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Dr Jordan Peterson - a Clinical Psychologist from The University of Toronto - Was Recently Interviewed by Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News, Here In England… She Tried to Make Him Out To Be All Kind of NASTY Things - He Effortlessly Made Her Look Like a Fool!

Since Then, Many Experts Have Shared Their Comments On What Happened - Yet Here’s What NONE of Them Realize (Nor Have The BALLS to Say)!

By Adam Armstrong

IMPORTANT: This blog post, about Dr Jordan Peterson, and Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News, won’t mean a thing to you, unless you’ve watched the Interview!

In case you missed it, here it is:

Watched it?


Now let me break it down for you…

The way I see it, Dr Jordan Peterson is a truly GREAT GUY.

He’s shares what he believes to be the truth. No matter how controversial it is.

He encourages people to tell the truth, and take personal responsibility for their lives.

He tells people, albeit in a far more polite way than this:

“To get their own shit together, before they go preaching to others”

And, many men in particular, are really taking his simple - yet profound - message to heart. And, using his advice to change their lives.

For the better.

My thoughts on Jordan Peterson are basically that he may well be the smartest, most intelligent human being I’ve ever heard speak. And, YES - I’m 100% serious on that point.

All that said, you could be forgiven for thinking that Chanel 4 News wanted him on their Television Show because they see what a great guy he is. And, they wanted him to share his WISDOM with their viewers!

And, while that’s a fine assumption…

…if you made it…

You’d be wrong.

DEAD WRONG in fact!

Here’s What Actually Happened…

She Tried to Hang Him - But Executed Herself Instead!

“If you want to be a better man, you’d be wise to listen to what Jordan Peterson has to say”

I think that Cathy Newman - like all Feminists of a particularly extreme nature - went into that interview with a very preconceived set of notions about Jordan Peterson…

Meaning, she had it in her head exactly what his BELIEFS were - and they were the exact beliefs she could use to have labelled him:

  • Sexist


  • Transphobic

All she needed to do was to get him to AGREE to the nonsensical DRIVEL that came out of her mouth! And, once she’d done that…

He’d effectively HANG HIMSELF Live on National TV. Metaphorically speaking of course - not with a rope and noose!

Nice woman, eh?

Sadly, for Cathy Newman, things didn’t go quite to plan…

With the interview following a pattern of:

  • She’d ask a question, or give her thoughts on something
  • Jordan Peterson would reply, choosing his words VERY CAREFULLY
  • She’d come back with: “So what you’re saying is (XXX)” (None of which he said at all!!!)
  • He’d laugh, and politely say: “No. That’s not what I’m saying at all”

A less intelligent, less aware man (or woman), may have fallen for this fairly simplistic tactic - but Jordan Peterson has an IQ of 145 (so poor old Cathy really picked the wrong guy to try it on).

The end result?

He’s far too nice to say it…

But she looked really DUMB.

She looked STUPID.

And, at one point she even laughed, paused to collect her thoughts, and had to concede that “He got her” (because the point he made, made her realize how confused what she was suggesting was. Note: if you’ve watched the interview above, you’ll know precisely which point in the video I’m referring to).

Now, there have been some really good videos made, and blog written, breaking down what went wrong for Cathy in that interview.

Yet, I have something to say that, as far as I’m aware - NOBODY else has said. And, I doubt they’ve have the BALLS to say, even if they thought it!

And, no, it’s not the fact that ‘getting out of bed and going to work that day was her BIGGEST MISTAKE! ;) Though I bet a part of her wishes she’d called in sick!

I’d Bet A Lot of Money That Cathy Newman is Sexually Frustrated (and She Doesn’t Even Know It)…

“Sexual Frustration Sends Women Crazy!”

Look. Here’s the deal…

I saw Jordan Peterson on another Television show - with 3 presenters (2 men, and a VERY HOT female), and I can tell you…

The female presenter LOVED him.


