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“Does Success Come from Taking Personal Responsibility, or Feeling ‘Entitled?’”

Personal Responsibility is One of ‘The Big Keys’ to Living a Life that’s Purposeful, Meaningful and Fulfilling - Here’s Why It’s So Important, and How to Do It Correctly…

By Adam Armstrong

In this blog post I’m going to discuss the idea of Personal Responsibility vs Feeling ‘Entitled.’ It might just change your life. And, it might help you get a better understanding of some of the insanity that’s going on in our society right now.

If you’re a MAN who wants to be the best man you can be - and truly fulfill your potential during your time here on Earth - I advise you to read this blog post carefully, preferably without any distractions…

…and, get involved in the conversation at the end - by leaving a comment/question (Note: I WILL respond to you -  you have my word on that).

Let’s get into it…

Personal Responsibility vs ‘Entitlement’ - What’s The Difference?

“Feeling ‘Entitled’ and Refusing to Take Personal Responsibility is a Road to Hell!”

In simple terms, Personal Responsibility is EMPOWERING. Whereas, feeling ‘Entitled’ is DISEMPOWERING.

Personal Responsibility gives you POWER. The power to bend, and shape, and mold your life however you wish. To make your life, quite literally…

…a Masterpiece.

Feeling ‘Entitled’ takes away your power, and makes you WEAK. It turns a Man into a Whiny Bitch.

When you live a life where you take Personal Responsibility for everything in your life that you can control (including your thoughts, feelings, decisions, responses and actions) - you’re able to make continuous and never-ending improvement…

Which is, of course, the Path of Mastery, and the real secret to living with purpose, meaning and fulfillment (something I’ll talk much more about during the course of this blog post).

Personal Responsibility says that the way things are in your life - both GOOD and BAD - are because of you. They’re your creations, your manifestations… ‘your fault’ if you will.

Meaning that…

If you’re a self-made Multi-Millionaire, and you have more money than you’ll ever need, and as a result… you live without any serious Financial Stress - you can give yourself a pat on the back, and take pride in the fact that you worked HARD and SMART and you made that happen.

Yet, at the same time…

If you’re also 100lbs overweight, fat, and feeling tired and sick all the time - you also have to take responsibility for that. And accept that it’s YOU who put yourself in that situation. And it’s YOU who must work your way out of it!

Another example:

If your woman is ‘misbehaving’ and treating you in a way you don’t like - you shouldn’t blame her for it. Because, if you’re truly taking Personal Responsibility for your life - you’ll say:

“Well, she’s almost certainly behaving like this, at least in part, because of something I’m doing/not doing”

And then you’ll commit to figuring it out!

You see how this works, right?

Taking Personal Responsibility for your life is POWERFUL. And it’s something we can all do (at least here in the Western World where we are relatively free people).

The fact that most people fail to take Personal Responsibility in all the key areas of their lives (including Health, Wealth and Love), and choose, instead, to blame ‘outside forces’ (such as other individuals, or groups of individuals) is very unfortunate…

…Because people who fail to take Personal Responsibility usually play ‘the Victim’ in some way. And end up feeling ‘Entitled.’ Like the World owes them favor.

Let’s talk more about ‘Entitlement’ in the next section…

Why Feeling ‘Entitled’ is a Death Sentence that Crushes The Human Spirit

“Want to Feel Crushed and Depressed? That’s Easy - Just Give Up on Personal Responsibility!”

The problem with feeling a sense of ‘entitlement’ - of feeling like the World, another group of people, an organization, or the Government ‘owes you a favor' - is that it takes away Personal Responsibility.

It encourages a person to see themselves as ‘VICTIM.’ And, take little, if any, POSITIVE ACTION to improve the quality of their life.

As an example…

Imagine a person who feels ‘entitled’ to as much ‘FREE MONEY’ from the state as they can get their hands on.

This person may think they’ve ‘hit the jackpot’ - because the state/government will give them:

  • Housing Benefit
  • Money for Household Bills (gas, water, electricity)
  • Job Seekers Allowance (or something similar. Basically, money to live on while they look for work)

The problem is, and I’ve first hand experience of this (as you’ll see in the next section) -  that many people in that position don’t ever actually bother looking for work!

They just ‘live off the benefits’ - because they feel entitled to them.  And, you often hear them complaining that the benefits aren’t enough!

Now, let’s not discuss what level a benefits a person should get here. Let’s instead focus on what this ‘sense of entitlement’ does to that person in the LONG-RUN.

So, you have this person - let’s call him John.

And John feels ‘entitled’ to FREE MONEY from the Government.

He gets his money and feels no need to work.

And, at first - he thinks he’s ‘living the dream’… because he has a roof over his head, he has his bills paid, he has his food and beer money. Essentially - he has food, warmth, shelter, and entertainment.

His days can now be spent sleeping in till lunchtime, watching Television, spending time at the Pub, and going to bed very late.

Sound perfect, right?


This is a ‘Death Sentence’ in disguise.


Let me explain why…

You see, everybody - particularly men - needs a ‘Heroic Journey’ in this life. They need PURPOSE. they need MEANING.

Note: for many women, having children and bringing them up well is their ‘Heroic Journey.’ But men need something more than that. Now, that’s not to say men are better than women - not in any way! They are just different. And, studies have shown that women have been getting progressively UNHAPPIER and less FULFILLED, with each passing decade, as they do more work, and less ‘looking after the family.’ (Showing what a disservice to both Men and Women Radical Feminists are doing - by constantly pushing women to take on role’s in Society that MEN should be doing).

Here’s the thing…

Living off ‘free money,’ given to you by the Government (who took it, in the form of Taxes, from hard-working individuals) is about as far from living a meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling life as it can get!…

…explaining why so many people in that kind of situation end up DEPRESSED. They end up ANGRY. They end up BITTER and RESENTFUL. Because their lives are meaningless and best, and quite a lot like HELL at worst.

