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In discreet, plain brown packaging.
Not really.

Although categorized as ‘Supplements’ - we really sell Superfoods, and Superherb Formulations.

A Supplement is really an isolated Vitamin or Mineral - for instance, Vitamin D.

A Superfood or Superherb is more powerful. Because it’s a whole food that’s more easily digested and assimilated by your body.

We sell primarily Superfoods and Superherbs.

Of course, we also sell Superherb Formulas - such as The Man Tea Range, ReCharge and Energy Kick. These Superherb Formulas were believed, by Ancient Taoist Masters, to be even more powerful than single Superherbs used on their own.

In fact, we aim for all of our Superherb Formulas to be Free-From:

- Refined Sugar
- Trans Fats
- Soy
- Artificial Flavours, Colours and Preservatives
- GMO’s
Aside from being 100% Natural (and Free-From Refined Sugar, Trans Fats, Soy, Artificial Flavours/Colours/Preservatives, and GMO’s), our Formulas are also AWESOME, because…

We use the Highest Quality, most Potent Superherbs we can get hold of.

For instance, in our Explode Your Testosterone Formula - one of the ingredients is Maca Extract.

Most companies sell Raw Maca Powder. But, we give you the Extract.

What’s the difference?

Our product is literally 100X as potent
Theoretically, yes (because, in Eastern Countries, like China, Superherbs have been used for thousands of years, by men, women and children, to improve many aspects of Health).

However, we recommend only adults, aged 18 and over, use the Superherbs and Superherb Formulas we produce.

And, we also recommend you consult your Doctor, or a professional Nutritionist, before making any dietary changes. This is especially true if you have any Medical Issues, and/or you are taking Medication.
You basically have 4 options:

- Get a mug of warm/hot water, add the herbs, stir, and drink as a Tea. This is the traditional Eastern way of consuming super herbs. Sweeten with Raw Honey or Stevia if you like

Alternatively, you can:
- Add to a smoothie
- Add to soup
- Sprinkle over your breakfast cereal
Yes, absolutely.

We guarantee all orders - of both digital products, and physical products - for 60 days.

Our guarantee is:

No questions asked, 60 day, 100% Satisfaction, or Your Money-Back.

Meaning that every time you order with us, you do so RISK-FREE.

Simply choose the ‘Subscription’ Choice when purchasing.

The only people we always ensure have product, every month, are our subscription customers.

So, if you sign up for a 1 month, or 3 month subscription, you will always get your order shipped to you.

Of course, you may also cancel at any time, with no ‘Minimum Orders.’ Making choosing the ‘Subscription Option’ easy!

We ship to almost every country in the World.

The only thing we cannot say, for certain, is how your Customs, in your country, will handle your order.

What we can say, for sure though, is that about 99% of orders successfully make it to our customers overseas. And, if your order ever cannot be delivered to you (because your customs seizes it for some reason), we will issue you a refund.
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