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Alpha Strength - Capsules

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Our most Powerful Formula for boosting Nitric Oxide and improving Circulation (as well as supporting Testosterone Levels) - leading to Fuller, Harder, more Impressive Erections.

Alpha Strength is a Safe, Natural, Extremely High Quality mix of Scientifically Supported Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and Amino Acids.

Essential Nutrition for any man aged 40 plus.

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Hey, it’s Adam Armstrong here - co-founder of The New Alpha, and creator of dozens of programs and formulas - including Better In Bed, Bedroom Boss and Rock Hard - that have helped MILLIONS of men to enjoy a more satisfying sex-life with their women.

In this article I’m going to share with you a truly mind-blowing conversation I had with the other Co-Creator of Rock Hard, Go All Night and Longevity: Elwin Robinson.

You see, when I was first looking for the solution to help all the clients I had, who had issues with Erectile Dysfunction, Low Testosterone, Premature Ejaculation and Penis Shrinkage (a real thing as you get older…)

I sought out The World's Leading Experts on Erectile Dysfunction. However, to be honest with you, I wasn’t that impressed with what most of them had to say.

A lot of them thought that ED is inevitable, that there’s nothing that can be done to prevent it, or fix it.

Or, some of them said they could totally help...

...yet the things they were recommending were so radical - including massive changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle - that I knew this wasn’t realistic for most of my clients.

And, I instinctively felt it wasn’t necessary.

After several of these frustrating interviews - where leading health experts told me how inevitable ED was for men, and how difficult it was to fix - I eventually interviewed world renowned Health Expert Elwin Robinson.

Elwin was the first expert I met who has a profound understanding that synthesizes both the Ancient Eastern and Modern Western perspective on Sexual Health...

And his Formulas have helped over 100,000 men to regain their Libido, and boost their Sexual Power and Confidence.

I hadn’t heard from Elwin for a while, as he had been off travelling:

You see, there’s nothing Elwin enjoys more than travelling the world... seeking out the very best health stuff on the planet:

Whether it’s going to the latest Medical and Nutrition Conferences and Seminars…

...going out to the middle of nowhere to work with Herbalists to learn Ancient Techniques lost to the modern world…

...or spending time with Scientists and Chemists to discover cutting edge science most of us won’t hear about for another 10 or 20 years.

However, Elwin’s also very skeptical... and he’ll thoroughly test something before he brings it to me (to make sure it really works). This is why I don’t hear from him too often.

So, when he called me one day, out of the blue, he immediately started telling me about a breakthrough discovery he’d made that he knew I was going to LOVE.

He said this discovery would ‘answer all my questions’ and ‘help everyone to get the result they wanted, even people who had not had success with Rock Hard so far.

As you can imagine, I was very interested.

Something told me this one was special, and I didn’t want to miss a thing, so I recorded the whole call, and by the end….

Well, I was totally blown away.

‘This changes everything’ I said. ‘My readers are going to want to know about this.’

So, with Elwin’s permission, I transcribed the call, and present it to you right here...

What I learned from Elwin in the interview totally changed my life, and could do the same for you. So my advice is to read this all the way through, and discover:

The Mechanisms necessary to get an erection immediately, and why so many of us struggle with this

  • How to add inches to the size of your penis when it’s erect
  • The guaranteed way to get your Testosterone up to Optimal Levels

All this with minimal effort or lifestyle change.

And, best of all, every recommendation he made was backed up with numerous, peer reviewed, highly respected scientific studies, which he shared with me, and I’ve included all the links for you to back up every point he makes, at the end of the article.

So, without further delay: the transcript!

So Elwin, what have you discovered?

The answer to the question:


What IS the True Cause of Erectile Dysfunction and Low Testosterone in Men that most people don’t realise? And Why’s it only getting Worse over Time?


This is the Million Dollar question. Because, without answering this, the solution I’m going to give you won’t make sense, so here goes:

Did you know that there’s an innocent looking White Substance that’s The Ultimate Mechanical Cause of Health Issues like Erectile Dysfunction?

Well, this substance is called:


Yep, that’s right, the same stuff you get on your teeth. The stuff that causes Tooth Decay.

Well, it turns out that Plaque isn’t just ‘a dental thing.’ You can actually get a build up of Plaque throughout your body.

Now, the thing is: Plaque goes hand in hand with Inflammation.

And Modern Medical Science now agrees that Inflammation and Plaque are The Root Causes of many diseases in the body.


What’s this Got to Do with My Penis?



One of the main things that causes Erectile Dysfunction is a buildup of Plaque and Inflammation in the Arteries and Blood Vessels that bring blood flow to the penis.

And, as you’re probably aware - in order to ‘get hard’, blood needs to flow to your penis... essentially ‘blowing it up’... in the same way you use air to blow up a balloon. Right?

Well, when those arteries and blood vessels get blocked, it means blood flow can’t get to the penis... or at least not enough to give you a FULLY HARD erection… although some men can still get a partial erection, if there’s a partial blockage.

Anyway, the lack of blood flow to the penis is the main Mechanical reason why your penis doesn’t ‘inflate’, meaning:

It doesn’t get hard, or stay hard.

And this is where "Rock Hard" can fall short for people, and why it’s so important that we help people to also address this piece: the mechanical cause of ED.


So, is This what those 3 Nobel Prize Winning Scientists discovered?


Actually, no.

You see, up until relatively recently, scientists weren't really sure what was causing Erectile Dysfunction. And, they didn’t know how to fix it.

They thought they had an idea, but here’s the thing:

This same process that creates Erectile Dysfunction, over time, if it’s not resolved, can easily lead to more serious issues like Heart Disease and Stroke.

And, because heart disease is The Number 1 Killer in the US and the entire Western World, they were highly motivated to discover the cause of it, but they had the wrong idea.

You see, a lot of the plaque that clogs up your arteries is made up out of fats, like cholesterol.

So, they made the assumption that if people ate less animal foods like meat and dairy, which have high cholesterol - and consumed more vegetable oils, which have low cholesterol - then this problem would get better…

...meaning: the inflammation and plaque would decrease, blood pressure would go down to normal levels, and blood flow could return to extremities like the Penis (eliminating problems like Erectile Dysfunction).


Is that why in The 1980s and 1990s I remember everyone was saying that things Like Meat, Cheese and Eggs were Bad, and I should Eat more Vegetable Oils like Margarine?



But of course, it eventually became clear that not only didn’t vegetable oils help to reduce arterial plaque... in many cases they actually made it worse… as well as leading to weight gain, and all kinds of other health problems.

So the big breakthrough came in 1998 when 3 scientists won the Nobel Prize for proving that Nitric Oxide - which, up until then, they thought was just an inert, slightly toxic gas - was the key to resolving this whole puzzle.

You see, what they discovered is that Nitric Oxide signals the smooth muscle cells in your blood vessels to relax, so that your vessels dilate and your blood flows more freely. This helps your arteries to regain their elasticity and stay free of plaque... turn, this leads to increased microcirculation in genital tissues, which results in Stronger Erections and Better Sexual Responsiveness, via this Nitric Oxide Mechanism.

You see, the key is... we get older, if we don’t look after ourselves, not only do we get more rigid and inflexible (imagine a pensioner trying to touch their toes), but so do our arteries.

And that makes the buildup of plaque, and hence BLOCKAGE, far more likely to happen.


How Did the Scientists Discover that Nitric Oxide made Such a Difference to The Penis Specifically?


Have you ever heard of The Little Blue Pill?

Well, that’s basically how it works… if it works.

It TEMPORARILY increases your body’s Nitric Oxide, which forces Blood Flow into the Penis.

However, there are many drawbacks to The Little Blue Pill, and it’s competitors.

For starters, it increases Nitric Oxide in your body in a very ARTIFICIAL way. It’s not natural (or safe). This leads to inconsistent results:

For many men, it works for a while, then it stops working (as is often the case with Drugs… the effects are short-lived).

The other big problem is that because The Little Blue Pill is a drug, it has A LOT of side-effects. These can be relatively minor… headaches, and sickness…

...or very serious, like a Priapism (an erection that lasts for hours, and usually has to be SURGICALLY made to ‘go down,’ with a big sharp needle... and can cause permanent damage to your penis)

...or, even DEADLY: like heart disease and strokes.

So, although The Little Blue Pill can appear to be a simple solution - a “Magic Bullet” - for erectile dysfunction... it’s not very reliable and the side-effects are common, and can be terrible. Ultimately, life-ending.


