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Here Are 3 Ways Carrying Excess Body-Fat Hurts Your Sex-Life - and Exactly What To Do About It…

By Adam Armstrong

These days most people are OVERWEIGHT. There are states in America where official statistics show that nearly 70% of the population are overweight.


How the heck have we got to a point where 70% of people in certain places in one of the richest countries in the world are overweight?

It’s blows my mind.

Especially when, in theory at least, we have the best nutrition ever, the best medication and medical interventions ever, the best exercise programs ever, and so on.

I’m hear to tell you that being OVERWEIGHT is a KILLER for your sex-life.

And, believe me…

I know this to be true for personal experience!

You see, back when I competed in Power lifting (a strength sport where you lift heavy weights in the Squat, Bench Press and Dead lift) I made a foolish mistake when I was 25. The foolish mistake was ignoring quality nutrition…

…and eating myself up to a heavier weight class. All in the name of lifting the most weight I could.

It was the only time in all the time I’ve spent weight training (over 16 years), that I actually made myself less healthy, not more.

I went from a lean and muscular 180 pound body weight - to a pudgy 210 pound body weight.

The result?

My waist was 4” bigger.

I ended up with a bleeding stomach ulcer.

My sex-drive was about HALF of what it was before (and remember - I was only 25 years old!)

And, when I did have sex, my erections were not as RAGING as they once were, and I didn’t have anything like the stamina I had when I was 35 pounds lighter.

Crazy as it might sound - I don’t regret that time in my life. Because it was that health DISASTER that pushed me to learn all about health. And, it’s because of that health disaster that I can know help other men to build their health, energy and  vitality.

So I see it as a valuable ‘life lesson.’

And, I’m pleased to say that I’ve been able to regain my health, and indeed - end up feeling better than I did before I got fat.

These days I’m about 175 pounds, lean, strong, and on some lifts - STRONGER than ever.

Right now, let me show you:

3 Key Ways Being Overweight Hurts Your Sex-Life…

1. It Kills Your Confidence and Limits Your Choice

It’s Easier to Feel Confident with a Woman When You’re In Good Shape

Let’s face it...

We all want to look good when we’re NAKED.

But, it’s very difficult to feel good naked when you have a GUT. When you’re overweight.

So, when you’re overweight, your CONFIDENCE suffers. Now you don’t feel good about ‘getting naked’ with your woman (and she’s not as excited to see you naked), and your sex-life suffers.

If you’re single - you simply aren’t as ATTRACTIVE to women if you’re overweight. So, you limit  your choice with women.

Geez, this isn’t very Politically Correct, is it?

But let’s fuck Political Correctness, and talk about the TRUTH instead, ok?

And, the truth is…

Being overweight makes you less attractive, it kills your confidence, and therefore - it does nothing good for your sex-life.

2. It Hurts Your Stamina

    You’d HATE for This To End Because You Ran Out of Breath, right?

    Look at any athlete in a sport that requires great endurance. They’re all very LEAN..

    The reason why is simple…

    The heavier you are - especially if that ‘heaviness’ is coming from extra body-fat - the harder your heart and lungs have to work to keep you going.

    Same applies in the bedroom…

    Overweight men are more likely to struggle with their Sexual Stamina than men who have a flat mid-section.

    I mean, to me, the idea of being out of breath while having sex is a BAD JOKE. It simply doesn’t happen to me, no matter how PASSIONATE things get, because my ‘work capacity’ (general fitness) is too high.

    No matter how HARD I’m giving it to my fiancee, I’m not going to ‘gas out’ while fucking her!


    I know from many conversations with women that there are quite a lot of men out there who end up ‘out of puff’ while ‘getting it on.’

    To me that’s really PATHETIC.

    But it’s a real thing.

    And, it’s much more likely to be ‘a real thing’ for you, if you’re OVERWEIGHT. Because when you're overweight, everything is more difficult - especially for your Heart and Lungs.

      3. It Ruins Your Erection Quality

        If You Want to Fuck Like a Boss - Lose The Belly

        It’s no coincidence that you’re more likely to suffer from Erectile Dysfunctions if you are overweight.

        Here’s why:

        Firstly, erections require blood flow/good circulation. When you’re overweight, circulation is impaired, and your erections suffer.

        Secondly, erections and libido require high testosterone. And, when you’re overweight, testosterone levels usually suffer.

        Pretty simple when you think about it.

        Question is:

        “How Can You Lose Weight, and Improve Your Sex-Life - without Suffering The Pain of Endless Hours of Boring Cardio, and Mind-Numbing Calorie Counting?”

        Well, I have some really SIMPLE, yet really POWERFUL tips for you - when it comes to losing weight (and keeping if off).

        If You Think Being In Shape Is All About Cardio and Calorie Counting - Thing Again!

        Here they are:

        • Eat only when you are hungry. We’ve become a society of people who eat out of BOREDOM - we eat to ‘pass the time.’ Then we wonder why we’re fatter than ever!
        • Chew your food thoroughly. This really helps you to stop over-eating. A couple of ‘rules of thumb’ are… chew your food 30 times, and turn it into a LIQUID in your mouth before swallowing
        • Eat REAL FOOD. Nothing processed, nothing! Fruits, Veggies, Nuts, Seeds. Organic Meat and Poultry. Wild Fish. Organic Raw Dairy. Plenty of Healthy Fats. Nutritious Carbs like Raw Honey, Organic Maple Syrup, Rice and Quinoa. When you eat only REAL FOOD it’s actually very difficult to be overweight!
        • Do Strength Training 3 times a week. When you do heavy resistance based exercise, your metabolism is elevated for 48 hours after exercise. Your Testosterone also goes UP, and your Cortisol and Estrogen go DOWN. All of these things make it easier to ADD MUSCLE and LOSE FAT :)
        • Walk more often. Sounds simple. Really helps you burn calories and lose weight. All you have to do is train yourself to do it. 2 or 3 ten minute walks a day can really help you keep the weight off.
        • When you Eat or Drink Crap, get back on the good stuff FAST. It’s gonna happen - you’re going to eat birthday cake, you’re going to have a drink at a wedding, you’re gonna nail an ice cream with a movie. And, that’s ok. You’re only human! But… the trick is to get back to eating and drinking properly QUICKLY. Don’t let one ‘cheat meal’ turn into a month or two of self-abuse where you pound down the fast food and fizzy drinks like they’re going out of fashion!

          Pretty simple huh?

          I live by those rules.

          And, that’s how I stay about 175 pounds, with abs showing year round - without counting calories or doing ‘cardio.’

          And remember - when I was 25 years old - I was FAT. 35 pounds overweight. So, my flat mid-section and abs these days aren’t a result of ‘good genetics’ - it’s living by the RULES I just gave you!

          Give ‘em a try. I think you’ll like the results :)

          Oh, just one more thing…

          As far as SuperHerbs go:

            Hope that makes sense?

            If you have questions - leave ‘em below.

            And, I’ll talk to you soon…

            Adam Armstrong

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