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It Doesn’t Matter Whether You’re Single, or In a Relationship - If You Want to Enjoy More Red-Hot ‘Action’ with Women, You’re About to Discover The Most POWERFUL Way to Get It…

By Adam Armstrong

Note: To get the most out of this blog post, take a few minutes to read it from start to finish. In order. It’s not one to ‘skim read’

If you’re a SINGLE guy, you might think that ‘getting laid’ more often is all about memorizing a bunch of ‘Pick Up Tricks’ and going out to ‘Bars and Clubs’ every night of the week.

If you’re a MARRIED guy, you might think that you need to take your woman on fancy dinner dates, and shower her with gifts, in order to get her to OPEN HER LEGS for you! Heck, you might think this is ‘the key’ to getting laid if you’re single too.

I’m hear to tell you that all the mainstream advice you hear about ‘Women and Sex’ is nonsense. Well, most of it anyway.

And, I’m also hear to show you the #1 Secret to ‘getting laid’ WHENEVER you like…

Without ‘sucking-up’ to women…

Without spending half your life savings on crazy expensive dates and extravagant gifts…

And, certainly without tricking women into bed using dubious ‘pick up tricks and techniques.’

I mean, I’m not saying all the stuff I just mentioned is BAD. Nor am I saying it can’t have a place in your sex-life…

…but, what I am saying is that it’s all unnecessary when you master the secret I’m about to share with you.

So, read on carefully…

Because, when you master the secret I’m about to reveal to you:

‘Getting Laid’ becomes so EASY you don’t even think about it. You’ll never be ‘Sexually Frustrated’ ever again…

And, what that really means is:

You’ll finally get to enjoy both the QUANTITY and QUALITY of sex you desire. And “YES” - this is true regardless of whether you’re single, or already in a relationship.


“What Do Women Really Want From a Man?”

“Sure, Women Like Flowers, Chocolates and Dinner Dates. But, There Are Other Things They Like More!!!”

A shocking number of men try to TRICK, or BRIBE, women into bed.

Getting women drunk is one way to ‘trick them into bed.’

Buying gifts in exchange for sex is a bribe. Heck, it’s kinda like PROSTITUTION when you really think about it!!!

And, the truth is…

Both those actions - be it TRICKING a woman into bed, or BRIBING her into bed - are the actions of a man who doesn’t believe he is really desirable to women!

They are the actions of a man who doesn’t believe woman want him!

Think about it…

If a man is desirable and attractive to women - why should he have to trick, con or bribe her into bed?

He shouldn’t!

A truly desirable man NATURALLY and effortlessly has women wanting to go to bed with him. Could be a woman he’s just met a few minutes ago. Could be his wife of a decade old marriage…

doesn’t really matter. If he’s genuinely attractive and desirable to women, women will want to go to bed with him!

No tricks. No bribes required.

You following so far?


Now, let’s get back to our original question:

“What do women really want from a man?”

Reason I ask that question is simple:

Because if you are capable of giving women what they REALLY want - you will be incredibly desirable to them.

Makes sense, right?

Give someone what they want - and they’ll want to spend time with you.

In a ‘man-woman’ sense - give a woman what she wants, and she’ll want to go to BED with you!

So, what is the most important thing a woman wants from a man?

Is it to get tricked into bed by a guy using a canned ‘Pick Up Routine’ that 500 other guys in the same city have used that very same night?

I don’t think so .

Is it fancy dinner dates, flowers, chocolates and gifts?

Well, that shit is nice. But, it’s not what she REALLY wants.

Of course women want a man who can PROVIDE. And, they want a man who can PROTECT.

But, above all else - they want a MATE.

Women want someone to help them produce healthy offspring.

And, what ACT do you have to perform to produce offspring? You got it


Women, above all else, want a man who can blow their minds in the bedroom! Period. Full Stop. The End.

No ifs, buts or maybe’s.

Women want a man who is DYNAMITE in bed.

‘Master Her Pussy, Master Her Mind’ - and You’ll Get More Sex than You Can Handle!!!

“Women Want it Hard and Deep - with A Hefty Dose of Dirty Talk”

Listen up.

There are definitely more BILLIONAIRES of the face of this planet than there are guys who are EXCEPTIONAL in bed.

No doubt about it.

Definitely more billionaires than there are GREAT LOVERS.

This means that most women are sexually frustrated their entire lives! It means most women never, ever, get to experience truly EPIC sex.

And, for the record - licking her clit till she orgasms once, then riding her for 10 minutes before ‘shooting your wad’ is NOT ‘great sex’ (but, more on that in a second).

