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Wanna Completely Blow Your Woman’s Mind in The Bedroom, and Make Her 100% Loyal and Totally Addicted to You? Here’s Exactly How You Do It… (and “NO” - it Doesn’t Involve Rubbing Her Freakin’ Clit!)

By Adam Armstrong

Women love to SCREAM in the bedroom.

It’s true…

Women want nothing more than to go to bed with a man who can keep them up all night. And give them the kind of PLEASURE that causes them to SCREAM so loud they wake half the street!

Of course, PLEASURE means ORGASMS, and that’s the topic of this blog post…


Specifically, the 3 most powerful types of Female Orgasm.

And, lemme tell you this…

If you make it your mission - as an Alpha Male - to get these 3 incredibly powerful types of Orgasm working for your woman:

  • She’ll be totally addicted to you in bed
  • She’ll be 100% loyal to you (because women don’t CHEAT on men who truly SATISFY them)


  • She’ll SCREAM so loud it’ll blow your mind!

Now. Before we get into the good stuff - and discuss the 3 most powerful types of orgasm you can give your woman - read the following points carefully:

  • None of these orgasms have anything to do with rubbing or licking the clit (because rubbing your woman’s clit is like riding a bike with stabilizers… it’s a good start, but it’s hardly ‘high level’ stuff - and it’ll never keep her happy and satisfied in the long-run, for reasons I explain in Better In Bed)
  • Most men - like 98% or more - will never, ever, get the 3 types of orgasm I’m going to talk to you about working for their women! Heck, most men don’t even realize these types of orgasms are possible!)

Bottom line?

Get ONE of the following 3 types of orgasm working for your woman, and she’ll feel like the luckiest girl alive.

Get ‘em all working - and she’ll talk to her girlfriends about you as if you are a GOD.

Ready to get into it?

Great. Then let’s do it…

The 3 Most Powerful Female Orgasms Ever. Period.

#1: Anal Orgasms During Intercourse

“Anal Orgasms Will Make Her SCREAM!”

The anus is ‘the forbidden hole.’

Yet, it can be the source of insanely POWERFUL orgasms for your woman!

Just don’t ever refer to it as ‘the anus’ in the bedroom, while you’re fucking her! God, ‘anus’ is a terrible word.

When you’re fucking her in the ass, you say things like:

“Baby, I love fucking you in the ass”

“You’re fucking ass is so tight baby. You love taking my big cock in your tight little ass”

See what I mean?

It’s ‘ass’ - never ‘anus’ - when you’re talking dirty!

And, that’s the thing…

To make your woman CUM while you’re fucking her in the ass - you must be DOMINANT and you must use A LOT of dirty talk. There is no other way.

Just know this…

When you’re Rock Hard, and you’re fucking your woman in the ass, and she’s BEGGING you to give it to her HARDER…

…and she’s SCREAMING your name as she climaxes on your cock, over and over again…

…and tears of PURE JOY are running down her face…

Her life will never, ever be the same again. Because you’ll be giving her a level of pleasure that changes her. Transforms her completely.

And, it’ll change you too.

It’ll make you feel like THE MAN.

It’ll give you confidence like you’ve never experienced in your life. And, it’ll make you realize how much better you are in bed than all the other LOSERS out there. Losers who honestly kid themselves that it’s okay to spend 30 minutes licking the clit, in an effort to give their women one measly orgasm.

Right now, you’re probably wondering HOW, exactly, do you give your woman anal orgasms during intercourse?

Shameless sales pitch:

It’s all explained for you in Bedroom Boss.

Step-by-step. A ‘can’t-fail’ plan.

I can’t explain it in a sentence or two here. It’s too deep, there’s too much to say, too much to explain.

If you wanna give your woman Anal Orgasms During Intercourse - get Bedroom Boss, follow the steps, and thank me later. It’ll make you a better man (and your woman won’t be complaining either! ;)

Hint: there’s a reason why one customer wrote to me, and called Bedroom Boss ‘A Masterpiece that can’t ever be beaten.’ And, that reason is, in large part, down to the details with which I explain how to give your woman Anal Orgasms. You can’t get this shit anywhere else.