OK, so I’m definitely aware that ‘The Little Blue Pill’ and other Drugs of It’s kind are a Bad Idea, but what DO you suggest to Increase Nitric Oxide Safely, Naturally, and without Drugs?


Well, just before I answer that, I’ve got to address one more thing…

You know that, right now, we have an Epidemic going on in the world, a Health Crisis, that almost NO ONE is talking about?

Have you noticed how many men these days are:

  • Low in Confidence and Self-Esteem?

  • Low on Energy, and lacking Drive, Determination, Ambition and other ‘Manly Qualities’?

  • Overweight, often with excess fat around their belly and chest?

  • Lacking Muscle and Strength?

Well, as you know, these factors - as well as Low Sex-Drive and Erectile Dysfunction - are ALL signs of Low Testosterone.

Now, this is relevant because there are 2 Main Factors that are causing this Epidemic of Erectile Dysfunction in the USA and the Modern, Developed World…

The first we’ve already covered… Plaque and Inflammation in the Arteries leading to the Penis...

But, let me ask you: do you have any idea where Testosterone is made?


In The Testicles?


That’s correct. In fact, over 95% of your Testosterone is made there(3).

Now, let me ask you, if you have arteries clogged so badly that you’re struggling to get and maintain a full erection, any time you want one, what effect do you think those clogged arteries will have on your testicles?

Here’s the reality:

If your arteries and blood vessels are clogged, it means that Blood, Oxygen and vital Nutrients are not getting to your Testicles either. At least not at the rate they should be.

And, the impact of that on Testosterone Production is DEVASTATING.

You see, the buildup of plaque and inflammation literally causes your Testicles to end up depleted of The Key Nutrients it needs to function correctly, and your Testosterone production gets lower and lower…

Leaving you feeling demotivated, stressed and low energy... as well as making it very easy to gain body-fat, and very difficult to gain muscle or strength.


Oh wow, I hadn’t heard that before, so you’re saying the Cause of Low Testosterone is the same as the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction… Plaque in the Arteries?


It’s one major factor. But there’s another:


Specifically, Phyto and XenoEstrogens, which basically means:

Plant based, and Man-Made Estrogens.

I don’t know if it’s true, but there’s a persistent CONSPIRACY you may have heard of, that the ‘Elite’ are purposefully trying to pump the population full of soy, in order to lower our testosterone, and make us more docile and less likely to resist being controlled.

For instance, there was a story recently about how a new Burger - being released by a huge Multi-Billion Dollar Fast Food Giant - contains 18 million times more Estrogen then the regular burger they offer(4).

Whether you believe it’s an Evil Conspiracy, or a well meaning, yet misinformed attempt to save the planet or ‘make us healthier’...

...the Truth is that consuming a lot of Estrogen is going to lower your Testosterone production significantly... even if your arteries are crystal clear and free of plaque and inflammation!

And that’s just the estrogen you can choose not to consume… there’s also estrogen in tap water, in the plastics they wrap all our food in, the list goes on...

That’s why there’s an epidemic of Low Testosterone even in relatively young men (in their 20’s and early 30’s), whose blood vessels and arteries haven’t even had time to get clogged with plaque yet!


So you’re saying that in order to really get to the Root Cause of Erectile Dysfunction, Poor Health and Low Sexual Confidence, you have to address Both Issues: The Blood Flow Issue and the Estrogen Issue?



So, to sum it up, in order to resolve this issue safely you have to:

  • Naturally increase your Body’s Nitric Oxide Production to keep your arteries and Blood Vessels Elastic and Youthful, so that blood gets to where it needs to go… for instance: your Penis and Testicles

  • Take Safe and Natural Herbs which naturally stimulate Testosterone Production, to counterbalance all the Estrogen Producing Substances


Is that It? You don’t have to change anything about your Lifestyle, you can just “Take Stuff” to Resolve this?


Well, to be honest, this depends on how far along the road you are…

If this issue is relatively new to you, there’s a good chance that following the simple strategy I just said will be enough to feel a massive difference.

However, to really resolve the problem, it’s also ideal if you:

  • Reduce the buildup of Plaque and Inflammation in your body


  • Minimise your intake of Estrogen Boosting Substances


Before I ask you exactly what I need to do for that I need to ask you One More Thing…

You see, all of this is GREAT, but unfortunately most men don’t want to hear about “Lifestyle Changes” and slowly fixing The Root Causes...

They just want RESULTS.

And they want them NOW.

They want an Erection Today. Tonight. They want to wake up with Morning Wood tomorrow morning, not next year…

That’s really the only complaint we get with Rock Hard: it takes too long. People who stick with it know it works.

But most people are not patient for Results. They want them NOW. So will this discovery help those people?


Yes, absolutely.

Here’s the amazing thing: the same powerful combination of Herbs and Nutrients I’m going to recommend to you to resolve these Root Issues... (Low Nitric Oxide and Low Testosterone)...

...will also work immediately, within an hour or so of taking them.


Really? Will it Work on Everyone?


Well, I guess it depends.

Obviously, if you’re talking about a 97 year old, who hasn’t had an erection for 40+ years, who has major medical problems - and is taking all kinds of medications - there are certainly no guarantees.

And anyone taking medications - or who has a medical condition - should consult with a doctor before making any Diet or Lifestyle changes. Because, unfortunately, many Medical Drugs can interfere with a man’s ability to get an erection.

So yeah, if someone is older, or has had these issues for a very long time, it’s possible it’ll take longer for them to notice results.

But anyone who’s even reasonably healthy, still able to work and get around on their own, they should notice results very quickly, if not immediately.


Wow, that’s fantastic. So, forgive me for asking this, but I know people will ask me this question: if this Natural Approach is so Effective, and backed up by so much Scientific Research, why don’t most people’s doctors already know about it?


Well, to answer that question, let me ask you a question: Have you heard about the Opioid Crisis that’s happening in the US right now?

In 2007, Purdue (a Pharmaceutical Company) pleaded guilty to charges that it misled doctors and patients about OxyContin’s addictive potential, and paid $634 million in fines.

In 2018, nearly 50,000 people died from Opioid use, and millions more were addicted to them.

Now, if you consider the fact that somebody dying, or being addicted, doesn’t just affect the person taking Opioids... it also affects their families, friends and communities... you can quickly see that the damaging effect of Opioid abuse is astronomical.

Millions and Millions of people affected in the US alone, by this perfectly LEGAL class of drugs, every single year.


“How do you think that situation came about?”

It happened because Doctors, who start off well meaning (and wanting to HELP people) are trained - and ultimately BRAINWASHED - into pushing drugs for “Big Pharma.”

The sad reality is that Big Pharma makes TRILLIONS of dollars a year, not from solving health problems, but by selling you drugs that only Manage Symptoms.

As with Opioids, they’re not helping you resolve the cause of your pain, they’re just getting you addicted to something that temporarily numbs it.

It’s the same with ED…

They want to give you drugs that unnaturally FORCE blood flow into the penis. Yet that often doesn’t work... and even if it does, it’s not resolving the problem, it’s only a temporary fix, at best.

And, ultimately, it can make it much worse in the long-run…

...because one of the potential Side-Effects of ‘Penis Pills’ is, crazy as it sounds, permanent damage to the Penis.

Another example:

Instead of helping your BODY to produce its own Testosterone, naturally... they put you on drugs (like Testosterone Replacement Therapy) to temporarily increase it… but then your body is even less capable of making it without the drugs!

Now, sure, if you want to become dependent on Drugs for the rest of your life, you can go down that route. It’s your choice. We’re all adults and we can all decide what we want to do with our body and our health.

However, there’s another route you can go down…

..where you can get your body to start producing the right chemicals and hormones again, like Nitric Oxide and Testosterone, safely and naturally, and…


Most people in the West don’t know about this second route…

However, it’s becoming increasingly popular, because even some doctors are realizing the dangerous effects of our Western Conventional Drugs and they’re looking for alternative, Safe and Natural Solutions for their patients…


OK, you’ve convinced me. So, what does this Natural Treatment involve?


So the first ingredient you have to include, if you want to Naturally Boost your Testosterone and Nitric Oxide, is L-Citrulline.

L-Citrulline is a natural amino acid, which means it’s a type of building block of protein.


Sounds like a Chemical?


I agree, it does, but it’s actually totally Natural.

The L- at the beginning actually means naturally occurring, as opposed to the D- version, which is synthetic. It’s naturally occuring in plenty of foods, like Watermelon.

Anyway, the reason why this is the central ingredient is because it is, by far, the best, most proven, most Natural way to increase Nitric Oxide, both immediately, and also long-term with regular continued use.

