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By Adam Armstrong

A ‘Rite of Passage’ can be defined as:

“A ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone’s life, especially birth, the transition from childhood to adulthood, marriage and death.”

In this blog, I want to focus on the “from childhood to adulthood” bit…

…and tell you about a ‘Rite of Passage’ that’ll turn any BOY into a MAN.

First, let me make something clear…

In many cultures they have a Rite of Passage that involves a boy doing something very mentally, and/or physically TOUGH and CHALLENGING in order to be considered a MAN.

The ‘Rite of Passage’ I want to tell you about has nothing to do with scarring your body, or enduring serious physical discomfort or pain.

No, the Rite of Passage I want to tell you about has everything to do with WOMEN. Specially, giving women mind-blowing pleasure (something a boy cannot do, but a man should be able to do).

Of course, most men will DIE before ever really giving a woman truly great sex. Which is sad, yet also the truth.

If you read this blog post carefully, and do as I suggest - you can join a small, yet very Elite group of men…

Men who understand the female BODY and MIND. Men who can give women massive pleasure, and reap all the rewards that come from it.

You’re Not a MAN Until You Do THIS…

“A Man Must Be Able to Make His Woman ‘Give In’ and Surrender to Him In the Bedroom!”

Can you finish the sentence?

I’ll help you out…

You’re not a man, until you can LEAD a woman in the bedroom, make her FULLY SURRENDER to you, and obey your every command!

When you lead women, sexually, incredible things happen.

After all, women want to be led. Because they are Sexually Submissive.

Men, in contrast, are supposed to be Sexually Dominant.

However, various factors - including rapidly declining Testosterone Levels - are causing men to struggle to lead women. Indeed, many guys now think that a ‘fair’ relationship should be one where the woman instigates the sex, and takes control in the bedroom at least 50% of the time.

After all, they whine:

“It’s the 21st Century!”

Let me tell you something…

Human Beings evolve very VERY slowly. And, even though it’s the 21st Century - men are still supposed to act like Men, and women are still supposed to act like women.

ALL emotionally healthy women are dying to meet a sexually dominant man who will TAKE CONTROL and lead them in the bedroom!

Women want to FULLY GIVE IN and SURRENDER to you.

You just have to ‘step up’ and make it happen.

And, when you do, the outcome will be:

  • Virtually Unlimited Orgasm Potential for her (you’ll make her CUM quicker, easier, HARDER, and more often than you ever imagined)
  • A woman who is willing to do whatever you want in the bedroom, whenever you want it (this is always the case when a man gives a woman truly mind-blowing sex… she basically becomes a SLAVE to his pleasure, where nothing gives her more satisfaction than pleasing her man!)

The crazy thing is…

Most men don’t realize that women want to be led in the bedroom. And, the few who do - are often SCARED to do it…

…fearing that she won’t like it.

Yet, the truth is…

If you fail to lead your woman in the bedroom - and she doesn’t fully give in and surrender to you - the outcome is always that:

  • Her desire to sleep with you goes down the toilet
  • Her thoughts turn to other men (Note: she may or may not CHEAT. But, either way - she won’t be happy)

Right now, let’s get practical. And talk about:

How To Take Control and Lead Your Woman In The Bedroom 
(or: How to Make Her Fully Surrender to You, and Cum Uncontrollably Hard! ;)

“She Wants You to OWN Her In The Bedroom!”

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Embrace the idea that women are Sexually Submissive, and that real men are supposed to be Sexually Dominant (if you don’t truly BELIEVE this, nothing else will work. Because women sense a lack of congruency in men very easily, especially when it comes to matters of ‘the bedroom’)
  • Let go of any idea that women should instigate the sex, or take control in the bedroom (if your woman does, on occasion, instigate or take control, that’s fine. Roll with it. Just don’t expect it, and understand that 95% of the time, she wants YOU to be the BOSS)
  • Commit to never again asking for sex, doing chores in exchange of sex, buying her stuff in exchange for sex, or generally ‘pissing and moaning’ when she’s not ‘in the mood’ (all these actions are the actions of a Beta Male. A true Alpha wouldn’t be caught dead acting like this!)
  • Make sure your cock is working to full effect - because it’s difficult for a woman to take you seriously, and fully surrender to you, if you can’t ‘Get HARD and Stay HARD’ (you know how to improve your sexual performance, right? Drinking Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula is the most important thing you can do)
  • Start acting dominantly - instigate the sex. Put her in different positions during sex. Be a little rough with her. Spank her. Grab her hair. Hold onto her tits. Let her feel your masculine strength (women LOVE it when men act like this in the bedroom - yet most men these days are afraid to do it! Can you see the contradiction? Do you see why MOST women are sexually frustrated?)
  • Use A LOT of dirty talk. Literally talk her into orgasm. Hint: it’s the combination of physical dominance, and dirty talk, that’ll cause her to fully give in and surrender to you. And, at that point - making her cum becomes a joke. You can do it over and over and over again, in any way you like. Just give her the ORDER, and she’ll obey your COMMAND!

Honestly, I think most ‘Rites of Passage’ are pretty dumb. The ‘boy to men’ ones anyway…

They’re either a big party, or they involve some kind of self-harm/serious pain etc.

I can’t see the point.

But the ‘Rite of Passage’ I just described for you?

That’s a GOOD ONE.

Because you haven’t really LIVED until you’ve successfully gotten a woman to fully give in and surrender to you. And, the great thing is…

Once you act dominantly, and you see the effect it has on women, you’ll never even dream of acting any other way in the bedroom, ever again.

2 suggestions to finish:

  1. if you’re struggling to ‘get it up’ and ‘keep it up’ - drink Rock Hard Formula
  1. read Bedroom Boss. Why? Cuz it’ll teach you everything you need to know about physical and sexual dominance, and the dark art of dirty talk

Got questions/comments?

Leave ‘em below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP,



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