Of course, the ‘feeling entitled to benefits’ example is just one example of ‘entitlement.’

I’ll share a couple more:

Feeling ‘Entitled’ to a Pay Rise:

“The Secret to Getting a Pay Rise is to Add More Value. Period.”

Some people feel ‘entitled’ to a HIGHER WAGE at the company they work for. They feel angry, bitter and resentful when they don’t get the pay rise.

What these individuals often fail to realize is that they have to do something to justify the pay rise. And, that something is ALWAYS to take Personal Responsibility for the situation - add more VALUE - and then the Pay Rise would be deserved and justified.

A person can’t just get a pay rise because they feel ‘entitled’ to it. They have to earn it by adding VALUE! That’s the secret to getting paid more, getting promotions, being headhunted and so on (simply add way more value than other people at, and even above, your pay grade)

Feeling ‘Entitled’ to Having People Tell You You’re Sexy and Beautiful:

“Despite What Radical Feminists Might Tell You - This Isn’t Hot, Sexy, Feminine or Beautiful. It’s a Total Lack of Self-Respect and Personal Responsibility.”

These days there’s a strong movement - pushed by the Radical feminists - to make ALL women feel SEXY and FEMININE.

These women constantly talk about how it’s ‘unrealistic’ for women to be the sizes and shapes depicted by Catwalk models.

And, while I agree with that - because most women aren’t 6”1 and built like rakes…

What these radical feminists suggest - that it’s ok, healthy and ‘normal’ for a woman to be the size of a small Hippopotamus, and that she can be SEXY and BEAUTIFUL at the same time - is freakin’ NUTS.

It’s making making women feel like they can ‘have their cake and eat it.’ It’s making them think they can be healthy regardless of their Diet and Lifestyle, and it’s making them think that anyone who calls them out for being FAT - and perhaps suggesting that they aren’t sexy and beautiful - is a ‘Sexist Pig.’

It’s insane.

If you do happen to be a Big Fat Ugly Man-Hating Radical Feminist, let me be clear:

It doesn’t matter if you dress an Elephant, Hippo, or Rhino in a pretty dress. It’s still an Elephant, Hippo or Rhino in a dress! And, to make it feel like it deserves to feel pretty is insane.

You have to EARN the right to feel pretty, and sexy, and feminine and beautiful - by taking personal responsibility and working on it. The fact that it comes to some women easier than others is just tough luck. That’s life. It ain’t always fair.

What’s also interesting is how these Radical Feminists are giving FAT women a sense of ‘entitlement’ while simultaneously making life difficult, in some ways, for slim, hot, sexy women who do take care of themselves.

My fiancee is a great example…

You see, she’s petite and usually wears UK Size 6 or 8 clothing. But, what she’s finding that is the sizes are getting bigger…

So a UK size 6 is now, in many shops, fitting more like a size 8 (to make fat women feel better about themselves). All of which leaves slim and petite women - who are REAL size 6’s and 8’s in a spot of bother…

Because everything is becoming too BIG to fit them properly.

Feeling ‘entitled’ is a Death Sentence. It takes away all responsibility - and can quite literally ruin a person’s life in every way you can imagine…




You name it.

The moment you stop taking personal responsibility - and start feeling ‘entitled’ - you’re SCREWED. You’re killing yourself mentally, and making a commitment to live in HELL, before you are actually physically dead.

One final point, before we move on…

As MEN, when we take Personal Responsibility - women find it very ATTRACTIVE.

And, as MEN, when we take Personal Responsibility - our women often follow our lead!

For instance:

  • If you start eating better, your woman will often follow
  • If you start working out, your woman will often do the same
  • If you start being more careful with money, and being SAVING some money each month, your woman will often do the same

Meaning that, by taking Personal Responsibility, you not only improve your own life - you improve the life of others. Often starting with those closest to you.

Now, pay attention as I tell you about…

My First Hand Experience Dealing with Young People Who Had a Sense of ‘Entitlement’…

“It’s Easy to Find Yourself Taking a Variety of Drugs When Your Life Lacks Purpose and Fulfillment”

In my mid-twenties, way before I wrote my first book - Better In Bed - that helped men to become better men (and enjoy more fulfilling sex-lives), I worked in the Property Industry.

For about 2 years, my job in the Property Industry involved managing 15 Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s).

Essentially, these houses each had a shared kitchen and living room, 2 shared bathrooms, and 4 or 5 bedrooms. Each bedroom was let to a different person - and then they shared the kitchen, living room and bathrooms.

There were two common themes between all of the tenants:

  • They were 20 to 25 years of age
  • They were all claiming benefits (at a minimum ‘Housing Benefit’ and ‘Job Seekers Allowance’)

Managing these 15 HMO’s - inhabited by unemployed young adults - was, without doubt, the most stressful period of my life. To prove my point - I gained about 30lbs of body-fat during that period, and developed a bleeding stomach ulcer (not fun, but a story I’ll save for another day!)

Let me tell you about the reality of these people’s lives - who were living on benefits, paid for by working members of society…

As far as I could tell, the reality was that - once you give a person a house, and enough money to live - their desire to WORK can vanish very quickly indeed.

One of the benefits all these young people received was called:

‘Job Seeker’s Allowance.’

Now, forgive me for taking the name literally - but, to my mind… that means they really should have been SEEKING WORK.

I know if I was in their situation - able bodied, without work, and living off benefits… my temporary JOB would have been ‘looking for work.’

I’d have done it from 9am to 5pm - just like a normal job. And, with that kind of work ethic (spending 8 hours a day trying to get work) - I know, for a fact, that I’d have landed a job very quickly.

And yet…

I can tell you, for a fact - that’s NOT what the vast majority of these people did.

You see, most of them seemed to go to bed very late (I know this because the neighbors constantly complained about parties that lasted deep into the night). And, they’d get out of bed very late too.