Some supplements that claim to increase Nitric Oxide use L-Arginine, but I strongly recommend L-Citrulline instead. Because, the problem is, as you get older, your body can't convert L-Arginine into Nitric Oxide as easily as it did when you were younger.

So taking L-Arginine often has little effect on your Nitric Oxide Levels.


Can’t you just get it Naturally in your Food? You know I’m not a big fan of Supplements, I always prefer to get things Naturally?


A lot of foods have L-Arginine, but your digestive system also has a harder time converting the L-Arginine you get from food into Nitric Oxide (especially once you hit age 40 or 45). So you can eat all the high Arginine foods you want and still not see a difference...

And although it does occur naturally in food, here’s the Key Point:

It doesn’t occur naturally in food in anything like a strong enough dose to be effective. You’d have to eat several KILOS of Watermelon a day to get anywhere near the amount you need. That’s A LOT of watermelon. An impossible amount in fact, even if you love the stuff.

The bottom line is this:

Because L-Citrulline travels through different pathways in your body, it's used more efficiently by your body than L-Arginine to produce Nitric Oxide. It does so faster and more easily than L-Arginine does - especially if you're in your 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond.


OK, that’s a Good Reason, L-Citrulline it is. So how much should someone take per Day?


So, having looked at all the studies, and experimented on myself and with my clients, 1000mg per dose, per day, is really a perfect amount. Any less, and it’s much less likely to be effective. However, if you take much more, it’s more likely to have some kind of mild side effects.

So 1000mg is the perfect balance between having enough to be effective, and minimising the chances of having too much. Of course, some people take much more, but it’s more risky, and generally not necessary.


And, is there Scientific Evidence for L-Citrulline working for ED?


Look, as we talked about, you have to understand that Drugs are Big Business. Which means that the motivation to prove that Safe, Natural, Nutritional Alternatives are effective, is low. If you google most of these ingredients, you’ll probably see very mainstream publications claiming that Pharma Drugs are better.

But, to answer your question:

“Yes, there is Scientific Evidence for L-Citrulline helping to eliminate ED”

For example, they did a double blind placebo controlled study where they gave 24 men L-Citrulline for a month. For half of them, it resolved their ED. That was all they needed. Just L-Citrulline(9)

They also found that the frequency that the group engaged in Sexual Activity, overall, had DOUBLED.

That’s a pretty remarkable result from ONE Amino Acid.


Wow, Pretty Awesome for The 50% of Men it worked for… but not a sure thing then?


No, and honestly, these were people who were described as having mild ED. Not severe.

Of course, that’s why the formula you want to give to your clients needs several ingredients… ingredients that all work synergistically together...

The sum of all of the ingredients put together, in very specific quantities and ratios, is far greater than any one ingredient, or even if you were to take all of them, but separately.


Still, that’s a Good Start, right? If just one Ingredient is Proven to help 50% of Men to Resolve their ED just like that?



But, honestly, I don’t know if those results would be lasting, if that’s all they took. They need to take the other parts of the formula as well, to really get long-term effects.


Ok, before we move on to talk about the Other Parts of The Formula, does L-Citrulline have any Other Benefits?



So many it’s hard to know where to start. Believe or not, despite its impressive results, ED isn’t even the main thing it’s recommended for!

  • It supports Heart Health and Boosts your Energy

  • It even promotes Sharper Memory and Clearer Thinking

Research also suggests L-Citrulline can have a significant effect on promoting healthy Blood Pressure Levels

Researchers looked at L-Citrulline's effects on men and women in their 50s with Blood Pressure concerns. After measuring the participants' Blood Pressure Levels, they gave each of them either L-Citrulline, or a placebo, to take daily.

Six weeks later the researchers measured everyone's Blood Pressure again. Amazingly, they found that ALL of the people taking L-Citrulline saw their Blood Pressure levels drop.

That's right; the study found it worked for everyone!

Another study found a similar result: people taking L-Citrulline saw a dramatic improvement in both their Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure(10).

And, yet another study found this powerful Amino Acid helped people ease stiff Arteries and protect their Hearts after exercise.

And, many people who workout, including athletes, often take L-Citrulline to aid their performance (both in terms of aerobic capacity and strength).


Wow, a 100% Success Rate, that’s even more Impressive!



The truth is, once you get beyond a certain age, taking L- Citrulline is a bit of a “No-Brainer” for any man, because there’s so much to gain, and no side-effects (so long as you stick to 1000mg a day).


So, let’s talk about The Next Ingredient...


The next thing you want to include in your ED Formula is Niacin, in it’s Nicotinic Acid form. This is important, as most of the Niacin sold is in the Niacinamide form, which isn’t much use.


OK, hold up, tell me what Niacin is first, and why we want to Include it?


OK, so Niacin is basically Vitamin B3.

It’s found naturally in many foods, but it’s easy to get deficient in it, because it’s water soluble, meaning: it only lasts in your body for a few hours after you eat it, and then it gets flushed away.

Severe deficiency, called ‘Pellagra,’ is relatively rare. Yet it’s a life threatening disease.

Now, the particular form of Niacin I was telling you about - Nicotinic Acid - is very interesting as it does a similar job to nitric oxide: it’s a vasodilator, meaning it expands the blood vessels and capillaries, allowing more blood to get into the capillaries.

It’s so powerful, that if you take too much of it, it has a ‘flushing’ effect... where you go red, and feel a ‘prickly heat’ kind of feeling. Some people use it for detoxification, to clean out the cells of the body, but they use really high doses.

It’s actually also used as a Prescription Drug to reduce Cholesterol and lower Blood Pressure, but it’s really a perfectly Safe Nutrient, that you find in food and many supplements. On its own, it probably won’t change your life, but it’s a great way to supercharge the effect of the L-Citrulline.


Interesting! So what kind of Dose is Best?


20mg is good.

If you have much more, you risk having that flushing effect, which is harmless... but some people can find it unpleasant.

Much less, and it won’t have the necessary effect. So 20mg is a pretty perfect dose.


What if someone did have that Flushing Effect on even just 20mg?


Well, it’s always good to start with a lower dose initially so your body gets used to it.

And if you take it with food, it’s much less likely to happen.

But honestly, even if it happens once, it’s unlikely to happen again.


Why’s that?


Because your body quickly builds up a tolerance to it.

I did one of the Detoxification Protocols once where you’re actually trying to create the ‘flushing’ effect, every day. Within a few days you need 100s, then 1000s of mg, to create that effect.

20mg is not enough for it to be noticeable in a bad way…

...yet, along with the L-Citrulline and the other ingredients I’m going to tell you about, it’s just enough to create a very noticeable effect in the place you want it most…


Good to know that it Supercharges the L-Citrulline, but are there any Scientific Studies that Prove it’s Effective for ED Specifically?



A double blind placebo controlled study in 2011, of 80 men, showed that they all had some improvement in ED symptoms after taking Niacin daily… while the 80 men having a placebo didn’t notice any changes.


Wow, of course you won’t hear much about this, because Niacin is a Simple Nutrient that’s Not Patentable, so Big Pharma can’t make a Fortune selling it to you. Is that right?




OK, so what’s the Next Ingredient?


So, this ingredient is, arguably, the most important ingredient of all, for beating ED:

Eurycoma Longifolia Root, also known as Tongkat Ali.

This is an herb from Southeast Asia. It’s very rare, because It only grows in one country - Malaysia.

And, it’s The Most Powerful Herb in the World for Boosting Testosterone, increasing Energy, and reversing Impotence.

The most impressive effect it has is in combating ED and reducing the size of your Prostate!

You see, Tongkat Ali also increases the production and release of cGMP in your body…


What’s cGMP, and what’s it got to do with ED and your Prostate? You haven’t Mentioned this before…


OK, so here’s the thing…

According to Scientists and Doctors at Harvard, there’s an important Chemical found inside your Bladder that your doctor probably hasn’t ever talked to you about.

It’s called cGMP…

And this chemical’s SOLE job is to tell your Penis to become “hard”.

In other words, cGMP is basically the “Green Light” that tells your body it’s time to get an erection…

And Tongkat Ali increases cGMP!

The scientific research and proof behind high-quality E. Longifolia is pretty overwhelming. I’ll explain it to you now...

In a randomized, double-blind and placebo controlled study published in the Journal of Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine…

109 men took either Tongkat Ali or a sugar pill for 12 weeks. The men who took Tongkat Ali showed dramatic improvements in Erectile Function and Sexual Libido… while those who took the placebo didn’t have any improvements to their E.D.

