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Rejuvenate Spray, 250ML

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The very best Transdermal Magnesium Spray on the Market - absorbs quickly. No itching, no stinging, no greasiness.

Magnesium is often considered “The Master Mineral” - because it’s responsible for at least 300 Biochemical Reactions in the Human Body…

Yet today, up to 80% of the population are deficient in Magnesium (because of less than optimal Diet and Lifestyle).

Supplementing with Magnesium can support healthy: Testosterone Levels, Sleep, Cardiovascular Health, Weight Loss, Energy Levels, Mental Clarity & Focus, and more.

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Scientific Studies Have Shown that at Least 80% of Americans are Suffering From a Serious Mineral Deficiency that Can Lead to Many Different Health Problems, including:


A Lack of Deep, Rejuvenating Sleep


Fatigue, Low Energy and Exhaustion


Low Testosterone, Declining Libido, and Weak Performance in Bed


Excess Cortisol (Stress), which can lead to Unwanted Body-Fat, and a Lack of Muscle & Strength


Brain Fog, and a Lack of Mental Clarity and Focus


Cardiovascular Issues and High Blood Pressure

The Really BAD NEWS is:

Your Doctor Almost Certainly Won’t Tell You if You Have This Mineral Deficiency, Even Though it Can Seriously Harm Your Health in Dozens of Different Ways!

The Big Question is:

“Are YOU One of The 80% Who are Unknowingly Suffering from this Mineral Deficiency that Can Literally Ruin Your Life?

If You Have at Least One of The Problems Listed Above, The Answer is Almost Certainly “YES”...

However, The GOOD NEWS is:

You Can Fix This Mineral Deficiency in Just 30-Seconds-a-Day, Using a Revolutionary One-of-a-Kind “Dead Sea” Mineral Spray. Read On To Discover More...


Dear Friend,

You’re about to improve your health, fitness and vitality. Because, on this page you’ll discover the secret behind a Revolutionary “Dead Sea” Mineral Spray. A Spray that can prevent, and fix, a common Mineral Deficiency that’s affecting at least 80% of Americans.

This Mineral is very important to your Health & Overall Well-being... because it’s required for over 300 biochemical processes in your body!

So, when you’re deficient…

...your health and fitness suffer, and both your Mental and Physical performance go down the drain. In fact, deficiency can lead to...

  • Low Testosterone (and other Hormonal Imbalances)

  • Weak Libido (and decreased Fertility)

  • Reduced Blood Flow “Down There” and Poor Performance in Bed (meaning, for men: problems ‘Getting Hard’ and trouble ‘Staying Hard’)

  • Sleep Problems (including not being able to get to sleep, even when you’re really tired. And, not sleeping through the night - leading to broken, interrupted sleep that leaves you still feeling groggy and lethargic when it’s time to get up in the morning)

  • Fat Gain, and Muscle Loss (the exact opposite of what you want, if you want to look fit, healthy and strong.)

  • Chronic Stress, Inflammation, Muscle Cramps, and other Aches & Pains (including creaky, Painful Joints that prevent you from moving and exercising as you’d like)

  • Brain Fog, Forgetfulness and General Cognitive Decline

  • Cardiovascular Problems (including High Blood Pressure)

  • Weaker Bones and Teeth (leading to frequent, and EXPENSIVE, trips to the Dentist)

  • Unstable Blood Sugar Levels (which can lead to Type 2 Diabetes)

  • Lower Energy Levels (making it tough to be productive, and even harder to get things done, and achieve your goals)

  • A Weaker Immune System (making you much more likely to get ill and feel down in the dumps)

And that’s just a few of the many problems associated with this Deficiency. Here’s a list of even more, from

The big problem is:

  • It’s virtually impossible to fix this Mineral Deficiency through Diet alone. However, before I get into that, let me show you...

The Hard Science:

How Magnesium Affects Your Stress Levels, Sleep Patterns, Sexual Function, and More...

Pay attention...

Your Nervous System has 2 states:


The “Parasympathetic State” (this is the state you need to be in to effectively
Rest, Sleep, Digest and engage in ‘Reproductive Behavior’ - 4 things many people are struggling to do these days)

The “Sympathetic State” (this is the Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn state - which are the 4 natural, automatic responses we have to the feeling of potential
threat or danger)


Many people today are experiencing A TON of health problems because they spend too much time in the Sympathetic State which we often refer to as Stress, Anxiety or being Overwhelmed.

Think about it…

Studies show that 80-90% of people in the United States describe their Sleep as ‘unsatisfactory, bad or terrible’...