When they were awake - much alcohol was drunk. Many cigarettes were smoked. And a lot of DRUGS were taken.

One of the interesting things about the ‘Job Seeker’s Allowance’ was that in order to keep getting it, the person had to check in with the Council once every 2 weeks for a meeting. At the meeting the person was meant to explain how things were progressing, and what they’d been doing to try and look for work!

If they missed a meeting - they could have their benefits stopped.

And, let me tell you…

This happened all the time. The person would miss a meeting (through sheer laziness) and then I’d have to help them get the benefits reinstated - otherwise the company I worked for wouldn’t get their RENT.

It was a nightmare.

Think about it:

All they had to do was turn up to a quick meeting once every 14 days. Do that, and they’d carry on getting EVERYTHING paid for - RENT and Job Seekers Allowance. And yet, many of them couldn’t/wouldn’t even do that.

Now, let me ask you this:

“When one of these individuals did miss a meeting, and their benefits did temporarily get stopped, what do you think their reaction was?”

Did they take personal responsibility and accept that it was their fault that their benefits were stopped?

Don’t be silly!

Of course they didn’t.

Why didn’t they take responsibility?

Because they had an attitude of ‘entitlement.’ They felt entitled to FREE MONEY. Money in exchange for doing precisely:


Let me make something very clear…

Giving able-bodied and mentally fit people ‘money for nothing’ is a disaster in the long-run. Because it makes them feel ‘entitled,’ it gives them reason to NOT look for work, it robs them of purpose and anything meaningful in their lives…

And, ultimately, in many cases…

It leads to a life where:

  • Bedtime is rarely before midnight
  • Getting up early is an ‘alien concept’
  • Days are spent watching TV, playing video games, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and taking drugs
  • Self-respect is none existent (for proof - most of these people dressed badly, stank of foul smelling body-odour, and had no manners whatsoever)
  • In some cases, they go down a path where being in trouble with the law becomes a common occurrence

And yet - the radical lefties think this is GREAT…

They think giving FREE MONEY to people ‘less fortunate’ is a wonderful idea…

They think it’s is being KIND. They think it’s being MORAL. They think it’s what we must do for ‘members of society less fortunate than us.’ It’s ‘Virtue Signaling’ gone mad.

Personally, I think it’s ABUSE.

It’s not helping anyone.

It’s encouraging people to NOT take Personal Responsibility.

It’s taking from those that work-hard, and giving to those that feel ‘entitled.’

To be honest - I think it’s a fucking disgrace.

And, if you thought the endless partying and drug taking was BAD - you ain’t seen nothing yet!

You see, in the 2 years I managed those 15 Houses in Multiple Occupation (for reference: about 55-65 tenants at any one given time), I had to deal with:

  • Neighbors constantly, and quite rightly, complaining about the noise from parties, arguments and fights in the street
  • The Council complaining to me about complaints from other residents
  • More Police Call Outs than I can remember (because of the arguments, noise, fights, drug dealing and so on)
  • Thousands of pounds worth of damage to properties (hey, when you have fuck-all to do all day - you might as well smash windows, kick doors in, and break the furniture of your own home, right?)
  • 2 houses that nearly burned to the ground (no joke - 2 of these houses nearly burned to the ground, resulting in legitimate insurance claims of well in excess of £200,000)

That’s just a little taste of what can happen when you:

  • Feed people’s sense of ‘entitlement’
  • Give people money for nothing
  • Encourage people to take no personal responsibility

And yet, I’ve not even talked about the worst of it yet…

You see, the toughest thing for me, dealing with these houses, was seeing these young people - able bodied and mentally well - decaying… rotting… and doing NOTHING with their lives (other than feeling like victims).

Many of them were ANGRY and FRUSTRATED all the time.

Of course they were!

When a person - particularly a MAN - has no reason to get out of bed in the morning (other than to try and wash away last nights hangover with yet more alcohol) their SPIRIT is CRUSHED.

Even if only on a subconscious level, they know it’s not good.

Yet, consciously, they feel ‘entitled.’

They feel like everyone who has more than them is wrong, bad or evil.

They feel like everyone who has more than them - as well as the government - owes them a favor.

And, this isn’t a small section of society. It’s MILLIONS of people who think this way - and that’s just here in England.

What’s really nuts is that so many people are pushing this idea that ‘we must help those less fortunate than ourselves’ by giving them FREE MONEY.

Well, I speak from first-hand experience when I say:

It doesn’t work.

It does people more HARM than good.

It leads to physical and mental harm (in the shape of substance abuse - which rots both the body and mind from the inside out… and the previously mentioned ‘crushing of their human spirit’).

Of course, there are COUNTLESS examples of ‘entitlement’ in our society today. But, I wanted to talk to you about the one I saw in great detail, for 2 years of my adult, working life.

And pretty it was NOT!

Let’s talk about the bigger picture, and why…

The ‘Universal Living Wage’ and Why It’s a Flawed Idea

“Contrary to What Many in The Radical Left Believe - Helping People to Do NOTHING All Day, While Having Their Basic Needs Met, Isn’t ‘Being Moral’ - It’s Actually Abuse”

The Universal Living Wage is this idea that the Government should give EVERYONE in society a kind of baseline income.

For doing nothing (no personal responsibility, no improvement, no mastery. You just get it in exchange for creating precisely no VALUE in society whatsoever).

In fact, many strong proponents of Artificial Intelligence (AI) - who believe that in the near future up to 80% of jobs will be replaced by AI (Robots, Computers etc) - will tell you that this’ll make a Universal Wage essential (because humans won’t be needed to do as many jobs).

If that’s the case - and I don’t believe it is, because many Scientists are Computer Programmers are now realizing what many intelligent people with common sense realized years ago - that it’s not that EASY to replace Human Beings with Machines - then how the heck is that progress?

Imagine a world where 80% of people don’t work…

They just live off this ‘Universal Wage’ that they get, for FREE, simply for being ALIVE.