Plus... as an added bonus, for those men in the study who were overweight…

They also saw significant reductions in Body-Fat, and big gains in Lean Muscle Mass after taking Tongkat Ali…

Which makes sense as Tongkat Ali has been proven to also increase Natural Testosterone Production in men.

In fact, that’s exactly what a study in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine found...

The scientists gave male patients either Tongkat Ali or a sugar pill…

And they found that the men who took the Tongkat Ali supplement showed major increases in Natural Testosterone Production and Muscle Strength… while those men who were given the placebo sugar-pill didn’t see any improvement at all.




I know, and it goes on.

In fact, let me just quote you directly what has to say about this. And remember, this is a mainstream website that usually debunks anything that’s non-pharmaceutical as ‘pseudoscience’, and even they can’t say enough good things about it:

“Tongkat ali's potential to increase testosterone in men with low levels of this primary sex hormone is well known and well documented.

Low testosterone can result from aging, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, some medications, injury or infection of the testicles, and certain diseases, such as chronic alcoholism and obstructive sleep apnea .

Effects of inadequate testosterone levels include low libido, erectile dysfunction, and in some cases, infertility. Since compounds in tongkat ali may boost low testosterone, it could treat these issues.

A 1-month study in 76 older men with low testosterone found that taking 200 mg of tongkat ali extract per day significantly increased levels of this hormone to normal values in over 90% of participants.

What’s more, studies in both animals and humans show that taking tongkat ali stimulates sexual arousal and may improve erectile dysfunction in men.

Finally, tongkat ali may improve sperm motility and concentration, boosting male fertility.

One study in 75 male partners of couples with infertility found that taking 200 mg of tongkat ali extract per day significantly improved sperm concentration and motility after 3 months. The treatment helped over 14% of couples become pregnant (28).

Similarly, a 12-week study in 108 men ages 30–55 observed that taking 300 mg of tongkat ali extract daily increased sperm volume and motility by an average of 18% and 44%, respectively.

According to these studies, tongkat ali effectively treats low testosterone and infertility in some men, but more extensive research is needed.

And that’s not all:

A 1-month study in 63 adults with moderate stress found that supplementing with 200 mg of tongkat ali extract per day reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol in saliva by 16%, compared to those who received a placebo.

Participants also reported significantly less stress, anger, and tension after taking tongkat ali.


A small, 5-week study in 14 men participating in a strength training program found that those who took 100 mg of tongkat ali extract per day experienced significantly greater increases in lean body mass than those taking a placebo.

They also lost more fat than participants in the placebo group.

What’s more, a 5-week study in 25 active older adults discovered that supplementing with 400 mg of tongkat ali extract daily significantly increased muscular strength, compared to a placebo.

There’s even research that shows Tongkat Ali is also high in Nitric Oxide, and all the benefits we know that brings.


Amazing. How Safe is it?


Well, I’ll just quote an extract from the same studies:

One study noted that taking 300 mg of tongkat ali extract daily was as safe as taking a placebo.


So, I know Safety is your Top Priority in general, so is that the amount you’d Recommend?


Well, here’s the thing: most extracts are 10:1, or even less.

I’d recommend a high quality extract, at 100:1 ratio, which means that it takes 100 pounds, to make just one pound of the extract.

That’s stronger than most of what you see on the market. And at that strength, I’d recommend 250mg. That’s still an extremely safe dose.


Excellent. You know, it actually sounds too good to be true, there must be some ‘Catch’, some Downside to this Miracle Superherb?


Actually, there is:


It’s extremely bitter, even the normal herb.

Once you have it 100 times extracted, it’s beyond bitter.

That’s one reason why I’d strongly recommend you use capsules for this formula, even though I know you usually prefer powder.

Tongkat Ali, and some of the other ingredients in this Formula, really need to be in capsules. The powder would just be too bitter for anyone to consume.

Niacin also has a very bitter taste, which is why you almost always see it in capsules. Or, occasionally in “Powder Blends” that are drowning in highly toxic Artificial Sweeteners.


Hmmm, ok, we’ve always done Powders before, because it’s more Natural, so this one will have to be in Capsules? Just because of the taste?


Yeah, trust me, it would just taste too bad in powder form. In pretty much all the studies I’m citing for these herbs and nutrients, where people had amazing success, they were taking capsules.

I promise this will be worth it.

Plus, a lot of people prefer capsules. Didn’t you tell me once that people’s other complaint about Rock Hard was that it was harder to prepare, because it’s powder?

Capsules are super easy to take. And it means people are more likely to take them every day, which means they’ll get better results.


OK, it makes sense. I’m open to it. So anyway, back to this new Formula: any other Miracle Superherbs you want to include?


Just one more that has to be in there:

A good quality Fenugreek Extract.

You see, we’ve got one very powerful and effective herb for increasing Testosterone, really the best:

Tongkat Ali.

Yet, here’s the thing: as you get older, and less healthy, your body has a nasty habit of converting the Testosterone you need into Estrogen (something you definitely don’t need more of)!

Estrogen is The Female Hormone that, in Men, is related to ED, Low Sex-Drive, Muscle Loss, Weight Gain - especially around the waist - and even many serious diseases.

So, you want to add Fenugreek Extract as well, as research shows that it works by REDUCING the enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogen.

One of the most comprehensive studies tested two groups of 15 college men - so, young guys who already probably had reasonably High Testosterone - over an eight-week period.

All 30 participants performed Resistance Training four times a week, but only the participants in one of the groups received 500 mg of Fenugreek Extract per day.

Both Free and Total Testosterone Levels increased in the Fenugreek Group, whereas the group that only weight trained actually experienced a slight decline. Those who took Fenugreek also experienced a greater increase in Fat Loss, as well as bigger Strength Gains.


That’s Great! And Free Testosterone is really what you want, right?


That’s right...

It’s pointless having high testosterone if it’s not Free Testosterone. Because if it’s bound up it’s not usable by the body, and it may as well not exist as far as you’re concerned.

All the benefits of High Testosterone really come from having high FREE Testosterone, and this is exactly what Fenugreek Extract is so good at:

Making sure Testosterone stays Free, and isn’t converted to deadly estrogen!


That sounds great. Any Studies that show Fenugreek helps with Sexual Performance specifically?


Absolutely! Another study examined how Fenugreek affects Sexual Function and overall quality of life.

The researchers provided 60 healthy men between 25 and 52 years old, with either 600 mg of Fenugreek or an empty Placebo Pill every day for six weeks.

The participants reported improvements in Strength after taking the Fenugreek supplements. The researchers also found:

  • Increased Libido: 81% of the group
  • Improved Sexual Performance: 66% of the group
  • Greater Energy Levels: 81% of the group
  • Improved Well-Being: 55% of the group

Wow, 66% increased Sexual Performance!

Yep, and again, that’s from only one ingredient…

...are you starting to see why this Formula, where everything is combined, is so Powerful?


Absolutely! Any downsides to this one?


Again, just the strong bitter taste! Other than that, what you want is a really decent dose of this one. 500mg of the 4:1 Extract is perfect. It’s Very Safe and Highly Effective.

OK, let me get on to the next ingredient…

So this is one of the oldest formulas used to increase Testosterone, commonly known as ZMA, which stands For Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6.

Have you heard of this?


Yep, it was sold as a Bodybuilding Supplement for a long time, right?



Specifically because it’s so effective at increasing Testosterone.

These essential nutrients: Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6, are all nutrients naturally found in foods. The problem is, as we become older and less healthy, our body can’t get enough from foods.

Then there’s the problem that most of the foods we eat are not nearly as Nutritious as they used to be, because of: Factory Farming, Industrial Fertilisers, Overfarming the Land and so on.

And most importantly, there’s a ‘Silent Epidemic’ of Subclinical Deficiency* in these 3 important Nutrients, especially among men in the Western World, including the US.

*Subclinical Deficiency means: it’s a real deficiency, but your Doctor won’t tell you about it because it’s not going to kill you. Yet it can seriously harm your Health and Sexual Performance in many ways, thus greatly reducing the quality of your life


What’s your understanding of why so many Men are Deficient in Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6?


Stress, and Porn.

Specifically, too much High Cortisol - meaning: Chronic Stress - quickly depletes the body of Magnesium and Vitamin B6. And once it’s depleted, especially in the case of Magnesium, it’s very difficult for your body to get enough from a Food Source, and even most Supplements, quite honestly.

That’s why for Magnesium, I always recommend a high quality version, like Magnesium Bisglycinate, that your body is actually able to utilise and absorb…


That all makes sense, but you’ve got to explain what you meant about Porn being a Cause of this Deficiency?


Oh yeah, well I was kind of joking. Sort of, but not really.