First, let’s get back to the point…

There are very few billionaires on Plant Earth. But, even fewer great lovers.

This is really BAD NEWS for women - but, really GOOD NEWS for you my friend.

Why’s it good news for YOU?

Because it’s an opportunity.

It’s an opportunity for you to experience sexually, what billionaires experience financially! Billionaires have as close to TOTAL Financial Freedom as is possible. They can buy whatever they want.

How about YOU, once you become a truly great lover?

Well, that’ll give you TOTAL sexual freedom!

You’ll be able to ‘get laid’ whenever you like. Be it by some beautiful woman you just met in a coffee shop - or your devoted wife of 25 years.

It doesn’t matter - either way, you’re going to be ridiculously desirable and attractive to women, because you can give them the one thing they crave above all else…

…the one thing 99.99% of men on this planet cannot give them:




The secret to ‘getting laid’ whenever you like:


Next question:

“What Does It Really Take To Be a Great Lover - and How Do You ‘Measure Up?’”

“How Many Inches Do You Need to Fully Satisfy a Woman?”

Trust me on this:

You have what it takes to be a GREAT LOVER. For sure you do. 100%.

I was an extremely SLOW STARTER with women…

I never thought I was attractive to women. For years I couldn’t even talk to women I was attracted to.

I didn’t lose my virginity till I was 18.

I’m not tall.

I’m not ‘hung like a horse.’

I’m not crazy good looking.

Simply put:

I was not NATURAL with women.

And yet, here I am. Regarded by many as ‘the greatest sex coach on the planet.’ In the past several years I’ve positively influenced the SEX-LIVES of MILLIONS of people.

My point?

If I can turn myself into a GREAT LOVER… You can too.

Just don’t kid yourself about what ‘Great Sex’ really is.

Cuz it sure as hell ain’t want most guys think it is…

Most men think licking her clit and making her cum ONCE, then riding her for a few minutes is GREAT SEX.

It is NOT.

If it was, women wouldn’t get BORED of it.

Yet, they do.

Women get very bored of that kind of sex. Might take weeks. Might take months. Might even take a few years.

Whatever the case, women get bored of that kind of sex sooner or later.

They stop wanting it, or they CHEAT.

Not good either way.

The Good News Is:

  • You don’t need a Huge Dick to be a Great Lover. I once dated a woman who had a string of boyfriends who all measured 10 inches or BIGGER. That’s pretty damn BIG. She was convinced ‘size mattered.’ The first time I went to bed with her I made her cum so hard, and so often, she CRIED. For the first time in her life, she experience PURE SEXUAL JOY. And, nope, I don’t have 10 inches.
  • You don’t have to be good looking or have a great body to be a GREAT LOVER. I once took this woman home from a nightclub who was BANGING HOT. And I mean ‘Banging Hot.’ 35, 5”8, toned, ass to die for. Pretty as a picture. After fucking her pretty much all night - she said “You’ve just made me realize how pathetic my sex-life has been up until this point.” She then confessed that she was married, and pulled out her phone. She felt guilty and started showing me pictures of her husband. To say he was good looking would be the understatement of the year. Basically, he looked like a Movie Star, with a body like an Athlete. But, only one of us made her cum so HARD she WET the bed. And, it wasn’t him.

I’m not telling you this to brag.

Just to make you realize that it’s not about your SIZE, or the way you LOOK.

It’s all about fucking her PUSSY and her MIND. That’s the ‘magic combo.’ And, while many guys do a reasonable job of fucking her pussy, almost nobody does a good job of fucking a woman’s mind!

Here’s The Deal…

“Make Her Cum Hard, Multiple Times, Every Time, and She’ll Be Addicted to You For LIFE!”

To give a woman GREAT SEX - you have to stimulate her body, AND her mind.

The only way to fully SATISFY her is to make her cum over and over again, every single time. And, to make the sex different every time - so it doesn’t become boring and predictable.


What follows are the basics (that almost nobody knows) to ‘making her cum over and over again, every single time.’ So, read it carefully - and burn it into your memory:


That’s the first key to being a Great Lover.

Women are sexually submissive. They want to give in to you. They want to SURRENDER to you in the bedroom.

The more a woman ‘gives in’ and surrenders herself to you in the bedroom, the HARDER and more often she will CUM.

It’s that simple!!!

Make her GIVE IN to you. Make her SURRENDER.

Do those two things and she’ll cum so hard it’ll bring tears to her eyes. Every. Single Time.

Here’s the key to making her ‘give in’ and surrender to you:


Instigate the sex.

Let her feel your masculine STRENGTH and POWER.

Tell her what to do.

Manhandle her a little.

