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  • Why Excess Body-Fat is The Enemy of Your Sex-Life

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Here Are 3 Ways Carrying Excess Body-Fat Hurts Your Sex-Life - and Exactly What To Do About It…

    By Adam Armstrong

    These days most people are OVERWEIGHT. There are states in America where official statistics show that nearly 70% of the population are overweight.


    How the heck have we got to a point where 70% of people in certain places in one of the richest countries in the world are overweight?

    It’s blows my mind.

    Especially when, in theory at least, we have the best nutrition ever, the best medication and medical interventions ever, the best exercise programs ever, and so on.

    I’m hear to tell you that being OVERWEIGHT is a KILLER for your sex-life.

    And, believe me…

    I know this to be true for personal experience!

    You see, back when I competed in Power lifting (a strength sport where you lift heavy weights in the Squat, Bench Press and Dead lift) I made a foolish mistake when I was 25. The foolish mistake was ignoring quality nutrition…

    …and eating myself up to a heavier weight class. All in the name of lifting the most weight I could.

    It was the only time in all...

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  • The 3 Most Powerful Female Orgasms Every Alpha Male Should Be Giving His Woman

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Wanna Completely Blow Your Woman’s Mind in The Bedroom, and Make Her 100% Loyal and Totally Addicted to You? Here’s Exactly How You Do It… (and “NO” - it Doesn’t Involve Rubbing Her Freakin’ Clit!)

    By Adam Armstrong

    Women love to SCREAM in the bedroom.

    It’s true…

    Women want nothing more than to go to bed with a man who can keep them up all night. And give them the kind of PLEASURE that causes them to SCREAM so loud they wake half the street!

    Of course, PLEASURE means ORGASMS, and that’s the topic of this blog post…


    Specifically, the 3 most powerful types of Female Orgasm.

    And, lemme tell you this…

    If you make it your mission - as an Alpha Male - to get these 3 incredibly powerful types of Orgasm working for your woman:

    • She’ll be totally addicted to you in bed
    • She’ll be 100% loyal to you (because women don’t CHEAT on men who truly SATISFY them)


    • She’ll SCREAM so loud it’ll blow your mind!

    Now. Before we get into the good stuff - and discuss the 3 most...

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  • Confession Time: I’ve Lied to You, for YEARS, About ‘Women, Sex and Relationships’

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Here’s Why (Please Read Carefully)…

    By Adam Armstrong

    You thought I was a man of integrity, a man of my word. Yet, I’m afraid it’s true

    I really have been lying to you, for YEARS. About the subject I care most about: “Women, Sex and Relationships.’

    In this blog post, I’d like to explain why I’ve been lying for so long. And, I’d like to ‘come clean’ about the truth.

    Read on carefully…

    Ok. So, here’s the deal…

    For years I’ve been saying that 98-99% of men are USELESS in the bedroom.

    I’ve been telling you that it’s only 1 or 2 men out of every 100 who understands what I teach. The core principles I teach being:

    • That men should be Sexually Dominant (because women are Sexually Submissive)
    • That men should Talk Dirty in the bedroom (because women need ‘Mental Stimulation’ - not just Physical Stimulation)
    • That men should be Creative (because doing the same things over and over again during sex, WILL get BORING, sooner or later)
    • That men should make the Sex ‘Naughty, Dirty, and Taboo’ (because this is the kind of sex women...

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  • How To Give Your Woman The Best Sex Ever This Valentine’s Day (Explicit)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “Nothing Less Than Great Sex Will Do This Valentine’s Day!”

    Forget About Calorific Chocolates, Flowers that Wilt and Drop Dead within 24 Hours of You Buying Them… and Fancy ‘Dinner Dates’ that Cost A Small Fortune. What Your Woman Really Wants This Valentine’s Day, is: INCREDIBLE SEX! Here’s How it’s Done…

    By Adam Armstrong

    Look. There’s nothing wrong with Chocolates, Flowers and a good old ‘Dinner Date.’ In fact, I’ll probably indulge my fiancée with those exact same things (plus some appropriately skimpy underwear) this Valentine’s Day!