People talk about “Anxiety” as if it’s normal to experience it pretty much every day, all day long...

More and more people are suffering from Digestive Issues - such as Constipation, Heartburn, Food Allergies, and so on...

And, an ever growing number of people are suffering from Reproductive Issues...

More men than ever before are suffering with low sex-drive, erectile dysfunction, poor staying power, and impotence.

And, more women than ever are suffering with low libido, lack of sexual arousal, trouble reaching climax, and infertility.

ALL of these problems can be linked to the fact that people spend way too much time in the Sympathetic State, and not nearly enough time in the Parasympathetic State.

Here’s what you need to understand:

Today’s modern world is making you spend more and more time in a Sympathetic (stressed) State.



The Human Mind is Wired to Look for Potential Threats...

You see, the process of Natural Selection meant that those humans who were most focused on potential threats - like predators - stayed alive longer. Allowing them to reproduce and pass on their genes.

In contrast…

People who were more easy going and relaxed (and less observant), tended to die earlier... and therefore didn’t get to reproduce and pass on their genes.

So, we humans are hardwired to look for reasons to be stressed.


In the 21st Century - thanks to modern Media - we can find a very good, very valid reason to be stressed, any time, wherever we are. Whether it’s:

  • An email from a Client, or your Boss...

  • Tuning into the News and learning about the latest Murder, Terrorist Attack or Financial Crisis...

  • Watching violent entertainment...

  • Going on Social Media and feeling like you don’t “measure up” to someone else…

In Fact, it’s Extremely Bad for Your Overall Health and Vitality, Because…

Spending too much time in a Sympathetic State lowers Testosterone in men, and decreases Progesterone in women. Leading to increases in Cortisol (the Stress Hormone), which:

Ages you Prematurely

Causes Blood Sugar Imbalances (which rob you of Energy)

Leads to massive amounts of Tension in your Body (which can cause huge Digestive Issues)

And, ultimately…

Burns you out, leaving you depleted of essential hormones, neurotransmitters and minerals… especially Magnesium!

Here’s the Kicker…

To live in a Parasympathetic State more of the time - which means feeling relaxed, confident, focused, and like you can handle anything - you need an abundance of certain Nutrients…

...including WATER and MAGNESIUM.

It’s well known that chronic stress and anxiety are signs of Magnesium deficiency.

Here’s what you really need to understand:

“YES”, in many ways our modern lifestyle is more stressful than
ever. However, the more deficient
you are in Magnesium, the more stressful it becomes.

In contrast, the more that you boost your magnesium levels to an amount that’s OPTIMAL, and not just ‘ok’, the more you’ll be RESILIENT. You’ll get less stressed by things that used to stress you out.

In fact, things that used to upset, irritate, annoy or overwhelm you become ‘no big deal’... because your sympathetic nervous system is no longer ‘dominant’. It no longer reacts to every little thing like it’s “a matter of Life or Death”.

When you’re deficient in Magnesium, like 80% of people in the US are, it’s going to be virtually impossible to spend most of your time in a Parasympathetic State… feeling relaxed, calm and confident. And that’ll make it virtually impossible for you to:

  • Sleep well

  • Feel energized

  • Have high testosterone

  • Experience healthy sexual function


  • Generally be fit, strong and healthy

As you can see - being Magnesium Deficient is no joke. It’s a very serious Health problem. Yet, hardly anyone knows about - and it can lead to a HUGE number of problems in your body!

Now. We’ll talk more about how you can safely fix this Mineral Deficiency in just a second.

First though, I’d like to invite you to:

Take This 10 Step Quiz to Find Out for Certain if You Have This Common, Yet Usually Undiagnosed Mineral Deficiency that Affects at Least 80% of Americans - and Can Totally Ruin The Quality of Your Life…

Answer Honestly:


Do you ever find it difficult to get 8 hours of deep, quality, uninterrupted sleep each night - even when you’re really tired?


Do you sometimes wake up still feeling tired and fatigued in the morning?


Do you need stimulants like caffeine to get through the day?


Do you find it difficult to relax, rest, or just do nothing, without taking some kind of sedative to calm you down (like alcohol or cannabis)?


Is your sex-drive and performance in bed worse than it used to be?


Do you ever have joint problems?


Do you ever suffer from ‘Brain Issues’ - such as forgetfulness, a lack of clarity, a lack of creativity, inability to focus, inability to think clearly, problems solving complex tasks and so on?


Have you ever had oral health problems (including bad breath, cavities, or gum issues)?


Do you have a tendency towards high blood pressure?


