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  • 5 Common and Destructive Sex Myths (How Many Do YOU Believe?)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    At Least 90% of Men Believe The 5 Common and Destructive ‘Sex Myths’ You’re About to Discover In This Blog Post… Question is: How Many Do YOU Believe, and What Should You Be Thinking about ‘Women, Sex, and The Bedroom’ Instead?

    I’ll cut straight to the point… any man who believes the 5 Sex Myths in this blog post to be TRUE, is never going to be a GREAT LOVER. And, he’s never going to even get close to fully SATISFYING his woman in bed!


    Because these Sex Myths - that AT LEAST 90% of men believe to be true - are highly DESTRUCTIVE…

    …significantly reducing a man’s sexual confidence, and ability to get his woman to ORGASM.

    And, you know what women do when they are consistently disappointed in bed, don’t you?

    That’s right…

    They get FRUSTRATED (and moody and bitchy and snappy outside of the bedroom).

    They stop wanting SEX (causing you to be frustrated).

    When they do agree to have sex, they aren’t interested in fulfilling your wants and desires (making the sex very BORING and PREDICTABLE).

    And, in many cases…

    They start fantasizing about sleeping with...

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  • Why Excess Body-Fat is The Enemy of Your Sex-Life

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Here Are 3 Ways Carrying Excess Body-Fat Hurts Your Sex-Life - and Exactly What To Do About It…

    By Adam Armstrong

    These days most people are OVERWEIGHT. There are states in America where official statistics show that nearly 70% of the population are overweight.


    How the heck have we got to a point where 70% of people in certain places in one of the richest countries in the world are overweight?

    It’s blows my mind.

    Especially when, in theory at least, we have the best nutrition ever, the best medication and medical interventions ever, the best exercise programs ever, and so on.

    I’m hear to tell you that being OVERWEIGHT is a KILLER for your sex-life.

    And, believe me…

    I know this to be true for personal experience!

    You see, back when I competed in Power lifting (a strength sport where you lift heavy weights in the Squat, Bench Press and Dead lift) I made a foolish mistake when I was 25. The foolish mistake was ignoring quality nutrition…

    …and eating myself up to a heavier weight class. All in the name of lifting the most weight I could.

    It was the only time in all...

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  • A Powerful Sexual Technique that Women Love (Yet Most Men Know Nothing About It)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Try THIS With Your Woman and You’ll ‘Get Her Off’ Quicker and Easier Than Ever Before…

    By Adam Armstrong

    In this blog post, I’m going to show you one of the most POWERFUL Sexual Techniques I know. A Sexual Technique that women LOVE, yet most men know nothing about.

    First though, I need you to cast your mind back to when you were a kid. At Christmas time.

    If you were anything like me, the anticipation started building as soon as the Christmas Tree went up, and the PRESENTS were put underneath it.

    I remember wondering what the presents were…

    Asking my parents if I could open them before Christmas (and the answer always being “NO”)…

    The anticipation and excitement building…

    And, I remember that when the 25th of December finally rolled around, and I finally got to open my presents…

    I was as happy as a kid could be.

    Most of us have been there and experienced that kind of thing. I see the same build up, anticipation and excitement in my own kids now.


    “What do you think would happen if you applied a similar idea to the bedroom, with...

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  • 3 Common ‘Sex Habits’ that Can Lead to HUGE Sexual Problems (avoid)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    NIGHTMARE: Your Woman Cheating on You, Unwanted Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Even Cancer… They Can ALL Become a Reality if You Use Any of The 3 Common ‘Sex Habits’ I’m About To Share with You! (Hint: Avoid Them, and Use My Suggested Alternatives Instead!)

    By Adam Armstrong

    In this blog post I want to draw your attention to 3 common, every-day ‘Sexual Habits’ most couples engage in. If not every time they have sex, then at least on a fairly regular basis.

    These habits might appear INNOCENT enough - but, the truth is… they can cause havoc and destruction. Both to your intimate relationship, and your health.

    My advice?

    Read this short, yet POWERFUL blog post carefully…

    Avoid the 3 ‘Sexual Habits’ I’m going tell you about…

    And, instead, use the proven, healthy alternatives I’ll present you with.