    What I want you to understand is this:

    Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for ROMANCE.

    And, Romance is kinda like a ‘socially acceptable’ way to be SEXUAL in public.

    No, I’m not suggesting you bang your woman in front of an audience (though, that’d likely be a HUGE ‘Turn On’ for way more women than most men realize!).

    But, what I am saying is…

    If you take your woman out on a date. And you hold hands, kiss, cuddle and generally be intimate together…

    And then you BANG HER BRAINS OUT at the end of the night… leaving her lying - shaking uncontrollably - in a pile of...

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  • Is THIS The Quickest and Easiest Way to Increase Your Testosterone Levels and Improve Your Posture?

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “High Testosterone + Good Posture. 2 Vital Traits of a Masculine Alpha Male”

    Testosterone and Posture Are 2 Vital Parts of ‘Masculinity’ - Here’s a Simple Exercise You Can use to Improve Both (In Just a Few Seconds a Day)!

    By Adam Armstrong

    High Testosterone Levels - and Great Posture - are desirable traits for any Alpha Male.

    In fact, if you have Low Testosterone, and shitty posture (like so many men do these days) - you cannot really be an Alpha Male.

    With that simple thought in mind, I’ve spent a little time recently, trying to come up with the simplest, quickest and easiest way for any MAN to instantly become more ‘ALPHA’…

    …by improving those 2 vital things:

    • Testosterone


    • Posture

    Now, here’s ‘The Game Changer’… a secret that changes everything:

    • Having GOOD POSTURE actually improves your Testosterone Levels! That’s been PROVEN by Science

    Take a second to really think about what that means…

    Because it basically means that if you walk with good posture, and you sit with good posture - you’ll be doing something that boosts your...

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  • Here’s Something Even Worse Than a Radical Feminist - Can You Guess What It Is?

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “Happy Families - Something Radical Feminists DO NOT Help to Create!”

    Radical Feminists Have Ruined The Lives of Millions of Men AND Women - Here’s How… Plus, Something That’s Even Worse Than ‘a Radical Feminist’…

    By Adam Armstrong

    Lemme start by saying that I think one particular version of Feminism is GREAT. The version where men and women are treated as equals, with equal rights (while also keeping in mind that men are women are not the same. They are, in fact, very different - and not just because of the ‘cock’ and ‘pussy’ thing… though that is a BIG difference!)

    Trouble is…

    I don’t see many Feminists these days talking about THAT kind of feminism…

    And, so far as I can tell - in Western, Democratic Societies (the societies Radical Feminists keep telling us are so WRONG and EVIL - because they are run by men) - women already pretty much have those things!

    As an example:

    Here in England - if a man and a woman do the same job, they’ll get the same hourly rate of pay. In nearly all cases. Period.

    So, what exactly are today’s Radical...

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  • 5 Simple Ways For a Man to ‘Get His Act Together’ and Instantly Improve His Life!

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    FACT: The Only True Fulfillment In This Life Comes from Getting Better… From Becoming a Better Man, Day-In-Day-Out. Here are 5 Proven Ways to Become a Better Man, Pretty Much Instantly

    By Adam Armstrong

    I recently wrote a blog post about the idea of taking Personal Responsibility. And, how it’s important that every man who wants to live with Purpose, and feel Fulfilled, do this.

    Now, you could be forgiven for thinking that a blog post about ‘Taking Personal Responsibility’ would be just about the most UNPOPULAR thing ever, in today’s 21st Century World…

    …because, let’s face it:

    A LOT of people are behaving very badly right now - and very stupidly - by choosing to blame everything that they don’t like in their lives on:

    • Other groups of people (for instance, in America today, many groups - such as Radical Feminists, Post-Modernists, and Social Justice Warriors (SJW) - seem to find a way to blame WHITE MEN for pretty much everything they dislike!)
    • Other individuals (the same groups I just mentioned above - and plenty more...

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