The Radically Lefties, the Marxists, and Post-Modernists might have you believe that this’d be some kind of Utopia…

A Utopia where you can lay in bed all day, do nothing, have all your needs met, and exist on this make-believe ‘Universal Wage.’

Yet I can tell you, with 100% certainty - that living off FREE MONEY, yet without true meaning or purpose in your life…

Would be a LIVING HELL.

You’d HATE it.

Heck, many people are living that way now - including the unemployed tenants I told you about earlier (who had their rent and benefit money handed to them in exchange for providing absolutely no value to society whatsoever).

You think they were happy people?

You think they were fulfilled?

You think they got out of bed in the afternoons and then drank and smoked themselves silly all day because they were in a good place?

Heck no!

They weren’t yet dead - but they were living in HELL already.

I’ve never claimed benefits in my life. And, I never will.

Yet, I’ve had a taste of what it’s like to live without purpose…

It happened when I was working in the Property Industry. You see, although I was good at my job, and reasonably well-paid…


What I realize now - yet hadn’t yet figured out then - was that I’m a very creative person. I’m an ‘ideas man.’

I also love to help people who want to be helped (hence me creating information products and supplements that transform people’s lives).

Yet, in the Property Industry I was doing a job that was basically PROBLEM solving all day long…

Dealing with tenants who hadn’t paid their rent…

Sorting out broken locks, doors and windows…

Making peace with neighbors who’d been up all night because one of my tenants had been playing music till 5am…

Being called out to a house fire at 3am in the morning - after I’d just picked up the hottest chick you’ve ever seen in a Nightclub on a Saturday night (Yes, that really happened).

Problem after problem, after problem.

That was my life.

So I was in a much better position than living on ‘hand-me-outs.’ You see, the FACTS were that I wasn’t yet 25 - yet I drove a Porsche, and had a well-paid job…

Yet it was just about the worst job in the world for me.

It didn’t give me purpose. It didn’t give my life meaning. It didn’t fulfill me.

What it did give me was:

  • A bleeding stomach ulcer that hospitalized me for 4 days
  • The feeling of getting up everyday and going to HELL

Well, all I can say is…

Thank God I got myself out of that situation - by realizing I had to take Personal Responsibility for it, and help myself (cuz no one else was gonna help me) - and finding my life’s true purpose.

For the record…

When I transitioned to teaching men about women, sex, and how to be better men - I took a HUGE pay cut…

The Porsche went…

I could barely afford my rent…

I don’t think I bought any new clothes for about 2 years…

I had to watch every penny…

I didn’t go to a restaurant for 18 months…

And yet…

As soon as men started emailing me and telling me how my blog posts, books and videos were changing their lives - I felt purpose. I felt meaning. I felt fulfillment like I’d never experienced before.

And of course, I was patient, I worked hard, and the MONEY eventually followed. Because, when you help others - with honesty and integrity - and you work both HARD and SMART…

The universe has a way of making sure you don’t have to worry about money.

So yeah

This ‘Universal Wage’ idea is just about the WORST idea ever. It’ll just lead to more people feeling ‘entitled’…

And failing to realize that living off FREE MONEY is a road to HELL.

Still, it’ll be good for the Pharmaceutical Companies - because they’ll get to sell A LOT more ‘Happy Pills’ to solve the endless droves of people who’ll end up DEPRESSED, or Suicidal.

Who Actually Deserves Our Help In Society - Who Really is ‘Entitled’ to It?

“Some People Genuinely Need and Deserve Help - and Society Should, without Doubt, Provide Them Everything They Need”

Up until this point in the blog post, you could be forgiven for thinking I’m a cold BASTARD - and that I’d happily see the least fortunate members of society rotting on the streets.

Yet, that’s about as far from the TRUTH as you could get.

I’m all for helping people - when they deserve it, and truly need it…

For instance, some people CANNOT work. One example might be people who are mentally disabled.

In fact, I have cousin like this…

He was adopted, from South America, as a very sick, and dying orphan - and he has terrible brain damage. He can’t really do anything for himself - so working is totally out of the question.

Should we help him, and people in similar situations?

Of course we should!

They’ve been dealt a rough hand in life, through no fault of their own - so of course we should do all that we can to make their lives as happy, comfortable and meaningful as possible.

Does a mentally disabled person deserve for the Government to give them things like:

  • Suitable housing
  • Money for food, bills, clothes etc
  • Care workers

Of course they do!


No question.

The Tougher Question is:

“What should be done to ‘help’ those able bodied people - who are sound of mind - who feel ‘entitled’ to FREE MONEY?”

“What should be done to ‘help’ those people who just want to be LAZY, and get everything handed to them on a silver plate?”

The answer is simple:

First off, we cannot have them starving to death on the streets. Even if you think they deserve it - what the heck would it be like for all the decent, hard-working members of society?

Pretty GRIM I think…

Because it’d drive CRIME rates through the roof. And, because nobody wants to see dead bodies lining the streets!

So, to me - with my fairly simple, yet very practical way of thinking - the solution is simple:

If you want benefits - you gonna EARN ‘em.


If you want the government to pay your rent, and give you money to buy food, clothes and pay you bills…

…you are damn well going to CONTRIBUTE something towards society in exchange for that money. You are going to deliver some VALUE.

And it’s not negotiable.

It’s not something you can choose whether or not you do.

If you want the money - it’s no longer ‘free.’ You’re gonna EARN it in some way.

This would be EASY to set up…

In exchange for their benefits, these people could do simple jobs that improve the towns and cities where they live. Things like:

  • Cleaning up graffiti
  • Scraping chewing gum off the pavements
  • Helping out at Centers that help truly disadvantaged people

You get the idea?

