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About Adam/Elliot

About Adam/Elliot

Elliot Newman is a Renaissance Man.

He is most famous for his entertaining, outrageous – and highly informative – teachings on ‘Women and Sex’…. written under the Pen Name Adam Armstrong. Adam’s ‘Better In Bed’ Newsletters, ArticlesBlogsBooks, Audio and Video Courses, collaborations with ‘Cowboy’ Don Tolman, plus his Revolutionary (not to mention regularly copied, and ‘Ripped Off’) ‘Sexual Super Smoothies’ – have positively influenced the Sex-Lives of Millions of Men and Women, in over 100 Countries around the World.

And, his incredibly effective SuperHerb Blend – Rock Hard Formula – has helped countless thousands of men to increase their Testosterone Levels and dramatically improve their Sexual Performance.

Elliot has also competed in the Sport of Powerlifting (winning a Junior World Title in the Deadlift), has written for, and worked with, huge Fitness Websites and Magazines, plus some of the most Famous and Well-Respected Names in the World of Strength and Conditioning – including Muscle & Fitness,,,, Pavel Tsatsouline (the guy responsible for making Kettlebells popular in the West), and Andy Bolton (the 1st Man in History to Deadlift 1000lbs).

As a Serial Entrepreneur (with unique and incredibly effective Productivity and Time Management Techniques), Elliot has Masterminded the Launch of International #1 Best-Selling Books on both and And, offline… built a large Property Portfolio.

Away from the World of Business, Elliot is a keen Golfer, addicted Petrolhead, devoted father of 2 children, and…

Perhaps his biggest achievement to date was that several years back, he figured out how to get rid of a Bleeding Stomach Ulcer – and other debilitating Digestive Issues – Safely and Naturally, without Medical Intervention or the use of Toxic Drugs. This process required that he dig deep, and go on a journey of discovery – figuring out Powerful Health Secrets and ‘Natural, Alternative Health Strategies.’ Secrets and Strategies he now shares with people on