You see, Women and Men each have a tendency to get Deficient in one Mineral. In women it’s Iron, which they lose when they Menstruate. It’s a big reason why women are more likely to be Anaemic, have low Energy and so on.

People usually know this, but what they don’t know is that there’s a Mineral that Men get Deficient in too, in a similar way


Specifically, the place in your body where you have the most Zinc concentration is in your Semen...

So, the more you Ejaculate, the more Zinc you lose. Which is why I jokingly said Porn, but it’s not really a joking matter…

Of course there’s nothing wrong with Masturbation per se, but when it’s done obsessively, addictively - as can be the case with Porn - a Man can really deplete himself quite quickly.

Throughout most of History, and still in most of the World, there’s a belief that too much Ejaculation can make you feeble, weaker, less manly.

And I believe this is the basis: depletion of Zinc and other essential nutrients.

Can you guess what Zinc is an essential building block of?


Not enough Zinc will always = Low Testosterone.

Wow! So I get the impression that I could discuss these Nutrients all day with you, and I’d like to at some point. However, for now, let’s just cut to the chase:


You said before we started that everything you were going to tell me was backed up by hard Science, so can you give specific examples of Scientific Studies where these Nutrients have been shown to increase Testosterone or enhance Sexual Performance?


Absolutely. There was an 8 week study of 27 participants at Western Washington University that showed that the ZMA combination increased Testosterone by 40% and Free Testosterone by 40% too, compared to the placebo group where it actually went down!

For Zinc specifically, one study done by the Wayne State University School of Medicine made a point to say that:

“Zinc deficiency is prevalent throughout the world, including the USA. Severe and moderate deficiency of zinc is associated with hypogonadism in men”

This basically means that Zinc Deficiency, which is common as it says, leads to Low Testosterone. So they set out to test whether Zinc Supplementation actually helped with this… and the Results spoke for themselves...

“Zinc supplementation of marginally zinc-deficient normal elderly men for six months resulted in an increase in serum testosterone from 8.3 nmol/L to 16.0 nmol/L. We conclude that zinc may play an important role in modulating serum testosterone levels in normal men.

Note: this is almost a 100% increase in the space of a few months!

Even just Vitamin B6 has been shown to improve Erectile Dysfunction…

In one study, men were given it along with a pharma ED drug, and the drug was a lot more effective for some men after they’d spent 6 weeks taking Vitamin B6 first.

Of course, you don’t want to take pharma drugs, but my point is that Vitamin B6 can help a Formula that boosts Nitric Oxide, to work much better… and that’s exactly what this formula that I’m telling you about does!


Amazing! Surely that’s It…


Almost, but I have to add one more… asked me to share with you The ultimate, scientifically proven formula for Eliminating Erectile Dysfunction and Boosting Sexual Performance, right?


I Sure Did.


Ok, so this is the final ingredient:

Vitamin D3.

You basically get enough of this from getting Direct Sunlight on your Skin on a regular basis, and from eating Organ Meats.

Now, let’s face facts, how many of us do either of those things?

Many people are scared that the Sun is going to give them Skin Problems - so they avoid it altogether. Or, they live in a place where it’s impossible to get enough Sunlight, at certain times of the year.

And, how many people can stomach Organ Meats? Very few.

And yet, Vitamin D3 is essential for countless processes in the body.

There’s tonnes of research showing how beneficial Supplementation is for your Immune System, for your Heart Health, for your Bones and Joints. I could go on and on.

But what you're probably most interested in, are the studies showing the benefit it has for Sexual Performance, right?


Ha! You know me too well...


So how about this one: a year-long study done by the Medical University of Graz, Austria. 65 men were split into 2 groups. Half of them took 3,300 IU of vitamin D every day. The group that took the vitamin D saw their vitamin D levels double and their Testosterone Levels increase by around 20%, from 10.7 nmol/l to 13.4 nmol/l

Another study done in Italy took 41 men and gave them Vitamin D3 supplementation and saw similar results: an increase of 20% of both Free and Total Testosterone.

Now, 20% may not seem like a lot, but it’s actually life-changing, and here’s the thing: again, that’s just one ingredient.

Now, because Alpha Strength contains Vitamin D3, from May 2020 we’ve UPGRADED the Formula and added Vitamin K2 as well.


So tell me Elwin, why have you insisted we add Vitamin K2 to the new improved Alpha Strength formula - even though it's a very expensive ingredient?


Well, the reason we had to add it is this:

As you know, I've become very obsessed with doing in-depth research on different nutrients, and I started to get very excited about the potential that Vitamin D3 has. The last time you interviewed me, I just focused on the research proving it can raise testosterone, but the list of benefits that Vitamin D3 has are not just impressive...they're actually remarkable.

I won't go on about them too much, because I know that's not what you wanted to interview me about, but let me tell you a little bit about Vitamin D3… do you know how it got its name?




Well, in the early 19th century, there were a lot of people getting something called Rickets - a very painful and debilitating disease where a person grew up with bowed legs, making it hard to walk. Anyway, they discovered that a certain chemical prevented Rickets (and sure enough, today you don’t really see anyone with it). They'd recently also discovered Vitamins A, B, and C in a similar way - while working out how to prevent or cure serious diseases - so they just called it Vitamin D. No other logic to it than that.

The really interesting thing though is that Vitamin D3 is not actually a Vitamin… it's a hormone! Like Testosterone or Estrogen!


Why do they call it Vitamin D3? What about D1 and D2?


Good question. So, D2 is the plant based version, which is not much use to us humans. D3 is the animal version that we can actually use. And, there is no D1, don't ask me why!

Anyway, here's what's so interesting about D3 being a hormone… it's actually a cell signaling agent, telling your body there's enough energy to do stuff… stuff like fixing injuries, fighting infections, working, or reproductive activity.


So having Sex? Having High Testosterone and getting an Erection?



Here's why: I think pretty much everyone knows that you can get the Vitamin D3 you need from sunlight. Yet, here's what needs to happen: your naked skin needs to get exposure to direct sunlight, that skin needs to sweat, then that stimulates the production of Vitamin D3 on your skin, and then you need to absorb that D3 through your pores. And most people aren't out in the sun, and if you wear sunscreen, that will block you from absorbing any D3. And even if you are out in direct sunlight long enough to secrete and then absorb D3, the darker your skin is (naturally, or because you have a tan), the less D3 you absorb.

But it wasn't like that for our ancestors. They would be outside, all day, every day, throughout most of our evolution.

Now here's where it gets really interesting:

Your body is always trying to make sure you're adapted to your current environment. One big factor it's trying to adapt to is light. For instance, during the day, light gets into your eyes, and this stimulates Serotonin and wakefulness. At night, it's supposed to be dark, and when it is, that stimulates Melatonin, the natural neurotransmitter that not only makes you sleepy, it also signals your body to go into “Repair and Recovery Mode,” after a hard day's work.

But, did you know there's another mechanism that works a similar way, with light, only this one is based on the seasons, not the days?


No, I've not heard of a seasonal one?


OK, think about it this way: In the Spring, most animals come out of hibernation to some degree or another. Even if they weren't actually hibernating over the winter, and they were just struggling to survive, they would still be trying to expend as little energy as possible. Why? Because of lack of resources… most importantly, lack of food.

Then Spring comes along, they get the signal that a lot more food is available, which means they are able to expend more energy, which means...?


Time for Sex?


Exactly. That's why Spring is seen as the time of Mating and Fertility.

Conversely, as the summer ends, and the days get shorter, and there's less and less light, and there's less and less of an abundance of food... is that the best time to be expending a lot of energy, making or having babies?

Absolutely not.

So here's the Million Dollar Question: how does your body know what season it is?

Temperature? How many hours of sunlight there are each day?


It seems that it bases it on Vitamin D3 levels.

That's why many people are living in a “permanent winter.”

What does that mean?

When your body gets the signal that winter's approaching, or that winter has arrived, because you have a lack of Vitamin D3, it turns off, or really reduces, all energy consuming activity, as much as it can.




  • Wound healing becomes slower, and less complete. There's plenty of research showing, for instance, that people who break or fracture bones, who also have low serum D3, don't heal anywhere near as well as those with a good level of D3.

  • Any chronic (long term, not life threatening) infections are left for later, as fighting infections takes a lot of energy. This is why Vitamin D3 is considered great for the Immune System, I discovered. It doesn't so much 'boost' it, as ‘take the foot off the brake.’ It tells your immune system there's enough food and warmth, and therefore energy, to really go for it.