At first, these people may feel like this is VICTIMIZING them. But, really it’s not. What it is doing, is this:

  • Giving them purpose (which most of them would soon come to appreciate)
  • Making them realize that if they want more money, and a more stimulating job - they need to take RESPONSIBILITY, and go find one

Personal Responsibility - One of The 5 Pillars of Leading a Meaningful, Purposeful and Fulfilling Life…

“Want to Feel Truly Successful and Fulfilled in Life? Read on Carefully…”

It’s not easy to try and figure out a model - that any adult of sound mind can follow - to live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

And yet, I think the following model - based around 5 Pillars - comes pretty close to solving the puzzle.

Here it is…

To live a purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling life, you must:

  • Commit to living with Honesty and Integrity
  • Take 100% Responsibility for Everything that You Can Control in Your Life
  • Practice Self-Mastery
  • Practice Mastery of Positively Influencing Others
  • Always Live in a Balanced Way

Let me explain to you why each of these 5 Pillars is important - and how they lead you to meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

Pillar #1: Commit to Living with Honesty and Integrity

“Honesty and Integrity are The Most Important Things a Man Has…”

I think a man’s most important task is to live with HONESTY (meaning: to tell the truth). And, to live with Integrity (having morals and doing good things).

To be clear…

If you deal Hardcore Drugs for a living, or if you’re a Professional Hitman, or if you do anything that HURTS other people (as opposed to benefiting them) - and you’re totally HONEST about it… that doesn’t count!

You have to do GOOD things in this World, and be truthful, if you want to experience true meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

Pillar #2: Take 100% Responsibility for Everything that You Can Control In Your Life

“Personal Responsibility Is Key to Massive Success”

This means pretty much EVERYTHING (including your thoughts, feelings, responses, decisions and actions). The only exceptions being things like ‘Acts of God,’ and people acting towards you in ways you cannot control.

As an example:

  • At the time of writing, the East Coast of America is experiencing frighteningly cold weather. And the West Coast just had some of the worst Fires in History. If either of these Weather Systems affected you negatively - it’s likely NOT your fault, and there’s nothing you could do about it

That kinda thing aside…

You need to take personal responsibility for everything - good and bad - in your life:

Feeling depressed or lonely?

Take responsibility and accept it’s your fault. Otherwise nothing will change.

Hate your job and wish you earned more?

Accept responsibility and do something about it. You aren’t going to get a better job - and earn more money by some weird act of Magic (or by blaming someone else for your situation).

In a relationship with someone who isn’t right for you?

Accept responsibility, end it, and find someone new.

This is, of course, how all SUCCESSFUL people live. The opposite situation being to live as a ‘Victim’ - believing that everything that’s not how you want it to be in your life is ‘bad luck,’ or somebody else’s fault!

And, sadly…

This ‘Victim Mentality’ is becoming more and more prevalent, as the Radical Left ram their FAKE ‘Moral Superiority’ down everyone’s throats.

If you want purpose in your life… if you want meaning in your life… if you want to feel fulfilled - you had damn well better take 100% Responsibility for what happens to you.

And, you had better embrace that FACT that the odds of anything changing in your life, in a positive way, are very slim, unless you take Personal Responsibility and make it happen!

Pillar #3: Practice ‘Self-Mastery’

“FACT: Health is The Single Most Important Part of ‘Self-Mastery’”

Self-Mastery is the MASTERY of YOU.

The most obvious aspect of self-mastery is HEALTH. That’s the one aspect of self-mastery that every adult should work on.

It’s the one aspect of Self-Mastery that both parents, and schools, should be teaching kids from a young age.


There’s no such thing as MAINTENANCE. You are either growing, or going backwards, in ALL areas of your life, at all times.

So, as far as health goes - it’s either slowly getting better, or it’s getting worse. Meaning, you must work on it, constantly. Daily.

Also keep in mind that as you age, certain health markers will go BACKWARDS. They will get worse (as a crude example: a 110 year old man ain’t gonna fuck his Mrs like a 21 year old STUD!)

And, what this means is that:

Simply to stand a chance of maintaining your health - your must work on it daily, with ever progressing intensity, as the years go by.

Think about it…

At 18 you probably didn’t think of your health - yet you likely had plenty of it.

By 40 - things won’t look so great unless you work on it.

And, unless you do something really quite miraculous - and really take Personal Responsibility for your Health - the statistics show you likely won’t even by around by the time your 90th birthday would have taken place!

Note: Human Beings have the potential to live to be way over 100. But, that’ll only happen if you commit to taking Personal Responsibility for your Health - and work on it daily.

So, whatever else you do in this life - if you want meaning, purpose and fulfillment, you must work on your health. Because, without your health - you have nothing. And, if your health starts to fail - it can start to take up A LOT of your time just trying to get it back! (Time that could and should be spent on things that really fulfill you).

Aside from Health, Self-Mastery can be any personal endeavor that you feel passionate about. It could be doing any of the following to an ever better standard:

  • Playing a sport
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Writing Poetry or Novels
  • Acting
  • Driving


The point is…

You did it to an ever higher standard. You commit to Continuous and Never Ending Improvement.

As an example, I play golf and I take this approach.

I get a little better each year - by working hard on my game with my Golf Teacher Mark Moore (amazing teacher by the way - if you’re in England and wanna play better golf, look him up). And, it’s the act of getting better that is what MASTERY is all about. That’s where the fulfillment is.

I see most of the guys at my Golf Club shooting the same scores every week. Week in week out, for YEARS on end.

No improvement whatsoever.

There’s no fulfillment there. Only frustration.

And, yet it’s how most Humans are. They do the same tired out shit, to the same LAME standard, year in, year out. And, then they wonder why they’re FRUSTRATED!


The only real excitement…

They only real fulfillment…

The only thing that really gets any Human Beings juices flowing…


Mastery isn’t about being the best in the world - because only ONE person can be that, at any given thing. What mastery is about is a commitment to continuous and never ending improvement - quite possibly with a long-term goal in mind - and a genuine LOVE of the process.

