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If You’re Looking for a Proven Way to Fix, or Prevent, Problems ‘Getting It Up’ and ‘Keeping It Up’ - Read This Blog Post Carefully…

By Adam Armstrong

DISTRESSING FACT: An ever-increasing number of men are suffering from an inability to perform as they would like ‘in the bedroom.’ They simply cannot ‘get it up,’ ‘keep it up,’ and SATISFY their women…

…Leading to a whole bunch of negative emotions - including embarrassment, frustration, shame, guilt, and even… humiliation.

Not to mention… serious problems in their intimate relationships…

…After all - the SEX is what separates an ‘Intimate Relationship’ from any other kind of relationship.

And, when the sex doesn’t happen (or is poor when it does happen) - problems always arise.

Question is:

“As a man, what should you do to sort out your ‘Erection Problems’ - or, PREVENT them from happening if your Dick is currently working as you’d like it to?’”

Well, my first advice is to take a few basic steps to improve your overall health.

Why do I suggest you take a few basic steps to improve your health?

Because when your OVERALL Health improves - your ability to ‘Get Hard and Stay Hard’ almost always improves along with it!

I know your Doctor might not tell you this (because he makes money by prescribing drugs, not real health advice) - but, I WILL.

It’s simple.

It’s obvious.

It’s the truth.

And, I’ve had positive feedback from thousands of men who have taken this advice and actually used it.

So, step #1 - when you want harder, longer lasting erections - is to improve your overall health.

Read this next bit carefully:

5 Simple Steps To Quickly and Easily Improve Your Overall Health (and Improve Your ‘Sexual Power’)…

Step #1: Get Real About Cigarettes, Drugs and Alcohol!

“Be Very Careful with This Kinda Stuff if You Want to Perform Like a STUD in the bedroom!”

If you want a high level of health - and the kind of IMPRESSIVE Erections that come with a high level of health - you cannot abuse Cigarettes, Drugs and Alcohol.

Cut back on them.

Or, eliminate them entirely.

In the case of Cigarettes and Recreational Drugs - you don’t need me to tell you that you’d be best off ELIMINATING them entirely.

In the case of Alcohol - there’s a lot of research to suggest a little is ok. And, may even be beneficial to your health.

My advice would be - if you’re going to drink alcohol:

Do not do it to excess (if you start to need it, or you drink until you can’t stand up or walk in a straight line, or you start having 10 drinks in one night - that’s a PROBLEM)

Choose Organic Wines and Beers (and avoid ‘Hard Alcohol’ like Whiskey and Vodka)

Step #2: Move Your Body…

“You Gotta Exercise if You Want to Enjoy a High Level of Health & Performance!”

…ya know… take some EXERCISE.

Preferably every day.

And, if you’ve not exercised for a long time - start out with walking. In fact, walking is GREAT.

I do a lot of heavy strength training - cuz I love it. But, I also go for 1-3 short walks a day. Usually just 10 or 12 minutes round the block, after meals.

And, guess what?

Research is showing that multiple short, 10 minute walks, throughout the day - are better for your Health than 1 long (say 45, or 60 minute) walk once a day.

So, if you’re not a big ‘exercise’ kind of a guy - don’t sweat it.

Just do 2 or 3 ten-minute walks a day - and you'll be doing good things for your Health and Performance.

And, please remember:

When you WALK, do so looking straight ahead, and swing your arms!

Walking with your head down, and arms folded - like I see many men doing these days - is lousy for your Posture, Testosterone, Confidence, and more!

Step #3: Get Enough Sleep

“Quality Sleep Does Wonders for Your Testosterone Levels and Sex-Life!”

7-8 hours uninterrupted sleep per night can do wonders for your health.

The difference between that, and 5-6 hours of BROKEN sleep - can be the difference between you looking, feeling and performing like a STUD in the bedroom… and looking, feeling and performing like a guy twice your age!


Sleep is THAT important.

Here are 3 Sleep Tips that you can use to optimize your sleep quality:

  • Go to bed between 10 and 11pm. Get up just before 6am
  • Sleep in a room that is cool and dark. Preferably Pitch Black
  • Buy the best quality mattress you can afford - and, ideally… one made from NATURAL fibers (Note: sadly, things like ‘Memory Foam’ Mattresses are completely Toxic, as well as expensive. I don't have time to explain why in this blog post. Just trust me on it!)

For more help improving your sleep quality - check THIS out

Step #4: Reduce Your Stress Levels

“High Stress and Great Sex DO NOT Usually Go Hand-in-Hand”

Stress is a legit ‘Boner Killer.’