    Here goes:

    Sexual Habit to Avoid #1: Using Most Brands of Condoms

    Important Note: I am not saying to stop using Condoms altogether.

    You just need to be picky about which Condoms you use.


    Because most Condoms - basically, all Condoms that are NOT made of ‘Premium Latex’ are Carcinogenic (meaning, they contain ingredients...

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  • The #1 Secret to ‘Getting Laid’ More Often (for Single Guys, and Guys Who Already Have a Woman)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    It Doesn’t Matter Whether You’re Single, or In a Relationship - If You Want to Enjoy More Red-Hot ‘Action’ with Women, You’re About to Discover The Most POWERFUL Way to Get It…

    By Adam Armstrong

    Note: To get the most out of this blog post, take a few minutes to read it from start to finish. In order. It’s not one to ‘skim read’

    If you’re a SINGLE guy, you might think that ‘getting laid’ more often is all about memorizing a bunch of ‘Pick Up Tricks’ and going out to ‘Bars and Clubs’ every night of the week.

    If you’re a MARRIED guy, you might think that you need to take your woman on fancy dinner dates, and shower her with gifts, in order to get her to OPEN HER LEGS for you! Heck, you might think this is ‘the key’ to getting laid if you’re single too.

    I’m hear to tell you that all the mainstream advice you hear about ‘Women and Sex’ is nonsense. Well, most of it anyway.

    And, I’m also hear to show you the #1 Secret to ‘getting laid’ WHENEVER you like…


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  • The Alpha Male ‘Rite of Passage’

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    By Adam Armstrong

    A ‘Rite of Passage’ can be defined as:

    “A ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone’s life, especially birth, the transition from childhood to adulthood, marriage and death.”

    In this blog, I want to focus on the “from childhood to adulthood” bit…

    …and tell you about a ‘Rite of Passage’ that’ll turn any BOY into a MAN.

    First, let me make something clear…

    In many cultures they have a Rite of Passage that involves a boy doing something very mentally, and/or physically TOUGH and CHALLENGING in order to be considered a MAN.

    The ‘Rite of Passage’ I want to tell you about has nothing to do with scarring your body, or enduring serious physical discomfort or pain.

    No, the Rite of Passage I want to tell you about has everything to do with WOMEN. Specially, giving women mind-blowing pleasure (something a boy cannot do, but a man should be able to do).

    Of course, most men will DIE before ever really giving a woman truly great sex. Which is sad, yet also the truth.

    If you read this blog post carefully, and do as I suggest - you can join a...

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  • How To Give Your Woman The Best Sex Ever This Valentine’s Day (Explicit)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “Nothing Less Than Great Sex Will Do This Valentine’s Day!”

    Forget About Calorific Chocolates, Flowers that Wilt and Drop Dead within 24 Hours of You Buying Them… and Fancy ‘Dinner Dates’ that Cost A Small Fortune. What Your Woman Really Wants This Valentine’s Day, is: INCREDIBLE SEX! Here’s How it’s Done…

    By Adam Armstrong

    Look. There’s nothing wrong with Chocolates, Flowers and a good old ‘Dinner Date.’ In fact, I’ll probably indulge my fiancée with those exact same things (plus some appropriately skimpy underwear) this Valentine’s Day!


    What I want you to understand is this:

    Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for ROMANCE.

    And, Romance is kinda like a ‘socially acceptable’ way to be SEXUAL in public.

    No, I’m not suggesting you bang your woman in front of an audience (though, that’d likely be a HUGE ‘Turn On’ for way more women than most men realize!).

    But, what I am saying is…

    If you take your woman out on a date. And you hold hands, kiss, cuddle and generally be intimate together…

    And then you BANG HER BRAINS OUT at the end of the night… leaving her lying - shaking uncontrollably - in a pile of...

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  • Quiz: Which Major US Company Has Tampons In The Male Restroom - Because, They Claim: “Some Men Menstruate”

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “If You Thought Tampons Were Just Supposed to Go In Your Woman’s Pussy - Think Again!”

    Read On to Discover One of Those Rare Stories that Both Hilarious, and Incredibly Scary, All At Once…

    By Adam Armstrong

    You might think I’m tricking you with the headline of this blog post, about FEMALE Hygiene Products. You might be thinking:

    “Don’t be ridiculous Adam. No company in their right mind would have TAMPONS in the MEN’s restroom!”

