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  • Are You Guilty of This New ‘Hate Crime?’ (‘Political Correctness’ Gone Mad)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Want Success? It’s Probably Gonna Cost You Some ‘Hard Work’

    According to The Law - There’s a New ‘Hate Crime’… You Better Be Careful You Don’t Accidentally Violate It…

    By Adam Armstrong

    >> IMPORTANT NOTE: If you believe in the importance of ‘Freedom of Speech’ - I encourage you to read this blog post carefully… leave your thoughts/comments/questions at the end - and share it with anyone you think might benefit.

    Let’s get into it…

    I always had it in my head that a Hate Crime was basically when somebody - or a group of people - did something NASTY to another individual, or group of persons, because that individual or group of persons was a particular Nationality/Race/Religion/Type of person etc.

    For instance - Hitler killed Jewish People, Disabled People, Gypsies and so on. And, he did it BECAUSE they were Jewish/Disabled/Gypsies etc. That, to me, seems like what a ‘HATE Crime’ is (and, obviously - the ‘Hitler Example’ is just about as despicable a Hate Crime as you could imagine).

    You get my point, right?

    Pretty obvious stuff.

    However, it would appear I’m WRONG. Or, at least partially wrong.

    Because, while no...

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