You see, an Erection needs the following things:

  • High Testosterone Levels, and Low Estrogen
  • Good Circulation and Blood Flow

Here’s the interesting thing:

When your STRESS LEVELS are HIGH - a hormone called CORTISOL increases. And, when Cortisol increases, testosterone goes down!

Please re-read that sentence until you are crystal clear about it.

Now you know one of the major reasons why so many men are suffering ‘Erection Problems’ these days:

Because STRESS LEVELS are at an all-time high. So Cortisol Levels are high, on the whole, in the male population… and Testosterone Levels are LOW. (Read THIS to learn how to Fix Your Low Testosterone Levels)

And, under those conditions - no man is gonna perform well in the bedroom!

Question is:

“What can you do to de-stress?”


If you have toxic relationships in your life… fix ‘em. Or, end ‘em.

If you hate your job or career… get a new one.

Those are BIG things for many guys.

On a simpler, ‘daily habit’ kind of level, do things like:

  • Taking short walks
  • Meditating
  • Deep breathing
  • Listening to relaxing music
  • Getting a massage

And so on.

De-stressing ain’t that hard. So long as you prioritize it, and give it some thought each day!

Step #5: Eat and Drink the Right Things

“One Example of ‘Eating Well!’ :)”

For most men, nothing will have a more profound, and immediate effect on their Health and Sexual Performance - than if they EAT and DRINK correctly.

Focus on eating natural, whole foods.

Eat Organic whenever you can.

Drink plenty of clean water.

Do that day in, day out, and you will be doing something very good for your Health. No doubt about it.

And, I can tell you, from personal experience - that when I was 25 years old, 40 pounds overweight, and eating CRAP…

My sexual performance wasn’t very good.

I’m now approaching my mid-30’s - and have way more responsibility in my life - and yet…

Because my diet is very good - my sexual performance is all I could want it to be.

Think about it…

Put the wrong fuel in your car, and it’s performance will very quickly be destroyed. Your body is the same (shame more Doctors don’t explain this to people!)


Now, once you have those 5 things in place - that’s a great start.

However, the truth is - there’s something else you can take to really SUPERCHARGE your Sexual Performance…

And start experiencing rock-hard, reliable, long lasting erections.

I am, of course, taking about:

Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula

“The World’s Most Powerful All-Natural SuperHerb Formula
for Men Who Want Better Erections”

Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula is a safe, natural, superherb formula - for men who want rock-hard, reliable, long lasting erections…

Plus - bigger ‘loads,’ increased sex-drive, and higher testosterone levels.

Since it’s launch, a couple years back, Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula has been used - with GREAT SUCCESS - by thousands of men, in over 100 countries worldwide.

Many men swear by it - telling us it’s the only supplement that’s ever improved their ‘erection quality.

The really interesting thing are the key reasons why Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula gives men such IMPRESSIVE, powerful erections - where most other supplements fail…

>> You see, Man Tea doesn’t contain Toxic Ingredients (like most Supplements do)…


>> It doesn’t contain Toxic Fillers (like most supplements do)…

Both of those points are true, and important.

However, the most important point of all, is THIS:

Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula is made-up of Herbal Extracts. In contrast, most supplements are made up of Raw Herbs.

Why is that a big deal?

Well, consider the following Math and you’ll see why! …

  • Most Supplements come in Capsule Format. 1 ‘serving’ is almost always ‘2 Capsules’ (that’s the ‘Industry Standard’). And, those 2 Capsules contain about 1 gram of Ingredients. Remember that!

So, as you can see - 1 serving of Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula is 5 TIMES as BIG as 1 serving of a typical ‘Capsule Based Dick Pill.’

That partly explains why Man Tea is way more powerful.

However, there’s more to it…

  • Most Capsule Based Dick Pills are made of Raw Herbs. Man Tea is made up of Herbal Extracts. Typically, Herbal Extracts are 10 TIMES as powerful as Raw Herbs.


  • 1 serving of Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula contains ingredients that are 10 TIMES as powerful as the Industry Average, and you get 5 TIMES as much per serving! That effectively makes Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula 50 TIMES as powerful as most ‘Dick Pills.’

Let me repeat that last point for you, its kinda important:

  • 1 serving of Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula contains ingredients that are 10 TIMES as powerful as the Industry Average, and you get 5 TIMES as much per serving! That effectively makes Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula 50 TIMES as powerful as most ‘Dick Pills.’

And, now you know why we have customers who buy a packet of Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula month-in-month-out, every month, without fail - ever since we first launched it…

Because it really is a one-of-a-kind product.

A product that works.

A product that is totally SAFE and NATURAL, and can give you erections powerful enough to let you keep your woman up all night long! ;)

Click here to learn more

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

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