For Men: Do you sometimes wake up ‘limp and lifeless’, instead of HARD-AS-A-ROCK?

If you answered “YES” to at least ONE of those problems, I highly recommend that you read the rest of this letter carefully - because there’s a strong chance you’re suffering from the same Mineral Deficiency that’s negatively affecting the Health and Fitness of MILLIONS of men... in America, and throughout the Western World.


If you answered “YES” to MORE THAN ONE of the problems listed above, it’s essential that you read the remainder of this letter very carefully… because you’re almost certainly suffering from this Mineral Deficiency, and:

  • Your Doctor almost certainly won’t tell you about it

  • It’ll only get worse over time, because the more deficient you are, the more stressed you feel, and the more stress you feel, the more deficient you get (it’s a vicious circle)...

  • The worse it gets, the more health and performance problems you’ll suffer from - literally DESTROYING the QUALITY of your life (remember: deficiency of this powerful Mineral can lead to Cardiovascular Issues, and/or Blood Sugar Issues - both of which can be life-threatening)

Right now, I need to show you what this Nutrient is… why so many men are deficient in it... and how to ensure YOU - and your loved ones! - have enough of it.

Read on carefully…

Get Enough of THIS Key Nutrient in Your Body, and You’ll Experience a Much Higher Level of Health, Fitness & Performance - Inside and Outside of The Bedroom

You see, these days, almost nobody has enough Magnesium in their body. And, the really BAD NEWS is:

The Supplement Industry is making things worse!

Here’s why:

The supplement industry sells A TON of Calcium. We’re constantly told we need more CALCIUM.

Yet, the reality is - the majority of people get plenty of calcium in their diets… from Animal Foods like Dairy, Eggs, Cheese, Meat and so on.

However, a big problem arises when you consume too much Calcium, in relation to Magnesium… Because you’re supposed to consume Calcium and Magnesium in a specific Ratio. So when that ratio gets out of balance - meaning, when you don’t have enough Magnesium - many health problems can arise.

You may or may not need Calcium supplementation (that depends on the person). But, if you take Calcium supplementation, you should definitely have Magnesium with it. And, even most people who don’t need Calcium supplementation do need Magnesium.

Get your Magnesium Levels UP and you’ll experience:

Deep, Restful Sleep (imagine how good you'd feel if you got 8 hours of deep, restorative, uninterrupted sleep each night, and woke up each morning - full of energy - ready to ENJOY yourself, and get loads done, as opposed to ‘simply getting through the day’)

Better Hormone Levels, Higher Libido and Stronger Performance in Bed
(meaning: you’ll have a much HOTTER and more EXCITING Sex-Life!)

More Muscle and Strength, and Less Ugly Body-Fat (did you know that 2 of the best predictors of Longevity are the amount of Muscle Mass you have, and how physically Strong you are? So, gaining muscle and strength, while losing body-fat, is literally a way to ‘roll the clock back’ and GET YOUNGER! And “YES” - this is true for both men and women)

A Sharper Mind - so you can think more Clearly, and enjoy more Mental Focus and Clarity (this has many benefits… including improving your Productivity, and making sure you don't ‘lose your mind’ and ‘go demented’ as you age)

A Healthier Cardiovascular System (since Heart Dis-ease is the #1 Killer in the US and the entire Western World, this is a very good thing)

Lower Blood Sugar Levels (reducing your risk of Diabetes… a dis-ease which can lead to Blindness, Amputations, an inability to ‘Get It Up’ for men, and many other horrors that I don’t have space to list here)

Stronger Bones and Teeth (Great News! because having strong bones, and a healthy mouth, is a great sign of OVERALL HEALTH, as proven by Dr Western Price - in his book ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration’ - way back in the early 1900’s!)

Healthy, Pain-Free Joints (helping you to have better posture, a higher quality of movement, and enjoy all the physical activities you’d like to be able to do - whether it’s going to the gym, riding your bike, playing sports, or even just running around and having fun with your Kids or Grandkids)


The list goes on.

Magnesium is a MIRACLE Nutrient for your body.


The Big Question is:

“Why are Most People
Deficient in Magnesium?”

To answer that question, we need to define what exactly a deficiency is...