Because good women love Jordan Peterson because he has many of the traits good women find so ATTRACTIVE in a man:

  • He tells the truth
  • He speaks his mind
  • He is 100% not a weak, emasculated pussy!
  • He helps other people to better their lives (particularly young men - so he is, in effect, helping to create better MATES for the next generation of WOMEN!)


What good woman wouldn’t like a man like Jordan Peterson?



It’s like:

How many good women do you think DON’T like reading about SEX - the way I write about SEX (talking about dominance, dirty talk, multiple orgasms and the like)?

Yeah, exactly


They all love it (and have told me so, in countless emails over the past 8 years or so).

But, Cathy Newman isn’t my definition of a ‘good woman.’ Sure, she’s reasonably attractive to my eyes at least…

…and, on some levels she’s clearly very intelligent.

But, she also clearly has an issue with MEN. Especially strong, dominant men who aren’t afraid to lead.

She’s got all caught up in ‘equal pay’ and ‘equal rights’ - even though women already have all those damn things (here in the West anyway. And, in some cases women rights have swung so far that men are being treated as 2nd Class Citizens in some ways. For instance - James Damore has talked openly about how Google would often give jobs to women, over men, simply because they were women! Meaning, they weren’t giving jobs based on SKILL-SET and COMPETENCE - they were giving jobs based on sex… trying to be super ‘PC’).

Now, I can’t say this for sure - and I’m certainly not saying it’s a FACT (because, how would I know unless I’d seen VIDEO FOOTAGE of her sex-life) - but, I believe Cathy Newman is 100% STARVED of sexual pleasure!

Do I think she’s getting GREAT SEX on a regular basis?


Do I think she’s enjoying multiple orgasms during intercourse several times a week?


Do I think she’s ever been with a man who has truly BLOWN HER MIND in the bedroom?


And, I think this is true of all EXTREME FEMINISTS!

They have an inherent dislike of men - particularly strong, dominant, high status males - because they cannot get one!!!

And, because they cannot get one - they do not understand the PLEASURE a REAL MAN can give them. Therefore, they don’t RESPECT men as they should…

And, they start talking about crap like ‘toxic masculinity’…

How men are to blame for everything…

And so on.

I Wonder If Jordan Peterson Thought THIS At Any Point In The Interview (Warning: Sexually Offensive)…

“Want Your Woman to Behave Herself? SATISFY HER and She Will!”

Listen. Jordan Peterson is a gentleman.

And, as I said earlier - he chooses his words very carefully.

Yet, during the course of that interview, I couldn’t help but wonder if, at some point - his INNER MONSTER was thinking:

“Why don’t you just shut the fuck up. You’re confused. You’re making yourself look stupid. Every time you open your mouth, nonsense is coming out. Now shut up, bend over that desk, hitch your skirt up - you’re getting it!!!”

I only half joke.

Half of me is being deadly serious.

Hypothetically speaking:

If Cathy Newman went to bed with a REAL MAN - a man you like you (a reader of The New Alpha!) - she’d wake up the next day with a totally different view of MEN…

…and she’d be able to engage in an intelligent CONVERSATION with a man like Jordan Peterson - instead of simply trying to Hang him, before she even properly understands his beliefs!

Of course, she’s receiving A LOT of NEGATIVITY on the Internet.

And, what do you think the Left are doing?

Yup, you got it…

They’re making out like she’s the VICTIM…

They’re ignoring all the stupid crap that came out of her mouth in the interview…

And, they’re labeling Jordan Peterson a bully, homophobe, transphobe, sexist and so on!

It’s nuts.

Truth is…

Cathy Newman probably has never had GREAT SEX. And nor have any Radical Feminists. Because if they had, there’s no way they’d have the HATRED towards the very best men in society - like Jordan Peterson - as so many of them seem to do!

I’d love to hear your thoughts - on the interview in general, and my rather unusual comments!

Leave your questions/comments/thoughts below and I will get back to you asap…

Thanks for reading…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. I’ll be discussing this interview further in our first live podcast - taking place on Monday 29th January 2018. See my email for more info.

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