  • You become more depressed, which is really another way of saying unmotivated. I haven't seen this proved for certain yet, but there's evidence that low D3 correlates to low Dopamine, and Dopamine is the neurochemical that gives you motivation, and Dopamine + Testosterone = Sexual Desire.

  • And yes, your sex drive, and capacity to perform, go down, as does your Testosterone, which I talked about in the previous interview.

I've even seen very credible theories that low D3 causes chronically high blood sugar, and arterial plaque, as a way of protecting us from the cold! However, this isn't proven yet.


And of course, that brings us full circle, because arterial plaque is, as you taught last time, the number one cause of Erectile Dysfunction.




So this is definitely fascinating, but weren't you going to tell us why we're adding Vitamin K2 to the new Alpha Strength Formula?


Yes, I'm almost there, so while I was doing all this studying on Vitamin D3, I came across one potential downside to D3… it can actually INCREASES calcium build up in the blood, which ultimately MAY contribute to arterial plaque.

So, it turns out that for true health, Vitamin D3 actually needs to come with it's much less well known partner, Vitamin K2.

Why's that?

Because, while Vitamin D3 pulls calcium into the blood, which can be a good thing, because it can protect the arteries from too much acidity, if it's not balanced by K2, it's possibly a bad thing.

You see, while D3 pulls calcium out of storage and into the blood, K2 does the opposite - it pulls calcium out of the blood and into storage… and your body stores Calcium in your bones and teeth.

This is why new scientific research is indicating that Vitamin K2 can not only prevent Arterial Plaque, it can even reverse it!


So, I've heard of this before, in the context of Dental Health, when I read Weston Price's book. He's a dentist who travelled the world studying dozens of indigenous cultures who ate traditional diets. And he found that, without fail, the people who ate a traditional diet had excellent dental health. Yet, people from the same tribe, with the exact same genetics, who started to eat a modern diet, all had bad teeth: rampant Tooth Decay, Gum Disease, and also misaligned jaws and teeth that needed braces.


Exactly, and Weston Price, genius that he was, did this research almost 100 years ago, when scientists hadn't even discovered Vitamin K2 yet… yet he noted that all these Ancient Tribes put a lot of emphasis on certain fermented animal foods, and he put this down to a nutrient that he called 'Activator X', an 'unknown' nutrient, at the time, that was necessary to make all the other nutrients work. It looks like he had discovered Vitamin K2.

Now, here's what's tricky about K2. Yes, it is a real vitamin, but it's one that's very easy to get deficient in.

Why? Because, like the well known Vitamin B12, it's actually not in plants or animals, it's only created by bacteria. This is why it tends to be only in significant quantities in fermented foods.


It's also hard for vegans to get enough, right?


Yeah, pretty much impossible, unless they're regularly eating something called Natto, which is a nasty tasting fermented Soy product… and of course Soy is not ideal (because it lowers Testosterone), even if fermented.

Now there is some K2 in high quality animal foods, especially fermented foods, like Cheese, as well as eggs and butter.

But, based on my research, if you're deficient, or if you just need more Vitamin K2 because you are working on the health of your heart, arteries, bones or teeth, then supplementing is the way to go, which is why I've insisted we include it in Alpha Strength from now on.


I know we're including quite a high does in Alpha Strength.


Yes, and this is because all the research I've found says that most of us are very deficient, and, unlike other fat soluble vitamins, like vitamin A or even D, research says there's no upper limit to Vitamin K2.

Even so, I've included an amount that nicely balances the generous, but safe amount of Vitamin D3 we have in the formula, so our customers will get an optimal, and safe, dose of each.

The thing to really understand about this formula is that it’s synergistic, the sum is far greater than its parts.

Just try it…

You’ll see.


I will, and speaking of trying it, when’s the best time to take it?


OK, that’s a great question.

As I mentioned earlier, this Formula is pretty unique, because it has both Long-Term AND Immediate benefits.

So here’s what I’d recommend:



Because this Formula is powerful. Because I’m asking you to take a Large, Effective Dose of several Very Potent Ingredients, what I recommend you do is split it out over 4 small capsules.

Then, what I’d recommend is, for the first day, take 1 capsule, after breakfast.

The next day, if the effect wasn’t too strong, take 2.

And build up until you can take 4 a day.


Got it. I’m also wondering why you say to take it after Breakfast?


Simply because this formula is likely to be very Energising. It’s going to make you feel ready to perform… at every level. Be it during exercise, at work, or, of course, in the BEDROOM.

Now, as I said earlier, it'll also have a powerful short-term effect.

And that effect will be ENHANCED if you take it on an empty stomach, or at least not on a full stomach.

So, if you can handle the STRENGTH of it taking it after a meal, the next level will be to take it on an empty stomach.

When, you might ask?

Here’s when I would suggest:

Take it 30-60 minutes before you want to PERFORM.

2 examples come to mind:

  • Either take it before you go to the gym, or do some kind of intensive work-out, sport or physical activity


  • Take it 30-60 minutes before Sexual Activity

You should find that you have more desire for Sexual Activity, and more of an ability to Perform as well.

Here Are The 6 Huge Benefits You’ll Get When You Take Alpha Strength Formula...

  • Steel-Hard, Reliable Erections - anytime you want them (hard and strong enough to SATISFY any woman, even if she’s drop-dead gorgeous, even if she’s half your age, and even if she’s fit beyond your wildest dreams)
  • A Ferocious Sex-Drive - (reminding you what it was like to be Horny Teenager! Note: be careful not to make your woman’s pussy too sore!)
  • Consistent “Morning Wood” (don’t be surprised if you wake up some mornings only to find your woman greedily ‘servicing’ your length with her hands and mouth)
  • Unbreakable Confidence - (the higher Testosterone Levels, plus all the benefits I just mentioned, WILL give you confidence that’s off-the-charts)
  • “Attractive Man Status” to every woman you meet - (because your high Testosterone Levels will get your body to start producing ‘Alpha Pheromones’, making you irresistibly attractive to all women, despite your age or looks)
  • “Sex God Status” in the eyes of every woman you bed - NEWSFLASH: we live in an age of Beta Males who can’t ‘get it up’ and fail miserably to please their women in bed… so when you come along with high libido, high confidence, and erections hard enough to leave a woman breathless… “YES” - they’ll see you as a Sex-God (even if your physical appearance isn’t what it once was)

Alpha Strength is Both Different and Better Than The Competition in The Following Ways:

1. All 9 of The Ingredients Are Scientifically Proven

Unfortunately, this is very unusual in the world of supplements.

In fact, many male potency supplements are created by marketers out to create a quick buck - with little knowledge of which ingredients work, and almost no knowledge of how to combine them for the best results.

Yet in Alpha Strength, all 9 of the Ingredients have Scientific Proof - and they’ve been combined in research proven quantities, to give you the very best performance boosting results possible.

For instance: in one study conducted to see the benefits of L-Citrulline on ED, 50% of the men in the test fixed their ED, simply by taking L-Citrulline (you can read the full study in the Descriptions Tab on this page).

Now imagine what’s going to happen to YOUR Sexual Performance when you take not only L-Citrulline, but also the 8 other Scientifically Proven ingredients in Alpha Strength!

2. It Is Manufactured in The US in a GMP Certified Manufacturing Facility

Meaning: you’ll get
exactly what it says on the label, in each and every capsule of Alpha Strength.

Sadly this is not always the case, especially with cheaper supplements, and supplements manufactured overseas.

3. It’s Free From Toxic Fillers and Toxic Ingredients

Many male potency supplements contain Toxic Ingredients (that can actually be detrimental to your health and performance), and/or Toxic Fillers (which are cheap, worthless ingredients, commonly used to “pad out” the capsules).

4. It Contains Exceptionally Potent and Powerful Ingredients


In Alpha Strength you get only the finest quality ingredients, to help you achieve the very best results possible.

For instance: TongKat Ali (TKA) is without doubt one of the most powerful Natural Testosterone Boosting Herbs on the Planet. Yet, not all TKA is created equal - and in Alpha Strength you get the highest quality, 100:1 Extract TKA in existence.

This theme of “ultra high quality” isn’t just applicable to TKA - we’ve applied the same idea to ALL 9 of the ingredients in Alpha Strength (to give you a Male Potency Formula of unrivaled quality).

5. Taking it is Quick, Easy and Convenient


Simply take 4 capsules a day, with liquid.

That’s it.

No messy powders. No having to buy tons of different ingredients (at huge time and expense) and then mix them altogether. No wondering if you have the ratios correct.

Just open your bottle of Alpha Strength as soon as it arrives, and the capsules are ready to be consumed. Do that consistently, each day, and you better be prepared to experience a whole new level of performance in the bedroom!