There are 2 types:

1. Clinical Deficiency.

Where your reserves of magnesium are so low that you have severe medical issues. This does happen, but it’s not
common. This isn’t the type of deficiency we’re talking about

2. Suboptimal Deficiency.

Where your reserves of Magnesium are BELOW OPTIMAL, meaning: you have enough magnesium to not yet have a serious medical condition, but you also don’t have enough to be healthy, full of energy, calm, relaxed and stress free

The thing you need to be aware of, is that Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical processes in your body. So, when you’re deficient, any one of those processes can be adversely affected. And way before you get to the more serious symptoms that I listed earlier, you could experience signs of a more mild, but still serious deficiency, such as:


(both severe, and chronic low-level stress that’s there pretty much all day, every day)


(no matter how much you sleep)

Poor Sleep

(where you struggle to get to sleep, or wake up during the night)

Joint Pain

(this could be in your lower back, knees, ankles, wrists, elbows or shoulders)

Brain Fog

(meaning: you can’t focus on things that need doing, and you aren’t mentally ‘sharp’ or ‘clear’)

Weak Libido

(even if you’re in a happy relationship, and highly attracted to your partner)

Difficulty Losing Weight

(no matter how much you diet or exercise)

Now, the most common reasons why people are deficient in Magnesium are because:


They don’t eat enough healthy food, especially Green Leafy Vegetables (such as Kale, Spinach, Broccoli and so on)...


Even if you do eat a lot of food that seems healthy, it’s important to understand that the quality of our soil is not what it used to be. So, you’d need to eat plate fulls of Green Leafy Vegetables, on a consistent daily basis, to even stand a chance of getting enough Magnesium in your system. And, most people don’t even like GREENS! So, it’s highly unrealistic to do this for 99.9% of the population...


Even if you were to eat a large amount of food that’s genuinely high in magnesium, which is rare, most people have some kind of digestive issues... such as low stomach acid, low bile, or blocked intestines (constipation), which means they absorb some nutrients poorly. Problems with digestion are actually the #1 reason why people are magnesium deficient, also explaining why…


Even most magnesium supplements that you take orally have limited benefits. Because once you’re deficient your body struggles to absorb and assimilate them. When you take over a certain amount of magnesium orally, it also has a laxative effect. Some people actually take it for this reason, but the Bad News is: your body isn’t absorbing it

So what should you do?

That’s the big problem I was stuck with a few years ago...

My Sleep Was Terrible, plus... I Had Low Energy, Chronic Constipation, Painful Joints, and Muscle Spasms that Forced me to Search for A Solution to My Own Magnesium Deficiency

I’ve been going to the gym for nearly 20 years! However, I recently started training much harder. Harder than I have in years.

Working out 4-6 days a week. Doing lots of heavy Squats, Bench Presses, weighted Pull Ups, Deadlifts, Kettlebell Swings and so on.

And, while I love these workouts, they presented me with a few challenges…

You see, the combination of very hard workouts, and running a fast-growing business (as well as having 2 young kids who are FULL of ENERGY) creates a lot of Responsibility and STRESS. And therefore, a need for deep, quality, uninterrupted sleep every night.

The trouble was, this wasn’t happening.

Instead, I was going to bed at 10pm, struggling like mad to get to sleep (even though I was completely WIPED OUT and EXHAUSTED after ‘non-stop days’) with a million-and-one things racing through my mind...

...then, when I finally did get to sleep, I’d wake up again, often several times throughout the night…

....leaving me with a horrid broken night’s sleep. And, meaning that I still felt groggy and lethargic when it was time to get up at 6am...

...wanting to do nothing more than hit ‘Snooze’ on my Alarm Clock, roll over, and go back to sleep. Yet, life and all the responsibilities that come with it meant I had to DRAG myself out of bed…

...all of which made me irritable and moody; unable to get as much done as I’d like during the day. All of which meant I wasn't really ENJOYING my days, so much as I was "just about getting through them."

To make matters worse

...not surprisingly (given the lack of quality sleep), I wasn’t recovering well from my workouts. My muscles were sore, and would spasm during the day - which was annoying. And, much worse - my joints were starting to ache, which was worrying.

Plus, much to my irritation, I was barely adding muscle, or getting Stronger… even though I was training very hard, busting my ass in the gym.

And, as if all that wasn’t bad enough…

I started to have digestive issues too. Leaving me constipated, bloated and uncomfortable. Often suffering from Heartburn and Acid Reflux. All this was almost certainly caused by stress, and a lack of quality sleep.

Now, I’m not one to take Sleeping Pills or Drugs (because they all come with side-effects, and often create more problems than they solve). Yet, at the same time - I couldn’t just ignore all these symptoms I was experiencing…

Because, while none of these symptoms were life-threatening, ALL were harming the quality of my life in quite a BIG way. To be honest, some days I just felt miserable. Others I was very unproductive, unable to get much done at all.


“Can you guess what helped to solve ALL the problems I just told you about?”