As a minimum, your self-mastery must focus on Mastery of your Health.

But, if you extend it to something else you are passionate about - a sport for instance - that’s even better.

Pillar #4: Practice Mastery of Positively Influencing Others

“The Ability to Positively Influence Others Can Change 2 Things: Your Life, and The World”

The ability to POSITIVELY influence other people may be the single greatest skill a Human Being can posses.

Notice I say ‘positively’ influencing others.

And, I say that, because - unfortunately - people often influence others in very NEGATIVE ways.

But, the ability to positively influence others can be the most purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling thing you can do.

For instance:

  • Working on your health is great. But really, you want your health so you can do all the other stuff you wanna do with your life (it’s not the ultimate goal. Just something you need to function as a useful human being)
  • Embarking on a path of mastery in a sport is fantastic - but it’s a very personal thing. For instance - I love GOLF and I love my STRENGTH TRAINING… but they’re both all about me. They both have a selfish, singular, element to them. Neither are helping anyone else - I just enjoy them. Simple as that

Positively influencing others is different.

And the fulfillment it can give you is on another level.

A simple example is when I write blog post and THOUSANDS of people read it. Then, I sometimes get COUNTLESS people writing to me afterwards, to thank me for sharing ideas, techniques and strategies that have genuinely improved the quality of their lives.

Do you think that gives my life meaning and purpose?

Do you think that makes me feel fulfilled?

For sure it does.

And that’s why I encourage you to do the same…

Work on the Mastery of Positively Influencing Others - and see how GOOD you feel when you positively impact other people’s lives.

As corny as it sounds, all this reminds me of the Tony Robbins saying:

“The Greatest Gift in Life Is Giving”

Pillar #5: Always Live In a Balanced Way

“Being Rich, but Fat is Just One Example of Living a Life That’s Out of Balance…”

The only potential pitfall to a commitment to MASTERY is that in can lead to a massive lack of Balance in your life.

We’ve all heard of the rich person who makes his fortune - yet completely neglects his health.

I know Golfers who can really golf their ball - and hit every shot in the book - yet it’s cost them 3 failed marriages and hundreds of thousands of pounds every time they get divorced.

These examples illustrate why it’s so important to maintain some semblance of BALANCE in your life - if you truly want to feel fulfilled.

You always need to work on your health…

You always need to work on your relationships…

You always need to have your finances in order…

Let any one of these things slip - and you’re in TROUBLE. Stress will take over your life.

Let them all slip - because you devoted too much time to any one single thing (like a sport, or helping other people) - and you could end up in HELL.

So, do all that you can to live a reasonably balanced life.

And, I say ‘reasonably’ ‘because it is true that to achieve anything EXTRAORDINARY - to produce truly OUTSTANDING RESULTS - you sometimes have to be a bit unbalanced for a period a time. For instance, when I set up my Better In Bed blog, I regularly worked 12-14 hours a day for the first 2 years.

Yet, even while doing that - I still maintained my health, went on dates with women, worked out - and did the things I needed to maintain some semblance of BALANCE in my life.

How to Take Personal Responsibility for Everything That Happens In Your Life…

“The 4 Stages of Mastery”

Taking Personal Responsibility for EVERYTHING that happens in your life that you can control - including your thoughts, feelings, responses, decisions and actions - is not EASY.

It’s really not.

Yet, like any SKILL, it can be learned.

And, like any skill - you don’t go from ‘Novice to Pro’ overnight.

In fact, like any skill, the path of mastering ‘Personal Responsibility’ takes 4 steps:

  • Step 1: Unconscious Incompetence (where you’re really bad - incompetent - at something and you don’t know it)
  • Step 2: Conscious Incompetence (where you’re really bad at something and you now realise it)
  • Step 3: Conscious Competence (where you can do the thing well, but you have to think about it consciously. It requires a lot of mental ‘juice’ to get it done well)

And, finally, step 4 - the Master Step:

  • Step 4: Unconscious Competence (where you do the thing well, on ‘auto-pilot’ - without having to give it much thought at all)

To truly start taking Personal Responsibility for everything that happens in your life - you first have to get REALLY clear, and HONEST, about what you can control. And, for most people - it’s way more than they think!

The reason for this is because most people cannot face the idea - because it’s simply too PAINFUL - that their life isn’t anywhere near as good as they’d like it to be because of THEM. They’d rather blame their less-than-perfect situation on things they cannot (or think they cannot) control.

The next logical question is:

“What can you control, really?”

Well you can definitely control your thoughts, feelings, responses, decisions, and actions. And, when you control your thoughts, feelings, responses, decisions and actions - and you do it well - you can transform your life, dramatically. And you can do it very quickly indeed.

Things you can’t control - that actually matter - are few and far between!

Natural disasters and ‘Acts of God’ are the biggies.

Floods, Forest Fires, Tsunamis and so on.

Evil acts of Terrorism. Those things you cannot control.

Although, I should point out that even with things like that, people often can, to some extent, choose how much, or how little, those things affect them.

For instance:

If you don’t want the RISK of your house flooding - don’t buy a freakin’ house next to a RIVER! I mean, that might sound too simplistic to many people. Yet, to me…

…it’s simply being SMART, and ‘stacking the odds’ in your favor.

OK. So now we’ve talked about what you can CONTROL in your life, and take Personal Responsibility for (most things), and what you can’t control (not really very much)…

Let’s get practical.

Let’s talk about how you can really commit to taking Personal Responsibility in a serious way. I’ll give you 3 points (though really this deserves a book - which perhaps I’ll write at some point in time):

1. Never, ever, blame any individual or group of individuals, for anything that happens in your life
“When a Man Looks to Blame Other Individuals, or Groups, for Something That’s His Fault - It Comes Across As Weak, Beta Male Behavior!”

Only Victims, and people who feel ‘entitled,’ blame others.