Alpha Strength Ingredients:

Alpha Strength contains 9 powerful ingredients - all backed by Modern Science - that work synergistically to help you get Erections as-Hard-as-Steel - with a Sex-Drive to match (plus… uncomfortably HARD ‘Morning Wood’). And Confidence like a Rock-Star.

Key Benefit:

  • Improves Nitric Oxide Production (allowing blood to flow more easily to your penis)

Additional Benefits:

  • Supports Heart Health

  • Boosts Energy Levels

  • Can promote Sharper Memory and Clearer Thinking

  • Supports Healthy Blood Pressure Levels

Key Benefit:

  • The most Powerful Superherb for safely increasing your Free Testosterone
    (increasing sex-drive and erection hardness)

Additional Benefits:

  • Helps to Combats ED

  • Can Boost Male Fertility

  • Relieves Day-to-Day Stress

  • Supports Muscle Growth and Strength Gains

Key Benefit:

  • Prevents Free Testosterone (the Male Hormone) from being converted to Estrogen (the Female Hormone), or being bound up by SHBG and being unavailable to the body

Additional Benefits:

  • Can Increase Libido

  • Can Improve Sexual Performance

  • Raises Energy Levels

  • Supercharges Overall Health & Well-Being

Key Benefit:

  • The most important Mineral for Building Testosterone

Additional Benefits:

  • Vital for Healthy Immune System Function

  • Can Improve Memory

  • Can Decrease the Risk of many Age-Related Chronic Diseases

  • Can Improve Fertility

Key Benefit:

  • Highly Effective at Boosting Testosterone

Additional Benefits:

  • De-Stress and Relaxes

  • Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

  • Improves Sleep Quality

  • Can Boost Exercise Performance

Key Benefit:

  • Supports Healthy Testosterone Levels

Additional Benefits:

  • Good for Bone Strength & Health

  • Important for Oral Health

  • Can Support Healthy Weight Loss

  • Can Improve Mental Well-Being (and can Fight Depression)

Key Benefit:

  • Expands the Blood Vessels and Capillaries, allowing more Blood to get into the Capillaries (leading to Harder, Stronger, more Reliable Erections)

Additional Benefits:

  • Can Lower LDL (‘Bad’) Cholesterol

  • Can Increase HDL (‘Good’) Cholesterol

  • Can Help to Prevent Heart Disease

  • Can Improve Joint Health

Key Benefit:

  • Supports both Healthy Blood Flow & Optimal Testosterone Levels

Additional Benefits:

  • Can Improve Mood and Reduces Stress & Depression

  • Can Reduce Risk of Age-Related Cognitive Decline

  • Can Help to Prevent Clogged Arteries & Heart Disease Risk

  • Can Promote Better Eye Health

Key Benefit:

  • Works Synergistically with Vitamin D3

Additional Benefits:

  • Supports Dental Health

  • Supports Bone Health

  • Supports Heart Health

  • Can Promote Better Eye Health

How much Alpha Strength should I take, and When’s the Best Time to take it?

Start with 1 capsule, in the morning, taken immediately after breakfast.

If the effect wasn’t too strong, keep adding 1 capsule a day, until you are taking 4 capsules, daily. Take all 4 capsules immediately after breakfast.

To INCREASE the strength, you can try taking the capsules on an EMPTY stomach, either:

- 30-60 minutes before intense physical activity - like a run, bike ride, or session at the gym


- 30-60 minutes before sexual activity

How much Alpha Strength should I take, and When’s the Best Time to take it?

Start with 1 capsule, in the morning, taken immediately after breakfast.

If the effect wasn’t too strong, keep adding 1 capsule a day, until you are taking 4 capsules, daily. Take all 4 capsules immediately after breakfast.

To INCREASE the strength, you can try taking the capsules on an EMPTY stomach, either:

- 30-60 minutes before intense physical activity - like a run, bike ride, or session at the gym


- 30-60 minutes before sexual activity

Am I Too Old to Benefit from Alpha Strength?

Alpha Strength can benefit you regardless of your age… whether your 18, 58, 88 or 108!

The ingredients in Alpha Strength have been shown to boost Nitric Oxide Levels and Free Testosterone, in numerous respected Scientific Studies, some of which we’ve cited (see the links at the bottom of the page)

There’s also a lot of Scientific Evidence that they improve your erection hardness and reliability, and can also give you regular Morning Wood and improve your confidence.

Many of those Scientific Studies were done on older guys, with average ages in their 50s, 60s, or 70s.

Many of our customers are 50-70 years old. Some are 70-80+

The Ingredients in Alpha Strength are suitable for all ages. In fact, the older you are, and the worse your performance is, the more you stand to gain!

Think about it this way…

If you’re 25 years old, in your prime, and have no trouble ‘getting it up’ and sleeping with your girlfriend every night - and 3 or 4 times a day on the weekends! - Alpha Strength will give you a BOOST...’ll help you get Steel-Hard Erections, it’ll boost your Sex-Drive and it’ll Supercharge your CONFIDENCE...

However, if you’re 40+ and your performance really isn’t what it once was… and ‘getting it up’ isn’t as easy as it once was...

....well, in that case, Alpha Strength can totally revolutionise your Sex-Life, in the following key ways:

First, it can help you get steel-hard erections, that are totally reliable .

Second, it can make you wake up with “Morning Wood” most days.

Third, it can help you fully satisfy your woman in bed, dramatically boosting your confidence.

However, as Elwin mentioned in the interview - when explaining the causes of Sexual Performance issues - if you’re quite advanced in age, or if you have any health issues, the results might take a little longer… and you may need to make a few other simple lifestyle changes to:

Reduce your Estrogen Levels

Decrease the amount of Plaque in your body

And the Good News is:

Once you order Alpha Strength today, you’ll receive an email with the ‘lost part’ of the interview with Elwin - where he’ll explain exactly how to reduce your Estrogen Levels, decrease the Plaque in your body, and get MAXIMUM RESULTS from the capsules.

I Haven’t Been Able to Get an Erection in Over 20 Years - Will Alpha Strength Work for me?

The honest answer is... I don’t know. It’s possible, but I certainly can’t guarantee it.

I do know that the ingredients in Alpha Strength have been shown to boost Nitric Oxide Levels and Free Testosterone, in numerous respected Scientific Studies, some of which we’ve cited (see the links at the bottom of the page)

I know that there’s also a lot of scientific evidence that they improve your erection hardness and reliability, and can also give you regular morning wood and improve your confidence.

There’s even plenty of research backing up that just one of the ingredients in Alpha Strength resolved moderate ED in the majority of men taking it.

However, there’s limited scientific research proving that these ingredients can reverse more severe and long-term cases of ED.

Of course, anecdotally, I’ve had plenty of customers reach out to me to tell me it’s worked for them, even in cases of severe ED. I just can’t guarantee it...

...especially if the ED is actually a side-effect of some kind of disease or Medication - neither of which I can comment on - it’s certainly possible that it won’t be able to reverse this situation. In this case, the only person that can advise you, if it could help, is a qualified medical practitioner.

But, let’s fact facts…

If you haven’t had an erection in 20 years, you’ve likely tried A TON of stuff - including pills, supplements, and God knows what else - which hasn’t worked (or, at least hasn’t worked in the long-run).

So, what have you got to lose by trying Alpha Strength?


You have nothing to lose, and potentially a revitalized Manhood and Sex-Life to gain. After all, you can order with NO RISK, because you get a no quibble 120 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

How Much is Shipping?

FREE for all orders over $150. Otherwise shipping is $20.

And “YES” - we ship Alpha Strength Worldwide.

>> For US Orders please allow 3-5 working days for your order to arrive, although it’s usually less.

>> For Canadian, UK, and Mainland European Orders, please allow 7-14 days.

>> For International Orders, please allow 7-21 days.

If you have any questions about your order, please contact my friendly, English Speaking, US Based Support Team at: or call: +1 (917) 675-3052

Note: my Industry-Leading Support Team is available to assist you 363 days a year, 20 hours a day (every day except Christmas Day and New Years Day) between the hours of 5AM EST and 1AM EST.

What if my Alpha Strength never Arrives?

We have excellent, reliable shipping.

However, in the highly unlikely event that your package doesn’t arrive, please simply call or email our friendly, english speaking, US Based Support Team, and they’ll arrange for another to be sent, FREE of charge.

Here are the contact details for my Support Team:




>> +1 (917) 675-3052

Is Your Company Legitimate?