If you said:

However, only ONE type of Magnesium actually worked.

Once I finally found it, everything changed...

The very first time I used this special kind of Magnesium, I slept like a baby. I went to bed at 10am, didn’t remember falling asleep, and then woke up 5 minutes before my alarm, at 5.50am. Here’s the best bit… when I woke up, I felt refreshed, energized, alert, and actually excited to start the day. And, I’ve been enjoying this quality of sleep most nights, since I started taking Magnesium. (Occasionally my 3 year old still wakes me up at night, and sometimes I’ll still be a bit ‘in my head’, full of thoughts, when I go to bed, which disrupts the quality of my sleep. But, 5-6 days out of 7, I’m now getting around 8 hours of deep, quality, uninterrupted sleep, which is a total “Game Changer”)

3 things led me to believe that my Testosterone increased (because there’s a strong scientific connection between healthy Magnesium Levels, getting quality Sleep, and having optimal Testosterone Levels). These 3 things are:

All the Muscle Spasms and Joint Pain I was experiencing just went away. Vanished. Gone. Not something I have to deal with anymore. Allowing me to train as HARD as I want at the gym, and run round for hours with my kids, without worrying about debilitating aches and pains

My Digestion improved A LOT, allowing me to experience regular Bowel Movements again (which has actually lead to higher energy, improved productivity and much better mood)

As you can see - finding the best type of Magnesium has seriously improved the quality of my life.

“Here’s How I Figured Out that It’s Impossible to Get Enough Magnesium from Your Diet Alone - and Discovered The Only Magnesium Supplement that Truly Works...”

My initial research led me to believe that I could get enough Magnesium by making small changes to my Diet - including eating lots of Leafy Green Vegetables.

I did this for several weeks - forcing myself to eat a ton of stuff like Spinach, Kale, Lettuce and so on - but noticed no benefit.

More research led me to the discovery that getting enough Magnesium from Diet alone is virtually impossible, if you’re deficient (for reasons I explained earlier).

It was then that I had the realization that Magnesium Supplementation is necessary to avoid suffering from things like:

  • Hormonal Imbalances and Lack of Libido

  • Achy, Painful Joints and Muscle Spasms

  • Cardiovascular Problems

  • Sleeping Badly

  • Low Energy and Fatigue

  • Cavities in your Teeth, Gum Disease and worse...

I discovered that the list of things that can go wrong in your body, when you’re deficient in Magnesium, goes on and on.

So, once I resigned myself to needing to take some kind of magnesium supplement, the next question was:

“What’s the best type of Magnesium to take?”

Doing more research, I discovered that you really have 3 options:

Magnesium Capsules

Magnesium Powder

Transdermal Magnesium

Here’s what I found out...

The most important thing to understand when it comes to supplementing with Magnesium, is THIS:

Magnesium is NOT well absorbed by your body when you take it orally. Which means that any kind of Magnesium Supplement that you swallow (including Magnesium Capsules, and Magnesium Powders that you stir into water and drink) have very LIMITED value, as anything other than a laxative...

I soon discovered, with somewhat EXPLOSIVE results, that when you take Magnesium orally, severe digestive upset is usually the outcome. Let’s just say - you’ll likely spend A LOT of time on the toilet, often at the most inconvenient of times!

I Finally Found a Safe, Natural Magnesium Supplement that Gives Incredible Results - with No Side-Effects...

I discovered that the very best way to deliver magnesium straight to where it’s needed - is via injection. This gets the Magnesium straight into your Blood. Yet, the trouble is that Magnesium injections are costly, difficult and painful.


The 2nd best way to get Magnesium in your system is through the pores of your SKIN. From there it goes directly into your Bloodstream. This is almost as effective as injections. And, thankfully - it’s simple, convenient and easily affordable.

This is called Transdermal Magnesium.

You spray it on your skin, rub it in, and it’s absorbed into your body.

Very simple, very effective.

However, the problems with ALL the Transdermal Magnesium Sprays I tried were:


They sting and itch like crazy (and I really do mean: like CRAZY!!!)


They leave a horrible sticky residue on your skin, and never feel like they’re being absorbed by your body as effectively as they should be

Now, I know you’re no wimp. So, you probably think you could put up with a bit of STINGING and ITCHING, given the amazing benefits Magnesium can give you.

However, in all likelihood, if you use a Transdermal Magnesium Spray that stings and itches like crazy - and leaves a horrid sticky residue on your skin afterwards - you’ll probably use it a few times, then give up. And, I’d be the last person to blame you, because that’s exactly what I did with every Transdermal Magnesium Spray I tried…

...I used them once or twice, then chucked ‘em in the trash. A total waste of time, and money.