    Now, if you are thinking that - or something similar - I don’t blame you…

    Because, if I hadn’t read the story with my own eyes - I’d be doubting it too.

    And, yet, the truth is…

    It happened. It’s reality.

    One of the biggest Company’s in the USA - heck, one of the biggest in the World… a company many people use the services of every single day (including me)…

    …does indeed have TAMPONS in it’s men’s restroom.

    Question is:

    “Which company?”

    Place your bets…

    Drum roll please…

    And, the name of the company - who has TAMPONS in their MALE restroom, is:


    Yup. You read that correctly.

    Google has...

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  • Why a Female ‘James Bond’ is a Pathetic Idea (and A Sorry Sign of The Times)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    Recently A Ton of People Are Supporting The Idea of a Female James Bond - Including The British Prime Minister Teresa May! Here’s Why The Idea SUCKS!

    By Adam Armstrong

    Like many men, I’ve been a HUGE fan of the James Bond Movies over the years…

    I liked Sean Connery, I liked Roger Moore. Pierce Brosnan was good too. And, Daniel Craig has grown on me.

    Why do I like the James Bond Movies?

    Same reason most men do:

    • There’s a ton of action (including fist fights, gun fights, explosions, car chases, and more)
    • There’s an Evil Bad Guy trying to ruin the world
    • There’s a good guy (James Bond), mostly single-handedly kicking-ass, ruining the bad guys plans… and, saving the world
    • Bond always beds at least one hot woman - and usually two - in every James Bond Movie

    What’s not to like?

    It’s a WINNING Movie Formula that’s been entertaining audiences for DECADES.

    In fact, based on how many Bond Movies they’ve done, and how popular they are - it may be, in some ways, THE most successful ‘Movie Franchise’ of all time.


    Times are changing....

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  • Is It Ok to Be a ‘Real Man’ In The 21st Century?

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    If You Consider Yourself A ‘Real Man’ - You Better Get Your Sick Bucket Ready - Because You’re About To Feast Your Eyes On: ‘The Genderbread Person!’

    By Adam Armstrong

    Friendly WARNING: this is easily the most controversial blog post I’ve ever written. And, easily the most important.

    Read Carefully:

    I was recently listening to a fantastic podcast with Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson - all about the leftie/socialist movement that is sweeping not only across America (but, here in The United Kingdom and Mainland Europe too).

    I’m here to suggest to you, that if you want to achieve your POTENTIAL as a MAN…

    If you want to be the kind of man that women WANT

    If you want to be INCREDIBLE in the bedroom…

    You simply CANNOT be Brainwashed by the ideas these Social Justice Warriors are spreading. Because, at best - many of the ideas are weird (and at worst - they could completely SCREW UP our society… and, many people would argue they already have).

    On the podcast I referred to above - Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson talked about something called:

    ‘The Genderbread...

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  • Alpha Male traits in Bed - 10 ways to dominate a woman in bed

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “Alpha Males Know How to Drive Women CRAZY in Bed…”

    Drive your woman crazy with REAL alpha male sex

    Wanna Be ‘Great In Bed?’ Wanna have Alpha Male Sex? If You Do - You Gotta Learn to Screw Your Woman Like an Alpha! Here’s How It’s Done…

    By Adam Armstrong

    Every man would like to be good in bed. Many men think they are good in bed.

    Very few truly are.

    If you wanna be good in bed - you need to understand what women REALLY want in the bedroom. Then you need to ‘make it happen.’ You have to adopt alpha male traits in bed!

    Cuz all the knowledge in the World is USELESS, until you take action.

    So, without further ado, let’s talk about…

    How To Be Dominant Alpha Male In Bed - and Make ANY Woman Hopelessly Sexually Addicted to You…

    There are many things the Alpha Male does in the bedroom that the AVERAGE man does not. Things women LOVE.

    Right now, I’ll share some of the most important with you.

    How to be more dominant in bed

    If you wan to be an...

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  • Why Women Love Dirty Talk In The Bedroom - and Exactly How To Do It

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “If You Want The Sex to Be GREAT: You Gotta Fuck Your Woman’s Mind - Not Just Her Pussy!”

