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Description Energy Kick is a safe, natural, great-tasting blend of Ancient Eastern SuperHerbs, designed to help you experience: The Highest Energy...
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Energy Kick is a safe, natural, great-tasting blend of Ancient Eastern SuperHerbs, designed to help you experience:

  • The Highest Energy Levels possible
  • Extreme Levels of Mental Clarity, Focus and Concentration

Energy Kick is for when you need both your Brain and Body to perform at the very highest level. It’s not a stimulant, so you won’t CRASH after taking it (unlike Coffee and Sugar), and it’s totally healthy. However, you don’t want to take this an hour before bed, because you may not sleep!

You’ll be best served taking Energy Kick 20-30 minutes before:

  • A very important Meeting - where you need to be ‘Mentally Sharp’ and ‘Switched On’ (allowing you to access your very best levels of Concentration, Intelligence and Problem Solving Capabilities)
  • A hard Workout or Competition - where you need to be not only Mentally Sharp, but also Physically ‘ready’ to Kick Ass! (It doesn’t matter whether you’re about to lift weights, run for miles, or compete in a Tennis match - you’ll perform better when you take Energy Kick)
  • Sex. “YES,” you can absolutely take Energy Kick 20-30 minutes before Sex. It’ll likely increase arousal, and help to get you ‘in the mood’

To get these impressive Mental and Physical benefits from Energy Kick, all you have to do is get 2 teaspoons of the ready-mixed powder into your system.

You can do this is 4 ways:

  1. The Traditional Way… heat up some water (warm or hot, it’s your choice). Add 2 teaspoons of Energy Kick, stir and drink. The taste is slightly bitter, so you can add Raw Honey, Maple Syrup or Stevia to sweeten it

  2. Add it to a Smoothie. This is how I sometimes consume Energy Kick before my Workouts… I add it into my Pre or During Workout Shake, along with some Coconut Water (or Almond Milk), High Quality Protein Powder, Himalayan Salt and Organic Maple Syrup (or Raw Honey)

  3. Sprinkle it over your Breakfast Cereal or Oatmeal. Another quick and easy option

  4. Stir it into Soup

And the neat thing is… you don’t have to consume Energy Kick the same way every day. So long as you get the 2 teaspoons into your system, that’s what IMPORTANT. Because that’s what’ll give you the RESULTS you’re looking for.

And, honestly, some days you might not need Energy Kick. For instance, if you’re having a lazy Sunday, at home, chilling out.

And, some days you might want to take it TWICE. For instance, if you have an important Meeting in the morning, then a big Workout at the gym in the evening.

What’s in Energy Kick?

10 Ancient Eastern Superherbs, of the very highest quality (10:1 Extract, making this product 50-100X more powerful than the Average Supplement on the Market, which use Raw Herbs, not these more powerful Extracts). These extracted Superherbs are then mixed in very specific quantities. Making a unique Formula, perfect for any man wanting to experience Peak Physical and Mental States of Performance.

Here are the ingredients:

  • Astragalus: has powerful Anti-Inflammatory Properties, boosts the Immune System, protects the Cardiovascular System, and reduces Stress Levels.
  • American Ginseng: an herbal Powerhouse, with the following benefits… reduces Stress and improves Mood, boost Brain Function, helps with Weight Loss, improves Sexual Performance, improves Lung Function, lowers Blood Sugar Levels, and improves the Function of the Immune System
  • Maca: a fantastic Superherb for any Man wanting greater Energy and Stamina, more resilience against Stress, increased Libido, better Fertility, and higher Testosterone
  • Tribulus Terrestis: increases Energy Levels, boosts Testosterone, heightens the Sex-Drive, and improves Mood
  • Morinda Root: strengthens the Reproductive System, improves Erection Quality, and increases Endurance and Stamina

  • Siberian Ginseng: helps your body deal with Physical and Mental Stress, increases Mental Clarity, boosts Physical Stamina, helps to fight off Colds and Flu, protects against Herpes, and improves Learning and Memory

  • Cistanche: improves all aspects of Male Sexual Performance, and is actually believed to increase size! Also provides strong Anti-Ageing Benefits, Hormone Regulation, stimulates Nitric Oxide Production, strengthens the Skeletal System, and improves Brain Function
  • Jujube Dates: Relieves Stress, powerful Antioxidant, improves Circulation, boosts Energy and Stamina, encourages deep and restorative Sleep

  • White Atractylodes: improves Joint Health, helps alleviate Indigestion, cleanses the Blood, boosts Energy, powerful Anti-Fungal Properties, and gets rid of gas in the Digestive System
  • Ho She Wu: the King of Jin Jing Tonic Herbs. Providing the following benefits… supports Blood Production, gives Energy, Stamina & Endurance, protects the Brain, and has strong Anti-Ageing Properties

Does Energy Kick Come with a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes. You can order with NO RISK. Because you’re covered by our 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Once-a-day, Mix 2 Level Teaspoons of the Ready-Made Energy Kick Powder in Warm/Hot Water, Stir and Drink.

Alternatively, add 2 Level Teaspoons of the Energy Kick Powder to  your favorite Smoothie, or Soup. Or, you can even sprinkle it over your favorite Breakfast Cereal.

For best results, consume Energy Kick as part of a Healthy, Balanced Nutrition Plan, and Exercise Routine.

With any new food or herb, always start slowly at first, especially if you
are sensitive to new foods or herbs. Discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice if any adverse symptoms occur. Do not have more than the suggested usage per day, unless advised by a herbal practitioner. Always seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.

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