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“Want to Lose a Few Pounds and Get In Better Shape? Here’s The Simple Solution…”

If You’d Like to Lose Some Body-Fat, and Look Better NAKED - Here’s a Real Simple, Real Easy, Really Effective Way to Do It!

By Elliot Newman

Most people really struggle to LOSE WEIGHT. For proof, consider the following FACT:

America - and most of the Rich, Developed Countries in the Western World - are experiencing an ‘Obesity Crisis.’ In certain areas, upwards of 70% of the Adult Population are now Overweight, Obese, Morbidly Obese (or even ‘Super Obese’ - yup, that’s now a real classification for the overweight!).

Of course, with these rapidly rising ‘Obesity Stats’ - people are not only looking worse… they’re feeling it too…

Because Science has PROVEN that Obesity leads to more Diabetes, more Heart Disease, and plenty of other stuff that can seriously limit the quality of your life (or, even end your life completely).


This rise in OBESITY isn’t just a problem ADULTS are suffering from. Because, crazy (and sad) as it is - Doctors are seeing more and more Infants and Young Children who are overweight.

It’s a real problem. A BIG problem.

Yet, the truth is:

To Lose Weight most people don’t need to do anything drastic…

You don’t need to follow the latest ‘Fad Diet…’

You don’t need to go ‘No Carb’ or ‘Low Fat’…

You just need to use the following ‘Weight Loss Tips’ that really work. Tips that literally CANNOT FAIL to help you lose weight, and get ‘in shape’ - if you truly put them into practice, on a consistent daily basis.

7 ‘Can’t-Fail Tips’ to Help You Lose Weight and Get ‘In Shape’…

“Read On Carefully If You Want a Better Body!”

Before you read this list, you need to be aware of 2 very important things:

i. Some of the things on this list are obvious, and you probably already know them!

But, you’d be foolish to dismiss them because you already know them. Most people know A LOT of stuff - but ‘knowing stuff’ doesn’t mean anything…

…because, you’ll only get RESULTS (and lose weight), when you TAKE ACTION.

Remember this:

Knowledge is not Power.

Knowledge + Taking Action = True Power!

ii. When I talk about losing weight and getting ‘in shape’ - that means LOSING BODY-FAT, and adding some MUSCLE.

No man wants to be a skinny and weak. Every man needs some muscle on his frame in order to look like a Real Man.

And Ladies - you must understand that when you think of ‘toning up,’ what that really means is LOSING BODY-FAT, and GAINING MUSCLE.

As a woman, you might not want to add much muscle, and that’s ok. But some muscle will actually make you look HOT and SEXY (Hint: 99% of guys don’t dig 6 foot tall CatWalk Runway Models, who weight 95lbs, with every bone in their body visible, looking like they’re gonna pass out any second, and like they’d BREAK in BED! 99% of guys do dig Hot Chicks who work out and look athletic and healthy).

Now I’ve cleared that up, let’s check out the 7 Weight Loss Tips that ‘can’t-fail’ to work - so long as you apply them consistently, on a daily basis:

1. Drink More Water

When you drink more water, you tend to feel great. Because, a HYDRATED you is a more ENERGIZED you.

As far as losing weight goes, drinking more water is an excellent strategy. Because it tends to naturally help you eat LESS - without you consciously having to try to eat less.

To take full advantage of this fact, try drinking a small glass of water 20-30 minutes before you’re due to eat.

And, do the same 30-60 minutes after a meal.

Pretty soon, you’ll probably find yourself eating less - especially if you drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day, every day.

2. Eat Natural, Unprocessed Foods

“It’s Important to Eat Lots of These If You Want to Lose Weight and Get Ins Shape!”

This is so important.

Try to eat only natural, unprocessed foods. And go Organic whenever you can.

Do your best to avoid the PROCESSED, toxic junk food most people are eating.

Natural, unprocessed foods are things like:

  • Meat, Poultry and Fish
  • Eggs and Raw Dairy
  • Fruits and Veggies
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Healthy Fats (like Avocados, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil)
  • Carefully selected Carbohydrates (like Oats, Basmati Rice and Quinoa)

When you eat these foods, it becomes pretty tough - if not impossible - to be OVERWEIGHT!

However, when you eat the typical Western Diet - like most people do - made up of A TON of White Flour, Refined Sugar, Trans Fats, Factory Farmed Meat and Eggs, Pasteurized Dairy, GMO’s and so on…

Well, then it becomes real easy to pile on the pounds and end up overweight.

You makes your choices!

3. Try Intermittent Fasting

Many people wake up in the morning and eat pretty much straight away.

And, they don’t stop eating till they go to bed (often munching on snacks as they watch Television in the evenings, right up until ‘Bed Time’).