    FACT: Dirty Talk Is One of The Most Important ‘Sexual Skills’ Every Man Needs to Master (Yet, 98% of Men Have No Clue How to Do it Effectively). This Blog Posts Explains All - Read On Carefully…

    By Adam Armstrong

    If you want to be a GREAT LOVER, and blow the mind of every woman you sleep with - you simply HAVE TO talk dirty. Period. Full stop. The end.

    In this blog post you’ll discover:

    • Why you must talk dirty, if you want to give women incredible pleasure in the bedroom
    • Common ways most men SCREW UP dirty talk
    • How to talk dirty like a ‘pro’ (and drive your woman CRAZY with your voice)

    Let’s get into it…

    Most ‘mainstream’ sex advice focuses on simple stuff like sex-positions, and ways to lick the clitoris. And, while this kinda stuff has some value - it’s not what’s most important in the bedroom!


    “What is most important in...

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  • 30 Ways to ‘Spice Up’ Your Relationship and Have Much Better Sex, Tonight…

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “Women Love Sex - and Want A LOT of It - but Only When It’s Really Really Good!”

    Stuck In A Rut with Your Woman, Where The Sex Has Become Boring, and Predictable? Or, Perhaps The Sex Isn’t Even Happening At All! Either Way, Here’s What To Do About It…

    By Adam Armstrong

    If you’d like to improve your relationship - and enjoy much BETTER SEX with your woman, starting tonight

    You’re going to LOVE this blog post. Because in it, you’ll discover 30 PROVEN ways to bring back the passion, and reignite the spark in your bedroom.

    So, read what follows carefully, use some - or ALL - of the ideas with your woman…

    Then, thank me later…

    Cuz your Sex-Life is about to get a whole lot more interesting!

    Just before we get into the ‘Tips and Techniques’ you can use to have a more passionate, sexual, and exciting relationship with your woman - I’ll say this…

    Most couples - 98% or more - end up in a relationship where the passion, sex, excitement, and sheer enjoyment and happiness, dwindle over...

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  • Female Orgasms and The Power of Belief (Sexual Secrets No One Else Will Tell You)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “If She’s Not Enjoying Multiple Orgasms Every Time - the Sex Ain’t ‘All That!’”

    If You’re a Man Who Wants to Know The #1 Secret to Giving Women Toe-Curling Orgasms, and Mind-Bending Pleasure In The Bedroom - Here It Is…

    By Adam Armstrong

    Pretty much every heterosexual man wants to please his woman in the bedroom - and give her Orgasms that’ll blow her mind - yet, very few men know how to ‘get the job done.’

    In this blog post I’m going to show you a HUGE ‘Female Orgasm Secret.’

    A secret they don’t teach you in the popular Men’s magazines…

    A secret most ‘Sex Experts’ know nothing about…

    A secret even most women could not tell you. Even if their lives depended on it!

    Your ready to hear it?


    I need to begin by asking you a question:

    “How do extraordinary people do things that have NEVER been done before - things regular people have often said were impossible?”

    For instance, how did Roger Bannister run a 4 minute mile? Something most ‘experts’ thought was impossible - until he did it.


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  • Are You An Alpha Male? (7 Traits)

    Posted on by Adam Armstrong

    “How Many of The 7 ‘Alpha Male’ Traits Do You Have?”

    Here Are 7 Traits Every Alpha Male Possesses - How Do You Stack Up?

    By Adam Armstrong

    True Alpha Males are rare in today’s modern world - replaced by weak, fearful men with low testosterone.

    Yet, the good news is…

    It is still possible to be an ALPHA - and reap all the rewards that come with it.

    That thought in mind, let’s take a look at:

    7 Traits of The Alpha Male

    In no particular order, let’s get into it…

    1. He Treats His Body and Mind Like a Temple

    The Alpha Male understands that without his HEALTH - he has nothing.

    ‘Health’ might not sound SEXY - but a true alpha understands that great health brings many rewards:

    And more.

    For these reasons, the Alpha Male takes care of his health - treating his body and mind like a temple. (Because great health isn’t just about your body - it’s about what goes on...

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