it, Dr Jordan Peterson is a truly GREAT GUY.

    He’s shares what he believes to be the truth. No matter how controversial it is.

    He encourages people to tell the truth, and take personal responsibility for their lives.

    He tells people, albeit in a far more polite way than this:

    “To get their own shit together, before they go preaching...

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  • 5 Simple Ways For a Man to ‘Get His Act Together’ and Instantly Improve His Life!

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    FACT: The Only True Fulfillment In This Life Comes from Getting Better… From Becoming a Better Man, Day-In-Day-Out. Here are 5 Proven Ways to Become a Better Man, Pretty Much Instantly

    By Adam Armstrong

    I recently wrote a blog post about the idea of taking Personal Responsibility. And, how it’s important that every man who wants to live with Purpose, and feel Fulfilled, do this.

    Now, you could be forgiven for thinking that a blog post about ‘Taking Personal Responsibility’ would be just about the most UNPOPULAR thing ever, in today’s 21st Century World…

    …because, let’s face it:

    A LOT of people are behaving very badly right now - and very stupidly - by choosing to blame everything that they don’t like in their lives on:

    • Other groups of people (for instance, in America today, many groups - such as Radical Feminists, Post-Modernists, and Social Justice Warriors (SJW) - seem to find a way to blame WHITE MEN for pretty much everything they dislike!)
    • Other individuals (the same groups I just mentioned above - and plenty more...

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  • Female Orgasms and The Power of Belief (Sexual Secrets No One Else Will Tell You)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “If She’s Not Enjoying Multiple Orgasms Every Time - the Sex Ain’t ‘All That!’”

    If You’re a Man Who Wants to Know The #1 Secret to Giving Women Toe-Curling Orgasms, and Mind-Bending Pleasure In The Bedroom - Here It Is…

    By Adam Armstrong

    Pretty much every heterosexual man wants to please his woman in the bedroom - and give her Orgasms that’ll blow her mind - yet, very few men know how to ‘get the job done.’

    In this blog post I’m going to show you a HUGE ‘Female Orgasm Secret.’

    A secret they don’t teach you in the popular Men’s magazines…

    A secret most ‘Sex Experts’ know nothing about…

    A secret even most women could not tell you. Even if their lives depended on it!

    Your ready to hear it?


    I need to begin by asking you a question:

    “How do extraordinary people do things that have NEVER been done before - things regular people have often said were impossible?”

    For instance, how did Roger Bannister run a 4 minute mile? Something most ‘experts’ thought was impossible - until he did it.


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