#2: ‘Mindgasms’

“TALK Her Into Orgasm and You’ll Change Her Forever

If Anal Orgasms are the ultimate PHYSICAL orgasm. Because you’re stimulating the most forbidden, the most TABOO, area of your woman’s body…

‘Mindgasms’ are the exact opposite.

But, make no mistake - they are equally as powerful!

You see, Mindgasms involve ‘getting your woman’ off using nothing but your voice! Making her cum… making her CLIMAX… using nothing but your voice! Using nothing but expert Dirty Talk.

The benefits of giving your woman ‘Mindgasms’ are incredible:

First, they make her see you as some kind of ‘Sexual Magician.’ Seriously - the Anal Orgasms have her calling you a SEX GOD. The Mindgasms make her see you as a Magician. A Wizard.

After you talk her into orgasm, she’ll eventually catch her breath…

…at which point, she’ll likely look at you, dumbfounded, and say something like:

“How the hell did you just do that to me?”

Then, before you have chance to answer, she’ll likely be on her knees sucking your cock like her life depended on it. Blowing you like there’s no tomorrow.  Doing things to your Manhood that’d make a seasoned Porn Star blush.

Ask me how I know? ;)

Second big benefit to giving your woman Mindgasms, is that when you reintroduce PHYSICAL TOUCH it becomes so easy to ‘get her off’ it’s not even funny.

Think about it…

If you TALK her into an ORGASM that’s more powerful than anything else she’s ever had in her entire life - can you imagine how HARD she’s going CUM when you carry on talking dirty

while also fucking her pussy or ass, grabbing her hair, spanking her and so on?

You get the point.

As I said - Mindgasms are all about Dirty Talk.

To get good at dirty talk, you gotta read, or listen, to my Dirty Talk Phrases program (it’s comes as both PDF and Audio). Click here to learn more

Finally, let’s talk about…

#3: Squirting Orgasms

“Make Her Squirt as You’ll Fuck Her and You’ll 2-10X Her Pleasure!”

Squirting Orgasms are probably the only type of orgasm of the 3 on this list that a good percentage of people have actually heard of.

Yet, still, the fact remains that most people - both men and women - are CLUELESS as to the truth about Squirting Orgasms…

Can every woman have them?

Is it pee?

Does she even want to squirt? (many men wonder this)

Will he be disgusted if I wet the bed? (many women wonder this!)

The questions go on and on. The confusion doesn’t get any less!

I’ll give you the FACTS right now - based on my Scientific Research, my experience with dozens of women, and the experiences of my best 1-on-1 Coaching Clients with the women in their lives:

  • Squirt Fluid is NOT pee! It’s clear and odorless and comes from the Skene Glans
  • About 90%-95% of women can be trained to squirt (so, almost ALL women can be trained to squirt!)
  • Squirting Orgasms are exceptionally powerful and greatly enhance a woman’s pleasure
  • Alpha Males find it incredibly exciting to make their women squirt
  • Over time, the more your woman squirts, the more fluid she’ll ejaculate and the further she’ll project it (which just makes it more and more exciting)

Oh, and once you make a woman squirt for the first time - and she feels how intensely PLEASURABLE it is - all her fears and concerns disappear…

…and, from that point forwards, she wants you to make her ejaculate every single time!

Question is:

“Where’s The Best Place to Learn How to Give Your Woman Squirting Orgasms?"

“Get a Copy of THIS Report and Become a Squirt Master!!!”

Well, on this occasion I’m actually NOT going to recommend one of my own programs or trainings. I know, SHOCK HORROR! ;)

Reason being…

A good friend of mine has a very awesome, and very controversial report that reveals all the SECRETS about Squirting Orgasms that you could ever want to know!

Including a Video that shows you HOW to make a woman squirt. Plus, concrete PROOF that ‘squirt fluid’ is not pee (just in case you need any further convincing of that point!)

If you want to become a ‘Squirt Master’ - I highly recommend you grab a copy of this FREE Report while you still can. Because it likely won’t be available forever.

====>> Here’s the link (Squirting Secrets Report)

Make it rain! ;)

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

====>> Controversial Report Shows You How to Make Any Woman Squirt (includes Video demonstration)

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