In fact, to be honest, I’d given up on Magnesium, and just resigned myself to the symptoms I was having. Until, that is, my friend and business partner Elwin brought me a totally different type of Magnesium... a “Dead Sea” Magnesium.

He was raving about how beneficial it was… much better it absorbed than any other kind of transdermal magnesium he or I had tried in the past...

...and how this type had no side effects:

No stinging or itching. No sticky residue.

I was skeptical at first, but Elwin has introduced me to a lot of quality things since I’ve known him, so I was happy to give it a try.

And, I’m pleased to tell you that everything Elwin said, was true...

This “Dead Sea” Transdermal Magnesium didn’t sting or itch when I applied it. In fact, it actually left my skin feeling incredibly smooth after application (according to my fiance), and felt like it fully absorbed within seconds.

And, as I said earlier - it gave me A TON of benefits…

  • Better Sleep

  • Faster Recovery from my Workouts

  • Pain-Free Joints

  • Increased Testosterone & Higher Libido

And more.

Now. Given that 80% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium, I figured Elwin and I HAD TO find a way to let other people, including you, experience this incredible Spray for themselves. And, while this sounds like a simple idea, it was anything but!...

You see, this “Dead Sea” Magnesium Spray is way more expensive to source than the other cheaper, less effective magnesium sprays on the market. It took endless searching - over the course of many MONTHS - to eventually find a source that was available at a price that was viable.

But I knew we needed to do it… because I’d come to the firm realization that Magnesium is one of the very few ‘must have’ supplements for most of the population… and and too many decent people - people like you - are suffering with magnesium deficiency, with no viable options.

So here’s the Good News:

Available at Last...


A New and Revolutionary “Dead Sea” Transdermal Magnesium Spray that Can Take Your Health & Fitness to a Whole New Level… Making You Feel Young and Vital again

We decided to call it ‘Rejuvenate’, which means ‘to make Young, or Youthful’, because that’s exactly the effect it was having on me.

Let’s face it…

...all the symptoms of magnesium deficiency can easily be confused with ‘just getting old’... stiff joints, low libido, chronic stress, problems sleeping, poor digestion and constipation…

The Truth is, when I started taking Rejuvenate, I started to feel like a Young Man again. Like I’d felt in my late teens
and early 20’s.

Nothing has made me feel as Young and Vital as this special type of Magnesium… and everyone I’ve spoken to who has tried it felt the same…

Sourced from the “Dead Sea” - a Salt Lake bordered by Jordan to the East, and Israel to the West - this Magnesium Spray - Rejuvenate - is easily the best on the Market. No ifs, buts or maybes.

Here's why:

Rejuvenate is totally Safe to use, and 100% pure - a liquid
spray containing nothing but Water and Magnesium Chloride
Hexahydrate (this type of Magnesium is the most effective, and most easily absorbed by your body. Yet, it’s incredibly difficult to find)

Sprayed directly onto your skin, Rejuvenate starts to immediately reverse the Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency (helping you Sleep better, feel more Energized, have healthier Muscles and Joints, increased Testosterone, Stronger Bones & Teeth, and more). Over time, as you use the spray regularly, you can eventually completely reverse your Magnesium Deficiency, and all the symptoms associated with it

Applying Rejuvenate does not sting, it does not itch, and it does not leave a sticky residue (in fact, personally I find my skin feels very smooth after I’ve put it on and rubbed it in, and my fiance says the same)

Because you apply Rejuvenate Transdermally - by spraying it onto your skin - it’s absorbed into your bloodstream rapidly, in about 90 seconds. And, because it’s Transdermal, it doesn’t cause any digestive upset whatsoever (remember: Magnesium Capsules or Powders almost always lead to explosive Diarrhea, and many uncomfortable toilet trips, often at the most inconvenient of times!)

Unlike most supplements, Rejuvenate is of the highest possible quality, and is totally FREE FROM fillers, additives, “hidden ingredients” and anything toxic

Each Spray of Rejuvenate contains 25mg of Magnesium - to help restore Healthy Magnesium Levels in your body, while also improving the way your body absorbs Calcium

Using Rejuvenate daily can quite literally make you look, feel and perform like a much YOUNGER person - allowing you to sleep better, workout harder, recover quicker, think faster and more clearly, enjoy a more active sex-life, and so much more!

The BEST Part? Using Rejuvenate takes just a few seconds each day.

Here Are The 7 Huge Benefits You’ll Enjoy When You Use Rejuvenate...

