The 4 Step Action Plan for Safe and Effective Detox

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Elwin Robinson

Description Want To Get The Most Out of Your Cleanse or Detox?    Here's 4-Steps You Must Know For a Safe and...
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Want To Get The Most Out of Your Cleanse or Detox?
Here's 4-Steps You Must Know For a Safe and Effective Detox...

Are you new to detox, but need more information before you get started?

Have you tried Detoxing in the past, but haven't got the results you were looking for?

You're Not Alone!

And it's not your fault...

...In fact, 95% of “full body” detox programs on the market inevitably lead to unpleasant side effects because they are based on a fundamental misunderstanding of how detox really works.

What I'm about to share with with you is an entirely new way of looking at detox... It's something that the "Health Gurus" don't want you to see.

I realize that's a bold claim in a world full of hype, but by the end of this, you'll know...

How to Get the Detox Results You Deserve


Hi, I’m Elwin Robinson, Author, Coach and Founder of the Health Coaching Institute, Complete Detox Academy and Lion Heart Herbs

The funny thing is, I actually discovered the 4-Step for Safe and Effective Detox by accident, while detoxing in 2008.

See... I was working with a few one-on-one clients.

I was giving these clients the same, standard detox advice that I had learned myself - the kind of advice you see Everywhere!

And, to be totally honest, it wasn't working: not for them and not for me.

We were making some little progress but there was as lot of pain and side effects along the way. Because I didn't know the 4 Steps to Safe and Effective Detox that I'm about to share with you, we were experiencing side effects like:

    Uncontrollable Cravings
    Difficulty Sleeping and Nightmares
    Fatigue, Drowsiness, Low Energy Levels, Weakness, and Lethargy
    Nasal Congestion
    Bowel Disturbances and Frequent Urination
    Persistent Flatulence
    Bad Breath and Coated Tongue
    Skin Breakouts
    Bloating and Stomach Pains
    Various Infections
    Emotional Turmoil
    mental 'foggyness'
    and so much more!

Even worse, most of the so called 'experts' on detox that I was learning from, were saying that this is a normal part of Detoxification!

They even have a fancy name for it: 'Herxheimer Reaction'

No Wonder So Many People Give Up On Detoxing!

Still, I didn't accept that these side effects to detox were 'inevitable and unavoidable'

And I was determined to find a way to stop - or at least massively reduce - my and my clients' suffering.

Which is How and Why I eventually discovered the...

4 Essential Steps to a Safe and Effective Complete Full Body Detox

It's the  'Master Key' to make sure ANY and EVERY detox you do Successful, with minimum side Effects.

To be honest, it was just trial and error, and really paying attention.

I noticed that when my clients and I were doing certain key things, especially together, detox was easy. When we didn't do those same things, detox was a real struggle.

And so, the 4 Step Action Plan for Safe and Effective Detox was born!

Again, this is the same 4-step complete full body detox plan that my clients use to eliminate nagging health conditions, lose weight, and jump out of bed feeling awake, refreshed and energized all day long…. It’s not just one client, either.  There are thousands… so I know it works!

Hurry…Get Safe and Effective Detox Action Plan Now!!

Order now and get:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to make any Detox complete, Safe and Effective
  • Follow-along plan to stay focused and on track
  • 24/7 access on any device

Question: I have never detoxed before, will this still work for me?

Answer: Absolutely!

If you’ve never Detoxed before, you’re really lucky to find this Action Plan!

Why? Because you’re about to discover how to avoid the Struggle, Suffering and Side Effects that most people struggle with for years when they first detox. In fact, most people always struggle with Side Effects, which is why they give up on Detoxing altogether, even though they know, in theory, that it’s a good idea.

Bottom line: you don’t need any experience with any kind of Detox to benefit from this.

And, what you get here will be helpful with any other Cleanse or Detox you ever in the future


Question: What's an Action Plan?

Answer: It’s not quite a course and it’s definitely not just an ordinary report …

…an Action Plan is everything you need to actually DO, to Detox Safely and Effectively, Clearly Explained, in 4 Simple Steps, which are Easy to Understand, without the Fluff.

Since 2008 I have have worked with thousands of motivated detoxers like you.  I have taken everything that I’ve learned and boiled it down to this “no-fluff” plan do help you detox safely and effectively.


Question: Does this Plan involve me eating any kind of Diet?

Answer: No, this is not a Diet.

It is, however, a way to make sure that every Detox you do it Safe and Effective.

You can eat whatever diet you want while implementing this plan, whether Raw Vegan, Paleo, Atkins, Macrobiotic, or anything else. As far as this plan is concerned, any diet that works for you is right, so long as it supports your health by moving waste out of your body.

What you’ll discover in this Action Plan is that, while what you Eat IS important, it’s not AS important as most alternative health gurus make it out to be.

Bottom line is, this a not a Dogmatic, ‘one size fits all’ approach, this Detox Strategy will work right alongside whatever Diet works for YOU!

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