My company, New Alpha Nutrition, has been in business for 5 years. And, we have over 100,000 happy, satisfied customers, in more than 125 countries worldwide.

Many of our customers have been with us from day 1, and buy a fresh bottle of Alpha Strength each and every month, because they love the way it improves their erection hardness, gives them morning wood and helps them have more satisfying sex.

We have safe, secure payment options, and you get a no quibble 120 Day Money-Back Guarantee on your order. All of which should give you peace-of-mind to order Alpha Strength right now, today.

Are there any ‘Hidden Charges’?

Nope… that’s not how I run my business.

You see, I want happy, satisfied customers, who’ll stay with me for YEARS (ideally for their entire lives). I want this for 2 reasons:

  • Firstly, it’s good business. Long term customers who buy time-and-time-again are the best way to sustain and grow a business

  • Secondly, I have a mission… to help as many men as possible to regain their manliness, and be the best men they can be. And, the more of my supplements they use, the more of my books they read, the more of my videos they watch, and so on… the better I’ll fulfil that mission!

I also know that the only way to make you a happy customer in the long-run is to treat you with respect, and conduct my business with absolute integrity.

Therefore, the pricing for Alpha Strength is very simple and transparent:

  • You can buy 1, 3 or 6 packets (the more you buy, the less you pay per packet, and the more you save)

    Or: you can Join my Platinum Customer Club - meaning, you’ll be charged monthly, or quarterly, guaranteeing you a fresh supply of Alpha Strength every 1 or 3 months (and, giving you an even greater savings). You can cancel at any time, simply by calling or emailing my friendly customer support team, available 20 hours a day, 363 days a year.

    Shipping is FREE for all orders over $150. Otherwise shipping is $20.

    There are no other charges. Period

Click one of the Orange "Order Now" buttons on this page to see the order options.

What if I Don’t Like The Taste of Alpha Strength?

Alpha Strength is a CAPSULE based formula!

Meaning: you don’t taste a thing! All you have to do is take 4 capsules a day, with a little water. Couldn’t be simpler.

Is There a Guarantee?

Yes. You can order with NO RISK, because you’re covered by my no quibble 120 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you really don’t like Alpha Strength - which is highly unlikely because it’s so safe, powerful and effective - simply call or email our friendly english speaking support team, and they’ll refund you in full.

Every penny.

They're available 20 hours a day, 363 days a year, from 5am to 1am EST, and you can reach them in either of the following 2 ways:

Email: or Call: +1 (917) 675-3052

How Will My Purchase Show Up on My Credit Card Statement?


Your credit card statement will show a charge to NEW ALPHA NUTRITION. There won’t be any reference to ‘Alpha Strength’ or anything sexual, or ‘adult’ on your statement. You have my word on that.

What if The Packaging Gives Away What I’ve Purchased?

It won’t.

Because the packaging is plain, and doesn’t mention the product or company in any way. Here’s how it looks:

Is Alpha Strength easy To Consume?


Simply take 4 capsules a day with water, or any drink you want.

You can take them after food if you like. Or, for maximum strength - on an empty stomach.

What if My Woman Sees What I’ve Bought and Doesn’t Approve?

The labelling on the packet is discreet. It simply says ‘Alpha Strength’. No mention is made of the sexual benefits on the packaging. If anyone sees it in your kitchen cupboard, they’ll assume it’s a muscle building, energy, or general health & wellness supplement.

And, even if your woman does work out what it is, she’ll actually LOVE it! Because, it’s going to endow you with the steel-hard erections necessary to fully satisfy her in bed.

What woman wouldn’t love that?

>> We actually have many female customers who buy Alpha Strength for their men!

If I Forget to Take Alpha Strength for a Day or Two, will All My Results Disappear?

No. Absolutely not.

In fact, some men find it so powerful that they don’t do 4 capsules every day.

Some men do 4 capsules every other day.

Or, they take 2 per day.

So, no, missing a day won’t make your results disappear. However, for maximum results - be CONSISTENT.

Do I Have to Change my Lifestyle in Order to Get Results from Alpha Strength?

It depends.

The ingredients in Alpha Strength have been shown to boost your Nitric Oxide Levels and Free Testosterone, in numerous respected Scientific Studies, some of which we’ve cited (see the links at the bottom of the page)

There’s also a lot of scientific evidence that they improve your erection hardness and reliability, and can also give you regular Morning Wood and improve your confidence.

Now, if you’re in reasonably good health, and you’ve just recently started suffering with less than optimal performance in the bedroom - Alpha Strength will likely give you all the results you desire.

However, if you’re an older guy, and you already have existing health problems… you may find you need to take Alpha Strength AND do a couple of other things to reduce Estrogen, and clean out some of the Plaque in your body.

The Good News is:

Once you order Alpha Strength today, you’ll immediately receive an email with the ‘lost part’ of the interview with Elwin - where he’ll explain exactly how to reduce your Estrogen Levels, decrease the Plaque in your body, and get MAXIMUM RESULTS from the capsules.

I Have High Blood Pressure, is Alpha Strength still Safe to Take?

Unfortunately I cannot comment on medical questions. Please ask your Doctor about this.

I’m on Medications, is Alpha Strength Still Safe to Take? Will it be effective?

Unfortunately I cannot comment on medical questions. Please ask your Doctor about this.

Will Alpha Strength give Me Side-Effects?

It’s very unlikely, as it’s SAFE and NATURAL...

Especially if you follow the instructions on the packaging, which state that you should:

Try starting with just 1 capsule, then 2, before you build up to taking 4 a day, if you're in any way sensitive to taking new foods, herbs or supplements. Discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice in the unlikely event that any adverse symptoms occur. Do not have more than the suggested usage per day, unless advised to by a healthcare professional.

...we recommend this, because the most likely side-effect you could experience is an excess of blood flow to the capillaries, which, while it’s a good thing - bringing blood flow to your extremities - makes some people feel a little uncomfortable if they take too much too quickly.

Ultimately, while very safe (and much safer than most male performance supplements) if you’re in any doubt, or have any existing health issues, we advise you to seek your Doctor’s approval before taking Alpha Strength or making any other changes to your lifestyle.

Is Alpha Strength High in Calories?

No. There are only a few calories - less than 10, per serving.

I’m Still Not 100% Convinced, What Else Can You Tell Me about Alpha Strength?

Pay attention.

Here’s some BRUTAL HONESTY...

Most men DIE with many regrets.

One of those regrets is that they never really experienced the kind of Sex-Life they wanted. Sure, they saw it in the Porno’s (and wanked themselves silly watching some other dude ‘get laid’), they saw it on the Big Screen, depicted in the latest Hollywood Blockbuster…

....and, they heard their buddies brag about it in the changing rooms, office, bar or nightclub.

However, the ugly truth is…

Most guys go to the grave having lived with LOW CONFIDENCE as far as ‘Women and Sex’ are concerned. And, most guys have left every single woman they’ve ever bedded hopelessly DISSATISFIED...

Do you want that to be your reality?

If you do, well, I don’t really ‘get’ that. But, it’s ok. It doesn't make you a bad person.

However, I’m willing to bet that since you’ve read this far through this fairly lengthy letter - you want to improve your sexual performance. You want to be a better Man in the bedroom, right?

You want steel-hard erections that let you fuck your woman senseless, until she CUMS so HARD she can’t stand up, and she’s so overwhelmed with pleasure, and admiration for you, it brings tears to her eyes…

You want to enjoy orgasms that feel so good - orgasms so insanely powerful - they make the idea of taking recreational drugs to get ‘high’ seem totally pointless!

And I’m willing to bet you’d like to know, with certainty, that your woman is totally satisfied by you in the bedroom

...that she RESPECTS you…

...ADMIRES you…

...and never even thinks of CHEATING on you.

If you’re nodding your head, saying “HELL YES”, and generally feeling PUMPED right now - Alpha Strength is what you need! Because numerous scientific studies (cited at the bottom of this page) have shown the 8 Super Nutrients in the Formula can give you everything I just mentioned, and more... turning you into one of the small percentage of men who ‘gets it’ in the bedroom… one of the small percent of men who ‘shows up and gets the job done, every single time.’

You wanna be THAT guy, right?

Sure you do.

Only a Nut-Job (or Brainwashed Emasculated Millennial) wouldn’t.

Now. To make your Alpha Strength order a total “No-Brainer,” I’m going to give you a no quibble 120 Day Money Back Guarantee when you take action right now, and choose one of the Special Order Options below…

So go ahead, make you choice now, and prepare for some WET & WILD RIDES in the bedroom! Your woman ain’t gonna know what’s hit her!!!