Rejuvenate is totally Safe to use, and 100% pure - a liquid
spray containing nothing but Water and Magnesium Chloride
Hexahydrate (this type of Magnesium is the most effective, and most easily absorbed by your body. Yet, it’s incredibly difficult to find)

Sprayed directly onto your skin, Rejuvenate starts to immediately reverse the Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency (helping you Sleep better, feel more Energized, have healthier Muscles and Joints, increased Testosterone, Stronger Bones & Teeth, and more). Over time, as you use the spray regularly, you can eventually completely reverse your Magnesium Deficiency, and all the symptoms associated with it

Applying Rejuvenate does not sting, it does not itch, and it does not leave a sticky residue (in fact, personally I find my skin feels very smooth after I’ve put it on and rubbed it in, and my fiance says the same)

Because you apply Rejuvenate Transdermally - by spraying it onto your skin - it’s absorbed into your bloodstream rapidly, in about 90 seconds. And, because it’s Transdermal, it doesn’t cause any digestive upset whatsoever (remember: Magnesium Capsules or Powders almost always lead to explosive Diarrhea, and many uncomfortable toilet trips, often at the most inconvenient of times!)

Unlike most supplements, Rejuvenate is of the highest possible quality, and is totally FREE FROM fillers, additives, “hidden ingredients” and anything toxic

Each Spray of Rejuvenate contains 25mg of Magnesium - to help restore Healthy Magnesium Levels in your body, while also improving the way your body absorbs Calcium

Using Rejuvenate daily can quite literally make you look, feel and perform like a much YOUNGER person - allowing you to sleep better, workout harder, recover quicker, think faster and more clearly, enjoy a more active sex-life, and so much more!


Better quality sleep

giving you more Energy, higher Testosterone Levels, increased Growth Hormone, supercharged Energy Levels, better Mood, and so on

Higher Libido, and a much better Sex-Life

(with a greater frequency, and quality, of sex!)

Healthier Joints and Muscles…

prepare to “Kiss Goodbye” to Joint Pain, Muscle Spasms, and Tendon & Ligament Injuries… and Prepare to say “Hello” to being able to do whatever Physical Activity you desire!

Stronger Bones, and Healthier Teeth

(let’s face it… nobody wants to end up brittle boned and toothless!)

Less Stress, more Calm

(very good news, because many smart Health Experts agree that “Stress is the Biggest Killer” - an underlying cause of most diseases!)

A healthier Cardiovascular System, and Lower Blood Sugar Levels

(reducing your risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes - statistically 2 of the biggest KILLERS in the West)

A sharper Mind

with more Mental Clarity, Creativity and Focus (making you better able to handle all of your daily responsibilities, while thinking FAST, thinking CLEARLY, and solving any problems you’re faced with, no matter how difficult and complex they might be)

More Muscle and Strength, and Less Body-Fat

Rejuvenate is the Best Magnesium Spray on the Market, because:

It’s the only Magnesium Spray sourced from the “Dead Sea”

It’s 100% Pure - containing only Water and Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate… the highest quality, and most easily absorbed form of Magnesium

It’s quick and easy to use - simply spray it onto your skin (your forearms and calves are a good place to start) and rub it in

It’s quickly absorbed, doesn't sting, and doesn't leave a sticky residue on your skin

And, when you use it, you can experience benefits like:

Improved Sleep Quality

Lower Stress Levels

Better Hormone Levels - including Testosterone and Growth Hormone

Better Sex-Life, (men often experience higher sex-drive, more frequent “Morning Wood” and Harder Erections, and women often experience increased libido and easier orgasm)

Less Body-Fat

More Muscle and Strength

Pain-Free Joints, and more Relaxed Muscles

Healthier Bones and Teeth

A Healthier Cardiovascular System

More Balanced Blood Sugar Levels

Rejuvenate is totally Safe to use, and 100% pure - a liquid
spray containing nothing but Water and Magnesium Chloride
Hexahydrate (this type of Magnesium is the most effective, and most easily absorbed by your body. Yet, it’s incredibly difficult to find)

Spray it onto your Forearms and Calves. 10-12 sprays per arm, and 10-12 sprays per calf, once a day (or at least 3-4 times a week)


Spray directly onto specific areas of your body that need attention! For instance: if you’re constipated - spray it onto your belly, then rub it in. If a particular muscle or joint is hurting - spray it there!

How Do I Know If I’m Magnesium Deficient?

One way is to do a Hair Mineral Analysis Test. The downside is, it’s costly and it takes a long time to get results.