This is a fantastic plan if you want to eat too many Calories, and get fat.

Intermittent Fasting is a better solution.

And, all it involves is cutting down the ‘window of time’ that you eat during, each day.

For many people - 8 hours works really well. Meaning, you’d only eat from 8am to 4pm, or 9am to 5pm (my preference), or 12noon to 8pm.

If 8 hours seems too tricky, you might begin by doing 12 hours. For many folks, that’s a good start, because if they have breakfast at 7am, and dinner at 6pm (so they’ve finished eating by 7pm), at least they are:

  • No longer snacking in the evenings
  • No longer going to bed on a full stomach (assuming bedtime is 3-4 hours after 7pm)

There are many books on Intermittent Fasting - but I tend to think they’re unnecessary. What I’ve told you above is pretty much it!

4. Chew Your Food Thoroughly

“Crazy as It Sounds - Simply Chewing Your Food Thoroughly Can Help You Lose Weight…”

Did you know that, once you start eating, it takes your Brain about 20 minutes to register that you are no longer hungry?

It’s true.

And, what it means is that if you fail to chew your food thoroughly, and eat it too quickly - you’ll almost certainly overeat. While also putting undue stress on your Stomach and entire Digestive System.

Here’s the simple fix:

  • Do not swallow your food until you’ve turned it into a liquid in your mouth
  • Put your knife and fork down between each mouthful of food


You just gotta do it.

5. Don’t Go Mad On Carbs

I am absolutely NOT a ‘low carb guy.’

I like fruit, I like oats. Sometimes I eat rice. Which are all carbohydrate heavy food choices.

However, what I’ve observed is that the vast majority of people do well ‘not going mad’ on carbs.

And, if you look at the Typical Western/American Diet - it is Carb/Sugar heavy. Breads, pastries, pizza, pasta, donuts - it’s all Carb Heavy.

As you transition to a natural, unprocessed diet - be sure to include moderate amounts of protein and lots of healthy fats.

Bonus Tip:

Consume plenty of Coconut Oil. Because, although Coconut Oil is 100% FAT - it is an incredible weight loss food.

Here are 3 ways to use coconut oil:

i. Cook in it (instead of other oils)

ii. Add it to oats (I make my Porridge like this: Raw Organic Milk, Organic Oats, Organic Maple Syrup, 1-2 tsp Virgin Coconut Oil). Delicious.

iii. Melt it, then add it to smoothies

You might also like to know that Coconut Oil is an excellent moisturizer - and it makes a pretty epic LUBRICANT for the bedroom too! ;)

6. Do Some Strength Training

“Heavy Strength Training Helps You Burn Fat, Add Muscle - and Build a Body You Can Be Proud of!”

You’ll remember earlier that I talked about building MUSCLE.

Well, to do that you need to get STRONGER.

Note: You should check out the ‘Muscle and Strength’ section of this blog to learn more about Strength Training.

For now, I’ll just tell you this:

  • 2-4 strength training sessions a week is ideal for most people. If in doubt, train your whole body, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Workouts should last no more than 1 hour (because Testosterone Levels drop after 45-60 minutes)
  • Spend most of your time doing exercises like Squats, Presses, Pulls and Rows
  • You can also build tremendous muscle and strength through crawling, and dragging weighted sleds

7. Do Some Exercise that’ll Speed Up Your Fat Loss

To be honest - if you just EAT how I’ve explained in this blog post - and do some strength training…

You’ll be able to lose body-fat, get stronger, build muscle - and look and feel GREAT.


You might still feel the need to do some ‘Cardio’ to help ‘burn body-fat faster.’

I’m here to tell you that traditional ‘steady-state’ cardio - such as going for a jog - isn’t worthless. But is far from optimal.

In my opinion, the best ways to speed up fat loss (while also building strength and muscle at the same time!) are:

  • Kettlebell Swings on the minute, every minute. 10 minutes twice a week is powerful
  • Crawling non-stop, for time. Build up to 20 minutes non-stop Baby-Crawl, then 10 minutes non-stop Leopard Crawl, and you’ll see what I mean
  • Walking with a weighted sled (anywhere from 10-30 minutes is good)

Let’s Re-Cap…

  • Weight loss is really only difficult if you eat the Typical Western Diet - and yo-yo from one ‘Fad Diet,’ and one ‘Fad Workout Program’ to the next
  • Results come from what you do consistently, day in, day out
  • If you eat a natural, unprocessed diet, drink plenty of water, chew your food thoroughly - and do some strength training 2-4X per week - it’s pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to not be in great shape sooner or later

I’ve given you the knowledge.

My challenge to you is to now turn it into POWER by putting it into Action ;)

For more Weight Loss help - click here now

If you have comments/questions - leave ‘em below…

And, I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Elliot Newman

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