The Extreme Left, the Social Justice Warriors, the Radical Feminists - they’re always looking to BLAME a group of individuals for the way another group of individuals feels.

Here’s quick example:

Many Radical Feminists want men, (usually WHITE men), to take the BLAME for Fat Women not feeling sexy and beautiful!

What the fuck?

How about the woman takes responsibility and realizes that it’s her fault, and nobody else’s fault, that she’s eaten and drunk herself to the size of an Elephant!

Can you see what a disempowering, pathetic, and downright shitty way this is to live?

Your life SUCKS - or something about your life sucks - but don’t worry…

We’ll just BLAME something/someone else for it. We’ll blame something you can’t control. Relieving you of all responsibility (and also completely RUINING your chances of making it better!)

Give me a break.

Taking Personal Responsibility is POWER - it’s the first step to making your life a Masterpiece, and bending the World to suit your Will! - and it begins with a commitment to:

Never, ever, blaming individuals or a group of individuals for anything that happens in your life.

From this moment in time onwards, if you catch yourself blaming others for the way something is in your life, have a quiet word with yourself (give yourself some credit for realizing you were doing it), and then find a better way to look at the situation. A way of looking at it that gives you the chance to improve it (which, being a Victim never does).

2. When things go well - acknowledge that YOU, at least in some way, made it happen

“When Things Are Going Well - Be Sure to Recognise That YOU Made Them Happen!”

Some people are too HARD on themselves.

They don’t acknowledge when they make good things happen.

Taking Personal Responsibility is as much about that as it is taking Responsibility for ‘bad shit.’ I think it’s important to acknowledge the ‘good stuff’ to help balance out the ‘bad stuff.’

Because, if all you focus on is ‘the bad’ - it can really get you down. The World - and your life specifically - can end up seeming pretty GRIM.

So, here’s something to try…

Every time something good happens in your life - at the very least, allow yourself to smile about it. And, if justifiable - CELEBRATE it.

It could be anything…

If you get that promotion, or finally start that dream business you’ve been thinking about for years - acknowledge that you’re a MAN of ACTION (swimming in a sea of LOSERS), and YOU made that happen.

If a friend takes you out for lunch on your Birthday, take a second to acknowledge the fact that most friends don’t do that, so you must be a really good friend - otherwise your friend wouldn’t have bothered going to the effort!

When your woman CUMS 12 times in one night - because you’re a Master of Female Pleasure

Take a second to remind yourself that most men SUCK in bed - and you’re in a very elite group of men who can give women that and of ecstasy.

See my point?

When GOOD STUFF happens - and you had anything to do with making it happen… give yourself a pat on the back, and allow yourself to feel good about it.

3. When things aren’t going to plan, ask yourself the right questions

“Asking Yourself Great Questions Can Change The Quality of Your Life…”

Here’s where things get serious. Where things get DEEP and HEAVY.

Because this is where you have to start:

  • Taking Personal Responsibility for the bad shit in your life


  • Doing something positive about it

You see, taking Personal Responsibility isn’t about BEATING YOURSELF UP. It’s not about losing your job and saying:

“Oh God. It’s all my fault. I’m such a worthless sack of shit.”

Or, looking in the mirror, seeing that you're 150lbs overweight, and then saying:

“Jesus Christ. I’ve eaten myself to such a size I can’t even see my pathetic little dick anymore - I’m such a fuck up. I hate myself.”

What good does that do?


Taking Personal Responsibility is about seeing things how they really are, acknowledging when they aren’t going to plan, and then asking yourself questions to help IMPROVE the situation.

That’s simple.

Anyone can do it.

Yet, most people don’t. (And that, at least partially, explains why most adults DO NOT lead purposeful, meaningly, and fulfilling lives).

To show you how it works, let’s use the body-weight example…

Let’s say you are 150lbs overweight.

First step:

  • Acknowledge that you are 150lbs overweight. Acknowledge that it’s your FAULT. And take responsibility for it.

Then get positive, and ask:

“What can I do to rectify this problem? What can I do to lose weight and feel better about myself?”

Your answer might be:

  • I’m going to start exercising. I’ll start taking 3 10-minute walks a day
  • I’m going to eat better. Drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies, while simultaneously cutting back on junk food
  • I’m going to commit to lowering my stress levels (because we know that when stress is HIGH, so is Cortisol. And, when Cortisol is high, it becomes harder to lose bodyweight).

Then you commit to doing those things every day for 30 days.

The plan is then to evaluate your progress - after 30 days. Tweak the plan as necessary, and keep going.

See how that works?

That’s one simple example of taking Personal Responsibility in an EMPOWERING way.

The opposite would be blaming McDonalds for your weight issue and trying to sue them.

(Note: people have actually done this in the USA. Blaming McDonalds for making them FAT. What’s interesting is that even if they win the legal case, and get some MONEY - they’ll still feel crappy about themselves because they’ll still be FAT. That’s the downside to feeling ‘Entitled’ and being the ‘Victim’ - even when you do something that looks like ‘winning’ - you’re still LOSING)

What You Can Expect When You Commit to Taking Personal Responsibility?

“Purpose, Meaning, Fulfilment, Success - Just a Few of The Benefits of Taking Personal Responsibility”

If you really and truly commit to taking Personal Responsibility for everything that happens in your life - you can expect to TRANSFORM yourself into a better version of yourself…

A better version…






Because Personal Responsibility goes hand-in-hand with a Mastery Journey. A ‘Mastery Journey,’ of course - being nothing more than a commitment to continuous and never ending improvement.

It’s this process of MASTERY - that requires you to take 100% Responsibility for everything that happens in your life - that really leads to purpose, meaning an fulfillment…

Especially if you apply it to ‘The Big 3’…





Imagine if you improved your Health, Your Finances and Your Relationships, by just 1% a week, every week, for the next 5 years…

Can you imagine how GOOD your life would be?

Can you imagine how much BETTER a man you’d be?