Be a bit rough.

Show her who the BOSS is.

Grab her hair.

Spank her ass.

Women LOVE this kind of thing. They love this kind of dominance.

Especially when you combine it with:


Dirty talk provides the ‘Mental Stimulation’ women CRAVE during sex.

Honestly, you’ll be amazed how this works:

Fuck her HARD. Fuck her DEEP.

Grab her hair, spank her. Call her your “Naughty little slut.”

Tell her she can’t cum till you give her permission.

Order her to BEG YOU to ‘let her cum.’

Talk with authority. Use crude language. Only ask her questions you know she’ll answer “Yes” to. Keep it very simple.

She’ll cum like you won’t believe.

Dominance + Dirty Talk - THAT is the secret.

That’s how you make women cum HARDER and more often than a even a hypothetical Billionaire Porn Star with the face of a Male Model, body a Greek God and 12 inch schlong could ever manage!

I’m telling you…

GREAT LOVERS are rarer than Billionaires. And, billionaires are pretty fucking rare.

If you’ll ‘Step Up’ and BE THE MAN women want you to be - basically, a dominant, dirty talk stud in the bedroom - you’ll ‘get laid’ whenever you like

With whoever you like - be it your wife of 30 years, your girlfriend who you’ve been dating 6 months, or some hottie you just got chatting to 15 minutes ago at the gym.

When you OWN the sexual skills I teach - especially DOMINANCE and DIRTY TALK - you’ll ‘get laid’ without having to try…

Because you’ll be highly desirable and attractive to women

And because you’ll be able to give them what they really want:


Now, before you rush off, I’ve got one more thing to tell you:

How To Effortlessly Get Women to Bed…

“FACT: Women Can’t Resist a Man Who Truly Knows How to Satisfy Them”

Here’s the amazing thing…

Once you give a woman GREAT SEX once - she’ll be addicted to you for life.

The reason is - ORGASMS are highly addictive to women. So, when a woman is lucky enough to find a man who knows how to make her cum over and over again, every time - she will ALWAYS want him. FACT.

There is still one issue though…

What if you’re SINGLE and really struggling to get women to bed in the first place?


What if you’re in a RELATIONSHIP, and your woman is always making excuses as to why she doesn’t want sex?

Well, if you’re single, the first time you give a woman the kind of sex I’m talking about - your CONFIDENCE will go through-the-roof. Once you make a woman CUM so HARD she starts calling you a “beast” and keeps telling you you’re ‘the best she’s ever had’…

Your confidence will be so HIGH that you’ll find it much EASIER to meet women and take them to bed. Because women love CONFIDENT men.

Of course, if you’re in a relationship - all you have to do is get your woman to go to bed with you again, give her the kind of sex I’m talking about…



Her sex-drive will be ‘alive and kicking’ again, and she’ll be wanting it every night from you. And probably every morning too ;)

Here’s the cool thing…

“Secret Seduction Spray: The Easiest Way to GET MORE SEX, Starting Tonight”

A while back I helped my friend - Dating Coach Troy Valance - to create ‘Secret Seduction Spray.’

You put this spray on your wrists and neck.

It takes just a couple seconds.

Then you go interact with women as usual.

Only difference is:

They’re way more ‘into you.’ They’re more ATTRACTED to you. They start hinting at sex. They want to go to bed with you.

The Proven Science behind Secret Seduction Spray is very interesting. And, you can read all about it right here.

Just understand what I’m giving you in this blog post:

Use the spray to help you get women to bed, ethically, without tricks or bribes.

Then, give women GREAT SEX, and they’ll be addicted to you forever. Meaning, you’ll be able to ‘Get Laid’ whenever you like.


“Secret Seduction Spray will Help You Enjoy a Much More Exciting Sex-Life!”

Due to incredibly high demand, and short supply, Secret Seduction Spray is NOT on sale year round.

Right now, I’ve persuaded Troy to let me offer it to you, at 50% OFF, along with 5 awesome Bonuses! :)

Click here to learn more

Just know that he’s only opening the offer up for a few days. And, it could get shut down at any time, when stock runs out.

You should also know that this isn’t some FAKE BS like lots of people on the Internet do. This is REAL. Wait too long and you WILL see a ‘Sold Out’ page when you try and get your hands on some Secret Seduction Spray. You have my word on that.

So, what’s my advice?


Be the Dominant, Dirty talking Stud women crave.

Get yourself some Secret Seduction Spray to help you get women to bed with the least effort possible. Because, only when you get them to bed, can you then UNLEASH your incredible ‘Sexual Skills’

====>> Click Here to Learn More About Secret Seduction Spray

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

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