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Description A Unique Formula, Manufactured in the US, Containing 100% Pure and Potent Nutrient Dense Animal Foods: Designed to Support Male...
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A Unique Formula, Manufactured in the US, Containing 100% Pure and Potent Nutrient Dense Animal Foods:

Designed to Support Male Vitality and Virility.

The research and development team here at The New Alpha, along with myself and my business partner - Master Herbalist Elwin Robinson - have come up with a revolutionary new formula…

Primal Potency.

Primal Potency took thousands of hours of research, and over a year to develop…

And it can give you higher Testosterone Levels, a healthier Sex-Drive, and a much higher level of Performance in the bedroom…

All you have to do is take 4 capsules a day (with water or any other liquid).

It’s almost embarrassingly simple.

I mean, what you get in every capsule of Primal Potency is amazing:

  • Grass Fed, Grass Finished New Zealand Bull’s Testicles - Best Quality on The Planet. Period (a powerful Testosterone Booster)
  • 10:1 Extract of Polyrachis Ant - that’s 10X as powerful as the RAW stuff most companies will sell you (supports male vitality and virility, giving you: higher testosterone, harder erections, greater staying power, more strength and energy, the list goes on…)
  • A safe and optimal amount of Vitamin D3 and K2 - a vital pair of vitamins, lacking in many men’s diet and lifestyle today (and essential for your testosterone levels, strength and sexual prowess)

The combination of these ingredients is mind-blowingly effective. So powerful in fact, that I wouldn't be surprised if you become addicted to it…

Because it makes you so hard, strong and confident in the bedroom...

I take it every day. And you should too (because it’s 100% healthy).

Bottom line?

Primal Potency contains ingredients backed by thousands of years of Ancient Wisdom, endless reams of research papers from the modern scientific world (proving the effectiveness of these ingredients), and even instinctual “Wisdom” from the Animal Kingdom (example: the so-called “King of The Jungle” - the Lion - eats it’s kill’s Testicles first)...

And when you take it, you’re going to experience the very best sexual performance you’ve had in YEARS (or maybe EVER).

As a dietary supplement, take four (4) capsules once daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

With any new food or herb, always start slowly at first, especially if you are sensitive to new foods or herbs. Discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice if any adverse symptoms occur. Do not have more than the suggested usage per day, unless advised by a herbal practitioner. Always seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.


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