Can you imagine the RESPECT other people would give you?

Can you imagine how easily you could positively influence others?

This is a huge part of being the best MAN you can be - and making our life a MASTERPIECE…

The commitment to taking 100% Responsibility for everything that happens in your life, applying that concept to your Health and Physical Body, Income and Wealth, and Relationships - and at the same time, adopting a ‘Mastery Mind-Set’ (where you commit to consistent and never-ending improvement… or, what the Japanese call ‘Kaizen’).

How Women Respond To Men Who Take Personal Responsibility…

“Women Cannot Resist Men Who Take Personal Responsibility”

I mentioned earlier (in this seemingly never-ending blog post), that life isn’t always FAIR. It doesn’t give everyone an equal start.

And, that’s true.

For instance, there are certain things that women find ATTRACTIVE in men, that aren’t ‘earned.’

For instance, if you happen to look like Brad Pitt, or George Clooney - as opposed to being ‘average’ in the looks department, or even UGLY - that is a definite advantage when it comes to being ATTRACTIVE with women.

There’s simply no doubt about it.

Likewise, if you happen to have a bigger than average cock - many studies have shown that many women find that an attractive quality for a man to have. (The fact that size doesn’t have an affect on pleasure - at least once you’ve read my Better In Bed program - is irrelevant. The fact is - women are more attracted to men with bigger dicks, all other things being equal).

If you’re tall as well - that can certainly help.


Good looks, being tall, and having a big dick only take a man so far.

I mean, there are plenty of BUTT UGLY men - who are also short, and in possession of small dicks - who enjoy way more success with women than many good looking guys who are hung like horses.

What’s the difference?

Well, while it’s certainly true that most women like good looking men. And they’re attracted to bigger dicks…

There are other things that are far more important when it comes to the ‘Mating Game.’

For starters - being Interesting, Funny and Confident will take you a long way with women (regardless of your looks, dick size, or height)

And yet, it goes even deeper…

There’s another level - something else you can do… that can really make you irresistible to women. And it’s all about:

Personal Responsibility.

If you take Personal Responsibility in all the key areas of your life - women literally fall at your feet, worship you like a God…

…and brag to their girlfriends about how you’re ‘unlike any other man they’ve ever met.’

Here’s what I’m talking about…

  • If you treat your body with RESPECT, and value your HEALTH above all else - good women are impressed by that
  • If you exercise, do some resistance training, add some muscle to your frame, make yourself STRONG - and display that muscle and strength with a low body-fat percentage, and with great posture - women become wildly attracted to you (provided you’re confident with it - as opposed to obsessed, and insecure about it like some men are)
  • If you find your true purpose in life, and live it - with honesty and integrity - and you talk about it with PASSION and ENTHUSIASM - women get WET and HORNY just listening to you (even if what you’re talking about is, on paper at least, deathly boring!)
  • If you really get control of your Finances - earning a high income, and becoming wealthy - women RESPECT you for it (and I don’t mean in a ‘Gold Digging’ kind of way… I mean good women respect men who work hard, smart, and are financially rewarded for it)
  • If you spend some of your time helping those less fortunate than you - women see your compassionate side, and really RESPECT you for it


If you never, ever, piss and moan and whine about your situation… if you never, ever display the traits of weak men who feel ‘entitled’…

Women RESPECT and LOVE you for it.

Heck, I think I’m putting a pretty good case together that suggests that:

Men Who Take Personal Responsibility in all the Key, Really Important Areas of their Lives - Make Women WET and HORNY.

Can you see how POWERFUL this is?

Let’s face it…

You can’t change your looks (though you can maximize what you’ve got), and you can’t go from having a small dick to a big dick (though, again, you can maximize what you’ve got by taking things like Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula, Man Tea: Go All Night Formula, Max Hardness and Explode Your Testosterone)…

But, what you absolutely can do is make yourself stand out from 95% of men, by taking Personal Responsibility in all the key areas of your life…

…and, when you do that - you can have pretty much any woman you desire.

My Challenge to You…

“You Up for a Life-Changing Challenge? If So, Read This Section Carefully…”

Take Responsibility of your Health, your Finances and your Relationships.

Cuz, those are the ‘Big 3.’

Health, Wealth and Love.

Don’t like that lack of Energy you have?

Don’t just accept it - or blame your genetics for it - do something about it! (Taking ReCharge and Energy Kick would be a good idea by the way. As would getting Fix Your Low Energy and High Energy Academy).

Don’t like how your finances are looking?

Don’t blame anyone else, or ‘the system,’ for it!

Do something about it.

Hint: The way to earn more money is to ADD MORE VALUE.

(For help with your financial life - go through the Real Productivity Blueprint and Ethical Wealth Blueprint programs)

Don’t like the relationship you have with your woman?

Fix it!

Or, if you truly believe you aren’t right for one another - have the COURAGE to end it. Because you’ll be doing both yourself and her a favor.

(Note: mastery of ‘women, sex and relationships’ should begin with you reading my book Better In Bed).


I’ve virtually worn away the ends of my fingers typing this bastard. It’s a LONG-ASS blog post - and I truly hope you’ve gained A TON of value from it! :)

All I ask in return is a quick favor…

Here it is:

  • Leave your comments/questions/thoughts/feedback and suggestions below
  • Share this blog post with anyone who you think might benefit

Thanks for reading!

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. As a man, it’s very hard to take Personal Responsibility for everything you can control in your life, if your TESTOSTERONE is LOW.


Because Testosterone gives you drive and determination. It helps you feel ‘Fired Up’ and motivated.

It boosts your Confidence and Assertiveness.

And, without those qualities - it becomes very difficult to commit to taking 100% Responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

If you have LOW TESTOSTERONE - or simply want to maximize your testosterone levels - I recommend my Explode Your Testosterone Superherb Formula.

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P.P.S. Leave your comments/questions below - and I’ll get back to you ASAP…

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