And, here’s the Key Point:

Over 80% of people in the US are Magnesium deficient. And the older you are, the higher the likelihood. So, if you’re 35-40 plus, it’s pretty much a certainty you could benefit from increasing the level of quality Magnesium in your body.

Any of the following symptoms suggest Magnesium Deficiency:


checkNot getting 8 hours of deep, quality, uninterrupted sleep at least 6                       nights a week

checkLow Libido, and/or not waking up with “Morning Wood” that’s as hard-as-steel, at least 5 mornings a week

checkExperiencing Muscle Spasms, and/or Achy, Creaky, Painful Joints

checkImbalanced Blood Sugar Levels

checkCardiac Problems (including High Blood Pressure)

checkExcess Body-Fat

checkLess Muscle/Strength than you used to have (or, trouble gaining Muscle and Strength, no matter how hard you workout)

checkFeeling Stressed, and having problems Relaxing and Unwinding

checkCavities in your Teeth

checkWeak Bones

If you have any of these issues, it’s likely you could benefit greatly from having more Magnesium in your system.

What Benefits Can I Experience from Fixing My Magnesium Deficiency?

Better sleep.

Less Stress.

Increased Testosterone.

Higher Libido and Better Performance in Bed.

Stronger Bones and Teeth.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels.

A Healthier Cardiovascular System.

Lower Body-Fat.

Increased Muscle & Strength.

Bottom line?

Magnesium is responsible for the correct functioning of over 300 chemical processes in the human body. Making it one of the most Important nutrients for Health and Performance.

And, Magnesium Deficiency has been linked to over 50 health issues and diseases (including Heart Disease and Diabetes).

And, since more than 80% of the US Population is deficient, it’s no wonder so many people are overweight, tired and sick!

As you can see, using this powerful new “Dead Sea” Magnesium Spray can benefit your health in countless ways. Greatly enhancing the quality of your life, and quite possibly your Longevity too!

Is Rejuvenate Safe?


It’s a safe, pure and natural product - containing only Water and the best quality of Transdermal Magnesium available… Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate sourced from The “Dead Sea”.

Nothing else is added. Unlike most supplements, which usually contain artificial (and toxic) fillers and additives.

How Is Rejuvenate Different, and Better, Than Other Magnesium Supplements?

If you make the wise choice to supplement with Magnesium, you basically have 3 options:

Take Magnesium Capsules

Use Magnesium Powder that you mix with water

Use Transdermal Magnesium, like Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate is different - and better - than Magnesium Capsules and Powders, because it's absorbed quickly and easily into your Bloodstream, causing no digestive upset whatsoever.

Unfortunately, Magnesium Capsules and Powders are very poorly absorbed by your body. Often leaving you with nothing but digestive upset, and endless trips to the toilet!

Rejuvenate is also way better than other Transdermal Magnesium Sprays, because:

checkIt does not itch or sting when you apply it

checkIt does not leave a sticky residue on your skin afterwards

The truth is…

I tried many different Transdermal Magnesium Sprays before Rejuvenate, and they all STUNG and ITCHED like crazy. And, they all left a weirdly sticky residue on my skin afterwards, like they weren’t being properly absorbed.

Rejuvenate is a one-of-a-kind product… of exceptional quality… containing nothing but Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate (the very best Magnesium in the World), sourced from The “Dead Sea”. Nothing else is added - nothing artificial or nasty.

How Long Does It Take to Apply Rejuvenate?

I recommend you spray it on your forearms and calves, daily (or at least a few times a week).

It’ll take a few seconds to apply the sprays, a few seconds to rub it in, and a few seconds for it to be absorbed.

That’s it!

Extremely quick and easy.

And, as soon as you apply it, the very first time, your Magnesium Deficiency will immediately start to reverse. And, as an added bonus: when you have more Magnesium, you’ll better absorb Calcium from the foods you eat too (this is especially important for the health and strength of your Teeth & Bones, particularly as you age).

Is Rejuvenate Painful, or Messy to Use?

Unlike every other Transdermal Magnesium Spray I’ve ever used, this amazing “Dead Sea” Transdermal Magnesium Spray:

checkDoes not sting or itch when you apply it

checkDoes not leave a sticky residue on your skin after application (in                 fact, I find it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth)

Is There a Guarantee?


I’ve made it as risk-free as possible for you to order, with total peace-of-mind right now, today… because your order is covered by my industry-leading 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee. A level of guarantee impossible to offer unless the product is OUTSTANDING (because, if the product isn’t outstanding, that kind of guarantee is a recipe for going out of business!)